Never kiss off a cool opportunity

Style&Taste, January 16, 2013

Amanda Petkiewicz, designer

To celebrate the 40th birthday of Cleveland-based Bonne Bell’s Lip Smacker, Amanda planted a big one — or more precisely, 118 little ones — on the cover of Style&Taste. Born from necessity, and 800 flavors later, Bonne Bell’s product is still going strong.

Read Emily Hamlin Smith’s story here.

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Stars by the yard

Arts&Life, July 21, 2012

Chris Morris, illustration and text; Michael Heaton, reporter;
Amanda Petkiewicz
, designer

Your how-to guide to ensuring the kids have a great time in the great, um, backyard.

Chris and Michael write: Let’s face it, when a kid is 8 years old, there’s no difference between Grand Teton National Park and Westlake—as long as you have plenty of Hershey bars and marshmallows to make the s’mores.

Our view is that plenty of s'mores work pretty well for those older than eight, too!

Read the story here.

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Cool it with da boom-booms,
you purple knif!

Sunday Arts, January 13, 2013

Chris Morris, illustrator; Amanda Petkiewicz, designer

If you grew up in Greater Cleveland in the early to mid-60s, you’ll recognize the headline as catch phrases of cult-phenom Ghoulari. Reporter John Petkovic (not Dorothy Fuldheim) detailed the video life and times of Ernie Anderson’s alter ego on the fiftieth anniversary of his debut as Cleveland’s most enduring cultural icon.

Read John’s story here. Then stay sick and turn blue, groop!

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A really cool hot idea

Arts&Life, June 23, 2012

Chris Morris, illustrator; Marvin Fong, photographer; Amanda Petkiewicz, designer

Chris couldn’t have used material any better suited for the subject to draw this caricature of the poster-child of meltdowns, Charlie Sheen. Here’s the backstory from Chris:

The idea to ‘draw’ him with matches came to me and I thought why not give it a try? Seemed to fit his incendiary personality. So Wednesday morning I pitched the idea to our team, then left the office to go buy boxes of matches and a board to glue them to, and started it after lunch Wednesday afternoon. In total it took about 4 hours and 900 matches.

Brought it to work Thursday, asked for permission (and an extinguisher from Building Services) and we lit it at the entry of our parking garage, somewhat out of the breeze. Three photographers and a video camera running for the whole burn. PD Security guy blasts it with the extinguisher when we got what we needed.

External image

The end result: One smokin’ hot page!

See a Lonnie Timmons III video of the burn here.

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Berry. Goode.

Sunday Arts, October 21, 2012

Amanda Petkiewicz, designer; Chris Morris, illustrator

Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer Chuck Berry — 86 years young — is the 2012 American Music Masters honoree, chosen by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Case Western Reserve University.

He wouldn’t talk with Pop Music Writer Chuck Yarborough, but just about everyone else did. Read Chuck’s story here.

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Falling for theater

Sunday Arts, September 9, 2012

Chris Morris, illustrator; Amanda Petkiewicz, designer

The second of our three special Fall Arts preview covers takes a look at the fantastic fall theater season in Cleveland. It’s also the second of Chris’ homages to illustrator Charley Harper’s stunningly graphic, simple-yet-elegant style.

See the first Fall Arts preview for television here.

See examples of Harper’s work here.

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An homage to Harper;
a treat for our readers

Sunday Arts, September 2, 2012

Chris Morris, illustrator; Amanda Petkiewicz, designer

First of our three special Fall Arts preview covers. In pitching the concept, Chris writes:

Charley Harper had a beautiful, graphic, simple yet elegant style that I think could be nice for the preview section covers.

I’ve been noodling on this for a bit and think it would work well. Being that it is the Fall, I’ve been thinking about leaves and colors and patterns and then I remembered how Harper integrates nature and animals in his design, and wondered if it would work to sort of keep the feel of his work and integrate the themes for each of our posters? … This would have that great Harper graphic style.

I think it could be fun and if done right, would be reminiscent of this wonderful American style that we all know but no one can name.

Chris — as usual — was right. His interpretation is inspired without being derivative. Can’t wait until we can post the other two.

See examples of Harper’s work here.

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Seeing rock through a classical lens

Sunday Arts, July 1, 2012

Andrea Levy, illustrator; Amanda Petkiewicz, designer;
Zachary Lewis
, reporter and model

What better than his portrait to illustrate music critic Zach Lewis’ piece on his new-found appreciation of rock n’ roll as he begins to hear heavy classical influences? And as usual, Levy added just the right twist.

Zach writes:

Classical music may or may not make you smarter, but it almost certainly will change the way you hear pop music.

Spend even a little time studying the works of the major composers and you’ll gain not only an education but also a whole new appreciation for the music of today. Alternatively, if you’re a classical aficionado, you may be surprised to find how easy it is to branch out, without leaving your comfort zone.

Read Zach’s piece here.

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