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A/N: so I was listing to my Romeo and Juliet soundtrack  and my Evanescence Fallen cd’s and this fic formed. It was the song by Des’ree kissing you (great song) that gave me feels of what Finn might be feeling after losing Rae. This is a post s3 fic, it deals with Finn after he comes home from the swan the night of Rae’s leavers ball and after. I’m not to sure if I’ll continue this it depends if anyone likes this first part and doesn’t think its too crappy, it probably is though but I do have three chapters outlined so this would be a four chapter fic altogether.   Word count 2916

Tagging some lovely emus who have asked to be tagged , feel free to ask to be put on or off the list: anitavalija arashian-emu  audisodd areyousad8118 blue–green celestev31 ducky17 i-dream-of-emus ililypop llexis lilaviolet rafaellabnery kristicallahan kneekeyta milymargot milllott stephsadickhead voodoomarie mmfdfanfic

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