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so this petition is for something going on in my state - you can read more about it if you want in the link ☺️ but its going to greatly impact my parents company and its stressing them out to the extreme and i have never seen them this scared. it really is upsetting me because they could lose their company they spent over 25 years working to build up. im not asking for any money what so ever, all im asking is that you can please take a minute and sign this petition. we need i think 110 more signatures but i could be wrong. if you sign it, message me - i would like proof , by sending me a photo. but honestly its okay just telling me you signed it would be enough☺️ anything helps! i will queue three posts from you to help promo your blog! (i wanted to do more but we’ll see!!) i just want to thank you guys because signing this petition could save my family and many others throughout my state ❤️

Bungie, Either Break Ties or Fight for More Control


“Destiny, Bungie’s new IP, was a complete sack of lies as was revealed to gamers everywhere who purchased the game. The invigorating story that was supposed to be there was chopped into pieces and features promised to be in the game were nowhere to be seen. A gambling house, trading, and many different locations are some of the few things that never made it to the launch of Destiny. Not to mention the ridiculous DLC items that have been released/announced.

The sad thing here is that Destiny, a game developed and hinted at since 2007 by a company with such a good track record, with an interesting universe, great features (both kept and scrapped), and an amazing fun first person combat experience, could just be so bad.

How could a game like this, with all of its promises fail to deliver? It’s simple, you can figure the answer out yourself(Especially if you have the DLC) by hopping on your sparrow and roaming the four celestial bodies given to you. It’s quite obvious that the DLCs did not add any new places for you to visit(Extraordinarily obvious if you encountered the bug that revealed how much of the DLC content was on the disk[Not including new weapons and new voice acting]). Also, the DLC average size was near 9MB, an extremely small amount of space. To put it bluntly, The Dark Below & The House of Wolves were keys to unlock things already in the game because they were meant to be on in the base game at launch and certain people are greedy.

And the greedy people are not the Cryptarchs gobbling up your engrams, it’s Activision.

It is quite clear. The Bungie-Activision contracts states that Activision handles all the marketing and retail sales. The contract also states that Bungie could not utilize the hardware advantage on the Xbox 360 at all, meaning to equalize the game between last generation consoles. That segues into the next point, last generation console ports were not planned for Destiny’s development and Activision pushed the ports, thus hindering the the development of Destiny overall. Then the amount of obvious bugs in the game show the lack of testing which references to a tight deadline.

Then here’s the real kicker: Activision’s CEO got the final say in everything relating to the development of Destiny.

Bungie, we the fans ask you to please look into breaking ties with Activision or at least fight for more control. The things you promised for this game made it revolutionary, and certain elements in the game(The combat for example) leaned towards that. But in the end Activision rushed, hyped, and turned your amazing game into a mediocre, gambling sim with guns and $20 “game expansions.”

It’s obvious that you didn’t want this, Bungie, as referenced by the internal disputes between you and Activision. So as the consumers of your product(And some of us as loyal fans) want you to make the game you intended and the only way to do that may be to break ties with Activision or finding a way to gain more control over your game’s development.

If not for us. Then for you.

Peru Metro Station Manager - Don’t Punish Woman For Saving Dog on Tracks │Petition

A dog was spotted on the tracks of a Metra train in Peru, without being able to get to safety. The dog kept trying to find a way off the tracks while many looked on. Though no one else attempted to help the animal before a train approached, one woman made the move to save the dog.

The woman was at a train station by the tracks waiting for a train in Lima, Peru. She spotted the dog trying to get off the tracks without any other help and then made the split decision to check if the coast was clear before jumping in to carry the dog off to safety. Most of the people and local media believed her to be a hero in saving this life but now the train station officials want to press charges and a law suit against her for illegally getting on the tracks.

The train officials believe that the woman should have “trusted that they would do their job instead of defying the rules.” We are urging your help and support through the signing and sharing of this petition to ensure this woman is not punished for her impulsive but selfless act of trying to save a life. She did not intend to disobey rules not to jump on the tracks; her compassion and care for animals kicked in to protect this animal. We are asking that she not be charged and punished for her good deed actions.


Over 87,000 people are calling for South Carolina to remove its Confederate flag 

After the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, left nine black people dead, all the official flags throughout the state flew at half-mast. All but one: the Confederate flag. The symbol of slavery remained full-mast, defiantly flying high at the S.C. State House. Now nearly 100,000 people are fighting back — but sadly, it will take great effort to get it removed.


BBM Fam - need your help on this one. Sign this petition to have Mr. Stites Removed!

“Mr. Chuck Stites is a newly elected councilman of Edwardsville, KS and he called my daughter a racial epithet during a road rage incident on May 3, 2015.” 

Wall Street bankers are exploiting Citizens United to grow more powerful than ever. That’s why Bernie Sanders is fighting to BREAK UP the big banks and restore power to the American people.

Urge Congress to pass Bernie’s bill to break up the big banks


Every year on the 21th of June, an annual dog meat festival is held in Yulin, China. The tradition includes torturing, killing and boiling dogs alive. The pictures above are far from the worst I’ve seen. Over 10,000 dogs and cats are killed in horrible ways for human consumption during the festival.

I just signed the petition to stop this,

“Mr. Chen Wu, YuLin Governor: Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China.”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:

Stolen art being sold on website

I thought it would be good to spread this around on Deviantart as well as Tumblr, because there are artists here as well.

This website is profiting from artwork taken from dA. It is illegal to do so, especially when they did not get the permission of the original creators. To find your stolen artwork, simply type your username into the search bar, and your art should come up. Sometimes your art disappears when it’s being searched for some reason. I found my artwork there after one of my friends, PunkAss-Myth, told me that they were there.

What they’re doing is immoral and above all illegal. I suggest that, if you have the time, please sign this petition to potentially put this shady site down.

Please spread this post, and the links, like wildfire! Edit: It looks like everything on the site has been taken down, but I can’t be sure. If that’s the case, thank you all for helping take this site down! Hopefully, if the petition works, the site could be taken down completely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.