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“I just…I don’t see the point!”

Dimitri and I snickered to ourselves as we trailed behind a ranting Guy. He was - once again, complaining about one of his professors.

The rest of the boys were also following the frustrated boy, them too not particularly interested.

“I mean, what do they know about politics?”

Dimitri and I were barely listening as we were too busy paying attention to the picture he had taken of Ed on a drunken night out. We were laughing so hard we were having to lean on each other for support whilst walking along the walkway.

“Right Y/N?”

I quickly straightened up and tried my best to stop laughing as I heard my name being spoken.

“Hmm?” I blinked.

“You weren’t even listening were you?” Guy narrowed his eyes at me in disbelief.

“Ah, well. Erm…no.” I smiled sheepishly.

I ignored his glare as I walked beside him and wrapped my arms around his torso, making him put his arm around my shoulders.

I grinned in victory, knowing I had won.

“Where are we even going?” I frowned and looked around us, noticing that I didn’t even know what we were doing.

I took in the rest of the boys faces, only to see them looking just as confused.

“I was just following you…” George shrugged.

“Oh!” Toby suddenly perked up, pointing towards the shop we were heading towards. “We were going to buy some petroleum!”

I felt my eyes widen as I took in the small boys words and turned to look at the rest of them.

“Why are you buying petrol?” I asked slowly, as we entered the small shop.

“Don’t be ridiculous Y/N.” Leighton laughed. “George needs it for the bonfire later. Nothing illegal.”

The rest of the boys laughed loudly at me as I rolled my eyes.

“Well I wouldn’t be surprised with you lot.” I told them, watching as Harry picked up the container of petrol and went over to the counter to pay for it.

I followed him over to it and was watching some kind of advertisement on the television behind the counter when I felt eyes on me.

Prying my eyes away from the TV screen I looked ahead of me to see the shop assistant that was serving us staring right at me.

I politely smiled back, awkwardly avoiding eye contact.

“Hello.” He spoke up, still looking directly at me.

“Hi.” I replied not wanting to be rude, but mentally wishing that Harry would move quicker.

I looked back at the rest of the group to see them all watching in amusement.

“I haven’t seen you around here before.” He stated, eyeing me creepily and licking his lips.

I inwardly shuddered and wondered what the hell was taking Harry so long.

“Yeah, I don’t really come here…you nearly done Harry?” I widened my eyes at him.

“Yeah one-”

Harry was cut off as the shop assistant spoke again.

“I thought so, I would remember a pretty face like yours.”

I fought the urge to gag as he leaned forward on the counter and grinned at me.

“Can we go now?” I turned to my friends and started to walk away, only to be stopped when a hand caught my arm.

“Now where are you going? I thought we just becoming friends?” He winked.

I opened to my mouth to tell him to remove his hand but didn’t have to when someone else removed it for me.

“I think it is rather obvious that you are making my friend uncomfortable, don’t you?” I looked up to see Dimitri glaring at the man.

“Why don’t you back off, boy?”

“Dimitri, come on.” I took the Greek boys hand and started to pull him towards the exit.

“I wouldn’t want to go near any posh bitch anyway.”

Hearing the store assistant call out at we were leaving, the boys suddenly turned back around, a look of disbelief on their faces and looked as if they were about to head back towards him.

“Hey!” I exclaimed trying to stand in front of them, in hope of creating some kind of barrier.

“Let’s go ok?” I gently pushed them out the exit and sighed in relief when they complied.

“I can’t take you people anywhere.” I smiled at them, causing them to laugh.


A/N: so I was listing to my Romeo and Juliet soundtrack  and my Evanescence Fallen cd’s and this fic formed. It was the song by Des’ree kissing you (great song) that gave me feels of what Finn might be feeling after losing Rae. This is a post s3 fic, it deals with Finn after he comes home from the swan the night of Rae’s leavers ball and after. I’m not to sure if I’ll continue this it depends if anyone likes this first part and doesn’t think its too crappy, it probably is though but I do have three chapters outlined so this would be a four chapter fic altogether.   Word count 2916

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