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Carlos and I spent Valentine’s Day the way we always do. He made me breakfast in bed, brought me fresh flowers, and cultivated a petri dish of bacteria in the shape of a heart. I reminded him that I found his insistence on celebrating this terrifying day of carnage to be disturbing, but as usual he won me over when the bacteria began spelling out cute phrases like “I love you” and “be mine” and “we will destroy humanity”.

Little Subconscious Mysophobic habits:
  • Remembering everything your hands touched today since you could last wash them.
  • Feeling like you have to wash and sanitize your hands to eat with even if you’re going to be using utensils.
  • Trying to breathe in as little as possible in close quarters with strangers, holding your breath completely if you have to pass through airspace you saw somebody coughing into.
  • Changing out of clothes strictly because you wore them to the store.
  • Taking groceries from deeper in the shelves where people are less likely to have touched or coughed on them.
  • Using anything other than hands wherever possible when forced to open a public door.
  • Trying to touch that door in a less than obvious spot other people aren’t as likely to have used.
  • Using only the knuckle of a finger, ideally your pinky, when forced to use a public touch screen (*demonstrably as germ-friendly as anything in our civilization can possibly be short of an actual petri dish, by the way)
  • Pressing buttons with the end of a car key.
  • The creeping horror of waiting rooms, elevators and public transportation.
  • Some small part of your mind taking a second to mentally analyze whether your throat feels normal every single time you swallow throughout the day.
  • Being so used to doing all these little things since childhood that they don’t actually slow you down or impact your quality of life and it doesn’t even occur to you that they’re even uncommon at all until every so often someone else notices one of them.

This is just my short take on my own personal experiences in college, as a bio student!! It’s really short, so i might write more someday??

The room smells like bleach.

It always smells like bleach.

You reach for a loop, sterilize it over the flame, let it cool, and plunge it into the broth. Biology is one of those overlooked talents, but it’s close enough to chemistry so you rarely lose anyone.

Marissa disappeared a few years back.

You never liked Marissa.

You swipe the wet iron loop around the petri dish, treating the solidified agar with… you check the label. Acinteobacter baumanii. After setting the plate down, and covering it, you swipe the loop through the flame again.

Iron loops, salted plates, a dish of cream on the doorstep. All preventative measures that help you get through the day. You thumb at your iron necklace, which doubles as a stim toy, and paw at the salt in your pocket. Today feels.


“Good morning,” your lab partner, Delphinus says, coming into the room.

She smells like poppies and incense, so you avoid eye contact.

It takes another ten minutes for your other lab partner, Tulip, to show up, and the three of you continue to silently contaminate agar plates.

“So, any plans for spring break?” Delphinus asks, and you remain silent. You know it’s a probe, you know you never tell them where you’re going. If you tell them, then They will know.

“I’ll be going back to my house with my family,” Tulip says, and she hisses as her skin burns. She knows not to lie, it’s the deal she made first year.

Perfect grades, perfect jobs, perfect houses. Not a single lie.

“What about you?” Delphinus asks, and you remain quiet. If you lie, you will be punished. If you tell the truth, you will be taken.

If you promote silence, you will skate by.

You finish saturating you plates, and clean up your station before silently slipping out.

It takes fifteen minutes to walk from your lab to your dorm.

Well, in reality, it should only be a simple cross of the street. But you know where the sprinklers are. Today feels different, it feels.


You reach your dorm, your boots damp with the sprinkler water. You throw open the window, and smile at the crows. The crows have always taken a liking to you, you give them raw grain and set your computer to play biology lectures out loud every afternoon. Your personal favorite, Exodus, is playing with a younger crow today, her child. You smile at the young crow, and go for the bag of grain. Before sticking your hand out of the window, you make sure to thumb your iron necklace, just in case.

A sprinkling of grain for a feather, one from Exodus and one from her child, whom you name Siobhan. The crows sing their appreciation, and you sit against your wall, the quiet drone of your professor’s recorded voice lulling you away.

The crows have been your only friends for the last three years.

Other students don’t enjoy the idea of being left in the dark, they want to know, more more more.

“You’re too closed off!” “You never tell us about you!” “Come on, we’re friends now, just give me your name!”

Some whisper that you’ve been cursed, your GPA lends to that idea.

Some say you were born like this, and you’re simply too scared to tell anyone.

Other say that you’re one of them, and if you speak, your voice will destroy the minds of all who hear it.

It’s really none of that, it’s just that you’re a legacy child, when your father came here before you, and hopped around from major to major, he never carried himself from one place to another, he left bits and pieces of himself in many different places.

You’ve only ever had the one major, so you can’t have that luxury.

