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i can’t believe Angela Merkel murdered a man live on camera

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Name: Gabby
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi I’m Gabby and really just want friends. I’m in college for psychology and sociology and hope to become a multicultural counselor. I want to travel but I’m willing to live bi-curiously through other people.

I love animals and my beautiful pets. I love watching game shows, RuPaul’s Drag Race, cooking shows, Food Network shows, HGTV, Stranger Things, Freaks and Geeks, Dear White People, The Get Down, Degrassi, and many others. I love the movie Heathers and the musical. I also love musicals! I’d love someone t share this love with. I also love love love anything Disney. And I love Youtubers including dan and phil, thomas sanders, h3h3, kingsley, troye sivan, rebel taxi, blameitonjorge, and most simmers.

I spend my time playing sims, listening to music, playing with my pets, sleeping, drawing, watching the stuff I listed, and really just anything I’m in the mood for. For music I listen to anything but country. My faves are One Direction and their solo material, troye sivan, the 1975, bastille, all time low, ariana grande, big time rush, kendrick lamar, childish gambino, nicki manji, blood orange, fall out boy, patd, any girl group, jonas brothers, and many many others.

Please contact me if you want to talk or anything :)

Preferences: just dont be a jerk

Sorry this is so late, some stuff happened, it was not great. Anyway, finally here is my fic exchange for @anothersanderssidesblog. I hope you like it. Also fun fact, this is based in a true story.

Logan swallowed nervously, looking in the mirror as he adjusted his necktie. Tonight was the night. He was finally going to propose to Patton. He had it all planned out. The ring was in his pocket, he’d made reservations at Patton’s favorite fancy restaurant, and he had rehearsed his proposal speech half a dozen times. Tonight was going to be magical.

Just then he heard Patton call out to him.

“You almost ready, Logan? We don’t want to be late.”

“I’ll be there momentarily,” Logan called back. He took one last look in the mirror. There was nothing to be nervous about, everything was going to go perfectly.


“What do you mean you lost our reservation!” Logan demanded, feeling his frustration grow. “I booked it weeks ago.”

The maitre d, looking flustered, replied, “I know and I’m so sorry, sirs. But it seems there was an error on our computer program, and we accidentally overbooked. Again, I am so sorry.”

“And you’re sure there are no tables currently available?” Logan asked, his heart sinking. So much for tonight being magical.

“I’m afraid not,” the maitre d said, looking as though he’d prefer to be anywhere else.

Logan,” Patton tugged on his arm. “Logan, it’s okay. We’ll just go somewhere else. We can always come back another time.”

But I was going to propose tonight, Logan thought. Tonight was supposed to be special. I guess it can wait a few more days though.

Out loud he said, “I suppose you’re right. You can pick where we go.”

As Patton beamed at him, and started walking back the car, chattering about possible places to eat, Logan only listened with half an ear. The rest of his focus was on his whirling thoughts, trying to plan out a new proposal that would actually go perfectly.


Logan had his head between his knees, feeling on the edge of despair.

“It sunk,” he said flatly. “It honestly sunk?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to say,” the man on the other line said sympathetically. “It wasn’t the only one, the storm yesterday sunk a lot of the smaller boats out in the harbor. So it’ll likely be a few weeks before we’ve got another one available to rent for the day. The boats we do have left are booked solid. I can give you the names of some other companies though, see if they’re better off?”

“I-“ Logan sighed. “No thank you, I’ll figure something else out. Something soon.”

“You got a special occasion coming up or something?” the man asked.

“I was going to propose,” Logan said with a wry twist of his lips. “I had planned to take Patton out on the boat to watch the sunset and then pull out the ring.”

“Aw hell, I’m really sorry then.” the man replied. “Good luck going forward though.”

“Thank you,” Logan muttered. “At the rate things are going, I’l probably need it.”

With that he hung up the phone, raising his head up to slump back in his chair and stare at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe the damn thing has sunk. If he was a less logical man, he would have said the universe was conspiring against him.

Still, this just meant he had be more careful with his plans, preparing for every contingency. This next time he would succeed in proposing, no matter what happened.


Logan double-checked the bags. He had everything they needed for their trip up to the mountain top, and then their picnic afterwards. He had packed sunscreen, water bottles, and all of Patton’s favorite foods. There was just one last piece to add.

Looking up carefully to make sure Patton was still upstairs getting dressed. Logan took out the ring box, and wrapped a pair of socks around before setting it in the bottom of the backpack. He didn’t want to risk it falling out of his pocket while they were on the mountain. And after everything else that had happened, he felt justified in his paranoia.

Just as he was closing the backpack, Patton came downstairs.

“Hey honey,” he sung out. “Is everything ready?”

Logan nodded.

“I believe I’ve packed all the essentials,” he replied, pushing up his glasses. “Shall we head out?”

