I HAVE A THEORY THAT PETRA WILL RETURN. But the following must be true though, for Petra to indeed return >__>

  1. If the Ape Titan has the ability to not only turn humans into Titans (like how he turned all the villagers in Connie’s hometown into Titans. Evidence being, there was an immobile Titan there, who Connie said looked just like his mum and THE TITAN ACTUALLY SAID Wel…om…back” TO HIM.), but also has the ability to resurrect dead humans into the typical Titans before the body starts rotting. (I know this is the most unlikely thing, but with the massive regeneration abilities, it is possible that it can get the heart pumping again. Like how Deadpool from Marvel comics manage to get revived due to his massive regeneration abilities, which Titan shifters and Titans have as well. If the Ape Titan can indeed perform this resurrection to turn humans into typical Titans, then it explains why the Titans have no digestive systems to digest their victims and thus leaving the body mostly intact, why their body temperature is high enough to produce steam (which is as hot as boiling water, which is the temperature that kills bacteria), why the Titans seem to be limitless although they have absolutely no way to reproduce without sexual organs and why they wish to eat humans to annihilate humanity, instead of simply squashing them…and then later puke them out. (maybe it’s because the bodies will then be inside their stomachs, making it easier for carrying them. Of course, the Ape Titans made it so that the Titans have an addiction with eating humans, as if they can’t resist so that they would eat them without hesitation.) 

  2. The typical Titans that are mindless and insane are actually humans, who have lost consciousness and are stuck in their Titan forms. (we saw how Eren’s second Titan transformation went wrong! He ATTACKED MIKASA!! But he was unconscious, not thinking. Yet his Titan form was moving. This proves that Titans are actually humans stuck in that form and have lost consciousness. But when they’re killed, no human is seen in the body, correct? BUT!! We saw how Eren in the manga, when he was fighting Female Titan Annie, how clear it was that Eren’s Titan was going insane, how its eyes rolled to the back of his head, how its tongue hanged from its mouth like an insane beast, and how as Eren smiled like a mad man inside the Titan, HOW HE WAS SLOWLY BEING MORE COVERED IN TITAN FLESH. This could mean that as the more insane or more unconscious they get, the more they merge as one with the Titan. Which would explain why no body was seen, because they have become one with the Titan and evaporate with the Titan.) (also explains why the Titans only weakness seems to be the nape of their necks, which is exactly where the Titan shifters emerge from their Titan bodies. And why their Titan bodies don’t move once they leave. This implies that the Titans need a host to move.)

  3. The only way for the humans in the Titan bodies to regain consciousness, is to see someone they love, or hear things that mean a HELL LOT to them. (LIKE THAT IMMOBILE TITAN!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINDLESS AND INSANE LIKE THE REST AND ATTACK CONNIE WITH ITS SNAPPING JAW!! But it didn’t! Why?! Because its host, Connie’s mum had regained enough consciousness at the sight of her beloved son.) (Eren was insane in his second Titan transformation, yes? But ARMIN!! He reminded Eren of how much his wish to get BEYOND THE WALLS!! And to eliminate every Titan! Then he woke up, regained consciousness and remembered his mission to plug that wall!) (also, the  Ape Titans made the Titans love eating humans so that they wouldn’t be able to resist eating humans, thus this acts as a counter to try and stop any who wish to help the humans in the Titans regain consciousness. Like how Hanji failed to communicate with her Titans. They thought of nothing but eating her, thus this acts as a way to stop them from actually thinking. Basically, eating humans is like having sex for the Titans. Intense, sweet, amazing kind of sex. It’s can be like smoking for them too. Or like drugs. Basically a MAJOR addiction.) … Or maybe the important thing in Eren’s basement is an antidote to turn Titans back into humans. Lol.

If the above three are all true, THEN PETRA CAN COME BACK. But in her Titan form ._. SO SHE MUST SEE LEVI!! THE MAN SHE ADMIRES AND SECRETLY HAS FEELINGS FOR, YO. (Don’t think I need to explain what makes me think Petra has feelings for Levi XD)

REBLOG IF YOU AGREE WITH MY THEORY!! SPREAD THE WORD!! OUR SHIP MIGHT STILL HAVE NOT SUNK. We just need to be patient and wait to see if this theory is true. HAVE HOPE, PEOPLE!!

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Well, today Auruo and I discovered a camera! Quite fascinating and rare, considering how very few people have one now-a-days. Not to mention, we found something else called a lap… top? Interesting. 

However, Auruo has become obsessed with a trend ‘selfie’… I am quite concerned about his well-being. He hasn’t left the room in over an hour and he won’t let me leave. I guess he needs selfie supervision.


PETRA DOESNT UNDERSTAND JEEZ SHES WORSE THAN MY MOM. #swag #whitegirlprobs #selfies4lyfe


Okay, I just want to give my own opinions about the “Father scene” on episode 22 of Shingeki no Kyojin.

The question here is: Why did Petra’s father mention marriage?

I can’t think of any other possibility after analyzing the scene again and again: He did want Levi and Petra to marry. If he didn’t want to ask Levi if he would marry her daughter, why would he mention marriage?

Now, some people answers this by saying “Because he wanted Levi’s permission to let Petra marry someone else”. No, that can’t be right either… If you work in an office or anywhere else, do you have to ask your boss if you can marry? I guess not.

And I also think that she couldn’t possibly marry “someone else”. Before talking about the marriage, Petra’s father said:

“Before she sees me, I wanted to talk to you”

Okay, suppose your daughter is in the Special Operation Squad. She could die any momment, right? If you knew she was coming back, wouldn’t you want to meet her the most? So why would Petra’s father want to talk with Levi first?

I think he wanted to give Petra a surprise by telling her she could marry Levi. With this, there would be a reason for him to want to talk to Levi first. He would be doing that for her, so that she could have a happy return to the capital.

Yaaay, these are my opinions. I really don’t want to argue, but this is what I think. Yeah, if you ask me, I am a Levi x Petra fan.

Sorry for my bad English~! :3


Petra Ral confessing her love to her corporal, Levi Ackerman, on a video-tape device Hanji created before the 57th Expedition gifs part 2.

If you want to make a video reaction as well, please, feel free to! Just send me a message afterwards, since I totally want to see it. :) 


Petra confessing her love to Levi on a video-tape device Hanji created before the 57th Expedition.

Original Video [Make sure to click the “CC” button for subtitles, and wear headphones! Trust me, YOU’RE GOING TO NEED THEM.]

Petra Ral