So you simply stay quiet.

The last time you spoke was orientation, day one, hour one.

It was your name.

Marissa, the cruel one that she was, she took you true name, and she twisted it, and tarnished it and burnt it, and you knew you could never speak up to that name, publicly at least.

But you could commit one horrible act, so people would forget your name.

And what the fae did to Marissa was worth every thing you gave, every word and sound you’ve ever uttered.

You never liked Marissa.



Observing fungi (and a bacteria) bio-interactions - Population Ecology lab. Check out the same petri dishes a month ago.
1. Lentinellus omph. - Penicillium
2. Pleurotus ostreatus - Lentinellus omph.
3. Mucor sp. - Cladobotrium sp.
4. Lentinellus omph. - actinomycete
5. Pleurotus ostreatus - Cladosporium sp.
See how they have been growing individually here and here :)

The Perfect Shot

Part Four

Originally posted by crossoceans

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: the reader helps Betty and Jughead investigate another lead in Jason’s murder

Warnings: mentions of death, mild swearing

Part One

I sat across from Jughead, watching him scarf down the cereal as if he might not eat for days.

“Slow down,” I said softly. “We don’t have to leave for another ten minutes.”

He gulped back a huge mouthful. “Sorry.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise at the apology, causing him to roll his eyes. “What?” he asked, staring at me with his head cocked to the side.

“Nothing,” I shrugged. “It’s just… what’s with you? You’ve been acting weird.”

He squinted his eyes at me, demanding more explanation.

“You haven’t insulted me for days.”

He grunted, returning to his cereal. “That can be arranged.”

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Observing fungi (and a bacteria) bio-interactions - Population Ecology lab
1. Lentinellus omph. - Penicillium
2. Pleurotus ostreatus - Lentinellus omph.
3. Mucor sp. - Cladobotrium sp.
4. Lentinellus omph. - actinomycete
5. Pleurotus ostreatus - Cladosporium sp.
See how they grow individually here :)

Uh. Hi. Brand new fannibal here. I just wanna say that yours was one of the first Hannibal blogs I found, and your sense of humor (not just the cannimals, but the edits too XD) played a huge part in showing me just how awesome the fandom is. Anyway I’ve tentatively decided to start participating instead of just observing despite terrible social anxiety (nervously hide stalking blog url), so here’s a (poorly done) rendition of The Kiss on an apple as a thank you xx

B: Oh my gods! Look at that! It’s awesome! That’s the surprise mongoose kiss! Thank you so much! First there was banana art and now there is apple art. Welcome to the fandom, we are so glad you are here. 

Edit: sorry, just realize the new fannibals’ url does not appear on reblogs. This is submitted by @ petri-dish-petrichor . Please go follow this new hannifriend

more of byesweetheart’s haikyuu!! recs, kagehina edition

a nonnie reminded me that i’m due for a big ol’ rec list update, so here go my recent reads in alphabetical order:

Again by bigspoonnoya/@plotghosts | Hinata/Kageyama | Mature ® | 15K Words | Summary: Both your deaths in this universe have failed.
“Failed…” Kageyama echoes. The word seems to hurt him.
“How can you fail at dying?” Hinata asks, incredulous.
Luckily you have an infinite selection of universes, with an extensive number of lifetimes, still remaining.
Until you can save one another, you will never grow old. | Warnings/Tags to Note: Major Character Death (Temporary), Reincarnation, Angst | Ava’s Thoughts: I will always read a bigspoonnoya fic, even if the tags scare the fuck outta me. Here there be angst, and maybe you’ll feel desperately sad at points because kagehina’s destinies seem helpless, but the author is so good and the story is so unique that you’ll need to keep reading. It’s a truly interesting take on the kagehina DESTINY trope.

Apparent, Radiant by icespyders | Hinata/Kageyama | General Audiences (PG) | 40K Words | Summary: Hinata and Kageyama watch a meteor shower, and Hinata is overwhelmed with light. | Warnings/Tags to Note: Too Good And Pure | Ava’s Thoughts: I This fic made me fall in love with kagehina all over again. I can’t get enough of it. I could read 100k more and never be satisfied. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe KAGEYAMA WITH FLOWERS IN HIS HAIR will.