“Let’s go!” Patton shouted, grabbing the picnic basket and all but bouncing out the door. With a small, fond smile, Logan followed him.


“Wow, this place sure is gorgeous,” Patton said, looking out over the cliff face. “I’m really glad we decided to come here!”

“I am too, Logan replied quietly, taking another sip for his water bottle. “Shall we set up the picnic now?”

“Sure!” Patton replied enthusiastically, dropping his backpack on the grass, and reaching in to rummage around for the blanket.

As they pulled the various tupperwares out of the bags, Logan listened to Patton chatter on about how pretty it was, and that they really should do this more often, and he’d have to look up a few more places to go. Logan was content just to listen, but he did chime in, once Patton mentioned how nice it would be to take a dog align with them in a far too innocent tone of voice.

“Patton,” he said, trying for stern, but just coming out as fond, “You know out apartment building doesn’t allow pets.”

“I know,” Patton said, dragging the word out, “But still, maybe someday?”

Logan laughed.

“Maybe someday,” he agreed.

As they began to eat their lunch, Logan couldn’t keep his eyes off of Patton. God, he loved his man.

Then there was a commotion behind them.

Logan turned around to see a group of teenagers on dirt bikes roar up along the road. Two swerved near the area where Logan and Patton were sitting, and grabbed their backpacks!

Logan immediately stood up, and desperately tried to run and grab the bags before they could get away. But it was too late.

Now on the verge of panic, he shoved his hand into his pocket, fumbling for the keys. Maybe he could drive after them? Or something?

Then a hand caught his.

“Babe,” Patton said, “Relax. It’s not a big deal. I think the only thing we had left in those backpacks was sunscreen.”

“No you don’t understand,” Logan blurted out. “Your wedding ring was in there.”

Patton’s face underwent a variety of expressions. First confusions, then shock, and then grim determination.

“Logan,” he said fiercely, “Give me the keys.”

“What?” Logan replied, but starting to pull out the keys on reflex.

“Logan, give me the keys!” Patton all but shouted, swiping the keys out of Logan’s hands.


Logan gripped the door handle hard. He hadn’t known Patton could drive like this. He wish he still didn’t know Patton could drive like this. He winced as they took another hard turn. He glanced over at Patton, who had his eyes fixed at the teens ahead of them with all the focus of a wolf that had spotted its prey. He gripped the door tighter.

It was just then that something was flung out in front of them Logan blinked trying to identify it.

“Patton, those are the backpacks!” he said in sudden realization.

Patton screeched to halt, making Logan wince a little, but he was more focused on getting out of the car.

He ran to the backpacks where they lay in the the mud. Frantically grabbing his, and rifling through it. The socks were still there. Thank god.

Pulling out the ring box, he turned to Patton, and got down on his knees, not caring about the mud.

“Patton,” he said. “I love you. I had a whole speech planned, but I can’t risk anything else happening before I say this. Patton, will you marry me?”

Patton threw himself into his arms, sending some the mud spraying upwards to splatter both of them.

“Yes, yes, yes, a hundred times yes!” he squealed.

“You have no idea how relieved I am to here you say that,” Logan managed to rely, before his lips were caught in a passionate kiss.

As Logan slid the ring onto Patton’s finger, he couldn’t help but think that despite everything that had gone wrong, this moment was still absolutely perfect.

vernon; drunk on youth (m)

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genre: fluff/romance and a lil bit of the steamy steam ;)

word count: 8495

characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, bff!Jeonghan + various

prompts: seven(teen) minutes in heaven, university!AU with fraternity!Seventeen, one night stand(?), friends-to-lovers 

*this references to traditional American University Greek life, referring to members as “brothers”, if you’re confused please message me! feelin hella clever that SVT/ ΣΛΤ was managed to be made in the greek alphabet

a happy birthday gift to my sol @vernkn

Hansol Vernon Chwe, she tried to unsuccessfully convince herself, meant nothing to her.

Not when he walked into 18th Century Children’s Literature every Monday and Wednesday, looking like the dead bird her pet cat dragged in when she was three. His ebony strands would stick out like dead twigs, usually muffled by a worn navy baseball cap with the lid twirled behind his neck. He never made a fuss when he entered a minute before the class would start, rushing to the nearest empty desk with his head down, lost in thought. Even though it was an afternoon class, he still managed to look like he walked right out of bed and into lecture.

He meant nothing to her, when he seldom spoke in their seminar, tucked away in the back scribbling notes. Especially not when he’d pipe up for class participation every other blue moon, speaking with sudden austerity about how the English language is so convoluted, his voice strangely comparable to the thickness of raw honey.

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Request: Reader and Chibs are moving in together, and reader wants a kitten. Chibs decides they can get a kitten but only if he can name it.

I added some background to the couple. Hope you guys love it! 


