So, yesterday [February 21st 2015] I got my first tattoo ever. I’ve been thinking about getting it for quite a long time. Maybe five years or more. I’m very careful with decision making because I know once I have enough good reasons for believing something I might change my mind. All that just to come to the fact that I’m just not in a phase where I’d choose tattoos based only on the design. And of course, I have to write all about it. Just because.

It started a long time ago. I’ve been a fan of Lord of the Rings since I was twelve, when I first read the books, and the first graphic thing that really got me was the ring inscription. As soon as I finished the book I started drawing it everywhere, thinking I was way too artsy because “Look! I can draw the ring inscription from the Lord of the rings super fast!”. Well, twelve-year-olds… Then, when I was older, with 15 or 16 I started thinking about getting tattoos someday. After much thinking I came to the conclusion that I had to get something from Lord of the rings and you already know what came to my mind. Unfortunately, I was too young, my parents not only didn’t support me, but they were thoroughly against it and wouldn’t give me a penny to do it. And time went by.

About one year and a half ago, in 2013, I decided I would save money without any fixed purpose. I kept the idea of getting a tattoo with that money if I ever reached a considerable sum and eventually I did. But, there’s something in the middle of that story, that has totally everything to do with the tattoo, promise. That is, from August 2013 to June 2014 I had to prepare a kind of thesis to present on my final exam to high school graduation, and as a tourism student I chose to base my thesis on how the Lord of the rings affected tourism in New Zealand. I have had for four years a total different idea for this project: talking about why western people openly travel to countries such Italy or Israel with religious purposes, but ignore the religious aspects of tourism in India and travel there anyways treating every religious thing as an absolutely normal attraction. But, then, I don’t know exactly why (besides having to develop way better the theme), I didn’t want to work on that anymore and I was desperate because I had to start doing something and nothing occurred to me so it had to be either Beatles or Lord of the rings.

What made me choose LOTR was that, besides being easier to make connections to other subjects I had (for example, I would relate Beatles to English tourism but we had studied England in Geography the previous year, and New Zealand was still to come), I wanted so much to explore something that could put together the traditional (such as english literature, Tolkien’s writings) and the modern (techniques used for scouting, make up, scenery building, filming, and mainly promoting the film and the location, as well as New Zealand as a renowed international tourism location, which is, with this repercussion, something recent). What followed were eight months of hard work, studying, heavy reading, new findings and writing. And, of course, being a total pain in the ass, stressed, crazy, manic colleague and student. Because you know, perfectionist, Scorpio, dramatic, desperate, highly sensitive and pessimistic. So…

In the end, I just loved every step, every little line I had to read, really everything, and I was ever so sure of wanting to get a tattoo. Because not only I love the Lord of the rings books and movies and all things that have to do with Middle-Earth, but because I was now part of it, I really got a glimpse at how big things can be, how far words can get. And the fact that the destruction of the ring marks so many important changes in this fantastic world and the fact that the tattoo marks the end of my journey in that school as a student, as a highschooler, and the success of my work are impossible to ignore.

In the end, I told my parents I had the money, the body was mine and I would do it. So, yesterday, after a sleepless night because of all the insecurities and fears I had of getting something I could look and see how it didn’t’ turn out as expected and hate it, I went to get my first tattoo with my friend, Lucas. It seems like the end, but no. We arrived there at about 14h10 and had to wait until 15h or so. Then I chose the size of the tattoo, and the tattoo artist (Leo) made the stencil. When I first tried it, Leo called in another tattooer, Pedro, and they agreed it was crooked. I couldn’t see it from above, but everybody was like: it’s totally utterly crooked. So, Leo tried again, and once again it was crooked. I’ve basically had to try six or seven times the stencil because it would get crooked on my arm every time. And almost every time I felt like a circus animal, because Pedro and the other boy who worked there spent some time watching and I had to turn around for them to see if it was finally ok, like when you’re trying an outfit and you mother wants to see how it looks in every angle. After several hours (at tops 2) we decided to make the tattoo smaller and it didn’t work. Again. Then, Leo decided to cut the stencil and put the different parts separately. Guess what, it finally worked! Then, one hour and half of the most overrated pain ever. And then I was happy. Poorer, but happy. And that’s the story of my first tattoo.

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