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Who murdered Abbess Alona? Another one-off mystery.

This post follows my previous D&D mystery encounter which you can check out here. Our perpetrator is, once again, the trickster cleric Petra Corsair, and the mystery isn’t so much about discovering “whodunnit”. The mystery is about conflicting information, who the trickster cleric is currently disguised as, and leaving shadows of doubt. 

I’ll give you a quick breakdown of the scenario, NPCs, and what skill checks I laid out for the players to collect their clues from. When running a mystery, it may help to write things similarly to how I have below - depends on your DM style. I like this kind of breakdown because I can quickly recall an each NPC’s motivations and what knowledge they have at a glance. 

Introduce these social encounters as if comes out organically in play. It’s unwise to railroad a mystery plot because all the fun comes from the players steering the investigation where they may. Maybe they miss something and it leads to a comedy of errors! 

What you need to know

The village guards have found the body of Abbess Alona outside the religious sector gates. Alona was a cleric to Pelor who exhibited strange behavior while Petra lived with them while disguised by Abbess VictoriaAbbot Branigan, the village’s religious leader, has been notified and reached out to the PCs to help discover what happened. If the corpse is investigated with skill checks, probably Perception or Investigation checks, they can learn some initial clues about her death. 

  • DC 5: Abbess Alona has small, deep cuts all over her body.
    • This is because of Petra’s ‘inflict wounds’ spell, which was used to kill Alona
  • DC 13: The PC must pass a DC 10 CON save or be stunned for one minute as they feel a sudden nausea wash over them. 
    • The players, in my game, have heard accounts of villagers feeling nausea around areas where Petra has used magic. This sort of clue  is optional, but you can take this concept and apply it to the lore in your own game. 
    • If a player casts ‘detect magic’, they will discover the necromantic energy of Petra’s ‘inflict wounds’ spell. This is a possible red herring because one of the NPCs is known to have practiced necromancy in her past.

If the PCs investigate the crime scene, they won’t find any physical evidence of Petra’s involvement, thanks to her ‘pass without trace’ spell, but a DC 10 Investigation check for clues will find a hunting knife with the initials AH on the hilt.

  • The players may assume this belongs to Alona, the murder victim. Further investigation or a similar check may reveal that the knife is made with better materials than what Honeyglen can provide, and its military-grade. 
    • This is a planted clue left by Petra, meant to coincide with Bree’s testimony.

The NPCs

Abbess Thasha

  • Worships Kelemvor, god of the dead. Tends to the sick and dying. 
  • Old halfling woman. Practiced necromancy in her youth. 

If the PCs persuade Abbess Thasha to talk, they can learn the following info with Persuasion checks. She will initially not want to speak with the PCs, hidden in her quarters behind a locked door.

  • DC 17: She remembers once finding a door in the abbey cellar locked, and thought she heard the voice of Abbess Victoria and somebody restrained through the door. It sounded as though Victoria was reading something. Thasha hid and eventually saw Abbess Alona leave the room alone.
    • If the players look at the cellar room, they must pass a DC 15 Investigation check for clues to find the burnt remains of the scroll used by Petra to cast ‘modify memory’ from the scroll, and ‘charm person’ on Abbess Alona.

Abbess Bree

  • Worships Milil, god of poetry and song. Writes hymns and declarations.
  • Middle-aged halfling woman. Eager to appear sympathetic and courteous to the PCs. 

If the PCs talk to Abbess Bree, she will eagerly open up and tell the PCs she is ‘an honest halfling’ and that she worships Milil, a NG god of poetry and song. She claims she saw Abbess Alona stabbing herself once in the arm, ‘as if to see how it felt. I think she was secretly very depressed.’ 

  • This is a lie. She is trying to make Petra’s murder evidence seem plausible, because the cultist is threatening to hurt her if she doesn’t clean up after her attacks.  A DC 14 Insight check will show the signs that Bree is lying.
  • If confronted, Bree attempt to flee. If caught, she will immediately break and beg forgiveness, confess her relationship with Petra, and will tell the PCs that Petra also demanded she bring her plate mail from a guard post. 
    • This is a clue that Petra is disguised as the soldier named Erik.
  • If Abbess Claudia’s story is brought up, Bree will tell the PCs that ‘Claudia is, unfortunately, unpleasant company. She’s a shut-in, along with Thasha. She never goes far. I doubt she saw anything.’ A DC 14 Insight check will show the signs that Bree is lying.
  • Abbess Bree won’t know where Petra is, but if the knife at the crime scene is brought up, she will confess the trickster cleric planted the knife to back up her story. 

Abbess Claudia

  • Worships Lathander, god of vitality. Cultivates the land and people with magic.
  • Young human woman. Bothered by the PCs questions as she tends to her work.