“Look at him, he’s cute,” your friend said to you, pointing to an older guy with gray hair. You caught his eye just as you looked in his direction, earning a wink from him. Your friend had invited you to one of SAMCRO’s parties, and you of course said yes, wanting to know what the SOA were all about.

Your friend nudged you, “You gotta go talk to him now!” You shook your head as you walked over to him, purposely swaying your hips a little more than usual.

He nodded at you, “Hello lass.” You noticed his thick Scottish accent right away and accepted the beer he offered to you.

“I like a man with an accent. I’m sure you hear that all the time though,” you told him, to which he nodded.

“Aye I do, but never from someone like ya,” he responded, taking a swig of the beer he had in his hand.

You laughed, “Someone like me?”

He shrugged, “You’re a fine lass, I must admit.”

“And I’ve never been called that by, well, anyone,” you said, laughing as he joined in. This was the beginning of the relationship between you and Chibs. From that point on, you guys spent as much time as you could together.


*Three Years Later*

“I don’t like ye being so far away,” Chibs said, referring to the apartment you were renting just outside of Charming city limits.

You rolled your eyes, “We have had this conversation so many times, Filip. I can’t have it anymore. It’s what I can afford, and It’s reasonable.”

“Aye, I get that lass, but I could help you with rent if you wanted to move closer,” he suggested, wrapping his arms around you from behind and nuzzling his face in your hair.

You placed your hands over his hands which were on your stomach, “You don’t need to do that, I’m fine here. Plus, that would put you paying two rents.”

“Or it could be just one,” he told you, spinning you around to face him.

Instinctively wrapping your arms around his neck, you kissed him before speaking, “How?”

He shrugged, “Let’s move in together.”

You smiled big, “you mean that?”

He laughed, “Aye lass, I would not say it if I didna mean it.”

You squealed, grabbing him in a huge hug, “I love you.”

He kissed you again, “I love you too, lass. I love you too.”

*A few days later*

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeee,” you begged him, grabbing onto his arm as he tried to walk away from you.

“No, Y/N, I do not want a kitten in our house,” he argued.

You scoffed, “cats are the easiest animals to take care of babe, just come look at one with me! If you see them and still say no, I’ll stop,” you bargained, smiling as you saw him considering it.

He sighed, rolling his eyes, “Fine.” You kissed him on the cheek before jumping on the back of his bike preparing to ride to the pet store.

When you guys arrived, you all but ran into the pet store with Chibs dragging in behind you. “Look babe,” you told him, handing him a kitten you had already fallen in love with. You smiled as he patted the kitten. “Okay,” he said, “we can get him on one condition.”

You nodded your head, “Anything.”

“I get to name him,” Chibs told you, laughing at your upset face.

You crossed your arms, “Fine, but you better make it good.”

“Y/N,” he said, holding the cat out to you, “Meet Seamus.”

The Handmaid’s Tale


The Handmaid’s Tale is speculative fiction only in name; these events could unfold with uncomfortable ease. Gilead takes all the inequities of our world that are obscured in policy and political jargon and lays them out in blue, green, and blinding red. It is not so much a parallel world as it is our own world laid out along explicitly color-coded lines.

The narrator often flashes back to “The Time Before”, and with a shock you recognize your own life in these glimmers (dorm rooms, essays, going out, magazines, falling in love, shitty apartments, pet cats), before you are dragged jarringly back into the room with no chandelier where you–or is it the narrator?–are just a womb.

SPOILERS BELOWWWW************************************

Finally, we get to the end. Our beloved narrator is gone, off to an unknown fate in a black van. Gilead has fallen, apparently. You can tell the way the professor lectures about it. The students laugh and he cracks jokes in a way that suggests an empire so long-dead that the atrocities can now become funny.

Our professor has found “the Handmaid’s” tapes. He was the one that compiled them. He was the one who dubbed her tale “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The “tale” part was a joke, a play off of the word “tail”. Ha ha.

Do you see him? Do you see, even however many years later, how Gilead still lives on? This man found our narrator’s story and the only thing he found of value in her was that she was a Handmaid in Gilead. He laments that she wasn’t “more of a reporter.” He wishes she had given more details about the government, given the real names of her cohorts, so he could find out more about her Commander. He wants to know more about Nick and the role he had with Mayday and the Eye.

He read her entire story and that’s all he came away with.

He doesn’t care to find out about Moira. He doesn’t regret for the narrator and Luke, who he offhandedly remarks was most likely dead that day in the woods, or their daughter. He doesn’t mourn for them. The only thing he cares about is verifying that the Commander’s hair was, in fact, gray.

Atwood says just as much, if not more, with these final pages as she does in the entire book. The professor’s dismissal of our narrator is a shocking reinforcement of the dismissal that she experienced every single day from the moment her card was shut down and she lost her job in “The Time Before.” Atwood is reminding us that fascism isn’t always the man with the toothbrush-mustache or the Aunt with the cattle-prod; sometimes it the kind man across the desk playing Scrabble with you, or the professor at the front of your lecture hall.

