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‘We Want a Standalone Winter Soldier Movie!’ petition sign up link:


This is a disaster. A new law proposed by a State Senator in Washington would allow the authorities to charge protesters with “economic terrorism,” and slap them with serious felony charges that could lead to jail time, just for making their voices heard.

The outrageous proposed bill would make any form of protest that causes an “economic disruption” a class C felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. It wouldn’t just apply to people who engage in illegal acts or vandalism, it could be used to prosecute any person or group who organizes a protest that authorities deem as “disruptive.” Broadly interpreted, this law could apply to time honored traditions of nonviolent dissent like boycotts and civil disobedience.

Charging protesters with terrorism clearly violates the First Amendment and is an attempt to silence legitimate dissent. Please sign the petition telling lawmakers to reject this dangerous legislation.

Here’s the text of the petition:

“Organizing and participating in protests is a basic Constitutional right guaranteed by the First Amendment. I urge all lawmakers to reject any legislation that criminalizes protesters or labels protests as a form of "economic terrorism.”

link for petition here

Petition to have Tumblr actually do something about porn blog bots following users.

• It’s annoying.
• It gives an imperfect metric for how many followers you have. (I would estimate about 25% of my “followers” are porn blogs run by bots).
• It makes pulling up your activity page iffy even if you use Tumblr strictly for SFW content.
• It’s problematic for individuals who have struggled with sex and/or pornography addictions, especially since many of the blog names are not obviously porn names, causing you to preview the blog.
• It exposes minors to illegal and harmful content.

And to many some of us:
• Porn (not the human beings in the porn) is disgusting.
• (Some of us, but not all) also find porn degrading to human beings, especially women (simply because women are more often the central attraction in porn, not because they are women and therefore somehow magically more affected by sex than men.)
• It makes Tumblr a less classy, less reputable place.

Please share this if you agree this is a serious problem.


Update Aug. 01, 2016: Both myself and others who’ve messaged me regarding this have tired to contact Tumblr support directly, through email, and through Twitter. Aside from a generic copy/pasted response about how great it is that we’re being vigilant against spam, they have not taken any action or even acknowledged that this is a problem for many users. They don’t even take action when a user complains that the porn-bots are using their non-NSFW pictures for the porn-bot profile picture, or when the bots steal copyrighted NSFW images for their own use.

I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I’m beginning to think Tumblr has a vested financial interest in the porn-bots and actively wants to keep them going. For example, they might have back-door agreements with major porn sites because this is a great way to bring in new users (especially young users)  who don’t yet visit those sites. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that they don’t care about this problem. I encourage you to reach out to them directly as well through various social media. This will not change unless they feel like it will be more beneficial for them to deal with the problem than leave it the way it is. 

Edit: Whoa. I posted this less than two days ago (July 25th 2016) and already it’s by far my most popular post (4,300 notes). It’s awesome seeing this kind of response, and I’m happy I decided to make this even though it seemed silly at the time. I was writing it as a way to vent more than really thinking anything would come of it, but I couldn’t be more pleased.To the people saying thank you because they thought they were alone in being really annoyed and/or disgusted by the porn-bots: Thank you! I didn’t know so many people agreed on this issue. I thought I was in the quiet, silent minority. Now I’m rethinking that. It goes to show we’re more alike than we think.To everyone reblogging and tagging @staff : Thank you! I didn’t realize that was an option. How great would it be if something actually came of this?Of course, we could choose to go on other websites. But I’m guessing I’m not alone in my confusion as to why it’s easy to avoid porn on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, DeviantArt, etc. etc. but close to impossible on Tumblr. I can’t imagine it’s beyond their capabilities to deal with this issue.Lastly, people have added a couple more reasons this is a problem. It’s a problem for:

• People who are repulsed by sexually explicit images
• People who don’t mind “normal” sexual images but who can’t get the (often violent) hardcore gifs out of their minds after seeing them with an accidental preview.
• People who are religious and disavow pornography. Obviously it’s not a sin if the contact with pornography is accidental, but it still causes negative guilt-like feelings, especially when they catch themselves linger over the images, even for curiosity’s sake. I’m sure there are even more.

Edit #2: Some people have brought up their concerns about what I mean by “especially women” and if I mean to target sex workers as part of the problem. These are great questions!  I address them here.

