Housing association orders pensioner to destroy garden he spent life savings on
Jam Imani Rad spent thousands of pounds on a community garden for his neighbours to enjoy - now, he's been told to pull it down

I literally never make posts about this kind of thing right but this garden is right next to my Uni in Preston and I walk past it most days in Preston and it’s so lovely and everyone likes it and this is honestly so petty and disgusting and gross and like if you’d sign this petition and reblog this post or whatever and then send me a message i’ll check out your blog and maybe follow you or promo you probably ok but yeah please?
Petition to Rehire Andrew Wilder to Write For Criminal Minds
We the undersigned would love nothing more than to see the brilliant writer and producer Andrew Wilder writing for Criminal Minds once again. With the series moving into its 11th season, and Executive Producer Janine Sherman-Barrois leaving for another production deal, and several of the series writers moving over to the spinoff, we feel it is time to reinstate the finest writer the show has ev...

A petition has been started to rehire the man responsible for a lot of the early goodness that Criminal Minds had to offer. See his history here:

(executive story editor - 24 episodes, 2006 - 2007) (story editor - 21 episodes, 2005 - 2006) (written by - 7 episodes, 2006 - 2009) (writer - 2 episodes, 2005 - 2007). The episodes are listed below or you can visit his IMDb.

(Please consider spreading word by reblogging or sharing the link with your Criminal Minds family!)

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An important PSA, guys.

So, a friend of mine on DeviantArt asked their followers to spread the word about this.

If you support the LGBT community in any way, and especially the rights of trans people, please sign this petition for stores to start carrying binders. This is so absolutely important, everyone. Transgendered individuals endure a lot of dysphoria, especially when those who are MTF who cannot afford chest surgery are constantly made uncomfortable by the presence of their breasts. Binders are the perfect way to reduce this dysphoria. In addition, binders take a long time to arrive through the mail, and may not always fit correctly, which would elongate the arrival and amount of dysphoria one feels. It would be a lot easier to just walk into a store and pick one up.

Help the trans community out, please. I would love so much to see this happen.
Disband and ban the historically violent terrorist group known as the Klu Klux Klan. A complete investigation must also be made into any prospective law enforcement, judicial, political and government connections to this terrorist group

The KKK like all terrorist reject the western world and has vowed to wage a war to destroy America as she is. This terrorist group targets Americans only. They have a history of violence, murder, and arson.

I'm sharing this for a friend of a friend. No family should be put through this at such a difficult time. Like parents should leave their sick child in hospital to go and get a job because they've been in hospital so long. Children in this situation need their parents more than ever. I'm appalled that this is even possible in today's society.
Seven-year-old Dylan Kirsopp’s condition leaves him having to be fed through a drip, while he also has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

His DLA benefits are being taken away from him and his family because he has been in hospital for longer than 12 weeks. His mobility car is also being taken off of the family. They are having to travel for some of Dylan’s treatment which now may not be possible.

Here’s an article written about the situation.

There is also a go fund me page. There shouldn’t need to be, he should be allowed to keep his DLA. If anyone feels able to donate anything at a I will leave the link below.

Here is the petition to try and overturn the decision to take his DLA away.


Over 87,000 people are calling for South Carolina to remove its Confederate flag 

After the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, left nine black people dead, all the official flags throughout the state flew at half-mast. All but one: the Confederate flag. The symbol of slavery remained full-mast, defiantly flying high at the S.C. State House. Now nearly 100,000 people are fighting back — but sadly, it will take great effort to get it removed.

Wall Street bankers are exploiting Citizens United to grow more powerful than ever. That’s why Bernie Sanders is fighting to BREAK UP the big banks and restore power to the American people.

Urge Congress to pass Bernie’s bill to break up the big banks


Every year on the 21th of June, an annual dog meat festival is held in Yulin, China. The tradition includes torturing, killing and boiling dogs alive. The pictures above are far from the worst I’ve seen. Over 10,000 dogs and cats are killed in horrible ways for human consumption during the festival.

I just signed the petition to stop this,

“Mr. Chen Wu, YuLin Governor: Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China.”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:

Stolen art being sold on website

I thought it would be good to spread this around on Deviantart as well as Tumblr, because there are artists here as well.