Deepest of Trust (Percival Graves x Reader) - Smut

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Summary: You and Percival have been together for some time, but Percival want`s to expand your relationship into something more, something that requires the deepest of trusts. 

Tags: @aya-fay @theamazing-bouncingferret @sharknadoslut @nicetrytopredictme @wolfangelwings @lynnliciousadnan @shield-sherlocked-the-tardis@queencobblefreezestuff @jsowkdfknfocv @red-panda-on-the-loose @cupcakelord2000 @ilariyalavorowrites @aislinsekhem @socktrollqueen @callmemrsvillain @diehadess @ithilnarmo

Warnings: SMUT,  Dom/Sub Content, Dom!Percival, Sub!Reader, Bondage, Blindfolds, Fingering, Rough Sex. 


“Do you trust me?”

Percival’s dark, honeyed voice behind you made you shiver and inhale a shaky breath. His fingertips were slowly caressing your arm while his lips gently nipped at your neck.

“Y-Yes.” You nodded slightly and closed your eyes as you gave into his touch. It wasn’t your first time together, far from it. Countless times you had laid with him on his bed where he now sat behind you, trailing his tongue over your collarbone. But his suggestion tonight took you by surprise. Of course, you had noticed his dominant nature in bed, but never in your wildest dreams could you imagine the things he started mentioning when the two of you ended up in bed after dinner.

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Tiny fic break! Pre-canon.


Aaronev frowned over the latest reports from Passholdt. He shuffled the papers in his stubby hands, squinted through his glasses, exhaled noisily. His son stood at the corner of the desk, still and silent, waiting. Aaronev set his glasses aside and pinched the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger.

“Father,” Tarvek said, “if all this… business is so troublesome, why persist?”

Aaronev sat back in his chair, giving his son an appraising stare. “You never forget your first love,” he said.

Ignoring the more revolting implications of his father’s words, Tarvek considered. First love? He found the idea almost laughable. He remembered, oh yes, he did remember. He remembered clasped hands, palm to palm, fingers interlaced, as two small boys trembled in the dark, fearing discovery. He remembered lying together on a high catwalk, feet pointed in opposite directions, head to shoulder, ears just touching as though they might hear one another’s thoughts. He had been so young, too young to understand what he felt.

And he still felt the sting of Gil’s betrayal.

Tarvek succeeded at keeping his expression impassive, for his father scoffed. “I suppose you wouldn’t understand,” Aaronev said.

Tarvek thought of Gil sagging against him on a Paris street, gazing up at him in a drunken daze. He thought of the lingering scent of absinthe, of Gil leaning forward and tilting his face at a most appealing angle, thought of how in that moment he would have traded ten years of his life for just one taste of those tempting lips. But a prince and a nameless miscreant could not make a life together, and Gil’s pet pirate had dragged him off down the street before Tarvek had much opportunity to forget himself anyhow. Could he burn down a continent to make a new world, one in which he and Gil could be together? Probably. He had all the right tools. Would he do it? No, because he had responsibilities, a word apparently foreign to his father.

“No,” Tarvek said, his voice and his expression steady. “I suppose not.”

The Man You Were Meant To Hate

-Here you go anon, I found it a bit hard to put fluff into a mafia request but if you just hold on until the end I’ve tried my best!

-Requests are open!

The school grounds were packed with students eating and cramming down on last minute study sessions. Something about the air around you felt weird and you looked around to see if anything was out of place. Everything was normal. The bell was ringing to signal lunch was over and you linked your arm through your best friends.

“We’ll be dead if we’re late for this class!” She stressed. She was a teacher’s pet. She dragged you along with her as she rushed back into the school building. The bell came to stop and everyone seemed to look to the closest PA to them as your principles voice rang through the speakers.

“This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Students are to make their way to their classrooms immediately, leave your things behind and return to the safety of your classroom immediately. The school is going into lockdown. Do not leave the classroom until it has been deemed as safe to do so” The hustle and bustle of the halls grew stronger, this wasn’t the first time your school was going into lockdown, but that didn’t mean people weren’t scared for the value of their lives.

“Come on Y/FN!” You exclaimed and dragged her shaking body through the crowd, determined not to leave your friend behind. When you got to your class the door was already locked and Y/F/N began to panic as you shook the door handle and screams echoed from inside the classroom.

“Y/N! Y/F/N!” A familiar voice exclaimed and you turned around. Your cousin waved the two of you over to his classroom and you rushed over with Y/F/N. He slammed the door behind you and locked it as the teachers voiced boomed over the panicked students.

“What are you doing in here? Get to your classroom Y/N!”

“Our teacher already locked the door, sir! They won’t let us in” You argued as Y/F/N shook beside you and the teacher sighed.

