You are one of the high ranking employees in a shady organization. You’re the card key keeper of the main building of operation. You easily lead people into traps by telling them you’re actually a „nice“ person. You are qualified like no other in your field of operation AND you and your fashion choices are way too fabulous for all this nonsense- thank you very much!

… yet you feel like all they make you do is babysit the edgelord child of your boss.

Some things just never change.

Okay, at this point no one can tell me that Faba and Petrel are not the same person. or as @grunt-lillyth put it under one of my earlier drawings-

pokemon characters who would crack open a cold one with the boys

-hau, but not crack open a beer because he is a child. he is there for not the cold one, but for “the boys”, aka friendship
-the entirety of the male swimmer trainer class


Your wish is my command, dear anon! ;D And thank you!

Have him and the Johto champion going on a little trip on the Alola islands! Arceus knows at least one of these two nerds needs to see a bit more sun…

Also featuring a Koffing, for old times’ sake. 🖤

Updating bits of my avian story. (Really need to think of a name for it…)

The seabirds.
They are sort of minor characters. Sandersi (Use to be named Daant) is the leader. He is a giant pelagornis (and extinct species). He has many sea bird henchmen but, these three are his favorite: Onis ♂  (black-headed gull), Hester ♀  (black petrel), and Piers ♂  (Western Gull).

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