This website is profiting from artwork taken from dA. It is illegal to do so, especially when they did not get the permission of the original creators. To find your stolen artwork, simply type your username into the search bar, and your art should come up. Sometimes your art disappears when it’s being searched for some reason. I found my artwork there after one of my friends, PunkAss-Myth, told me that they were there.

What they’re doing is immoral and above all illegal. I suggest that, if you have the time, please sign this petition to potentially put this shady site down.

Please spread this post, and the links, like wildfire! Edit: It looks like everything on the site has been taken down, but I can’t be sure. If that’s the case, thank you all for helping take this site down! Hopefully, if the petition works, the site could be taken down completely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Oklahoma State Senate: Impeach Governor Falin
She has taken every step to drag Oklahoma's name through the mud trying her hardest to superceed every decision the supreme Court makes that goes against her personal beliefs and not the will of the people. And wastes tax payer money on personal endeavors such as an appeal for the 10 commandments statue not to be removed, or making bills to counter minimum wage increase and allowing churches to refuse gay marriage. She is not the will of the people she is the will of Mary Falin With your help we can impeach Governor Falin and replace her with someone who will better Oklahoma and not keep us frozen in time while she fights personal battles with our tax money.

Residents of Oklahoma, read this petition, and sign it if you agree.
Petition to revoke HRC's non-profit status and reclassify them as a hate group -

Former HRC executive director Elizabeth Birch said that transgender rights would be a legislative priority ‘over her dead body’. The HRC has clearly never changed this stance, despite the global crisis that trans people are in and the endless help HRC could provide if they considered us to be humans worthy of help. The HRC is nothing more than a hate group and should have their non-profit status revoked and be formally classified as such.


Hey, folks, I know this is not what I typically post here, but I am currently battling my school on an issue that has concerned me for a good two years, now. Lots of alumni from my high school also agrees with me on this issue, but their support alone won’t help me out. I need to show our administrators that this is not okay. I recently graduated from CCAHS and I worry for the safety of the students I’m leaving behind. I don’t want to leave them feeling like ‘it doesn’t effect me anymore, screw it’ because it does effect me. I fear for the peers of mine I’m leaving this summer and I want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else ever again. I want to make sure my former classmates and peers do not live on as a hashtag. 

Please sign this. I know that this is a small school, but this is not a small issue. Thousands of transgender, intersex, and nonbinary teenagers have depression, anxiety, a fear of school, fear of being threatened and physically attacked in restrooms - all of this, when school should be a safe place. My school preaches about itself and claims to be open minded… please, they really aren’t. They’re disobeying Iowa law. Call them out on it. I know this is a lot to ask sometimes, but just sign it with your name and your country or state. You don’t have to comment. It’d be wonderful if you’d like to, but, if anything, It would mean a lot to me if this could be reblogged and seen, at least, by more people. I desperately want this to succeed because I feel that many schools in America can change the way they operate because of something this simple. A school board cannot ignore 100 or more signatures - especially in this case, when 1,000 equates to twice my high school’s student body.

Petition for 1989 & Red Tour DVDs

I know that I’m definitely no one special or famous or popular on tumblr but since I deeply trust in the strenght and the power of the most caring fan army in the world - the Swifties - I convinced myself to give this petition a try.
We all know how active taylorswift is on social media and we are probably the luckiest fans on the planet because she actually wants to know details of our lives and responds to us regularly.
Well unfortunately taylorswift doesn’t follow me, so this post won’t be shown on her timeline unless you guys reblog and favorite it !

I guess I can speak for a majority of all Swifties when I say that we were pretty sad and disappointed that no Red Tour DVD was released. Of course we don’t know the reason for it, we don’t know the circumstances, we don’t know if Taylor would’ve got into trouble if she had insisted on putting one out. However, I still wish there was one.

I’m so afraid that the same thing might happen again with The 1989 World Tour. Taylor’s shows are always on point and the production is beyond amazing, so why shouldn’t there be a DVD ???

I also still have hope for a Red DVD. You know taylorswift it’s not too late :) For example you could sell both shows in one pack, you could create a deluxe version of the DVD that also includes the Red Tour or you could make it available as a download on the internet. The possibilities are endless !

Maybe this post was just a waste of time but I believe that if we all work together there is a slight chance that taylorswift will notice us.

Thanks for your help !
Love, Meggie xx