“Everyone stay as low as possible, we don’t know what sort of weapons these people have!” He exclaimed and several students who were still standing dropped to the ground.

“What’s happened? Who’s here?” You asked sitting against the wall wedged between Y/F/N and your cousin.

“Some mafia has raided the school, they’re over in the North wing of the school but there’s no doubt they’ll come this way. They’re looking for someone but no one knows who” Your cousin explained hurriedly as he pulled on your arm and the three of you sank lower until you were laying on the floor, merging with the rest of the shaking students.

“You need to calm down” You heard the teacher speaking, you looked over to see him cradling a shivering student in his arms, hiding under the desk as best as he could with the student who was holding in their terrified screams.


“Y/N please come to the front office. Y/N please come to the front office immediately” Your principles voice was stern through the speakers and your body stiffened as you realised it was you being called out.

“No Y/N!” Y/F/N exclaimed, already close to tears as her quivering arms clung to you who sat up.

“Don’t go Y/N”

“No, I think I know what this is about now” You answered, looking down at your cousin, his eyes widened as he understood you and he let go of the grip he had on your other arm.

“Let her go” The teacher demanded, he was hesitant in his words as his own shaking eyes tried to will Y/F/N to let go of you.

“I’m not letting my best friend walk to her own death!” Y/FN screamed making the other students in the class mimic her.

“She won’t die Y/F/N” Your cousin whispered as he tried to get her off you. You finally stood up and she tried to claw at your ankles as you stepped over the other frightened students, each of them meeting your own eyes with their terrified ones as if they were taking one last good look at you before you died.

A resounding click echoed through the silent classroom, everyone stared at you. Your eyes met your cousins and Y/F/N’s as you gave a single nod of your head and opened the door. The students screamed as the strong shake of another door and other students screaming pierced their ears. You quickly shut the door behind you and leant on it, hearing it click locked behind you again.

“Jung Daehyun” You let the name slip your lips, he stopped hitting the door to your original classroom with his gun and let go of the handle. His sharp eyes turned to meet yours and you had grown out of wanting to falter at their menacing glare.

“Start walking” His gun pointed down the hall and you turned emotionlessly, walking ahead of him with your head held high.

Your father had been a bit of a troublesome man, mixing with the wrong people and making deals he couldn’t keep his end of. Your own mother had died because of the dept your father had put your family into. Jung Daehyun, he was an underling, one of the strongest members of the mafia your father owed his life to.

You opened the door to the office and Daehyun followed you in, closing it behind you as you scanned the room. Six familiar men and a few unfamiliar ones were surrounding your principle who sat at his desk tensely. Most importantly, he was here, the one your father owed everything to, the mafia boss was standing behind your principle with a hand on his shoulder mockingly taunting him in his fear.

A grimace found its way to your face as you made eye contact with him and your heart sped up. You were meant to hate the older man, he was meant to be cruel and ruthless, he hated your father, but he couldn’t keep his hands off you.

You wouldn’t let yourself fall in love with the man who was meant to lead you to your death.

“What are you doing here?” You demanded it must have been important if Bang Yongguk was here in person if he simply wanted you, Daehyun would have come to get you alone.

“You’re coming with us, princess”

“You can’t take my student” Your principle spoke up as Yongguk came to stand in front of you.

“I don’t believe you can stop me from doing so, sir” He smirked as he looked down at you. His heart clenching in joy as you were finally with him. He took your hand in his and pulled you towards the door as the principle began to yell.

“I’m calling the police!” The door was slammed in his face as everyone evacuated the office.

“You can’t make me go!” You exclaimed, the other men slammed the walls with their weapons and yelled as loud as they could, sending fright through the other people in hiding.

“I certainly can princess” Yongguk chuckled, his pet name coming out for you as his arm scooped around your waist and under the back of your knees. You were in his arms before you could even blink and you let out a shout as you slapped his chest.


“He’s not going to come and get me Daehyun” You answered, he sat on a chair in front of you, using the back of the chair as a place to rest his folded arms as he stared back at you. There wasn’t much in the room, a small simple table and two chairs, you sitting in one and Daehyun sitting across you in the other. A few dishes with food on them sat in front of you, your arms were crossed as Daehyun leant over the back of the chair he sat backwards in and grabbed a piece of the chicken you were barely touching.

“I know” He shrugged and you blinked at him.

“Then why am I here?” You asked and he continued to shrug again.

“Yongguk has threatened your father, but he also wants you to stay here”

“What?” You choked and instantly regretted taking a mouthful of water.

“I don’t know, he’s fascinated with you for some reason and wants the rest of us to get along with you. It’s weird for a guy his age to like a kid like you. But I guess you’re not too bad” He gave you a small smile and your eyes widened.

“I’m eighteen” You muttered.

“And he’s twenty-five”

“Oh,” You huffed and looked down at the table.

