pets artwork


Hey guys, how its going? I got more IG pet commissions to share that I done a while back! 

Corgis with bows-for   @corgitwinky

Playing corgis- @aconra5 and  @zoey_and_steve_corgis

Mya & Riley( B&W cat and dog) - for  @colleenartistry

Oliver & Izzy( small dogs)- for  @oliversthebest

And Classy B&W Cat- for  @ggrrettcchhenn

More commissions to share soon! Thanks to those who have ordered one so far! <3


Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

I thought you all needed a cute strawberry hedgehog in your feed this afternoon! 🍓 “Tuttleina” is a painting I made as a Christmas gift for a couple of lovelies, Tasha and Brendan! 😘 I painted this in honor of their pet, Tuttles the hedgehog. 🖌🎨 She was such a cutie, I couldn’t resist making her a round little strawberry! 😀 

While eating dinner, Miss Pinchy pondered that something had changed with the terrarium’s decor but she’s not quite sure what

It’s on the tip of her shell but she’s really not sure what has changed

She’s sure it will come to her, maybe if she goes into her tunnel and has a nap

what could be different?