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gonna keep this short and sweet:

a) after the easter event, we raised about 2,000 dollars.
b) we never saw a dime
c) i wasnt going to be investing money into a site that would have absolutely no return when the owner wasn’t reliable (i.e. doug)
d) asked doug to secure some patches since the code was being exploited by an old programmer
e) whatever he did locked me out of the control stuff, so i couldn’t do anything
f) i work for valve and had minimal time to log on to skype to leisurely talk to everyone, but did check on petrpg weekly.
g) couldnt access my actual account until recently
h) fuck you for thinking me buying personal artwork has anything to do with petrpg you loser and screw any of you who think my life actively revolved around the site. 
i) i still love the staff that stuck around for being understanding and not total shitdicks
j) i was getting death threats over this stupid site you shits

i wanted to save the site, but it was impossible. it was my childhood, and my first well paying job. i was attached. the state the last two people left the site in was an absolute fucking tip. i tried. without access or money, it was impossible. i know some of you understand, but those of you who dont and feel the need to fucking monitor my every move on the internet: carry on being entitled pricks, i tried for you guys and you just shit all over everything no matter what.


helo i want to post this as kind of an ad for a site i work on as an artist, called petrpg! it is a virtual petsite thats been around for a few years and has gone through lots of stuff, but recently a new owner took over and shes really cool and some fun things are happening. It’s a pretty mellow site with cute lil features and pets styled like the ones i have here (those 3 were pets i drew!) so if anyone is interested in these types of sites please check it out? 0: my username there is Jack if anyone feels like a referral hheh

Regarding PetRPG "Anon" Blogs;

In regards to petrpganonymous;

If you are sending anonymous messages to this blog, please stop. It started off kind and well-intentioned but now it’s just spewing hate like every other blog that was created about PetRPG. It’s contributing to the growing problem of cyberbullying against online users and it’s complete trash. They refuse to remove posts that talk negatively about users, telling them to quit, yet still holding tight to their “nice + positive” attitude.

If you’d like to spread nice messages just send them to a user directly via forum or PM because that blog is trash and truly doesn’t care about how negative things affect other users.

Your blog is only as good as it’s worst post, and this blog has become a blog that speaks out of it’s ass with it’s positive attitude towards mindless hate.

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i think comet deserves a lot more credit, and is really underestimated. i think a lot of the users play favorites with the artists and if it isnt jacks then they dont like it. id just like to say that comet has done a LOT for us and she should be thanked and appreciated! thank you comet, if you ever read this

Anti-PetRPG is NOT ran by Martyn

… and I never said that it was. In fact, at this point, I couldn’t care any less about the scum that runs it. I don’t care if you make personal attacks on me, I don’t care if you make personal attacks on people I know that can handle it… but when you bring someone in that had no involvement whatsoever… it just makes me believe that you people truly are the scum of the earth. I manage the site, yeah. That doesn’t silence me from having an opinion or a voice off-site. Off-site, I am not your friend. I am not here to baby you. I am not here to sympathize the trash that bring other people down to validate their own self-worth.


Martyn has a history of mental health issue, and that’s why at first when I heard he ran it, I was taken aback. He knows how it is to deal with serious depression and there was no way he’d go out of his way to terrorize others with the same condition. You shitheads that run that sad excuse for a blog need to fucking confirm that blog isn’t ran by him. You know FULL WELL what sort of people PetRPG harbors. No, the entire userbase may not be hellbent on harassing others, but a lot can be, and are known to be. The fact that you made Martyn the target of such vicious people and didn’t take time out to clarify that the blog ISN’T ran by him is just flat out despicable.

You people are sickening, get your shit together.

Shout out to all of the folks from who I’ve kinda lost contact with, and haven’t spoken to in months, or have never really even spoken to at all. You folks are all amazing, talented, and I’m glad to have had the pleasure of knowing you. I know most of you are gone, but I do check up on the site very frequently, even though I’ve not posted in a while. We should all catch up, share art, and talk about random stuff.

so i am determined to find every pet adoption site i have ever had an account on

and draw my avatar (if there is one) and all my pets

this is for a darling little website called

they have been slow but are just getting back into the swing of things :)

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a stunning display by petrpg’s finest