🌹 to be skinny 🌹

♡ for a naturally contoured face,
with sharp cheekbones,
and a defined jaw

♡ for a flat stomach,
a dip streaming down the middle,
with no rolls, or horizontal lines

♡ for the razor sharp hipbones
that stab at your clothes

♡ for the jutting collarbones,
elegant beneath your neck,
and poking out at the shoulder

♡ for the bony wrists, tiny and quaint;
bracelets and hairbands always hang loose

♡ for the thigh gap, the skinny legs,
the empty space with light filtering in

♡ for the small waist,
narrow, and petite

♡ for the thin arms,
just like a ballerina

♡ for the stares, for the gasps,
for the side eyes, the wide eyes

♡ for the oversized sweaters,
the baggy shirts, the flowy material

♡ for the worried glances,
the “are you eating?” enquiries

♡ for the fake ones asking,
“how did you do it?”

♡ for the chamomile and green teas,
the dark coffees

♡ to become your
own aesthetic

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Hello! Can I have a BTS reaction of them cheating on their s/o and breaking up and her moving on and them trying to get her back? Something angst! Thank you!!😘

Yes yes~ I’ll make it super angsty. 

Also, I tend to make (Y/n) a girl, since I-myself-am a girl. If y’all fellas have a request please don’t be shy~ Tell me you would like a request where (Y/n) is a male, I don’t want y’all to feel left out. 

BTS: Reaction to cheating on you and breaking up with you. You move on and they try to get you back. But they can’t have you back because… (aka the longest title in history)

♥Jin: What was wrong with him? How could he do such an awful thing to the most beautiful, genuinely sweet person in the world? He betrayed the definition of perfect. How could he ever convince you to come back to him? After a long hard day of work and overthinking, he headed to the apartment you shared many memories in. The same “Welcome” mat was in front of the door, and he almost immediately cried. He thought of all the times he’s tripped over that thing, and the times you’d cutely stomp your wet shoes on it before walking inside.

He had the balls to knock on that door. He tapped his foot as he counted the seconds it took for the door to be answered. Staring at the ground he thought of running, but it was too late when he saw light in front of him. He lifted his head and went to speak, but there he saw a shirtless man, running his fingers through his hair.

“Babe? Who is it?” Your voice sounded from the kitchen. Jin’s heart shattered to pieces. 

“Uhmm… Just tell her this is for her.” Jin said in a soft voice before lifelessly blowing a kiss. He then turned and walked away.

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♥Yoongi: He knew he messed up. He knew from the start that it was a bad idea. But he was possessed by another woman, and intoxicated. It’s been months since he’s seen you and with each passing minute he felt himself breaking apart from the inside out. He needed you, he craved your sweet sweet smiles and kisses. He knew how you’d react, he knew he’d only get pushed away but he had to try. He missed you, and he still loved you.

He walked up to your front door, but there was a vacant sign. He went on a crazy hunt for you, asking all your friends and parents what couldn’t happened to you. But all they did was give him dirty looks. 

“Why don’t you check the bone-yard? You filthy dog.” Your father responded to him. But what Yoongi didn’t understand was, the truth in that statement. His last destination, the graveyard, is where he fell to pieces. A tombstone that had your name was the last thing he expected. You were killed in an accident. Yoongi felt as if he truly did betray you. If he didn’t leave you, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe you both would’ve gotten killed and he’d still be happily with you wherever you ended up. 

Hey laid next to your grave and cried silently, occasionally letting out whimpers and slowly falling into a deep sleep.  

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♥Namjoon: It all started with that party. He remembered clearly, the words you spoke to him before he left. “Be careful Joonie~ Don’t drink too much. Call me when you need to pick me up. And no other girls ok?” Your voice was so sweet, how could he promise you he’d stay loyal to your words, but break it so easily? He met a tall, blonde girl at the party. Nice legs, nice breasts, how could he resist? After that night, it slowly became more than just sex. And he told you about it. He felt so right but so wrong. And after a month of not seeing you, he realized he seriously fucked up.

