The police accountability petition needs a LOT more love, people!

The Brown family supports body cams on cops to help foster police accountability.

If you’re in the US, you should sign these petitions as well:

investigate Michael Brown’s death -

bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges -

bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges - (this one can also be signed from outside the US)

bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges -



Then read this and possibly sign this.

My tribe isn’t federally recognized, so we’re basically invisible to the government (you can read about that here). This dam raise is a super huge threat to our culture; stopping it from happening is really important.



URGENT ALERT: In Alabama, teachers are forced by law to lie to their students and say that being gay is a criminal offence. We have a chance right now to end this terrible law.

Lesbian, gay, bi, and questioning youth in Alabama are being fed this false information that hurts their mental and physical health, and makes it more likely they’ll be bullied or worse. 

Alabama lawmakers now have in front of them a new bill to strike this anti-gay section from the law, but there’s only a few weeks before this session is over. If they don’t feel the pressure from the public and the media, this bill will languish in committee and we won’t have another chance before 2014

Tell the tell Alabama lawmakers to pass the “Hate Doesn’t Belong in the Classroom” bill (HB 496) before the next class of students graduates. Sign and share now! 

Sources: X X

EDIT: Here’s a thing you should know that wasn’t stated here before. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The outlawing of Sodomy laws in 2003 nullified the passage within the Code of Alabama. The problem isn’t that teachers are actually forced to tell students that homosexuality is illegal. has that wrong. The problem is that, though void, this section (section 8) in the Code of Alabama which outlines the criteria for sexual education still exists and is used by some teachers as a way to justify homophobia and the teaching of prejudice beliefs in schools. This petition isn’t to have section 8 nullified- that’s already happened. It’s to get the section removed entirely so that teachers can’t use it as justification for homophobia and prejudice.
Petition for the Untied States to make paid maternity mandatory.

From the petition:

The United States is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave. Forcing families to choose between going without a salary and having a baby is unethical. Forcing mothers to give up caring for their newborns because they are going broke is not acceptable.

Yeah guys some of you might remember that infographic that went around tumblr a while ago that listed countries according to their paid maternity leave, well here’s your chance to help remove that big ‘0 weeks paid maternity leave’ from the United States.

This petition’s goal is 100,000 you can do that tumblr!

Four petitions worth signing:

This one is extremely important: the President is required to respond to this if it gets over 100k signatures. This one is to bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges.

Body cams for cops, equally important: the President is required to respond to this if it gets over 100k signatures. This is what the Brown family supports to help create police accountability. petition: bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges petition: bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges

You can also write to your local representatives and demand body cams for police officers and ask them what they’re doing to create police accountability in your community.

there's only a couple hours left to help stop virginia's state to pass a law that denies service to gay, lesbian, and bi people.

please please sign this petition and reblog this post to spread the word. imagine, for example,  being denied attention at the hospital because of who you love. spread the word!

🌟~  How you can help save Wander Over Yonder!  ~🌟

As many of you may know Wander Over Yonder is facing great danger of being canceled by the end of season 2 in June!

Here’s proof from the creator himself. >> [Link]

One of the main reasons why this is happening is because the higher up bosses at Disney think that 2 seasons and 80 episodes were enough, but Craig and his crew had so many plans for the next season and that just isn’t quite fair.

BUT their may be a way that WE, the fans can stop this from happening. For the past week fans of WOY from all over the internet has joined together to help put a stop to the cancellation by spreading awareness, making fan art and writing letters to the company, all while adding “# SaveWOY” in their works.

If you’re a fan of Wander Over Yonder or Craig McCracken then i highly recommend you join our movement.

So i made a list containing all the things you can do to help save WOY. 


Send letters

This is something that you should definitely DO since Disney often responds to large amounts of fan mail, and the more fans we can get to write letters the more likely they might see them. Below are mailing address to good sources where you can send your letters.

