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spider-man: homecoming headcanons

as brought to you by myself and @superspideys  

• peter is bi and trans

• michelle is a lesbian

• liz is pan and dating michelle and peter (they’re in an open relationship and peter and michelle are obviously not dating)

• ned is gay 

• michelle has two dads

•  peter and ned and michelle and liz go on double dates

• michelle and liz are nature gays and they always go on hikes or play volleyball, baseball or mini golf 

• peter and ned always stay in for dates working on the suit, doing IT stuff or watching movies

• michelle and liz always bully peter and ned for never doing anything

• ned and peter’s first date was rogue one and both of them ugly cried after

• michelle genuinely slaps peter for standing liz up at the dance

• but peter makes up for it by having their own makeshift homecoming (and actually gives liz her corsage) 

• aunt may is bi 

• she has them all over for pizza to explain the nature of their relationship 

• (peter freaks out 5 minutes before but he has his gf, bf and best friend to comfort him. he ends up okay)

• michelle buys peter a binder

• tony pays for peter’s testosterone shots, which he protested at first but really couldn’t turn down

• all three of them are there when he has his first shot 

• michelle is incredibly defensive of peter and shuts down anyone who misgenders him or anything of the like 

• michelle and liz meet in the library 

• michelle always sketches liz when they’re supposed to be studying

• for their first date they go to a second hand book store (see: they met in a library) and an art museum 

• liz takes michelle to craft stores and buys her sketch books and new pencils 

• michelle always sketches peter, ned and liz

• the four of them go to dog shelters 

• (michelle is a cat person but liz looks so cute with the dogs she can’t help but begin to love them)

• michelle and liz have sleepovers at liz’s house and they have picnics there and stargaze when it gets dark

• liz is big on astrology and tells the group their horoscopes every day at lunch

• all of them have plants that are kept at michelle’s house (she’s the only one who remembers to water them) 

• liz tries to teach michelle to play volleyball but she’s not that good and she tries so hard and gets >:( when liz laughs at her but liz kisses her nsoe and tells her she’s doing amazing

• michelle acts like she’s mad and flips liz off but secretly blushes bc her gf is so cute!!! she can’t believe how lucky she is 

• michelle wears a suit to homecoming

• liz calls michelle darling and michelle calls liz honey and pretty girl 

• michelle only calls liz pet names in private but one day she accidentally calls her smth at school

• they don’t make a big deal of them dating and they don’t make a big deal of coming out bc they shouldn’t have to 

• when michelle is comfortable she speaks really passionately about social issues and peter, ned and liz just stop and look at her bc they all love her so much 

• peter and ned wear matching sweaters like “if lost return to ned” “i’m ned” 

• sometimes peter likes to wear his suit at home cause it makes him feel more masculine 

• ned makes mixes for peter (like for real mixes, on cassettes) 

• ned and may are very close 

• peter and ned go to $15 concerts together 

• ned patches peter up after missions

• he also bought a drone so he can keep an eye on peter and builds peter an in-ear for him so he can tell peter what’s coming his way, kind of like JARVIS in the iron man suit

• peter and michelle both wear glasses

• michelle and liz are big on ig themes and they both have the day they started dating in their bios 

• “what the hell”

• liz stress bakes

• study nights that turn into sleepovers

• they make a bunch of short films

• michelle makes a time lapse of liz’s senior year for her to have when she goes to college

• tony builds a binder for the suit (peter cries)

• peter has inattentive adhd and attends special education classes

• peter also sketches a lot, mostly during class but keeps them private

• michelle & peter are both taking spanish and peter is absolutely in love with the language and he and michelle are always neck to neck on tests, and they do their presentations together

• michelle and liz are in a bunch of ap classes together

• peter and ned buy each other new sw lego sets annually and stay up all night building them

• michelle loves classical music & she played the violin and flute when she was younger

• michelle is also adopted

• her dads encouraged her to learn and expand her mind and never forced her to do or believe anything

• she loves them so much (so does liz)

• they are all happy and in love

cee3p0  asked:

Prompt: jack has never had a problem woth spending money so hes too easily influenced to buy everything advertised on tv. When bitty comes back to their shared apartment to 30 chia pets he is both bewildered and highly amused.

What’s your favorite animal?

Bitty’s eyebrows pull together in confusion at Jack’s text.  He’d been sitting at his desk, studying for his French final, when his phone had vibrated against the wood next to his hand.  He types out his answer, and it’s barely gone through before his phone is already buzzing with Jack’s response.

Señor Bun would be offended that you even have to ask.

Soooo bunny then.

Yes.  Why?

No reason. :)

Bitty narrows his eyes at the screen, but the corners of his mouth twitch.

I’m sure.  Dork.  

He sets his phone back down and continues to go over his notes, a small smile on his face.

When Bitty walks out of his last final–European History, which he probably only did okay on, shh, don’t tell Jack–he’s got a fully formed plan in his mind.  He rushes back to the Haus, throws an overnight bag together, and leaves a note on the fridge telling the others he’ll be back Sunday to get the rest of his stuff before heading home for the break, and that there are five pies to tide them over while he’s away.

