petland discounts


Today I went to Petland and saw the most adorable white bunny ! I believe she was cleaning herself and I managed to catch a short clip on it. It’s absolutely adorable, must watch ! 

The Petland Discounts by me is absolutely disgusting. They had a dead betta sitting in its own waste and old food.So i brought it up to an employee and was like “this is a nice thing to have right at the front of your store” and “you should probably look up the proper way to take care of bettas”.Some were being housed in tiny glass cup like things, one was in a decent sized tank, but most of the poor betta’s was filthy,good thing there was only a few there. But they had the most adorable African dwarf frogs,and also had some pretty cheap 10 gals.(which I couldn’t buy because a. I have no money and b. I don’t want to have to lug that all the way up to college).