petrichor magazine


Petrichor - The smell of dust after rain, the smell of rain after a long dry spell.

Petrichor is a magazine based around positivity, self love, and real life. And we need your support to get off the ground.

Our aim is to make a difference. In our current world, all the magazines you see are the same - gossip, body shaming, ways to change yourself to be more “appealing”. We don’t want that to be our only option. We want a magazine for everyone, for happiness and recovery and reality.

Our first issue has been out for over six months, and we haven’t yet made back the money it cost us to create it. Our second issue is on the way, but it can’t be released until we sell more of Issue One, or make sales in our store. So we are asking for your help.

Please help us spread the word. Help us get our feet off of the ground and make a difference.

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