petrified stone

In the face of adversity, they stand firm. They aren’t terrorized by human bigotry that thrusts conventionality upon their right of choice–their right to love. Advocated by their supporters’ unabating faith, they flourish–never surrendering because true love doesn’t waver–it doesn’t bend–it doesn’t sway–their love is a stone; petrified material which frightens those who fail to comprehend its depth; those who are intimidated by their love. For it is a love which wields honesty, exercises sincerity, and never yields to the command of the unjust. True love is Kaisoo, and they thrive in us.

something spoke to me from inside the tower walls today. i followed its voice to a small crevice in the wood and as i saw a glimpse of a bushy tail i felt petrified, mummified, turned into stone or a pillar of salt

Petrified Wood

Magical Properties:
- Due to the age and timelessness of petrified wood, this stone is great for magic relating to grounding, time, working with past lives, or people feeling their lives are a little ‘stagnant’.
- As mentioned, the stone is great for grounding. It will calm nerves, encourage feelings of stability and security, and help people prioritise their lives and stop worrying about trivial things.
- Petrified wood is protective, and will aid in deflecting negative energy.
It’s effects could be put down to its protective properties, but petrified wood will also help people move forward. It can resolve feelings of being stuck, offers balance, and helps people recreate a foundation for themselves so that they can undertake new goals.

Hey kid, you know who else is a stone?  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few. I mean, those guys are freakish stone heads bulging out of the side of a mountain, and Americans devote a whole day to them!  And aren’t I way more important than any of those guys?

(Just a hint: The answer’s yes. Ahaha!)

And to answer your second question, isn’t it obvious? I keep answering questions cause you bonebags keep asking them!  Like, oh—oh man, take a look at this one:

Oh, geez, where do I begin? Eh, I’ll just name off a few of my favorites:

George Washington asked for a strong country where everyone was free to party. So I gave him political parties!  Poor George regretted those ‘til the day he died, haha, but not me! After all, what’s more chaotic than a good ol’ presidential debate?  

I…literally cannot think of a single more chaotic thing.  Seriously.

Thomas Jefferson called me in to get his vice president out of his hair—said that pesky old Aaron Burr was constantly messing around with his political business and stealing his left shoes.  Sure, I got the guy outta the picture, but at the cost of, like, Alexander Hamilton’s life (whoopsie!), heaps of judicial funds after the Burr guy was charged with conspiracy, and, well, most of Jefferson’s digestive health.

Stress ulcers…man, how do you mortals cope with those things?

Good ol’ Teddy Roosevelt rang me one day, said his progressive party efforts were dwindling and he was looking for “more attention on the Bull Moose.”  So I only did what he asked: Y’know, warp the vision of random blockheads on the street to see him as a literal bull moose passing by! Ha!

You can imagine how much that helped his approval rating when half his speech attendees saw him as a woodland creature. (Spoiler alert: It’s the only thing that kept him from winning that term! Haha! Poor guy.)

And last but not least, Abraham Lincoln came to me one day outta sheer boredom.  Guy said things were so dull that wasn’t even looking forward to the play at Ford’s Theatre he was on his way to see.  In the end, all he asked was that I make that night’s play one to remember!

…Well, we all know how that turned out!

In the end, they all got what they wanted, and so did I! Heck, I deserved to have a little fun with it, right? Y’know, for so graciously helping them out with their troubles!

Oh, did I mention in the end that I turned them all into stone?  Just for laughs! Literally no other reason! Hahah!

If you didn’t catch on, I’m talking Rushmore.  

That’s literally them.

One of America’s biggest tourist attractions is literally four tormented presidents enlarged and petrified in stone until the end of time.

…Man, aren’t you glad I’m still answering questions for you guys?

