Gleekon 2015 was the first unofficial Glee convention organized in Italy by Associazione Culturale Italian Fandom. The con should have taken place in Milan from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th September, 2015.

Fans from all over Europe have requested passes to participate to the event, paying large amounts of money for passes and extras to meet their favorite actors. The prices went from a minimum of €145 and, in the matter of a few months, the organization has received a great amount of money from about half a thousand young fans and their families.

After the announcement of the most famous guest, and the payment of a huge number of passes because of that, the event was suddenly canceled two months before it should have taken place.

Through a Facebook post, the staff has anticipated that there will not be a full refund but only a partial refund of about 50% the price. Even though a statement reporting how exactly the money was spent by the organization will be posted on Facebook on July 13th, we believe that many aspects of this situation remain confusing and obscure.

As a matter of fact, it is unknown why the staff decided to keep selling passes and extras until the day of the announcement of the con’s cancellation. Besides, who wasted money on the event is not even allowed to know the real and exact reasons that caused the annulment, seeing as they are kept hidden by the staff. Finally, the happenings lead us to think that the organization was highly unprepared and was not aware of the amount of tickets, and therefore money, they would need to bring this kind of event to life.

We are all very indignant and angry right now. We deserve more honesty and we deserve our money back, fully, seeing as the con and the promised activities are not taking place at all.

Let’s show them that this is not okay. Sign the petition here.

UPDATE: There are 69 signatures, but we still need more! ● Go to: ● You can make an anonymous signature, or your real name. You don’t need to put an address or anything else, maybe an email though I don’t remember. ● We all want more Big Hero 6 merchandise and maybe we can get it through this! Let’s all join together and spread the word!


150702 Babae Power Event - Glaiza telling the fans about the 25,000 signs petition for a RaStro indie film! Go sign now!
End Citizens United
Co-sponsor a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

What does it mean to be endorsed by End Citizens United PAC?

We need to make sure that allies of reform in Congress have the resources they need to take on their Koch-backed opponents. Thanks to you – our incredible grassroots team – every one of our endorsed candidates will receive a check from our organization.

It’s important that voters know that a handful of billionaires are systematically attempting to buy off our government through electoral spending. It’s important that voters are able to see past the deluge of dark money TV ads designed to deceive them. It’s important voters can make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Chance 😄 Swat Kats Reboot petition:
Barack Obama: Change the National Anthem to Deee-Lite's "Groove Is in the Heart"
The current national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," is, at best, stuffy and dated, both lyrically and melodically. While many Americans assuredly hold a nostalgic attachment to the song, which has united many a countryman prior to the start of an array of sporting events, a silent but growing majority feel, instead, a misplaced sense of obligation to keep its tradition in tact. But does such an obligation truly speak to the possibilities and the ideals of the greatest nation on Earth? Is being unwittingly chained to tradition truly a testament of a bold and free republic? Conversely, Deee-Lite's 1990 groove-themed anthem already holds a rich history of uniting Americans, both on the dance floor and off (admittedly, mostly on). And in the wake of the historic Supreme Court ruling in favor of equal marriage rights for all, it is time to move beyond stodgy traditions, and for the nation to finally unite under the core principle of "satisfaction of what's to come." In short, Mr. President, and in the immortal words of Lady Miss Kier, "Baby, just sing about the groove."

Please sign!
Punish Tourists Who Lit Wild Animal on Fire
Two tourists took a can of deodorant and a lighter and filmed themselves lighting a marsupial called a quokka on fire. They received only one week in jail for animal cruelty. Demand that they be banned from Australia and that harsher punishments are put in place to prevent future harm against the quokka population.

Over 87,000 people are calling for South Carolina to remove its Confederate flag 

After the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, left nine black people dead, all the official flags throughout the state flew at half-mast. All but one: the Confederate flag. The symbol of slavery remained full-mast, defiantly flying high at the S.C. State House. Now nearly 100,000 people are fighting back — but sadly, it will take great effort to get it removed.

Wall Street bankers are exploiting Citizens United to grow more powerful than ever. That’s why Bernie Sanders is fighting to BREAK UP the big banks and restore power to the American people.

Urge Congress to pass Bernie’s bill to break up the big banks


Every year on the 21th of June, an annual dog meat festival is held in Yulin, China. The tradition includes torturing, killing and boiling dogs alive. The pictures above are far from the worst I’ve seen. Over 10,000 dogs and cats are killed in horrible ways for human consumption during the festival.

