petrified sand dunes


‘New Zealand – Land of the Long White Cloud’. Translated, this means ‘Aotearoa’ being the Maori name for New Zealand.
As a city dweller, I’m often 'geographically challenged’ when it comes to escaping the city and fulfilling my desire to time lapse the New Zealand wilderness. Hence, this is my first time lapse of New Zealand landscapes. It is a compilation of my best material captured to date from various trips over the past year.
The locations include the petrified sand dunes at Cape Rienga in the far north to the lush rain forests on Stewart Island in the deep south. There’s also a few lighthouses and other places in between, namely the pristine lakes of Central Otago, the rugged West Coast and the stunning geology on the Wairarapa Coast.


Kicking off the weekend with an out-of-this world location – White Pocket in Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona.  

This remote area (about 15 miles into it on 4-WD roads) is gaining recognition among photographers. It is part of the same formation as its more popular sibling “The Wave”, yet does not require a permit for access. The petrified sand dunes have less reds and more whites to create a very striking contrast in colors.  

Photos and text by Bob Wick, BLM National Conservation Lands