He was in deep emotional shit. Staring at his lifeless self in the mirror. Scruff outlining his face and the scent of alcohol lingering in the air. He felt petite arms wrap around him and he felt angry. It was her fault that he left the most wonderful woman in the world. He threw her arms off him and ran outside. White t-shirt, red boxers, and no cares in the world. He wanted you back.

He drove to your house, crying and thinking of what to say. His mind was scrambled. He got to your house, and eyed you as you pulled fresh oranges out of the orange tree you raised together since you were kids. He smiled big, but his smile completely went away when he saw a man come up behind you and hug you tight. He was squeezing you and spinning you, and you were genuinely laughing. You moved on. His heart broke into the tiniest pieces and he watched you for a long time before driving up a mountain, somewhere he went with you all the time to forget the bad things in life.  

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 ♥Hoseok: You were his hope. And that’s saying a lot, considering he WAS hope himself. You’ve helped him through so much, the good and the bad, and you never left his side. But he left yours. A 3 month long tour, and he met a girl in Jamaica. God was she beautiful. But no matter how beautiful he thought she was, his mind kept wondering back to you. He loved how happy and bright you were all of the time. How shameless you were, and how you were just yourself all of the time.

His Jamaican girlfriend moved to Seoul to be with him, but he felt wrong about it. As he laid in bed with her arms wrapped around him, he thought of you, sleeping all cute and cuddled up to that teddy bear he bought you when you were sick. He started to smile and noticeably, he started crying. He kissed his girlfriend to try and forget. After a ton of perfect kisses, he made his decision. “I don’t love you.” He told her honestly. He stood up and got dressed. He had to see your beautiful smile even if you just rejected him. He stopped at a store for flowers, where he strangely ran into you. “(Y/n)…” He whispered and grabbed your hands, tearing up. “Baby it’s me-it’s Hobi-” He was cut off when a man wrapped his arm around your neck. 

“Is this guy bothering you darling?” The man spoke to you in such a way that made Hoseok want to strangle him. Of course, he wouldn’t go to such measures.

“No, I think he’s just confused…” You gave Hoseok a sympathetic look, but you couldn’t forget what he did to you. So you shook his hands off and wrapped your arm around your boyfriends torso. “Let’s go.” You walked off with him, not even caring to glance back. You left Hoseok there, wrecked as if he’d just been hit by lightening. 

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♥Jimin: It’s like he was being haunted. Every time he slept, or had sex with his girlfriend, or ate a meal… anything he did, he thought of you. He thought he was over you. So he decided to go to see you. He wanted to tell you how he felt, and that he wanted you to get out of his head. But the second he saw your gorgeous face, he started remember. He was so, helplessly in love. “Oh, Jimin? Do you need something?” The way you spoke to him as if nothing happened between you hurt him so much. 

“(Y/n) do you hate me?” He asked, his voice cracking. You just smiled in response.

“You know I don’t hate anyone. I… I hate what you did. But, Jimin I’m over it. We just weren’t meant to be is all.” You said while putting potted flowers on shelves in your flower shop that you once owned together. He panicked as you spoke. You were over him?? 

“No, (Y/n) I still love-” He was cut off by the bell, letting you know a customer entered the building. 

“Oh~ Hi baby!” You said with the cutest tone that drove Jimin crazy. Only this time, the crazy it drove him was negative. He saw you run into the arms of a guy he’s never seen before. He was so heart broken.

“I’ll leave…” He said quietly, in his deep accented voice before storming out of the building. 

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♥Taehyung: He tapped his pencil against his lined paper gently, getting more furious as time passed by. He was writing out a list. he was hoping that writing out a list of all the bad things you’ve done to him would help him forget about you so he could go along with his new girlfriend. He couldn’t think of a single thing. All he thought of was positives. The time you picked him up from dance practice with Boba tea, and all the times you stood backstage just to hear the same songs over and over again, all for him. Every sound you made, every step you took. Every time your soft lips touched his own.