Empath AU series by calliopinaround/@viscrael​ | Hinata/Kageyama | Teen (PG-13) to Explicit (NC-17) | 41K Words Summary: Kageyama couldn’t for the life of him guess what he’d been doing to get so goddamn beat up, but it was there, and the guy wasn’t even taking care of any of it. The pain was making it hard to concentrate during class, making it hard to think at all, and that plus the boy’s overenthusiastic emotions were putting Kageyama in a particularly sour mood, so he really couldn’t be blamed when he snapped something sarcastic at the teacher and got detention in response. Warnings/Tags to Note: Empath Tobio, Trans Shouyou | Ava’s Thoughts: I really enjoyed callioninaround’s exploration of an empath Kageyama, considering he’s so emotionally inept in canon. They managed to keep him in character with his ‘gift,’ which was both entertaining and very sweet bc Tobio, in his way, is really concerned for human pinball Hinata.

Enter The Wasteland series by @esselley​ | Hinata/Kageyama | Teen (PG-13) | 11K Words + MORE ON TUMBLR | Summary: When Shouyou loses the only life he’s ever known under mysterious and bloody circumstances, it’s Kageyama who finds him in the aftermath, leaving Shouyou with no choice but to rely on the lone, brooding wanderer for survival. But as they journey through the unforgiving landscape, he starts to discover other sides to Kageyama—one of which just might be that he is a good man. | Warnings/Tags to Note: Fallout AU, violence, post-apocolyptic, pre-slash (ish) | Ava’s Thoughts: I DON’T EVEN GO HERE!!!! But you don’t need a primer on Fallout to fall right into the narrative, because Esselle’s storytelling is always so strong and the world is so vivid and kagehina is so precious. Also badass Kageyama is Good ™. There’s more series installments on her tumblr with sexy stuff and more Kageyama POV and it’s all amazing so go read that when you’re done with the first part.

Heat Waves by hoarderhangover | Hinata/Kageyama | E (NC-17) | 1.5K Words Summary: Hinata is in heat for the first time. Kageyama decides to give him a hand - or rather, a mouth. | Warnings/Tags to Note: ABO Dynamics | Ava’s Thoughts: Uhm, so this is an obvious one. LOL. Super short. Super cute and delicious. A nice interlude between the other angsty shit I read.

he may suck at beer pong but he slam dunked my heart by Authoress/@kiribakus​ | Hinata/Kageyama | E (NC-17) | 9K Words | Summary: After a while, Kageyama kind of just…forgets how angry the floral snapback makes him. It becomes a companion, almost. It’s seen him through many a late library study session, through feeding planaria and wrestling bean beetles into petri dishes. He feels something close to affection for the ever-present hat. Oh no, Kageyama thinks. I’m attracted to a douchebag. | Warnings/Tags to Note: Frat Boy Shouyou, College, Alcohol, Side Tsukiyama | Ava’s Thoughts: I read this last night and immediately was like WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE. Kageyama suffers tremendously and Hinata is a lovably obnoxious, floral bro. Another one where I could read thousands more words and never be content. Super well done and fun and unique and heartwrenching all at once. Also Yamaguchi is a fuckin gem I would love a fic just about that babe.

Parisienne Walkways series by @someone-stole-my-shoes​ | Hinata/Kageyama | Mature ® to Explicit (NC-17) | 12K + 46K Words | Summary: Kageyama likes figure skating and Hinata is gay. | Warnings/Tags to Note: Figure Skater Tobio, College, Roommates, Public Sex | Ava’s Thoughts: WELL, I haven’t actually made it to Part Two, but I am SO READY TO CURL UP AND READ THE NEXT 46K because it is SO GOOD and FIGURE SKATER TOBIO. OKAY??? If you can’t dedicate yourself to that many words today, read part one because it is a grand ol’ time and @someone-stole-my-shoes​ deserves ALL THE LOVE bc she’s great and her way with words is also great.

Scent by @someone-stole-my-shoes | Hinata/Kageyama | Mature ® to Explicit (NC-17) | 12K + 46K Words | Summary: He puts some shorts, some boxers—Kageyama doesn’t look at these, knows by the feel of them, the silky smooth fabric beneath his fingers that they don’t belong to him—and a couple of shirts into the machine before he reaches the bottom of the pile, and there, buried beneath everything else, is Hinata’s team jersey. Kageyama stares at it.It’s…damp, still soaked in sweat from their game the other day, and it smells, smells so strong even from it’s spot, innocent and unassuming, in the bottom of the basket. Kageyama’s eyelids flutter, and his cheeks grow warm. | Warnings/Tags to Note: Scent Kink, Masturbation, Fantasy| Ava’s Thoughts: KAGEYAMA IS A FILTHY BOY AND I LOVE HIM. Also, you know it’s good when there’s a double-up on a writer in the same rec list. <3

Two week old Octopus incella hatchling in a petri dish about 4cm in diameter. See those small brown spots? Those are chromatophores. They are full of pigmented cells that allow it to change color for communication and camouflage. The two shiny black spots are their eyes.