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Drabble Meme Prompt Fill #57 (ish)

Three requests in one fill:

@juldooz requested: New prompt list for the drabble challenge: 144 (I cheated.), 146 (Pillows are over-rated.), 147 (Zombies aren’t real, I promise.)?  (from the list for Round 2)

@8minutehooper requested: For the Drabble ask meme, if you’re inclined to keep going with these: #2 We’re going to freeze to death or #14 Fire! Fire! Fire! Please and Thank you! ?

@fiammablade3466 requested: Hi! You asked drabble prompt from that list… if your requests are still open I ask 94. Let’s bet Have a nice day!

(This is an AU that’s canon-divergent sometime after TEH and sometime before TSoT.  Sorry, it’s not humor, but I just kind of go where the winds take me, and after so many dropped attempts at these prompts, I’m just thrilled I had an idea.)

“We’re going to freeze to death”/ “Fire! Fire! Fire!”/ “Let’s bet”/ “I cheated.”/ “Pillows are over-rated.”/ “Zombies aren’t real, I promise.”


“Oh Sherlock, zombies aren’t real, I promise,” Sherlock said, his voice a grating falsetto.

“I said that like a year ago, would you let it go already?” Molly hissed back, peeking around the library shelf with her axe at the ready.  Never had she been so thankful for Tom’s absolute nerdiness as the day the outbreak started; he’d been a rubbish fighter but his manchild arsenal had kept her (and Sherlock) alive since then.

“You were wrong then and you’re wrong now.  Wiggins said he had a cache here, he knows how to hide things, it’s still here.”

“Well then let’s just hope it’s more than a ten-bag of weed and six black-market Russian amphetamine tablets like his ‘cache’ in that bus stop in Southwark.”

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