081-AMBERITE [Amber-ite “greek suffix lithos meaning stone”]
-The Amber pokemon
-Ability: Static/Lightingrod - Sap Sipper(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons body is made from a mix of petrified amber and silicate stone, which can store and conduct electricity trough friction. When attacked, this pokemon will roll around gahtering electricity until it has enough to incapacitate its attacker .”
    -Rock Polish
    -Charge Beam

–>Evolves at lv. 30<–

082-THUNDERITE [Thunder-ite “greek suffix lithos meaning stone”]
-The Amber Pokemon
-Ability: Static/Lightingrod - Sap Sipper(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon tend to climb to the top of the mountains they inhabit, looking to be stroke by lighting as a way to charge themselves up. This pokemon will playfully fight amog themselves, and when their fist clash lighings jump back and forth .”
    -Ancient Power
    -Thunder Punch
    -Bullet punch
    -Rock Polish

–>Evolves by leveling up while holding a magnet<–

462-THUNDERIUM [Thunder-ium “latin suffix to denote a metalic element”]
-The Electromagnetic Pokemon
-Ability: Motordrive - Volt Absorb(HA)
-Dex: “Having the mineral parts of its body replaced by a conductive metal, this pokemon gains a greater control of the electricity it stores. Using electromagnetism this pokemon can move its now detached limbs at will, while its body  remains motionless to avoid wasting electricity.”
    -Meteor Smash
    -Zap Cannon
    -Magnet Rise
    -Flash Cannon


The Alpha Shield Legend (Gif Set)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

“So what you’re saying is she needs to destroy something that we’ve each given her and turn it into a magical weapon?” Stiles scoffed.


“No she needs to build an object to channel her powers, the fact that the Darkness was using a blade if purely based on her.” Deaton muttered.

“You know what would help?” You hummed.


“Less sarcasm?” Derek sighed.

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Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Impressions

Hiya, betcha didn’t expect this huh? Thanks to CeeCee and the kindly folks at Natsume, I was given an early advanced copy of Harvest Moon Skytree Village to review. Thanks, everyone!!

In Harvest Moon Skytree Village, it is up to us to once again save the Harvest Goddess and restore the petrified land to its former glory. How are we going to do it this time? Why, we are going to restore the seven Skytrees that are dotted around the valley.

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5/8" (16mm) Petrified Wood for a super-mega-awesome-uber-amazing customer!!! I adore petrified wood because of its diversity in color and pattern, layer upon layer of texture and raw inspiration.

Email to make an inquiry or order today!

Crystal Correspondence

 Amethyst: purple stained quartz caused by irradiation, and iron impurities. A great stone for enhancing psychic ability. This is my mother’s favourite stone, and as such I also have a personal connection with this stone pertaining to familial love, and  continued learning.

Garnet: a group of silicate minerals with similar properties but with different chemical compositions resulting in a variety of colours, red is the most common. They’re name is derived from the Latin word for seed, granate, due to garnet’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed. It is said to be a powerful stone involved with manifestation, commitment, and confidence. These stones remind me of the life force in each of us, it shines like the blood which runs through our veins. 

Labradorite: a type of feldspar found in Labrador, Canada. A stone of protection, and illumination; this is said to assist in psychic development. A Native stories tell of how the northern lights are trapped in these beautiful stones. Natives used this stone for medicinal purposes, to protect, to relieve stress, and to convene with spirits.  Much like moonstone they shine with an internal light in many colours: green, yellow, blue, and even purple.

Moonstone: a type of feldspar with a blue sheen (especially within the light), reminiscent of the moon. It has a soft, opaque look and was a conventional gift between lovers in India. Romans thought that it was the rays of the moon made solid, hence the name. Mine are found as rainbow moonstones rings and are associated with creative enterprises, intuition, and psychic protection.

Opal: a silica, this multicoloured stone will sometimes settle into fossils and petrified wood. This stone is said to assist in creativity, and can make its wearer invisible, perhaps assisting in astral travel. There are plenty of superstitions surrounding this gem, and for a time misfortunes seemed to follow those who possessed them; however, they have spiked in popularity in the 20th century. 

Peridot: also known as olivine, this stone is rich in magnesium creating the bright green colour. A stone of prosperity, compassion, protection, and renewal. This stone excels where good health is required. It can also help lessen stress within relationships, making communication easier. 

Pearl: created in the mantle of a mollusc, pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Sometimes called “teardrops of the moon,” these stones have a long history and much folklore. Associated with integrity they are commonly seen on wedding dresses today. 

Quartz: the second most common gemstone, I find quartz at the beach frequently. Many colour variations of this stone have their own name, such as amethyst. Called the universal crystal, this stone is a standby for pretty much everything. I use mine as a storage for energy, and for assistance when focusing intent.

Rose Quartz: another variety of quartz, this stone has a rosy blush. I use it when working on confidence and self image, and to aid in clear communication and trust in relationships. 

