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mewgaroo hoodie

With the approach of winter, we find our cats wanting to sit on our laps more and more. Although flattered, sometimes, we are immbolised as a result. Occasionally, we even forgo going to the bathroom because we don’t want to disturb our lap cats.

Well the folks at Unihabitat have solved this common problem by producing the ultimate hoodie for pet owners so they can carry their furkids as they go about their day. The Mewgaroo hoodie is a sweatshirt with a pouch purrfect for your cat (or small dog) to curl up in. When the oversized pocket gets too hairy, you can simply take out the lining and give it a good clean.

The Mewgaroo also features pockets for your hands as well as pom pom drawstrings to entertain your furry guest.

The medium size hoodie comes with cat ears while the large size does not, so it’s perfect for dog parents. Both sizes include paw-like sleeves.

Currently, it is only available to the Japanese market, but we hope its increase in popularity will see a world wide release very soon.

At some point in the community you’re going to see pictures of someone with a giant fancy gear collection. At some point everyone is going to show off their fanciest gear, and if you’re a kitten who doesn’t have any gear yet, or all your gear is homemade ( like using a choker from hot topic and adding a tag ) you may feel a little well…put down. DON’T. As long as your gear is special to you, as long as it puts you into kitten space, as long as you are able to get into kitten space even without gear don’t worry about having the fanciest gear or a whole room full of gear, because as long as it means something to you that’s the best gear you could ever have. Having expensive lavishing gear doesn’t make someone a better kitten.

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