petri plates


So I’m super proud of my creation… but also kinda hesitant as to what people would think about it when seeing this tomorrow at my Master’s graduation.

My first love will always be microbiology, but as of recently I had an added admiration for mycology. 

The microorganisms include diplococci, bacilli in varying diplo or single forms, an attempt at a spirochete, spirillum, as well as a conidia of possible Aspergillus, and a mold typically found on a petri plate.

The fungi include mainly Amanita muscaria, a Stropharia rugosoannulata, a coral fungi, a tiny psylocibe, a cluster of morels and a play on a purple Amanita. I have also added mosses and lichen that I have gathered/purchased. There’s a lichen species (the lime green foliose one) quite possibly a Letharia vulpina that smells spectacular. There’s also a black crustose lichen which I wasn’t able to identify, so those of you who are familiar please let me know!

I feel like I should have written “Why not study both?!” Oh well..

The mushrooms and microbe babies have been made by using a needle felting technique, the felt and needle was purchased from Daiso $1.50 each.