41,000 signatures for SaveWOY

Another milestone was reached and SaveWOY now has over 41,000 supporters! 


Well done, wanderers! Thanks a lot to all of the supporters, your help and attention is very much appreciated! Keep supporting #SaveWOY, share information about our goal of saving Wander Over Yonder and petition!


For those of you who don’t know, the Electoral College has the final say in December. It’s only happened once or twice, but sometimes they vote against a candidate who’s already “won”. Candidates can win the popular election and still lose the electoral college’s election. THIS IS OUR LAST SLIVER OF A CHANCE TO KEEP BUTT TRUMPET OUT OF OFFICE!

There’s been multitudes of posts going around, talking about fighting back, never giving up, doing what’s right.



Planned Parenthood reportedly blocked from delivering petitions to Paul Ryan’s office

  • Planned Parenthood volunteers arrived at House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office armed with nearly 90,000 petitions in response to GOP plans to strip the organization of its funding.
  • Ryan delivered the news at a press conference, announcing that the legislation would be folded in with the Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Apparently, the House speaker wasn’t quite ready for the impending backlash: According to tweets from Planned Parenthood’s official account, volunteers were greeted by a sign on Ryan’s door informing visitors that only “scheduled appointments” would be admitted into his office.
  • The organization also alleged that six security guards had been sent to physically block the delivery of the petitions. Read more.

Petition for Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland to do this in one of their upcoming marvel movies


Everybody knows that Polynesia is almost never represented in nowadays medias, whether in movies, or in TV. And for once, Polynesian culture is represented through Vaiana (Moana), France Disney studio chose a French voice for Maui, and so, possibly for Moana. 

It’s unacceptable. At least in the USA, they made a huge effort by giving Maui’s role to Dwayne Johnson, who is half Samoan, and Moana’s role to Auli'i Cravalho, a Hawaiian girl. There are many Tahitian, Marquesan and Maori people in France itself, so what is their excuse? And yes, by looking at the French trailer of the upcoming Disney Movie Moana, we can hear that Maui was voiced by a French man, considering the horrible accent and lack of conviction during his Haka.

So I’m doing this Petition in hopes that Disney France will change that” 

- Translation of the Petition Page written by @thylasam aka Teri

This is an extremely serious matter, they had the possibility to cast someone with certain competences in the field of the language, but didn't BOTHER to do it. This is not an attack on French people, this is an implore to give us our culture back. We want to let Polynesian people the possibility to voice the heroes in which the whole world will see us throught.  

You Can Save Scare PewDiePie Season 2!!!

Here’s the link to the petition people came up with to save Scare PewDiePie Season 2: link A lot of people singed it but we still didn’t reach our goal. I would love to watch it! Hope our words will go trought and we will have a chace to see it. Ther’s Jack in it <3 And Mark <3 And Pewds <3 And other great youtubers.

Petition to end conversion therapy in MA

Hi all,
This is a topic very close to my heart as I am gay and from/live in MA. This petition was started by a close friend of mine. May you please sign and signal boost this petition? Thank you!