If the PCs talk to Abbess Claudia she will complain that ‘I don’t actually know too much, and it’s possible I’m misremembering. I’m not sure why the Abbott wanted me to speak with you.’ The PCs will be informed that she worships Pelor, the sun god.

  • DC 12: She claims that during the last orc raid, she was the sole witness to seeing Abbess Alona with several bundles of ammunition in her arms during the last orc raid. She then brought them to a red-haired woman in a barn, who took them and put them in a bag, then disappeared.
    • This is the truth. If Bree’s story is brought up, Abbess Claudia will tell the PCs ‘Bree hasn’t written a sonnet in weeks. She’s not well or she’s lost her faith. Funny how you shouldn’t take the word of a cleric to words.’

Levi Ackerman. Petra Ral. Modern AU. 

An old man, a young woman, and a dog named Herschel all walk into a graveyard. 

2601 Words.


Levi Ackerman did not hate his job, but he could not see himself ever loving it in the future.

When he was younger, he often wondered what he would end up doing in the next few decades. Mowing grass between tombstones and digging holes for burials was not a possibility that ever slipped into his mind.

But somehow, Levi found himself on an early bus every morning, all so he could get to the cemetery on the edge of the town by 8AM.

His profession was nothing near glamourous, considering that his jeans were always covered in dirt and his shirts were never the shade he bought them in.

Whenever people asked him what he did for a living, Levi would try to find a reason to avoid the question and change the topic.

Also, because every single time he actually did answer the question, Levi responded with phrases like ‘cleaning shit off gravestones’ or ‘stopping brats from grave rubbing.’

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JTV Appreciation Week

Day Four: Favourite Flashback: Chapter 33

Here we see Petra, a person who has had every part of her life dictated by her mother and tied to a man who fell out of love with her, finally put herself first.

listen, petra solano has the worst taste in men, like her dating history includes
•a guy who threw acid on her mother,
•a guy who killed his twin brother, pretended to be said brother, kidnapped her, and tried to kill her,
•the first guy coming back and blackmailing her into marrying him so he could sell grenades in the us,
•and another murder suspect who might be kidnapping her again

Lostcauses Fic: Chrome

This is for @flecksofpoppy​ who pointed out that while there’s plenty of fan art of those leggings, they really deserve some fic.  Also for @fullmetallizard​ and anyone else who has grown to love Levi Ackerman’s fabulous fashion disaster.

“You’re not going out wearing that!”

Levi gapes at his flatmate aghast.

“Wearing what?”  Petra’s looks down at herself, nose scrunching into a little frown.

“That!” Levi waves his hand vaguely in his friend’s direction.

“You mean these?”  Petra peers at her shiny silver leggings, frown turning into something a bit more apprehensive.  “Why? Do they make my ass look big?” She cranes her head over her shoulder in an unsuccessful attempt to see her petite bottom.

“What the fuck? You’ve barely got an ass!”

“What’s wrong then?”

“Looks like something a twelve year old girl would wear.”  

“No it doesn’t!” Petra huffs.  “I’ll have you know this jacket came from a chi chi little boutique in the West End and the leggings are from a really cool Japanese outlet online.”

“I don’t care where they’re from,” Levi snorts dismissively, “I’m not going out with you looking like that.”

“And who made you the fashion police all of a sudden?”  Petra pouts, sticking her chin out defiantly.

“Just saying…”

“Just jealous more like.”  Petra sniffs haughtily.

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Levi and Petra's Relationship *SPOILERS*

This is going to be a long post that is based on my opinion and observations. I have bad english so please bare with me. To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention on Petra before Episode 22, but Episode 22 made me think of Levi and Petra’s relationship bc there are a lot of hints and details. 

First of all, Petra is one of the people that are handpicked by Levi. She has the highest number of titan kills from the rest of her squad.

Petra has a total of 58 titan kills. However, Levi is always assigning Petra tasks away from the titans (Ep 9)

Also (Ep 18),

Then we have this scene of Petra alone with Levi. Petra seemed so happy.

And the famous scene of Squad Levi’s deaths :c

See how Levi stopped to see Petra but not the others? He stopped to grief at her death. His squad’s deaths affected him, but Petra’s affected him the most.

Then we have this scene (Ep 22) where Levi took Petra’s badge. If Petra was nothing more than his comrade then why did he took her’s instead of the others?

How can I be sure thats’ Petra’s badge? In the scene where Petra tells Eren to have faith in them (Ep 19), you can see her bitten hand.

Also, if you slow motion the SNK Opening 2, you can see Petra’s bitten hand. Click here to see the video

Also on Episode 22, Levi told the soldiers to abandon the bodies because the bodies are making their cart heavy. One of the bodies that were abandon was Petra’s. 


