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Rivetra for the ship thing?

Damn it, I said I was done but I now I have to do this one

Who was the one to propose:
Levi, in a lowkey but sentimental way.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
Petra, but Levi would be a great help and soothe her worries.

Who decorated the house:
Petra does the majority of it, but Levi throws in a few things here and there.

Who does the cooking:
Levi is the better cook, so it’s mostly him, but sometimes Petra will too.

Who is more organized:

Who suggested kids first:

Who’s the cuddler:
Petra is pretty cuddly, but she’s respectful of Levi’s boundaries and keeps PDA’s to a minimum.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
Levi is the big spoon.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
Going for nice long walks with their dogs (yes, they would have dogs okay)

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
They’d both probably be guilty of it a few times.

Who kills the spiders:
Well… Levi, he squishes them. Petra catches and carries them outside.

Who falls asleep first:

A headcanon:
Levi and Petra were highschool sweethearts <333

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
Every morning Levi makes Petra breakfast, and Petra brews Levi’s tea

Who has the most patience?

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Eren uses his good looks to get his way, constantly. He doesn't do it around the Levi Squad, but they've seen him do it enough times. A flutter of his eyelashes and a flirty smile and everyone does whatever he wants. Levi gets so jealous that he starts deliberately denying Eren things just so Eren will try and beg, and it actually works.

Who`d have thought, under that dopey, clumsy facade hid a fucking minx. 

This was in reference to a certain Eren Jaeger who Squad Levi had brought along to the market because they certainly couldn`t leave him alone. That wasn`t unusual, what was unusual was the fact that everything was insanely expensive because people swore they had money out the ass and were charging an arm and leg for a fucking apple. Levi had expected to shell out far more than he was willing, but he`d not expected Eren to talk the price down for them, and definitely not like this.

“Oh, but a big handsome guy like you, can`t you spare just a bit for a hungry soldier?” Eren purred to the greedy merchant, tip toeing his tan fingers up the man`s chest, causing him to gulp.

“W-well, you know I tend to be a generous man, haha.” The guy bluffed, puffing out his chest, Eren giggled and fluttered his lashes coyly.

“Does your kindness extend to us too, sir?”

The poor idiot of a man didn`t think twice.

“Of course! In fact, half off for a pretty thing like you!” He promised, Eren forced a blush to show on his cheeks.

“Aren`t you just the sweetest thing, thank you so much.”

Eld`s mouth hung open as he watched the newbie get 2 lbs for almost nothing, just from having a nice face, when they had been paying double for years. Petra applauded him, Oluo was busy trying to talk down on his skills, Gunther was silently impressed and a little uncomfortable because he really didn`t want to find Eren attractive and Levi.

He didn`t like this at all.

That`s not to say he didn`t like Eren flaunting what he had, not if he could watch, he didn`t like the fact that Eren was using his charms on others. The kid had never tried to woo him when he wanted something, in his defense he probably didn`t have a death wish, but was he just not good enough to waste his affections on? Or maybe he said yes too easily, Eren did get practically whatever he asked for anyway, why lay it on thick right?

As they made their way back to HQ, arms full of food Eren had outright swindled from unsuspecting vendors, Levi decided he wasn`t going to be so easy, he`d make Eren work for it, or rather, flirt for it.

“So Captain, I was wondering if I could go out with my friends? Just for tonight?” Eren requested, immediately Levi opened his mouth to say yes, honestly hadn`t even heard the request, he could`ve been asking to murder someone and he`d have said so without question. But he stopped himself, not this time, Levi Ackerman wasn`t going to let him go that easily.


By the walls, the way Eren`s eyes went wide and his lips parted in shock, you`d think he`d never heard the word `no` in his damn life, but, he was flabbergasted at the fact Levi had denied him. Levi never said no, he always gave Eren what he wanted and Eren had become downright spoiled to it.

“I- b-but… Why?” Eren really tried not to whine like the brat he was, but he didn`t quite succeed. Levi held back the burning urge to fix the pouty frown by hurriedly giving in, but he stood his ground.

“Because, you`ve went out with them enough times this week alone, life isn`t a party for you to have Eren.” Levi sniffed.

Eren resisted letting fat tears fall down his face, fuck he was spoiled rotten and somewhat ashamed of it, but he had wanted to go. Everyone else was going and he was going to be the only one left behind! And because Eren had no clue how to deal with the idea that Levi wasn`t giving him what he asked, he turned to his only other tactic, which could very well get him killed.

Eren bit his lip and made sure to  look real pouty and sad and whined,

“Please Captain, I really wanted to go.”

Levi fought down the smirk that tried to form on his lips, at the act of Eren exaggeratedly, but purposefully sensually, whining in complaint.

“Is that so?” Don`t turn him off completely or he`ll leave, but don`t say yes just yet, gotta milk this for all it`s worth.

Eren leaned over his desk, jutted his ass out behind him and lips quivering in mock hurt. He gave him some shining puppy dog eyes as he laid his head on the desk to blink prettily up at him.

“Mmhm.” Eren mumbled in agreement.

How was he supposed to say no to that? Levi ran his hand though Eren`s hair, which had splayed itself across his desk in soft brown waves, causing him to tense and blush for real, “Y`know, you`re awful cute Eren.”

Eren was skilled, he considered himself a seductress and a master of wit, so why was he sputtering now that he was getting complimented? He was far more aware of his good looks than anyone else, but as Levi held his face in one hand he was malting into the contact. He`d met his match.

Still, Eren could still make it, he could still get what he wanted after all this.

“S-so, can I go?” Damn him for stuttering, voice coming out as a shy whisper rather than a sultry one. Levi hummed in thought.