GARY MARSH – President and Chief Creative Officer for Disney Channels Worldwide

3800 W. Alameda Ave.

Burbank, CA 91505

ROBERT A. IGER - The President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521        

MARC BUHAJ - The Vice President, Programming and General Manager of Disney XD

3800 W. Alameda Ave, Ste B

Burbank, CA 91505    

ERIC COLEMAN - The Senior VP, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Television Animation

811 Sonora Ave.

Glendale, CA 91201    


Disney XD

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521


Disney XD

Brookfield Place

181 Bay Street, PO Box 787

Toronto, Ontario

M5J 2T3

And please remember to be polite to the people your are writing to. Just let them know how much you love WOY and why you want the show to go on for one more season. This post is filled with great tips on how to write mail/email messages respectfully. > [Link]

Sign petitions

This may not be as effective as say sending mail to Disney, but we do need all the fans we can get and it might let Dinsey know that a lot of us fans do care about WOY. Right now there are five petitions that involve saving the show.

Here are their pages >>> [Link1] [Link2] [Link3] [Link4] [Link5]

Draw fan art

Let your art do the talking by drawing fan art for Wander Over Yonder, not without adding “ SaveWOY” onto your pictures. Whether you’re an artist or not, just be creative! When it come to helping a cause art is a great way to show your support.

Watch WOY legally, if you can

Nothing says “Supporting a show” by actually watching the show! Watch the episodes when they air on Disney XD, watch them on the Disney XD app, or buy episodes on iTunes, and please DON’T watch them on any unofficial video sites such as YouTube. With enough ratings it may get the attention from Disney.

Request Wander in video channels

YouTube is a very popular site that contains many users, so why not try to get well known channels to review this show? (Particularly cartoon themed channels) These are some channels that i could find.

ChannelFrederator’s “107 Facts" [Link]

Channel Awesome’s "TV Show Vlogs" [Link]

TheMysteriousMrEnter’s "Admirable Animation" [Link]

phantomstrider8’s "Top 10 Best Episodes" [Link]

Dtoons’s "Toons These Days" [Link]

PIEGUYRULZ’s "Reviews" [Link]

Making a request is good, but please don’t spam these channels with the same text over and over again.

Follow SaveWOY blogs

Though this won’t really save the show, it’s still a nice way to contribute to the cause, and you get to be updated with many things such as posts, fan art or any special events. These are the blogs that i could find so far.

savewoy: [DeviantArt] [Tumblr] [Twitter]

woyseason3: [Tumblr] My blog

Speaking of "special events” right now #savewoy is hosting this BIG project that involves everyone either taking a picture or video typing themselves saying “Save Wander Over Yonder”, to which #savewoy will put them all in one video!

Info about the event can be found here. >>> [Link]

Tweet at Disney

Also don’t forget to add “# SaveWOY” in your comments. We need to let Disney hear our voices from all over! Don’t have a Twitter? Making one is easy.

Once again please don’t be disrespectfully to the people you are typing to.

Link to their Twitter. >>> [Link]

Ask for Wander merch

Request them in the Official Disney Store, tell the company how much you would love to have WOY merch, go to your nearest Disney Store and ask for some merch if you have to. But first lets ask for something simple like buttons, t shirts or stickers. Making stuff for shows can be a challenge if they’re not popular enough, so it’s best to start out small.

That’s all the information i have, but if there are any more ideas on what you can do to help save WOY let me know in the comments below.

Let’s show Disney how much we care about Wander Over Yonder by having our voices be heard loud and clear!

Last month, Progressive Turnout Project asked their supporters a series of one-question polls on proposals that would increase voter turnout.


support automatic voter registration


support making Election Day a national holiday

Justin Trudeau: Declare the Alt-Right a Hate Group in Canada

Sign the petition at the link above.

We, the undersigned, request the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau acknowledge the presence of a group naming themselves “The Alt-Right” as a white-supremacist hate group that seeks to incite actions, violent and otherwise, against citizens and residents of Canada based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, immigration status, and/or religious expression, in contravention with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Section 318 of the Criminal Code of Canada. With this acknowledgement we request the Federal Government and appropriate law enforcement agencies take immediate action to investigate the danger posed by “The Alt-Right” to Canadian citizens and residents.

Furthermore, we request that the Government of Canada immediately provide adequate funding to appropriate organizations to begin an effort to reach out and de-radicalize identified members of “The Alt-Right” to ensure the safety of all, but not limited to Canadian citizens, residents, refugees, immigrants and visitors.