Still on Episode 22, Levi gave Petra’s badge to the soldier to comfort him by saying that it’s Ivan’s badge. Poor baby, no one should say Levi is heartless!!

Look at how he’s looking at the badge :((

LAST, the scene with Levi and Petra’s father (Ep 22)

Ok so why did Petra’s father told Levi that “it’s too early for her to marry”? What does this have to do with Levi?

“Auruo was always trying imitate Levi which disgusted Petra saying they’re nothing alike with Auruo replying she’s acting as if she is his wife.”

This made me think that Auruo is imitating Levi on Petra being his wife.

I do know that in the manga, what Petra’s father told Levi is a bit different. Maybe it’s the translation, or maybe the animators decided to changed it.

So I think there was something going on between Levi and Petra. We all know that Petra really respects Levi and (might) be in love with him. As for Levi, he did care for Petra more than he cares for the rest of his squad.


Isayama Hajime, the creator of SnK, also creates an SnK spoof, called “Sungeki no Kyojin”. This proves that Petra did have feelings for Levi,

Awh, poor Auruo! But yeah, this shows that Petra loves Levi?

Hahaha “nicely-shaped” carrots!

Oh Petra. Imitating Levi like it’s no big deal. Look at how the others (except Hanji lol) are afraid of laughing!

I can just see one of them having an ‘oh’ moment

I’m thinking Jane because maybe Petra already knows but she’s being respectful (and also Jane is her only real female friend because those other PTA moms are just catty and cling to any strong-willed person)

So Jane is having a conversation with Xiomara and Alba about dating. They’re saying you can take as much time as you want, because they get it (especially Alba) dating after your husband, your soulmate, dies is tough. It took Alba like 30 years to date again. But Xiomara says, maybe not actual dating, maybe you meet people, platonically or whatever, and see if anything develops from that. You never know.

And Jane’s talking about how if she were to date again (big if!) it would have to be somebody who is good with Mateo and who knows her well, someone who balances her out

Alba says, “Rafael?”

But Jane shakes her head and says that they didn’t work and she likes being friends with him. But it’s not a big deal because she’s not even sure she wants to date.

So she goes to her weekly brunch with Petra and Rafael, except Rafael can’t make it. So Jane and Petra hang out, play with the kids. Petra-I hate singing and being silly-Solano starts up a little singing and clapping game with the kids and all three kids are loving it and Mateo isn’t hitting anyone.

And Jane is watching Petra who has a huge smile on her face while she sings and Jane feels this flutter in her chest


They could have done this storyline SO. MUCH. BETTER.

  • Jane and Michael are still married BUT this whole Petra/Marbella business causes conflict because Petra and Jane are getting along now raf’s gone so in some messed up way they’re family.
  • Meanwhile Petra is repeating old mistakes with Chuck (and by that I mean older men that don’t treat her nicely). But Rafael is finally finding himself after prison and they find another connection.
  • But it’s different this time. Zen!Rafael and Mumoftheyear!Petra are learning to be happy in themselves. However, the spark, that slightly evil, sexy spark is still there. 
  • And so sexy times occur. (And that scene with jane walking in happens cos that was hilarious). She walks home and tells Michael (and they both laugh for the first time in a while cos of all the drama) they finally talk about something other than petra’s dodgy dealings.
  • Then the worries begin. Petra has to get Chuck out of her system (let’s be honest it’s never gonna last) and so eventually she and Rafael go on a date. And realise there’s way too much history to make it so simple. So it’s all or nothing. Somehow Petra, without freaking out for the first time ever, choses all. (But they are definitely not getting married again. That was a fucking disaster.)
all of my freaking headcanons

Hold on guys this is gonna be a long ride-

Jesse will eat certain meats like chicken or rabbit, but he won’t eat steak or mutton unless he absolutely has to, and will NEVER eat pork. Ever.

Lukas sometimes builds giant statues of himself.

Olivia sometimes rambles on about redstone to her friends, who have absolutely no clue what she`s talking about.

Petra and Jesse are evenly matched in terms of combat, but Petra has the slightly better reflexes.

Axel tries to stand next to Jesse a lot to make himself look tall.

Ivor acts like Jesse’s dad, and will freak out if he thinks Jesse is hurt or in trouble.

Jesse also gets annoyed by Ivor`s dad behavior sometimes.

Petra often sneaks out at night to go mob-slaying without anyone`s knowing.

Olivia sometimes write down simple tutorials on how to build redstone contraptions and attempts to sell them on the streets. (It`s semi-successful.)