“He’s back” Youngjae came into the room and Daehyun looked at him before glancing back at you.

“Come on” His head flicked towards the door and you blinked at him as you stood up with him.

“You’re not going to treat me like a real hostage this time?” You referred to the previous time you were kidnapped by the mafia.

“I would rather live a little longer than have Yongguk kill me” Daehyun smiled sarcastically and left the room.

“Princess!” His deep voice exclaimed as the front door slammed shut. You stood stiffly as you were engulfed by him. Yongguk squeezed your body tightly and swayed side to side. When he pulled away you looked up at him with wide eyes, fighting your hammering heart as your cheeks turned red.

“Oh god get a room!” Zelo scoffed from the sofa and you backed away in embarrassment.

“Don’t forget you’re living in my house Zelo Yongguk pointed a finger at him and Zelo put his hands up in mock surrender. You looked at Yongguk’s outfit, clad in a black suit with a white button-up shirt underneath the jacket, he clearly had some business to attend to. A grin found its way to his lips as he caught you looking at him.

“Like what you’re seeing?” His arm slung over your shoulders and Zelo groaned again as he walked down the hall with you under his arm. You watched your feet as you walked with him and he opened a set of large double doors.

Surprise had you looking up and gasping as you saw what was behind the door, you would have been gaping at the entire house if you took notice of its rich attire. The bedroom was the size of your lounge room and kitchen put together, another door was on the others side of the room and a large king bed was placed in the middle of the room against the wall. It looked as if millions of dollars went into this one room.

“What am I doing here?” You asked when his chuckle brought you back to reality and you watched as Yongguk took off his suit jacket and turned to your with a gummy smile.

“Am I not allowed to have you here? You know I like your company” He answered you and you blinked as he walked towards you.

“I got you something while I was out today” He pulled you over to his bed and you found yourself sitting down with a flushed face as he turned away again.

“A stuffed bear?” You asked and Yongguk beamed at you

“Look how big it is! It’s almost as cuddly as me!” Yongguk rushed over and put the big teddy on your lap, an ‘oof’ escaped your lips as you fell backwards, it was practically the same size as you.

“This is really sweet Yongguk, but I don’t think I can accept any of this treatment” You sighed after managing to get the bear off you.

“And why not?” He asked as he sat next to you, you sat up and Yongguk blinked at you innocently. This wasn’t the big scary mafia boss you were meant to be hating.

“Because Yongguk, I may hate my father but some of your men killed my mother and our family is in debt to you for an eternity. You’re the leader of a mafia and I’m a school kid, with everything that’s happened between you and my family, I should hate you” You rushed out and Yongguk smiled at you.

“But you don’t. And I never brought you into any of your father’s mess did I? I know your mothers dead, it was never meant to happen and trust me, the men that did that are dead now”

“That doesn’t change the fact that my mum is dead” You muttered and looked away from him as Yongguk sighed.

“I know and I’m sorry” He carefully put his arms around you and you let out a shaky breath when he pulled you into his embrace.

“I would never hurt you princess” He reassured and you nodded.

“I know you won’t” You replied and he smiled as you allowed him to hug you.

“This may be too soon Y/N, but I really like you”

“I like you too Yongguk” You looked up at him through your long lashes and a chuckle wracked through him as brought his face down to nuzzle his nose against yours.


Summer with Astro (Disney Edition), Click and Drag!

I’ve been meaning to finish this for quite a while, but I’ve been busy & tired, and I had trouble thinking of things to do at Disneyland, since I’ve never gone there! So I’m sorry if these aren’t that great. but I tried so hard!! I’m so tired I hope you guys like these!! give me feedback!! Also if you’re confused about the petting zoo thing? apparently Disneyland has a petting zoo in it, edit: apparently it doesn’t any more. Oops..

Wings [Part 18] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - In a battle between wits and stupidity, Taehyung and Yoongi find out things that they initially hadn’t thought they would. And Kimroe graces Yoongi’s house with an unplanned visit, making Yoongi take a most probable hasty decision.

Prologue ; Part 17

It was like a battle. A battle between wits and extreme stupidity.

He couldn’t let the thought sink in that he had to send you home. But he couldn’t. It was way too dangerous. Especially if Yoongi was prowling around. He repeatedly glanced at the wall beyond which was the door you had gone through. You had excused yourself moments ago to relieve yourself. He didn’t blame you. He wouldn’t have been surprised either if you had pissed yourself at the sight of him. But it was just a part of him, he groaned inwardly. With every glance he took of the wall, like he could see through it, he remembered what had happened on the same day, before he had pulled you out of the cafe and teleported into his house. God, he was such an idiot. A stupid, brainless, rutting idiot. If conscious were a person, it would have slapped him until he blacked out.