Jack isn’t expecting him until Friday, and it’s only Wednesday, but Bitty doesn’t think he can wait that long, not when all of his exams are finished and he’s got nothing left to occupy his brain space other than the thought of Jack Zimmermann’s stupid handsome face.  So he’s going early, and Jack will just have to deal.

The drive is an easy 45 minutes, and Bitty cranks up the volume on the radio and rolls down the windows, feeling light and happy and a bit like his heart might burst out of his chest when he sees Jack.

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Which member of your otp prompts: lizzington 7, 10, 21, 26, 27. Thank you.

Which member of your OTP

Hello there anon! :D Thank you so much for these prompts, I love doing these! :) I’m dreadfully sorry for the delay on this, I do hope you didn’t think I’d forgotten you… Because I didn’t! :) So, at long last, here we go! :D

7. Hits the snooze button…11 times.

Oh, I feel like this is Liz, 100%. I mean, Red enjoys snuggles and other bed-related activities (mhm) but Liz just likes to sleep. And she never seems to get enough with her busy Post Office schedule and her own criminal to spend time with. So she totally sets her alarm for half an hour before she absolutely has to get up just for the power trip of hitting snooze a few thousand times. That said, if Red is in bed with her, he certainly takes the opportunity to turn off the alarm and wake Lizzie up in his own way ;)

10. Takes in the stray dog.

Oh, man… I feel like both Red and Liz love animals. But I think Red is very aware that his lifestyle can’t allow for taking care of an animal. He’d have to leave it alone far too often to be fair. (Personal headcanon that he has someone trusted come in to feet the kitty in the Bethesda apartment. But, with this show’s relationship with animals, the cat is probably some crazy illusion that doesn’t really exist.) So, as much as Red might want a pet with Liz, he knows it’s not a wise choice. But when Liz sees that dirty puppy on a street corner on the way home, it just tugs at her heartstrings (where art thou, Hudson?) and she can’t feel like a decent human being again until she turns around and brings that pup home. And Red, after the single obligatory protest, thoroughly enjoys bathing and feeding the pup with Lizzie by his side, seeing their little unit of two expand just a little :)))

21. Hogs the blankets.

Ugh I think they probably take turns with this idk. Like Red is constantly warm to the touch but if he claims he’s cold he either wants to cuddle up to Lizzie or have allllll the blankets. Or both. Cuddling with Lizzie under a heap of blankets, close enough to see all the different shades of blue in her eyes, is one of his favorite things. But Liz can certainly give just as good as she gets. She can’t sleep at all when she’s cold so she needs to rectify the situation immediately by literally climbing on top of Red to share his body heat (her preferred method of warming) OR just pulling all the blankets over herself. Red, of course, has no problem being her pillow, he loves it. She’s light enough that he can sleep comfortably that way and he just loves feeling her whole body down the length of his and being that close to her. Lil’ sap. :’) But honestly, I think if one of them is cold, they just find a way to make things work :D 

26. Gets a tattoo when they’re drunk.

Ohhh, this is a hard one. I feel like Liz did that a grand total of one time in college and, even inebriated, she was pretty minimalist in her choice. She probably got like a small, tasteful rose on her ankle or something like that. And when she saw it in the morning, she didn’t actually mind it so much. Red was endlessly fascinated by this when he was first privy to it, of course. Any new revelations about Lizzie both fascinate and frustrate him. He is fascinated to learn something new about her but he is also frustrated that he didn’t know it already. But he supposes there is something beautiful about Lizzie letting him in on her little eccentricities at her own pace, as they get to know each other. :) (Also, I feel like if Red ever got a drunk tattoo - which he wouldn’t because he’s never that drunk, the man has a lot of practice holding his liquor - he would just call up his money laundering friend in Columbia that also removes tattoos as a hobby and fly out super quick to get it taken care of :’D)

27. Trips over their own feet.

Omg, Liz. Red is just too suave. Men is three piece suits don’t trip. But Liz, Liz is secretly the biggest klutz. Of course, she’s fine in five inch heels and a clubbing dress - something about ingrained feminine pride that Red will never understand but appreciates immensely - but put her in flats or sock feet and she’s tripping over air. Liz doesn’t understand why that is but Red, of course, finds it incredibly endearing and he makes sure to kiss every scraped knee and stubbed toe until she forgets :)

Oh my gosh, I just love doing these, anon! Thank you so much! :D It was a nice break from the longer fic prompts that I always try to turn into full length novels for some reason. Please feel free to pop into my inbox any time with more of these! :D For now, back to the sick prompts and dialogue prompts! :) Thank you again! I hope you enjoyed! :D Much love! <3


Pet AU

So… I did a thing a while back and made an AU where some characters are pets and I have no place for it on my blog because I’m a weinie who’s scared of what people who follow me may think 😰 I hope you don’t mind me dumping them here…

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∟The Blacklist + famous quotes (V for Vendetta)

Imagine Sans adopting a new pet: Liz the Lizard. Only to have it be driven nuts by the small of KETCHUP and when it runs into him, it cause a great TICKLE CHAOS! Thus, Sans invents the stupidest dance moves while Alphys be trolling and recording this.

…. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a VERYYYY bad idea if he ever tries it :3