Petition: End the 20kg Personal Import Allowance of Shark Fins to Europe


Right now it’s LEGAL for anyone travelling to Europe to bring 20kg of dried shark fins as part of their personal import allowance. It’s enough to make 705 bowls of shark fin soup.

Bite-Back, the UK shark and marine conservation charity, believes that there’s a massive disparity between the current legislation and the scientific evidence that recently prompted the International Union for Conservation of Nature to declare that 25% of all shark species are threatened with extinction.

For the survival of sharks the law must change.

Please sign our NO FIN TO DECLARE petition calling on the EU to ban the personal importation of ALL shark fins to Europe.


don’t you love how ‘personal’ equates to like 44 lbs of the stuff?
yeah i have marijuana for ‘personal’ use…. *lugs in 44 lbs*  XD

riiiight.  ~.~
Improve LGBT education in all schools to help combat homophobia & transphobia. - Petitions

“It should be made compulsory for all schools to teach about the LGBT community. At the minute there is just not enough being said about it in schools. Pupils should be taught about this from early on towards secondary school. Gay & lesbian relationships also be included in sex education lessons.

As I just left secondary school last year, I wasn’t taught anything about the LGBT community. The only time anything related to it came up was during a R.E lesson where same-sex marriage was debated; which actually caused a lot more discomfort as ignorant answers were shared. The way to help eradicate hate crime is through education. The UK is a place of equality and diversity and we should be showing that through our education system.”

please sign and signal boost my friend’s petition to have better education on the LGBTQ+ community in schools in Britain!!


To sign please click on the link below for more information:


We have just had our petition published, and we really need your support. We are aiming to propose more extensive and effective anti-discrimination laws in the UK to encourage fairer treatment within professional environments, as well as reducing prejudice throughout daily life. 

We would be extremely grateful to anybody who signs this petition. If you are unable to sign it, then we ask you to help us immensely by sharing, promoting or passing this onto anybody who is a UK citizen. 

To sign please click on the link below for more information:

Review anti-discrimination laws to stop unfair appearance-based discrimination

In the UK, there are a number of specified characteristics the law will protect against discrimination, specifically regarding behaviour in professional environments. However, many aspects of a person’s appearance and individual nature are not covered by this protection. This needs to change.

Employers can discriminate against employees, or prospective candidates on the basis of superficial attributes such as hair colour, make-up, piercings and tattoos. It is unfair to subject innocent, hard-working citizens to this prejudice and unjust treatment in the workplace on appearance-based grounds, especially without any legal means to challenge such discrimination. Nobody should be made to feel inferior or disadvantaged due to harmless self-expression. Appearance doesn’t define ability.

To sign please click on the link below for more information:

We are extremely grateful for any support, and we hope you get on board! Lets stand strong together to make a difference!
Petition: Allow transgender people to self-define their legal gender
Transgender people in the UK are forced to pay to prove their identity to a Gender Recognition Panel. This process is humiliating, outdated and unnecessary. We urge the government to introduce an act equivalent to the Irish Gender Recognition Act, and allow trans* people to self-define their gender.

Quick and easy petition to do!

SeaWorld’s worst nightmare: Lawmaker proposes ban on orcas in captivity



I’m adding some helpful links here since this got more popular and more notes than I’ve ever had, a few people posted things varying from not being sure what to do with the orcas if this passes, not having any understanding of why we’re fighting for their retirement to sea pens, and some straight up Pro-captivity propaganda. Since I may not be able to catch every question I get via notes since they’re going up very fast right now, I’m going to link a few of my replies here so people have a better understanding of what we’re fighting for and why. Some images in the replies may be graphic, but please bear with me- If we don’t see whats going on, if you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can convince yourself everything is okay, and it isn’t.