As part of our dedication to protecting America’s youth, this Administration supports efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors.
—  The White House responding to a petition from more than 120,000 Americans on banning practices by mental health providers that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Got questions about the Administration’s commitment to LGBT equality? Ask now using the White House Ask Box, and follow along tomorrow when senior officials take your questions right here on Tumblr.
If VOYA won’t listen to bisexuals or book lovers, perhaps they will listen to their advertisers

Some of you may be aware that VOYA, a reputable literary magazine, has really stepped in it lately.  

VOYA has responded to criticism of biphobia in their initial review of Kody Keplinger’s Run with several days of completely confusing, contradictory and sometimes hostile emails and social media exchanges. This was followed by apologies; then the deletion of said apologies; followed by an escalating stream of and biphobic and transphobic attacks on authors and bloggers. Some of these attacks went so far as to characterize the bisexual community as “vile and obnoxious,” and suggested that the criticism was just a Bi Visibility Week stunt designed to “find and destroy your enemies in a public forum.”

It has become clear that VOYA doesn’t want to listen to bisexuals or book lovers.  So maybe they will listen to their advertisers.

Please sign our petition calling on VOYA advertisers to pull their ads from the magazine until they can take concrete steps to apologize and prove themselves accountable to the literary community.    Even if you can’t sign, a signal boost would help.  

The young people VOYA serves deserve better.  The LGBTQ community (particularly the B and T) deserve better.  And all readers deserve better.  

UK Non-Binary and Intersex Recognition Petitions

US Non-Binary Recognition Petitions

More petitions regarding LGBTQIA+ rights here on


I just went into Star Vs. The Forces of Evil’s Reddit page regarding the sharing post on the #SaveWOY Campaign to renew Wander Over Yonder for one more season, and the commenters stated that mailing letters are a better approach than just petitions. I think we already agreed with that notion much earlier and the recent guide stressed it well. Though it’s still fine to use the petition as a way to show interests in helping out the first time before finding other ways like the mailing portions.

Of course Hey Arnold and Kim Possible did it. And Gravity Falls fans stressed more on the mailing list for the Complete Series DVD Box Set cause they feel that it works effectively (they also have a petition as side project).

(Hey Arnold’s Opruth Mailing Campaign to Nick President to be informed of the fans’ interests in the long awaited Jungle Movie, now in production with Craig Bartlett executive producing and writing)

(Gravity Falls’ Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray Box Set Mailing Campaign Example Above, though not word as of now, but the GF fans are still working hard on the letters. Of course of all the recipients, Gary Marsh is the most important executive to contact since he’s President of all Disney Channels, Marc Bujah and Eric Coleman you can still mail to keep them informed)

One idea I’ve seen involves sending the letters all at once to increase the rate of delivery to Disney instead of slowly in different days. Which could help Disney get more informed that way. Though one factor would be different locations in different time zones and Postal Services’ schedule that could vary in its proper destination (US Time Zone corresponding would work fine, just on International deliveries that have Airplane routes that could be delivered in various times).

For anyone living outside of the U.S. makes sure you label your addresses your country of origin (like sending from “France” to “U.S.A.” under the full address for example), and you’ll need an International First Class Stamp which you could find at your local Postal Shop or It’s not that difficult to find stamps actually. Same applies to the U.S. for stamps which can be found at your local U.S. Postal Services location or Amazon. They’re cheap actually in cents.

Just wanted to share here about making some fresh ideas on stressing the mailing campaign to work a bit effectively amongst other ways like petitions, supporting the show in its premiere and reruns, merchandise requests (start small though), the #SaveWOY Fan Boom and sharing what you like about it and okay to critique it and discuss about it, or just enjoy it with anyone who might be interested in it. Even then it’s still a long shot and may not work either way, but it never hurts to help.