Edit #3: Even though I specifically said only some of us find hard-core porn disgusting, some people have brought up their concerns with what I mean by that as well. I can understand why you would feel that way, and really my beef about the porn-bots doesn’t need that to be effective, but in case you are curious. I discuss that here. If you are then further curious to see what kind of guy would have such strong opinions about porn, you can read this. I’m happy to talk about it with you, but please note this is not an open invitation to attack my beliefs. :) 

Edit #4: One more quick edit before going to sleep for the night. I realize my plea for getting rid of the porn bots also touches on much more complicated issues that people have strong feelings about. Porn-use in general, sex workers, misogyny, philosophy, religion. It’s good to talk and even debate, try to understand each other better, but I also feel like this should be a more focussed thing. Let’s just deal with the one thing we agree with: the porn bots suck eggs and they need to go. By reblogging this, you are NOT saying you agree with whatever other beliefs I may hold. This is only about the porn bots. I should have been tighter on my original composition, focusing only on the porn bots. (Man, that’s a weird sentence.) I’m really sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings today in our discussions. That’s not the kind of person I am, but short bursts of text are not the best medium for convey complex feelings and emotions. Goodnight.  


For those of you who don’t know, the Electoral College has the final say in December. It’s only happened once or twice, but sometimes they vote against a candidate who’s already “won”. Candidates can win the popular election and still lose the electoral college’s election. THIS IS OUR LAST SLIVER OF A CHANCE TO KEEP BUTT TRUMPET OUT OF OFFICE!

There’s been multitudes of posts going around, talking about fighting back, never giving up, doing what’s right.


Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine - which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!

We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. Why?

Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic.

Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.

Hillary won the popular vote. The only reason Trump “won” is because of the Electoral College.

But the Electoral College can actually give the White House to either candidate. So why not use this most undemocratic of our institutions to ensure a democratic result?


There is no reason Trump should be President.

“It’s the ‘People’s Will’”

No. She won the popular vote.

“Our system of government under our Constitution says he wins”

No. Our Constitution says the Electors choose.

“Too many states prohibit 'Faithless Electors’”

24 states bind electors. If electors vote against their party, they usually pay a fine. And people get mad. But they can vote however they want and there is no legal means to stop them in most states.


My girlfriend proposed to me the day we graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, one of the most respected schools in China. That’s a tradition here – but not if you’re a lesbian.

After photos of our proposal went viral, party officials at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies threatened to withhold my diploma, saying we should “keep our homosexuality to ourselves and don’t pester others.”

It didn’t stop there. They outed me to my parents and had the police break into my apartment to collect personal notes as “evidence”.

I’m devastated and humiliated, but I’m fighting back and need your help.

Sign my petition asking my university to publicly apologise to me, my girlfriend, and my family – and to make sure this never happens again.


The petition to have Judge Aaron Persky removed from his Judicial position thanks to the lenient sentence against Brock Turner for his horrendous crime has reached over half a million signatures, and we’ve moved onto the next step.

The California Assembly still haven’t given any answers despite the huge publicity and disgust this story has received, so an extra step needs to be taken.

Signing the petition in the link above, means President Obama has to publicly address the matter, but we need to get 100,000 signatures within the next 30 days.

It only takes a minute, and hopefully if things work out, something can be done about this injustice.

Thanks guys, stay wonderful.

A referendum is not a legally binding contract

Okay so I know I’ve been speaking about UK politics a lot at the moment, but it is quite important. Yesterday’s referendum is not necessarily a legally binding contract and can be over turned by the government, with enough encouragement and public support. Less than 24 hours after the decision to leave the EU was announced we are already seeing the negative repercussions such as the pound sterling dropping to its lowest value in over 30 years, and representatives from the Leave campaign have already told us they cannot provide what they promised.

However, there is an official open petition calling for a second referendum due to the fact that less than 60% of the country voted for this outcome, and in light of the consequences we’ve already seen many people have changed their minds and now would rather remain a part of the European Union.
You do Not need to be 18 to sign, you just have to be a UK citizens or resident. Even if you’re neither of these things please reblog this so other people have to opportunity to sign
petition: Petition to make Taylor Swift give her 2009 “Best Female Video” award to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
In 2009 Taylor Swift cheated Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter out of her award for the 2009...

Petition to make Taylor Swift give her 2009 “Best Female Video” award to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter​
The US government votes to slaughter 45,000 wild horses to make room for cattle
Over 45,000 wild horses being kept in government holding facilities will be euthanized soon.

so gross but not at all surprising. If our rainforests being destroyed mainly b/c of cattle grazing for (unneeded) meat and leather production doesn’t bother you, maybe this will. So terrible, please sign the thing.