1. What are we planning to do with the whales since we can’t release them (Due to health issues, or being born in captivity)

2. Why would you ban this? Seeing them at seaWorld is awesome! (In which I discuss some main topics about things going on that SeaWorld can’t deny but still tries)

3. When a Pro-Cap posts Pro-SeaWorld stuff about how the Orcas are fine (They’re not)

4. When someone claiming to work at SeaWorld says the whales are fine (you’re kidding right?)

5. Further concerns with captives being released (Honestly we DON’T want to release them into the wild! Really really!)

6. Again about releasing the whales (and even more in detail than the other two. This one is entirely dedicated to why we cannot release the whales and how we want them retired to sea pens and sea sanctuaries!)


It’s time for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
The Supreme Court’s decisions in Citizens United and other cases opened the gates to a flood of billions of dollars that threatens to undermine our democracy.

What we need now is a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Sign the Petition 

UK-only petition: for the UK to mirror the Irish Gender Recognition Act and allow trans people to self-define their legal gender


You will not believe how fast I signed this, oh my word.

Transgender people in the UK are forced to pay to prove their identity to a Gender Recognition Panel. This process is humiliating, outdated and unnecessary. We urge the government to introduce an act equivalent to the Irish Gender Recognition Act, and allow trans* people to self-define their gender.

Having your gender recognised by the Gender Recognition Panel requires trans* people to go to pointless expense - whether requiring them to pay administration fees (and having to go through the lengthy and underfunded NHS gender transition system) or paying to attend a private clinic to receive the required evidence as well as paying to be seen by the panel.

Furthermore: no provisions are made for non-binary gender identities.


Did you know that as of March 2015 only 3,906 Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs) had been issued since the Gender Recognition Act of 2005, compared to the 8,760 patients currently being treated by gender identity clinics in the UK? Did you know that there are possibly about 56,000 trans people in the UK? Did you know that it takes years and a non-refundable £140 to apply for a GRC (though actual costs are more like £1,000), and they might decide your gender isn’t real enough to be your legal gender, and trans people are more likely to be unemployed or on low income, receiving inadequate physical and mental health care, etc.? If you’re trans but have no GRC, if anyone needs to see your birth certificate you are involuntarily outed, which is discriminatory and sometimes outright dangerous.

This change to the Gender Recognition Act 2005 is sorely needed. The current system is actively harmful. It is unnecessarily expensive, time-wasting, and judgemental.

We’re at 275 signatures as I type this, and we need 10,000 signatures to get a response from Parliament. If we make it to 100,000 it might actually get debated in Parliament.


Sign it sign it! I don’t care if you’re trans, help your trans friends and the trans friends you’ve not met yet! Help your unborn trans children!

Reblob it whether you’re in the UK or not! Share it with your mum! Leave flyers on lampposts! Attach a sandwich board to your cat promoting this petition!

IMAGINE how you’ll feel if you ever meet Laverne Cox and you did not sign this petition.

When I tell any of my friends from up north about the things that go on at my school, they think I’m telling a joke. Our school, named after the confederate general Robert E. Lee, sells merchandise with the confederate stars, flew the flag until very recently, we have a large statue of him in the main foyer, a large oil painting on display, and our old mascot was the “rebels”. There has been a petition started to try to change the name of the school but we are still very low on signatures. There is another petition that was created today in rebuttal and the hashtag #KeepLeeLee which is gaining traction among my classmates on Twitter. I really need help getting more signatures on our petition for us to even be able to bring our claim to the board so please please signal boost this and help get us enough signatures. You can sign here

List the Ku Klux Klan as an Official Terrorist Organization. *SIGN BOTH OF THESE PETITIONS!!* WE CAN DO MORE!!!

Please sign the petition to stop the Oprhan Works copyright act!

Especially if you are an artist! 


The Orphan Works Copyright act basically states that big corporations and businesses can take your work and use it without your permission and without paying you. 

Further more this act would require you to register each and every one of your work to avoid copyright infringement. Who wants to deal with that???

Here is more information about this act [x]

Here is the PDF of the Orphan Works and Mass Digitization copyright act [x]

Here is another post talking about it please reblog it as well as this one [x]

If this law passes artists are basically screwed.