He recalled going to Yoongi’s place, just like he did every other day. Strategy or not, he would avenge his late wife’s death. He had to. The memory of it ate at him every single day. He barely cared if Yoongi would find out about his true and actual intentions; he eventually would anyway. But, he hadn’t expected the Red Blood to be so thorough with it since day one of Taehyung’s visit. Or perhaps, he had the knowledge of it way before Taehyung had even visited.

He was outside Yoongi’s study room, his hand at the knob, ready to turn when he heard Wong Bin - the Keeper of the Red Blood line - speak so fast he was surprised Yoongi actually understood him. He kept quiet, silently pulling his hand back as he listened, quirking his ears, sharpening his sensitive hearing. He couldn’t just hear the urgency, he could feel it.

Taehyung stopped breathing when familiar names sounded. He knew the Keeper had been talking about the siblings who was supposed to be the next of kin. And a human. He heard the word spring out of his mouth stringed to ‘interfere’ before Wong Bin lost him. But how could a human possibly interfere in such matters? It was very rarely heard of, and Taehyung knew it very well.

'What? Who is it? Didn’t both of them die?’ Taehyung heard the rolling of the wheels of the chair against the wooden floor. Yoongi was standing. Taehyung could picture the anger burning in Yoongi’s eyes.

'No, Your Highness, Hoseok is dead, he’s currently being brought into Kronell. But…Ji Hyun was saved by a girl named Y/N.’

It felt like the world had stopped spinning, everything tilting to one side, before it all went black. And then he came back. Had he just heard your name? Although it was a fool’s hope to wish that it was just his damned ears, he heard Yoongi repeating your name like a mantra. Shit. And he was very well aware of how well Yoongi knew of you. And your whereabouts. Hell, even your scent. You were probably a bait that had long been caught and forgotten in a trap, which was now remembered.

'I see. For now, deal with Ji Hyun. We need a new female in the line. However for Y/N- I’ll deal with her myself.’ Taehyung could practically hear the smirk in Yoongi’s voice. He knew his intentions were far more than cruel. It had to be. He was the heir to the throne of the Underworld - Kronell - and a human meant nothing more than just blood and flesh to him. Just like to every other damned Red Blood.

'Your Highness?’

'You can go. I’m not chopping your wings off. But that doesn’t I’m being merciful. I have to go meet Namjoon.’

'As you wish.’ Following an audible swish, it got quiet for a few seconds. Apart from Taehyung’s wild beating heart, there was nothing else reaching his ears. Then with lethal stealth, Yoongi had already begun opening the door. So soon that Taehyung had barely any time to pretend he had not been over hearing their conversation seconds ago.

'Kim Taehyung. Got anything useful, or are you just not seeing Y/N anymore to be coming here everyday?’ He smirked. Taehyung wanted to rip his face off. And probably his body too. And send the remains to his hell-forsaken father.

Taehyung glared at Yoongi before pinning him against the wall. Yoongi cursed at the sudden contact. Once it resided, Yoongi let out a husky, cracked laugh. It boiled the blood in Taehyung’s veins.

'Why, Taehyung, you honestly think you can get avenge your wife’s death?’ Yoongi said, catching Taehyung by sudden surprise that his grip on Yoongi’s neck had slackened a good deal. His eyes stared at the red, fire filled orbs of Yoongi’s.

'Of course I know why you come over every single day. I killed your darling wife, Kim Min Ji. Didn’t I?’ Yoongi had spoken every syllable as slow and painfully as he could, finding Taehyung’s flustered expression a masterpiece to laugh at. A taunt. It was just a method to get your enemy to falter; but even knowing so did no help. Taehyung felt the rage which he had kept leashed with utmost difficulty, ripping at his self-consciousness and will. Yoongi was trying really hard to get him over the edge. As much as he hated to admit it, it had been working. The grip around his neck eventually got stronger with every nerve being ticked off by Min Yoongi.

'Taehyung! Let me go!’
Yoongi imitated a shrill, female voice, letting out cackles as he stomped his foot on the ground, in an attempt to stress on the fact of how humorous he found it. ’Honestly, Kim Taehyung, she was quite an entertainer.’

'Shut the fuck up, Min Yoongi!
’ Taehyung bellowed, as his fist pulled back and sent a punch onto Yoongi’s pale face. A crack sounded around them, and he knew he had broken his jaw. But Yoongi came back up like it was just as same as cracking a knuckle.

He groaned, 'You shouldn’t have done that, Kim Taehyung. I wonder how Y/N would have to pay for your wrong doings.’ He said as he massaged the side of his jaw, before pushing his palm against it, another crack sounding as it was put in its place. Like it was an everyday thing. Taehyung really wanted to break his bones. And just torture him. Kill him. Slowly.

'You will fucking leave Y/N alone. This is between you and me. You killed my wife and I will kill you. Whether be it sooner or later.’ Taehyung said through gritted as he pushed Yoongi further against the wall, his eyes surely burning a raging red.