He started melting into his thoughts, and he laid his head on his paper that had a single word on it, “(Y/n).” He started chuckling every time he thought of a cute memory. His eyes filled with tears, and soon his paper was soaked. He could no longer write on it. He grabbed his phone and chewed on his lip roughly. He stared at your contact, which still had that cursed picture of you two kissing. He hesitantly but surely clicked the call button. 

Ring… ring… rin- “Hello? Taehyungie?” You answered the phone in a tired. voice.

“(Y/n)… I uh, I know it’s late… But I wanted to talk to you…” He mumbled.

“Yeah sure, hold on just a sec. Hey baby, I’ll be right there let me just take this call.” You spoke away from the phone, but Taehyung clearly heard you. His breath hitched and he thought he lost himself for a moment. 

“Baby?” He carefully asked.

“Yeah, I’m going out tonight for my 2 month with my boyfriend. Anyway, what was it that you needed?” You asked through the phone. He couldn’t answer. He quickly hung up the phone and started to slowly hyperventilate. How could this happen to him? He officially lost the best thing that has ever happened to him…

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♥Jungkook: He was paralyzed. Standing in front of a woman he thought he loved, and holding her hands, his voice caught in his throat. The audience waited a whole minute before his wife-to-be cleared her throat at him. He refocused, and immediately said, “I can’t marry you.” He let go of her hands. He knew the real love of his life was probably laying on her couch, watching some sad movie like she did the past 2 months after the breakup.

He knew he cheated, he knew he did wrong but he needed to get you back, he was determined. He walked into your work, remembering your exact days and hours. As he stood in front of your office door, his soul left his body. There was a table set up with pictures and notes. Flowers even. His voice became uneven and he asked one of your coworkers where you were.

“You didn’t know? Well she… she died a few weeks ago. I heard it was suicide but I’m not too sure.” She said nonchalantly and shrugged. She then continued on her day, not caring about the boy who was having a practical mental breakdown in the office. He cried in front of the table, staring at a specific picture of you and him. He couldn’t believe that picture even still existed. 

“Gone…” He whispered to himself over and over again as he slowly realized that he truly lost you for good. He let his world slip right through his fingers. When he went home that night, he sat in front of a candle in the middle of his room, that being the only light source he got. It was your favorite scent. “I’m sorry (Y/n)… I’ll see you soon.” And a trigger was pulled.

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Words Never Last

Summary: When Dan and Phil are informed that their daughter punched another student, they must figure out why. However, to do this, they have to face an incredibly homophobic headmaster. And a student to match.

Genre: Parent! phan, Fluff, Homophobia

Warnings: Swearing, Homophobic slurs

Word Count: 1.6k

“It was a call from the school,” Phil mumbled.

“And…” Dan urged Phil to continue.

“She punched a kid. Get your coat on, we have to go.” Dan slammed the lid to his MacBook and sat up.

“She what?” Dan convinced himself that he just misheard his husband.

“C’mon, we have to hurry up.” Even though the statement was nagging at his mind, Dan got up and slid into his jacket. He ignored the fact that his daughter might have punched someone. He ignored the fact that his husband seemed not to care. All he set his mind to at that point was getting to the school.

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“Really pretty” - Dean X Reader Request

Request: Hey there. First and foremost: Your writing is so amazing! ♥ I’m so happy that requests are open and I was wondering if you would write a Dean x Reader story, where they rescue a girl and and take her back to the motel/bunker & she’s crushing on Dean and tries to “steal him away from the Reader” and eventually it gets too much for the Reader and the boys find out and throw the girl out and loads of angst and fluff? I know it’s kinda weird, so I totally understand if you don’t want to write it. ♥

A/N: I’m soooooo sorry this took so long to write, but I hope you like it! 💞

The girl slid along the cement almost like a ragdoll, and you winced as she hit the wall and fell unconscious. You inhaled deeply before standing up, wary of your injured back, and stumbled over to Sam, who was already leaning over the girl checking her pulse. Dean was close by, and after identifying his footsteps behind you, you felt a familiar hand on your back, steadying you. You smiled and let Dean lead you over to the girl. “Is she okay?” You rasped, concerned. Sam looked up at the two of you with a slight frown but an ultimate expression of relief.

