My favorite blogs!

I’ve been meaning to make this post for quite some time now. A few of them are not solely dedicated to crafts, crochet/knitting, a few are personal blogs with some craftiness and others with no craftiness but still awesome. 

______________________________ -  Mythical creatures, landscapes, beautiful interiors and homes, artwork and animals on this mystical blog by Candy. - Lots of adorable crafts here, and very colorful! - Michelle’s creations are really cute and unique. - Yarn and crafty needlework inspiration, me likey. - Do I really have to give reasons for following Twinkie Chan? Nope, no I don’t. - A great blog on needlework inspiration as well as some laughs. - You will die from exposure to adorableness. - Laughs, artwork, fandoms, cute, with a splash of craftiness from the talented Brittany! - Gorgeous knitting plus fiber arts appreciation and great knitting tips. - Nicole runs a great blog, and her shop is full of kickass stuff. - Creations by Madelyn, they’re adorable! - Holy crap! - Craftiness of all sorts on a lovely blog. - Awesome, colorful crochet blog by Claire (with a really adorable theme that I may or may not be jealous of). - Oh my god if this blog ever got deleted it would make me cry. - Wonderful art/fiber arts blog, inspirational. - So. Much. Adorbz. - Beautiful crafts blog by Tamica. - Really amazing crochet, knitting, sewing, papercrafts, etc. - YARN. - Adorable, beautiful crochet and sometimes a kitty :D - Amazing blog featuring all kinds of crafts. - Kickass. - Jessica’s amigurumis are really cute, if you haven’t seen them you are really missing out, and she runs a great blog too. - Art, needlecrafts, photography, really beautiful and refreshing. - Superb knit works and knitting inspiration. - Kawaii amigurumis by Anda!