Before leaping into any “big milestone” in life, there seriously should be a starting line where we can prepare ourselves. Ya know, to stretch those muscles out and perhaps play a favorite song on our iPods to get in the zone. Imagine how much “zen” would be flowing through our veins right before we had a huge presentation at work, or oh, I don’t know, maybe even giving birth.

If life REALLY gave us time to do this, maybe we wouldn’t be so… let’s say, aggressive.

Unfortunately, our lives don’t have these slow-motion moments (that happen to have some awesome music playing in the background) like we see in the movies. Our lives are fast-paced, hectic, and depressingly lacks montages.

However, through the whirlwind of events we fly through, there is a sense of satisfaction that we obtain from being exciting people. Perhaps this is the very reason why we go through numerous challenges a day. Maybe it helps us appreciate that 30-minute lunch break we get out of our day-long bustle of obstacles. And possibly, we just love doing the things we do because that’s what defines us.

This is the main reason why I made this blog. I bet it sounds pretty contradicting– a jam-packed daily routine, but time to write posts on a blog? To respond to that: Yeah, it IS quite contradicting. As a matter of fact, it took me a week to write this first post because I have been swamped in other responsibilities (not that this blog isn’t important…). I guess that’s the whole point, though.

What the hell am I talking about? Well let’s rewind to the part where I said that we’re (most likely) appreciative of our lunch breaks. Doesn’t that tiny segment of your day feel like a breath of cool air? And remember the part I mentioned about hectic schedules shaping our lives?

That’s what this blog is striving to display. It’s a way to connect the busiest of people where we can read these posts, and allow ourselves to “breathe the cool air” together. Perhaps you will find my personal stories entertaining, or the random epiphanies and insights as helpful.

Regardless of what you get (or don’t get) from these posts, I do hope that you find pleasure in being the individuals who find pleasure in living frenzied, exhilarating lives.

Good luck,