Some strategies for helping friends who hate themselves

Note: This was originally posted on tumblr in reponse o any anonymous ask, but I’m taking a break from tumblr and trying to actually use this blog which I’ve had for almost 6 months and posted on twice. So I thought I’d cross-post here. First of all, I’m flattered that you chose to ask me this and I’m sorry I’ve take so long getting around to answering it. You are right to avoid assuming that…

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Happy Mother’s Day...

Happy Mothers Day to all the Aussies Mummies celebrating today! Who else feels like their style has changed radically since they became a Mum?

I streamlined my wardrobe dramatically through my pregnancy, focusing on mix-and-match pieces that were comfortable, functional and practical without sacrificing style. That didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the odd high-glam high-heel moment once in a while, like donning this Aurelia Costarella gown for the cover of Who Magazine. 

For most of the time, the focus was on loose fitting tops, leggings, flowing cardigans and boots. Scarves were my fashion saviour – dressing up my bump and making it easy to change up the look without wasting time on putting outfits together. Now that I’m a Mum, my capsule wardrobe is still my go-to but I love glamming up for red carpet events and evenings with friends.

There’s nothing like a touch of luxury at the end of the day. There are few things that feel as decadent as lounging around in a beautiful pair of pyjamas after a tough day at work…or all day….if that is ever possible, I relish in it!

Qweary: Skinny Suits for Petites?

Anonymous asked: Hi, as a petite (I am 5'4" with 110-115 lbs) female with androgynous style, I’m having a hard time finding a suit that would fit me perfectly. I crave skinny crisp look rather than baggy look. I was thinking maybe I could get a three-piece suit set from topman and get it altered/tailored to fit me better, but I’m still not sure and I’m running out of time! Do you have any recommendations or any tips?

Courtney says: The Topman option is always excellent. Depending on the suit you get you may not need to have it tailored, but tailoring will of course always enhance the look of any suit. I love the fit of Topman vests. I have also had great luck with H&M suits. They are reasonably priced, slim, short enough in the jacket, and go down to small enough sizes to fit my shoulders (I am a size 34 in jackets). I do have to hem the pants, but once hemmed they fit wonderfully. The sleeves also need to be taken in sometimes, but that is easy work for most tailors, and for your height possibly not necessary. I am also generally fond of the look of J. Crew suiting, though I have never worn it myself, and their sizes tend to run slim and small enough to fit more petite people.

If you are looking for more of a staple option for work or something of that sort, and have more money to spend on something higher quality, there are a plethora of new *menswear suiting options available, such as Kipper ClothiersTomboy Tailors, and Saint Harridan. A custom or tailored suit will always look better on you than one off the rack, and even Saint Harridan’s OTR suiting will be more likely to fit better on FAAB, trans*, and genderqueer bodies. Indochino is a great custom menswear clothier, friendly to queers and reviewed by Sonny in this post. A good tailor will also be able to alter a classic menswear suit from places like Bachrach or Jos. A. Bank, though tailoring has been definitely necessary for me in regard to those sorts of suits. I have, however, experienced excellent customer service from both places, surprisingly enough.  

Good luck!  Send us a submission when you’re suited up – we’d love to see what you come up with!