pets head

recruiting~ must be able to perform the following duties:

1. petting my head whilst i nap

2. fluffing my pillows after i nap

3. making me delicious food whilst i write reactions

4. snuggles on demand

5. bonus trait (not necessary): hot 20 year old male

6. brushing my hair for me cause it’s too long

The Well Went Bad on the Pierson Farm

by reddit user wdalphin

The other night, I was reading my oldest daughter a story at bedtime from one of her favorite books of ghost stories, and afterward she asked me, “That story wasn’t true, was it, Daddy?”

“No, of course not.” I told her.

“Because things like ghosts and monsters don’t exist, do they?” she hugged me goodnight.

“No, they’re not real.” I lied and petted her head.

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Have seen this on Facebook a lot, but if somebody has shared it on Tumblr I haven’t seen it so I’m posting it. We talk a lot about dogs that don’t like greeting other dogs, but not so much about dogs that don’t like greeting and petting from human strangers. As someone who owns two such dogs…this is a very important video. 

And sadly in my experience, dog sport people can be just as bad about this as the general public. I don’t know if it’s because they often see my dogs at trials and training classes and thus think they “know” them or what.

look at toni and lukita petting a puppy, i love when players play with animals 😍


In which I catch Holly eating a Tim Tam — a tale in three pictures.

Countdown to Copper Gauntlet continues! Five more days. If you’re interested, we made our 5 out of gifts fans gave us in Sydney, including stuffed wombats and TimTams. 

A snippet from the book:

THE FIRST SIGHT of the highway made Call shudder as he remembered the last time he’d crossed it, looking for Aaron. He recalled vividly the pain in his legs as he forced himself to hurry, the panic at the thought of Aaron in danger, and then the discovery that he wasn’t the person he’d always thought himself to be.

Jasper squatted and petted Havoc’s head when the wolf came up to him. For a moment, he didn’t seem like such a jerk.

Then he saw Call looking and glared.

Call sat down on the ground, watching the occasional car whirr by. Tamara was typing things into her phone. He wasn’t sure if she was researching stuff for their quest or just e-mailing friends from home. Aaron frowned thoughtfully into the middle distance, the way heroes in comic books did. They could make a figurine of him looking like that.

Call wondered how Aaron would look when he found out that Call had lied to him — lied to him a lot.

Copper Gauntlet: out Sept 1!

Jasmine has been with the Humane Society of Fairfax County in Virginia for a long time. Long enough to pose with a sled and a scarf months ago!

Don’t you think that’s too long to stay in a shelter?

Jasmine needs to be the only pet in a family, but she’s loving and affectionate toward her people! She’s also smart and cuddly. Plus, Jasmine has absolutely mastered that doggy head-tilt.

Her buddies at the shelter would like someone nearby to adopt Jasmine, so they can help make sure that her life is perfect!

Email pets@hsfc to scoop up Jasmine before the snow falls!

anonymous asked:

Ziva knocked on Daudrie's door, feeling the weight of her pet shift on her shoulder. She pet the scaled head and waited for her to answer. ~ torturer-of-all

Daudrie opened the door, surprised to see the snake around Ziva’s neck.

reasons why platonic nux and max are adorable:

  • head pets!! small affectionate touches
  • maybe even little kisses (nux is def a kissy person who doesnt attach intimacy with kisses and max mirrors others’ behavior)
  • nicknames
  • affectionate pseudo father/son relationship but also whos child is this he keeps following me around
  • nux is a puppy he attaches himself to who ever gives him praise and max gives him that
  • both learn from each other and grow more fond to each other as the movie goes by
  • grunty max and excitable nux is the best thing ever
  • height difference!!
  • they were chained together for a good part of the movie i mean come on they make a good team

anonymous asked:

Lamest question in history, I have disappointed you, Senpai; What if a 2P comes across the Reader's Journal/Diary/ETC. ?

((No worries dearie, ofc you didn’t disappoint me~ *pets your head*))

2P: *finds your diary/journal when you’re busy in another room*

2P!America: *cue evil laugh* mwAHAHAHA LET’S SEE WHAT’S IN THIS BITCH *skims random pages, frowns, eyebrows furrow, sighs* uh… ok maybe I shouldn’t have done that… *puts back journal exactly where he found it and runs away, never tells you he read it*

2P!China: *pacing back and forth* I will not read it I will not read it I will not read it I will not re– uaaaah I waNNA reAD ITTTT *twitching*

2P!England: Teehee, this silly little darling needs a lock on her precious diary~ it would be a shame if someone… were to… *whispers* read it……….,,,,,,,,,

2P!France: *glances away in disinterest*

2P!Russia: What’s that doing laying around…? *wants to put it away for you but doesn’t know where you usually hide it*

2P!Italy: *giggles maniacally, snatches it up, saunters over to you* hey darling, look what I found~ *taunts you with it* If you do what I say for an entire day then maybe I won’t just take a peek, hehe *smiles and waves it around, won’t allow you to take it*

2P!Germany: *sweats* …okay maybe just reading one entry won’t hurt *reads a page* meiN GOTT NO *slams it down, feels real fucking guilty and feels like apologizing but doesn’t want to admit to invading your privacy*

2P!Japan: She keeps a diary…? Interesting. *gets bored and moves on*

2P!Canada: I didn’t know people still wrote in diaries

2P!Romano: *squeals* journal buddies!~ *runs and shows you his pink miniature diary and matching pink feather pen*

2P!Austria: *sighs nostalgically* I used to keep one of these old things too… They were always full of my deepest, darkest secrets… Now~ *grins wickedly and snatches up your journal* where to begin? Ohohoho~

2P!Prussia: *sad exhale* I wish I was better at wording my feelings… Like you probably are…