Drogba: ‘For me it’s for fun because I scored against Petr [Cech], but the result matters more than my goal or my own performance. It’s a bit disappointing to have lost this game in the last minute. I hate losing. So for fun, I will have fun with Petr because I scored. But he already killed me and said ‘This time I give you the goal. But apart from that, no, the result I’m not happy with.

Petr Mrazek Asking Price is $4.15 Million Over Team Offer: Report

Petr Mrazek and the Detroit Red Wings will be headed to salary arbitration Wednesday if they can’t reach a deal in advance of that hearing. According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, there’s a large gulf to bridge, though not one so wide it can’t be handled. He says Mrazek is looking for…