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Finally getting back into the swing of things and settling in after a move. Feels good to be back at it. 11x14, colored pencil and a little airbrush on gray Strathmore paper. Music is from the new NeObliviscaris album that I can’t stop listening to. Just masterful.

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Hi guys! It’s really short, but I thought it might be interesting to share this little video of me embroidering on my first pet portrait commission! <3

You can see I work on an embroidery frame instead of a hoop, one of my hands is under the frame and one is over; this works much faster than working with one hand and is also easier on your arms. It takes some getting used to though! Also, the frame holds the fabric very tightly, which is very useful with needlepainting as the amount of stitches can make the fabric pucker if it’s not tight enough. The frame I use is the Little Wizard from Needle Needs, and the lap stand is from there as well. They’re pricey, but totally worth it!I hope it’s fun to see me work for a little bit :)