“She’s fine, but I think she might’ve broken her leg.” Sam diagnosed, glancing at her leg, twisted at an unnatural angle in her ripped jeans. You nodded solemnly.

“Are we gonna wait for her to wake up? They could come back if we do.” You asked. Sam shook his head, and moved to pick up the girl, collecting her petite body in his arms.

“We don’t want to risk that. Let’s just get back to the bunker and hope she doesn’t wake up until we get there.”  

You nodded and smiled at Dean. “Sounds good. You think you could carry me to the car too babe?” Dean winked at you exaggeratedly and leaned down to pull your legs out from underneath you. You squealed and threw your arms around his neck, and Dean only chuckled gruffly in response.

The girl woke up a few hours later, alone in one of the bunker’s spare bedrooms. You couldn’t help but feel even the smallest bit of sympathy, as the Winchester brothers didn’t exactly pride themselves on their interior designing skills. Basically, the room was cold, unwelcoming, and creepy. She yelled out loudly, her call echoing throughout the bunker and attracting the attention of the three of you. Dean put his beer down on the table, pushed back a dusty lore book, and stood up. You sent a grateful smile his way as he clomped down the hallway, not making any attempt to be less intimidating to this poor girl.

After having to give the ‘monster’ talk for the 100th time, you were now back to researching. Considering the circumstances, the girl was taking it well, but to your discomfort she seemed to have taken a liking to Dean. She was currently sat practically on top of him, scanning the contents of a thick book, wide eyed and overwhelmed. You nudged Sam lightly, and he looked up, his face falling into a smile as his eyes landed on the girl pawning over your boyfriend. Sam raised an eyebrow and coughed. Neither Dean nor the girl noticed. You sniggered and went back you your laptop, scrolling through endless mythological blogs from all obscure corners of the internet.

Another loud crick filled the room as you adjusted your neck for the tenth time that hour. The bunker seriously needed chairs with more support. Sam sighed exasperatedly and pushed back his chair with a unsatisfactory squeak. “I’m going to check out the local library.” He remarked as he stood, beginning to stroll over towards the front door.

“Kay, seeya!” You yelled out, momentarily tearing your attention away from your keyboard. Dean waved a hand and grunted, engrossed in his reading. The door slammed behind him, and just as you were about to suggest going to interview some more locals, the girl made an observation that rendered you silent. It was almost like she had been waiting until Sam left.

“Did you know you’re like, really pretty? For a guy.” She giggled. You daren’t even look up to see Deans reaction. You couldn’t help but admit she spoke the truth, but seriously, in front of your boyfriend? To be fair, she didn’t know, but all the same, there’s a difference between a compliment and obvious gag inducing flirting. When you summoned enough willpower and trust in Dean, you glanced upwards from your screen to find the girl leaning over and running a hand through his hair.

Your heart sped up and you forced yourself to take a deep breath, quickly looking away from the girl who was currently draped around your boyfriend. Another giggle erupted from her mouth, and your head snapped over to her.

“Would you shut up? Please?” You hissed, staring right through her. Dean and the girl both looked over to you, displaying polar opposite reactions. The girl glared at you angrily, and Dean shot you an innocent, slightly confused smile. You rolled your eyes and looked back down at your laptop. This hunt better be over soon.  

When her delicate hand ended up resting on Dean’s forearm, that was when you cracked. You slammed the lid of your laptop shut, crossing your arms over your chest dramatically. “Dean!” This caught his attention, and he looked up at you, eyes widening as he finally understood the situation you had been placed in. He chuckled uncomfortably and looked at the girl.