'Threatening a Red Blood are you? Quite the balls you’ve got there.’ Yoongi was probably as chill as he could be, while Taehyung had his hand clenched around Yoongi’s neck, his eyes shining bright red, the wings behind him unfolding majestically. Taehyung snorted, 'Unlike you.’

That ticked Min Yoongi off. Point to be noted: comment about his lack of balls, and he’s in for a fight. Taehyung would have laughed heartily if that grainy, thin voice hadn’t echoed around him.

'Taehyung, let him go.’ It was unmistakably the voice of Kimroe. The man who brought him to a place where he had been fighting for years to get out of. And now sent his pet son to drag him back. He would first cut the King into pieces before he went for the Prince.

'Let me do it, Father,’ The evil glint in his eyes spoke more than the words did.

'That’s enough, Yoongi.’ A swift finger was raised to quiet him. It not-so-surprisingly worked.

Taehyung let Yoongi go, his wrists flicking as he slammed Yoongi to the wall one more time before folding his wings back in, his red orbs returning to normal chocolate brown. He turned to face Kimroe, but instead of seeing a seven foot Fallen Angel with red eyes and equally blood red wings, he saw a handsome human man, with a mere height of six feet smiling at him.

The expression Taehyung held must have what made Kimroe say, 'You don’t expect me to come here like Death incarnate do you, Kim Taehyung?’ He chuckled. It riled him. But he was tied to him. To his Master.

'I- but I- no, Master.’ He said, defeated, bowing his head. Kimroe chuckled, making Taehyung look at him. There was amusements dancing in Kimroe’s eyes for a fraction of a second before it went absolutely bland. It was a miracle he had feelings. Barely.

'I sent these boys to bring you back, and it seems they’re doing a really lousy job-’

'Hey!’ Yoongi exclaimed, his head snapping up. Kimroe gave him an amused look for disrespecting him, making him quiet again. Yoongi, for a Prince, had quite the temper. Or patience. Taehyung noticed how close Yoongi was standing next to him. If he could just reach for his neck and strangle him-

'So, Taehyung, to give you credit for being able to escape these good-for-nothings, I’ll give you a chance. A chance to settle with Y/N. A possible chance for you to be able to return to mortality.’ Kimroe was known to be cruel. Where did he get such change of heart? Taehyung couldn’t believe his ears, and neither could Yoongi.

Yoongi stared wide eyed at the human in front of him, Taehyung mirroring him, 'N0! You know why he should be brought back! Why are you letting him go?’ Yoongi yelled, the vein evident at the nape of neck, indicating how stressful and pissed off he was. Interesting. Yet, unsettling.

Kimroe gave him a look again, which held meanings more than one. Yoongi stared at him incredulously before looking at Taehyung. He sighed heavily before speaking. It must have been a great deal of taming that fire of rage in him for what he said next.

'You heard my father. Scoot. But if you break a law again, I’m coming for both, you and Y/N. Clear?’

'Loud and crystal.’ Came Taehyung’s voice, small but strong. He had his doubts, and had every right to. Falling for a trap like this would have been what they wanted. So he’d play with them a little longer.

'You may leave now, Kim Taehyung.’ Kimroe smiled at him, wide and sparkling, contradicting his true nature. The one of a tyrant, Taehyung urged to stop the rolling of his eyes. He might have seemed like he was cowering for Kimroe to have smirked at him like that, evil and unforgiving. Whatever his Master was planning, it was no good. But when he looked at Yoongi, he saw genuine lewdness in his eyes. It was as though Yoongi himself was a pawn. He shook his head, giving Kimroe a side glance before folding into thin air and disappearing.

Kimroe looked at Yoongi, and the look he had, would’ve made anyone quiver, except Yoongi and Namjoon. But waves of rage and demonic wildness surged out of him.

'Find the girl, and kill her. Kill Kim Taehyung if you have to. But I’d appreciate it if you can bring him back alive.’ And without another word, he was gone.

With a simple glance towards where Taehyung was standing few seconds ago, he sighed before walking back into his room, exhausted and worn out. How long would he have to portray himself as a completely different person to his father, he didn’t know. But he had to go find Namjoon. To plan their next course of action.

Taehyung knew this was more than just a game. It was a trade of life and death.

He needed to keep you safe, because he wasn’t stupid enough to fall for what Kimroe said. He was definitely planning something, but he didn’t know what. Until then, he’d just have to keep you safe. Hoping, wishing, he sighed before getting up and walking towards the bathroom you were in.

[Part 19 on Thursday]


day 2
prompt: touch
word count: 1238
Matthew is quiet, and he has the softest feathers.
note: this is based on a kid au by @maplevogel, asdfghjklvl i love it so much

Uncle Fritz has a list of chores – make your bed, rinse your dishes, make sure Ludwig is in bed by eight, do not smother him with his pillows, and feed the birds out back.

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