Eren was about to cry, like actually cry, all this and still nothing? Why in hell-

“Because you`re staying with me tonight.


“All night.”


For once, Eren didn`t complain.

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🐝: Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!

@ponietsunotori Lynn is super sweet and caring, they always make me smile, and theyre always super understanding!

@terrorwatt Terror is so super supportive, and uses a rlly pretty blue (purple?) in their art that i rlly like, and theyre just. Really fukin sweet all the time.

@biancabrosca Petra is pastel pink, she always tags me in super nice things, and i rlly like that she gets rlly excited abt the things she likes.

Bcos i cant just chose 3: @sometimesvictini Higgins is such a positive person, theyre always willing to listen, and theyre super fuckin cute omg

@thecotton-candy-queen Candy has been my friend for years and shes still one of the nicest people i know, its endearing when she gets into a new thing and tells me abt it, and all her art is super expressive and cute and i love it

@todorokideservesbetter Deku is someone ive only met recently, but i actually love them so much??? Theyre…. magnetic, and theyre super sweet all the time, and theyre always postive and ily

@thegempage Opal is… like, ive known opal for a while now and theyr such a calming presence? Like…. theyrr super understanding and theyre so cool and nice and sweet and we dont rlly talk much but just seeing them on my dash makes my day better.

If i get more ill tag different ppl! Ahhh, i rlly couldnt just choose 3? Hh

(Bonus: @tygerwaters Tyger is handsome, pretty, beautiful, and i love you💞💞💞)

Summary: The sky’s awake, so Petra’s awake. She’s also kind of drunk.

Naturally, this is Hanji’s fault. Something about a ladies night and cheap drinks and come on Petra you have to come with me come on come on come on. Then, some hours later, there was a knock on his door and there was Hanji again, a nervous grin on her face while she explained that Petra may have gotten incredibly wasted so Hanji may have goaded her into doing something crazy and/or slightly illegal so Petra may have been taken into custody but the police involved may have been really nice when they realized Petra was actually a pretty charming drunk so they may have said they’d release her as long as her superior came to pick her up.

Fucking Hanji.

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Days 3+4 – An Outing

When Auruo swept into her room that afternoon, she knew something was wrong.

Maybe ‘wrong’ wasn’t the right word. But from the way he paced tight laps in front of her desk, staring determined holes at his feet and twisting his hands into contorted, anxious shapes, it didn’t require her many years of knowing that man to understand something was on his mind.

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Throw Me a Bone (JeanMarco AU oneshot)

so betseyballiste had a birthday yesterday and i am a horrible person who is late, but i managed to get a Very Small AU done for her based on a prompt maybe from like six months ago. Anyway. Have this silly “i’ve been following you for five blocks trying to catch you because I want to pet your dog” AU.

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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 225 : Worry

Eren can’t seem to stop pacing. Levi gets more annoyed with every step he takes across their bedroom. “Just come to bed, Eren,” Levi mutters, face half buried in his pillow.

“I can’t sleep,” he replies. “Our baby is out there all on her own! What if she needs something? What if she gets in trouble? What if she calls and neither of us wake up to answer?”

“You are literally the lightest sleeper I’ve ever known,” Levi says. “You’ll definitely wake up if she calls.”

Eren stops pacing and crosses his arms, frowning at Levi. “I expected you to be more upset about this.”

“She’ll be fine, Eren,” he says, sitting. “She’s on her way to London not a volcano.”

“But she’s all by herself.”

“For now, but you know she’s staying with friends when she gets there. You’ve met them, even.”

Eren frowns and sits on the edge of the bed. “Her wanderlust isn’t going to stop here either.”

Levi pulls on Eren’s shoulder so he lays down and Levi can pet his hair. “She’s our daughter, Eren. She can handle herself; with my wit and your stubbornness she’s set already. Not to mention those self-defense lessons she got from Mikasa and her generally very charming personality.”

Eren closes his eyes. “Why won’t you just let me worry?”

Levi smiles and kisses his cheek. “Because you don’t need to. She already called before she boarded the plane and she said she’d call again once she met up with her friends.”

Eren sighs. “This is her first time this far from home. And for this long.”

“Judging by the way she was talking, if definitely won’t be the last time she does this either.”

Eren groans and gets under the covers, cozying up to Levi. “It’s time like this I wish I were a woman.”

Levi snorts. “Why?”

“Because then we could have another baby.”

“You want to go through the hell we both watch Petra go through every time she has a period just so you can have a baby?”

“I guess I would be a little old for that anyway.”

That’s the only reason you don’t really want to?”

Eren is quiet for a moment. “We could adopt.”

Levi shrugs. “Only problem is we’re both pretty busy people.”

Eren sighs and frowns. “I don’t think we could ever have a kid that was as good of a baby as Petra was though.”

“No probably not,” Levi replies. “Most babies don’t sleep as well as she did as soon as she did.”

“It would be nice though,” Eren says, slipping an arm around Levi. “Having a baby around again.”

Levi watches Eren in the dark and smiles. “We’ll talk about it after Petra comes home. Make sure it’s not just you missing her.”

“You mean it?”

“You might even convince me to get you a puppy this year.”

Eren sits straight up, grinning. “You know what kind of dog I want, right?”

Levi sighs. “Get back down here and go to sleep or you’re letting me get a cat instead.”

Eren pouts and lays back down. “You’re so mean, Levi.”

“And I’m fucking tired but you’re keeping me up, now to go to sleep.”

Levi holds Eren and closes his eyes. Eren kisses both of Levi’s closed eyelids. “Night,” he says.

When Eren closes his own eyes he feels Levi’s lips press against his forehead. “Night, brat.”