Refresher on setting up a mail:

Peepsqueak’s Guide to Writing a #SaveWOY Letter

Mailing Address Format With Stamps

Letter Template Guide (if anyone has a hard time writing a proper mail, you can send it to tmdawgs PM Box for proofread to make it look clearer and polished)

Mailing Tips

#SaveWOY Guide



EU Referendum petition

Are you a UK citizen or resident of the UK? Are you totally pissed off with the way the referendum vote went?

If the answer to both of these is yes, then why not sign this government petition to have another vote. The premise is as follows ‘ We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.’

You can sign it even if you are under 18 and didn’t actually have a chance to put your view forward. The petition has over 100,000 votes already, so it WILL be debated in parliament, but the more people that sign it, the better represented we will be.

And while we’re at it - why not write to your MP to tell them how upset you are, and ask them to protect your rights with the coming changes. You can find out who your local MP is here!

Never has the opportunity to raise your voice and give your opinion been more important.

There are more signatures on the deportation petition for Justin Bieber than there is for Net Neutrality.

Wake up, if you let the media twist your news, you’ll see all the most important things about your freedom taken away.

Read and sign.

1.Not supporting marine parks 
2.Take a Pledge to support that - and tell everyone you know
3.Contact the goverment
4.Sign and share petitions
5.Check your area for protests that are going on you can join 
6.Learn about why there is hope in this movement
7.Watch Documentary's 
8.Investigate SeaWorlds Truth Team
9.Spread the word!

Sources for each point for further reading
1 2 & 2 3 4 (page 44)  5 6 7 8 9 & 9 10
10 signs sourced from X
Enact "Leelah's Law" to Ban Transgender Conversion Therapy for Children and Teens | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

The petition on has a lot more signatures, yes, but if this gets over 100,000 signatures HERE then the government HAS to issue an official response. As of now, it has less than 6,000 signatures. 


For your friends

For your sisters

For your daughters


Click to help my friend get out of an abusive home environment.

My father is extremely emotionally abusive, manipulative, and cruel. He calls me a whore, tells me he wishes I would have succeeded in killing myself the first time I tried, and constantly makes little remarks about how much of a failure and terrible person I am. We often get in fights, usually ab…

My friend did not even begin to explain how truly bad her situation really really is. My friend has severe depression along with a history of severe self harm that can be triggered in a mere conversation by her father. I can’t take her in to my home because she’s in Nebraska and I live in Florida, but I skype her every day and I have personally witness her father say horrible things, I’ve personally witnessed him trigger her and cause her to break down, I’ve seen the scars on her skin without her even trying to show me because of how bad they really are. Her father abuses her every day, he’s physically abused her in the past, and even if she doesn’t believe he will do it again, I do, and I can see it slowly happening. I love my friend, but she’s left out SEVERAL extremely important experiences that have happened recently. Her father has raised his hand at her like he was going to hit her in the last several months, he has thrown kitchen items like forks at her just recently, he told her to go kill herself, and when my friend went and actually TRIED he didn’t do a thing, he knew she was doing it right downstairs under his feet and he didn’t do a single thing to stop her. My friend is one of the absolute most important people in my life, she’s basically a part of me I could honestly never survive with and every day I see her recovery lessening, I can visibly see how her dad has changed her and ruined her in so many ways. Just yesterday, he walked in her room while we were skyping and started making jokes about how he’s gonna abuse her and how he likes to abuse the child, to me. I have witnessed him break my friend down to the point where I truly am beginning to believe I’m going to lose my friend in the next year and I can’t survive if that happens. I’ve witnessed him call her names, tell her she doesn’t matter, I’ve witnessed him tell her I don’t matter and that I’m not her real friend and I don’t care about her. I’ve witnessed him tell her she’s worthless, that she should kill herself. She doesn’t know half the time that I hear these things but I do. I don’t think she’s admitting how bad it really is. She’s tried numerous shelters but they’ve turned her away because they don’t think she needs it, she’s can’t get a job due to her disability to make money. She’s done everything she could to move but it wont work, he’s killing her slowly and I have to sit and watch. She’s not asking to move into a brand new house, she just needs enough money to move herself into an apartment and get herself out of this horrible abusive situation. Please donate anything you can to get her out of this horrid abusive situation, and if you can’t donate please share this on every social media you have because it may not sound bad or important but it really is. Please.