Sea Glass: not technically a gemstone, but due to my ties to the ocean I use beach glass routinely in my craft. Coming in many different colours, brown is the most common, red being the least common. I use these colourful finds when trying to calm myself, to add a touch of the ocean’s patience and strength to my interactions. Often when I feel the need to relax and unwind I pour myself a hot bath, adding herbs, essential oils, bath bubbles, and sea glass.

arranos  asked:

So, Scourge was feeling horrible about himself. Fiona tried to comfort him, but he slapped her. She left, and he regrets it. He ties her yellow ribbon and invades a temple holding the "Master Beryl" in order to become Super. However, R splits his soul from his body and petrifies everyone to stone. Anything missing?

You got it! The reason for his storming the temple is what he mentioned to Vennie in issue 14 about making a deal:

Originally there was text on the flashback pages spelling it all out but it looked super cheesy. I’m glad it reads pretty well as-is!

I keep seeing this Persephone/Hades klance au around my dash and I love it but now I want Magical Life Goddess™ Allura and Magical (benevolent) Death God™ Shiro who r old friends (w some mutual pining!) and Lance and Keith r their respective apprentices/assistants/adopted sons(?). Allura dresses in rainbows and light and flowers, so does Lance, and they both got sparkles while Shiro and Keith both wear all black but Stylish All Black™ and idk snow decorations? Petrified wood and stone accessories! (But also sparkles! Everyone magic sparkles!) And when Allura and Shiro introduce their apprentices, Regal Allura is all like “This is Lance. He’s under my training so you’ll see more of him in the future.” *Lance does/says smth stupid* “😩 Please be patient with my idiot son.” And of course Lance and Keith have Words™ but since they actually have magic training together and assistant stuff to do together (while their teacher/guardians r on a date usually - “business my ass”) they get along somewhat. Also in this world I want Pixie!Pidge, Dryad!Hunk, Fairy!Coran. Or maybe make all three tiny pixies/fairies? And have them b kind of messengers between the 4? (And Pidge ofc like to mess w the apprentices). Maybe Shay is the dryad on Allura’s side but also I want Zarkon, Haggar, Nyma, and Rolo somehow involved (maybe Keith dad Thace too? Idk I never kno tho so 🙃)

Pothead Gets Petrified

So I’ve been introducing my party of newbie players to different bits of gameplay over the past few weeks and this week I decided to introduce them to status effects by having them fight some Spectators (mini beholders) one of which I let have a petrifying ray for shits and giggles. Our party consists of a barbarian (guest character), a human paladin, a dragonborn sorcerer, a half-elven rogue, and a cat folk monk named Shaggy who has made a life as a “herbalist” and is often seen “sampling” them. They’d just killed one of the Spectators and the other went for a revenge shot. It happens as follows.

Spectator 1: *Dies* Death gurgle….

Spectator 2: You! Lets see how you like this you mangy cat! *fires his petrifying beam at our monk*

DM (Me): Alright make a Dexterity Saving throw

*the monk fails pretty miserably*

DM: You all watch in horror as Shaggy is petrified from the feet up.

Sorcerer OOC: Oh god this is too ironic.

Monk OOC: As I turn into a statue I laugh and say “Always knew I’d die stoned.” *gets petrified with a mad grin on his face.

The rest of the group is dying laughing and continue to fight on, the monk making his second saving throw next turn to resist prolonged petrification.

Monk now unpetrified: DO IT AGAIN!!!

the magic one

Therma, Samothraki, Greece, July 2005

                    I cannot explain this, dear, I will not even try.

Into the night as the stars collide,
Across the borders that divide
Forests of stone standing petrified,

For I know one thing, Love comes on a wing,
For tonight I will be by your side, But tomorrow I will fly.

In this wasted land

In this wasted land
I’m bleeding sick of love
like a whore
I’m kneeling lost and naked
before god
begging for more lust and sins.
In this wasted land
clowns are scratching at the devil’s feet
and I’m waltzing
like a whore
with venom tangled in my bones.
In this wasted land
I’m begging for absolution
but I see the holy son
winking with winter eyes at me in the distance.
I wish you were here
as I’m petrified like a stone,
and my bed of roses faded away in the void.
Grief, hold me tight
and crouch vices intentions outside my troubled mind.