Just received my 

Reservoir Dogs: 2 Disc Collector’s Edition - Limited Petrol Can Packaging

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from £2.50 with free postage it cost me and it is near fucking mint quality.. there is one tiny minute scratch in the paintwork that looks like it’s meant to be there anyway.

£24.99 this goes for brand new on, reckon I’ve had myself a bargain here.

I’ve owned the single disc edition for fucking ages now but I’ve always wanted this one.. I’m so happy XD

I’ve worked for almost 3 weeks for this new family and still have not received my first pay check , I’m feeling a little annoyed at this point because i need to wash my clothes and buy petrol and I can only earn a certain amount in a fortnight before it causes issues with my student payments and they will end up doing a lump sum which will mean more mess for me. This new family is terrible.