I just signed the petition to stop this,

“Mr. Chen Wu, YuLin Governor: Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China.”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:

Stolen art being sold on website

I thought it would be good to spread this around on Deviantart as well as Tumblr, because there are artists here as well.

This website is profiting from artwork taken from dA. It is illegal to do so, especially when they did not get the permission of the original creators. To find your stolen artwork, simply type your username into the search bar, and your art should come up. Sometimes your art disappears when it’s being searched for some reason. I found my artwork there after one of my friends, PunkAss-Myth, told me that they were there.

What they’re doing is immoral and above all illegal. I suggest that, if you have the time, please sign this petition to potentially put this shady site down.

Please spread this post, and the links, like wildfire! Edit: It looks like everything on the site has been taken down, but I can’t be sure. If that’s the case, thank you all for helping take this site down! Hopefully, if the petition works, the site could be taken down completely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Petition to revoke HRC's non-profit status and reclassify them as a hate group -

Former HRC executive director Elizabeth Birch said that transgender rights would be a legislative priority ‘over her dead body’. The HRC has clearly never changed this stance, despite the global crisis that trans people are in and the endless help HRC could provide if they considered us to be humans worthy of help. The HRC is nothing more than a hate group and should have their non-profit status revoked and be formally classified as such.


Hey, folks, I know this is not what I typically post here, but I am currently battling my school on an issue that has concerned me for a good two years, now. Lots of alumni from my high school also agrees with me on this issue, but their support alone won’t help me out. I need to show our administrators that this is not okay. I recently graduated from CCAHS and I worry for the safety of the students I’m leaving behind. I don’t want to leave them feeling like ‘it doesn’t effect me anymore, screw it’ because it does effect me. I fear for the peers of mine I’m leaving this summer and I want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else ever again. I want to make sure my former classmates and peers do not live on as a hashtag. 

Please sign this. I know that this is a small school, but this is not a small issue. Thousands of transgender, intersex, and nonbinary teenagers have depression, anxiety, a fear of school, fear of being threatened and physically attacked in restrooms - all of this, when school should be a safe place. My school preaches about itself and claims to be open minded… please, they really aren’t. They’re disobeying Iowa law. Call them out on it. I know this is a lot to ask sometimes, but just sign it with your name and your country or state. You don’t have to comment. It’d be wonderful if you’d like to, but, if anything, It would mean a lot to me if this could be reblogged and seen, at least, by more people. I desperately want this to succeed because I feel that many schools in America can change the way they operate because of something this simple. A school board cannot ignore 100 or more signatures - especially in this case, when 1,000 equates to twice my high school’s student body.

When I tell any of my friends from up north about the things that go on at my school, they think I’m telling a joke. Our school, named after the confederate general Robert E. Lee, sells merchandise with the confederate stars, flew the flag until very recently, we have a large statue of him in the main foyer, a large oil painting on display, and our old mascot was the “rebels”. There has been a petition started to try to change the name of the school but we are still very low on signatures. There is another petition that was created today in rebuttal and the hashtag #KeepLeeLee which is gaining traction among my classmates on Twitter. I really need help getting more signatures on our petition for us to even be able to bring our claim to the board so please please signal boost this and help get us enough signatures. You can sign here

Petition for 1989 & Red Tour DVDs

I know that I’m definitely no one special or famous or popular on tumblr but since I deeply trust in the strenght and the power of the most caring fan army in the world - the Swifties - I convinced myself to give this petition a try.
We all know how active taylorswift is on social media and we are probably the luckiest fans on the planet because she actually wants to know details of our lives and responds to us regularly.
Well unfortunately taylorswift doesn’t follow me, so this post won’t be shown on her timeline unless you guys reblog and favorite it !

I guess I can speak for a majority of all Swifties when I say that we were pretty sad and disappointed that no Red Tour DVD was released. Of course we don’t know the reason for it, we don’t know the circumstances, we don’t know if Taylor would’ve got into trouble if she had insisted on putting one out. However, I still wish there was one.

I’m so afraid that the same thing might happen again with The 1989 World Tour. Taylor’s shows are always on point and the production is beyond amazing, so why shouldn’t there be a DVD ???

I also still have hope for a Red DVD. You know taylorswift it’s not too late :) For example you could sell both shows in one pack, you could create a deluxe version of the DVD that also includes the Red Tour or you could make it available as a download on the internet. The possibilities are endless !

Maybe this post was just a waste of time but I believe that if we all work together there is a slight chance that taylorswift will notice us.

Thanks for your help !
Love, Meggie xx