The Order often wear disguises when going out in public to do some stuff to avoid attention.

The only person shorter than Jesse is Dan.

Lukas is shy about asking his friends with training or help with something.

Petra doesn`t really like non-meat foods that aren’t sweets.

Lukas is the fangirl magnet of the group. He gets the most dirty fan-art and slightly creepy compliments.

Jesse gets a lot of short person jokes in fan mail. Which Jesse immediately throws at Axel`s face. It is all Axel`s fault.

Axel doesn’t like sharing food.

Axel`s not fat. Well not completely fat.

Lukas often asks Jesse to spar with him instead of Petra, because Jesse is more chill about stuff, while Petra`s like Undyne making pasta when it comes to fighting.

The fans want Jesse to dye his hair purple. None of the New Order really knows why, but the fans do.

Lukas has a fear of lava.

Petra secretly wishes Jesse wasn`t so cHILL ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Axel will willingly participate in redstone engineering with Olivia… as long as it involves TNT.

Olivia REALLY likes to drink milk.

Ivor likes to steal Olivia`s redstone for potions.

If one of Ivor`s friends are down, he won’t usually provide very helpful advice or support unless it`s Jesse. (*COUGH* FATHERANDSON *COUGH*)

Lukas likes fishing.

Jesse is decent with a bow and arrow, but still prefers swords.

Jesse is also a slight huge fucking weeaboo.

Ivor calls Axel tubby. Axel doesn’t like this.

Ivor had a secret stash of cookies that he steals from Axel.

Ivor plays pranks on the local kids on Halloween while they`re tick-or-treating.

Jesse likes to take walks in the middle of the night when he can’t sleep, even in winter.

Thanks to me drowning Jesse two times, I have decided Jesse isn`t that good of a swimmer.

Petra slaps anyone who makes her mad. She`d do it even to the dead Wither Storm.

Axel sometimes plays pranks on the other NOOTS members with Ivor.

Olivia one time accidentally flung Redstone into Lukas` eyes. Boy that was a fun experience.

Em is evenly matched with Petra in terms of arm wrestling.

Nobody can beat them in an arm wrestling contest.

Ivor has a room in the NOOTS temple where the floor is lava covered by two layers of black stained glass.

Lukas screams when people look at his journal without asking.

Lukas is secretly a very good artEEST.

Em gives Jesse Noogies because he’s freaking tiny.

Everyone in the NOOTS call Jesse ‘Jess’ a lot which annoys the crap out of him.

Em and Axel are perfect for each other (Not romantically). They’re always talking about explosions and things they think are cool.

Lukas can actually lift up Axel if he’s REALLY angry.

Lukas is bisexual.

Ivor steals food.

Petra makes cookies Undyne-style.

Jesse is calm until you insult him. He then proceeds to beat the crap out of you.

Petra treats Jesse like a little brother. I swear they`re all family.

Everyone goes on adventures in the portal hallway once in a while. It`s a lot more fun when you can find your way home.

All the guy fans have a massive crush on Petra. Whoever flirts with her gets a sword up the anus.

Axel is the guy who plays pranks on the rest of the NOOTS and records it and then proceeds to post it on social media.

Everyone is careful not to eat ham in front of Jesse.

Lukas has a diary, and freaks out if anyone knows about it.

Everyone in the NOOTS is afraid of bats for some reason. The NOOTS fan club finds that hilarious.

The NOOTS is squad goals af.

Ivor has trouble opening up to people, even if they`re close to him.

Lukas had to save Jesse from drowning once. It wasn`t fun.

Olivia likes Winter best. “Screw Summer”, as she has said.

Jesse is terrified of thunderstorms and he is reminded of the Wither Storm when he hears them.

Jesse hates it when his friends know he`s down or in a bad situation. He`s afraid they`ll look at him as weak.

Lukas is great at swimming.

Axel is actually a really good baker.

Lukas` nickname is “Luke”. He doesn`t get annoyed when he’s called it, unlike Jesse with his nickname.

Jesse owns a Saitama body pillow.

Lukas is a great cook.

The NOOTS are actually more like a band of siblings when not in public.

Olivia hates nicknames for whatever reason.

Jesse likes to crack puns. Only Axel likes them.

Em does not know what an “inside voice” is.

There`s crazy conspiracy theories that the NOOTS created the Wither Storm and killed the OOOTS. Ivor doesn`t like the theory.

Jesse and Petra both have a lot of scars on their arms. Probably because they like to go in head-first.

Jesse is an all-nighter. Lukas doesn`t like this and drags him to bed by 4:00 am.

Petra tells their fans that she`s actually the leader of the NOOTS. Nobody believes her.

Ivor is a hermit x1000. He`s also lazy a lot.