“Hey, ah, if you didn’t know Y/N over here is actually my girlfriend.” He gestured to you proudly, the smile disintegrating from his face when he saw your expression of complete annoyance. The girl leaned back in her chair away from Dean, and you relaxed slightly.

“Really? Her?” she questioned, scrutinizing every inch of your body that was visible while sitting down. Your blood began to boil and the playful mood Dean was emitting disappeared instantly. He stood up, and motioned for her to as well. Somehow she still didn’t get the message, and continued her stupid giggles as she stood up from her chair. You pressed your nails down hard on your palms, trying to calm yourself down. Dean placed a hand high up on her back, and lightly nudged her, prompting her to walk. She went along with it, and let Dean lead her all the way up the stairs, with you watching. You relaxed fully again as you realized what was happening. A sound of protest erupted from the girl as Dean opened the front door and held out a hand paired with a sarcastic smile. Dean didn’t flinch, and the girl huffed and begrudgingly stepped outside. Dean watched her leave, making sure she stepped back from the door before he slammed it in her face.

The bang echoed down to you, and you breathed a sigh of relief. Dean waited a moment for her to retreat, then jogged back down the stairs. He came back down into the room, and addressed you with an amused look adorning his face.

“Good?” He smirked, running a hand through his hair, trying to remove every trace of her presence from his memory. You nodded and held out your arms in a grabby motion like a child. Dean scoffed, but walked over you anyway, taking a hold of your hands and pulling you up to standing position. You blushed under his earnest gaze and stretched up on your tiptoes to kiss him. “You are really pretty.” You whispered. Dean smirked cockily and met you in the middle to press his lips to your own. When you pulled apart, you couldn’t help yourself and giggled softly.

“Seriously? Now you’re all innocent and adorable?” He teased, eyes narrowing as he faked anger. His arms were now lazily snaked around your waist.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I want you all to myself! How did you not notice? She was all over you!” You defended yourself.

“Hey, even if she wasn’t a total megabitch, she was like 17 anyway!” Dean retorted.

“Ah! Shut up, she was 26!” You corrected, making your point by lightly pressing your pointer finger into his broad chest. Dean shook his head and went in for another kiss.

“You’ve always got me to yourself anyway darlin.”

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I shouldn’t have gone to that night club in the first place, I thought that the remaining members of Ji-Yong’s pack would be there so we could badger them for more information about dark breeds, but as always I made the wrong choice. And now Y/N could be dead because of me. We were out of the house so I couldn’t pinpoint the time she left, but knowing Y/N she didn’t just run away, she’s not that stupid. She was taken. Being unable to sleep all night I found myself pacing the living room for hours, where was she?

“Jimin, stop worrying we’ll find her.” Nancy placed her small hand on my shoulder as though everything was going to be okay, but I knew Nancy. The real Nancy. The vague layer of dread coating her hazel eyes proved that she was panicking just as much as I was.

“Taehyung!” I cleared my throat and looked up at the taller man as we all gathered in the lounge, “Patrol the surrounding areas, try to track her scent as best as you can.”

Taehyung nodded in agreement, his shiny brown hair starting to cover his eyes. Making sure to kiss Nancy on the forehead first, he gathered his things and left immediately.

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You have cancer but Justin stands you up in your date.- pt 3



The waiting room was empty from what I could see, no one occupying it exept for the receptionist who was typing away at her computer. I slowly took a seat with a loud and nervous sigh escaping my lips in the process. In a doubled over position, I rubbed my hands across my face and tapped my foot on the floor anxiously. She was going to be okay. She had too.

I texted Hailey earlier, informing her that I made it to the hospital and was outside waiting but I never got a reply. After a while of anxiously waiting in the room, sniffling was heard coming from down the hall. My head snapped up only to spot Kendall making her way over to me, wiping away a few tears.

I shot up out of my chair and ran over to her, engulfing her in a comforting hug. “Kendall, what’s happening? Where is She?” I anxiously asked.

“S-She’s in recovery. Her surgery just finished but she hasn’t woken up yet. They won’t tell us anything until she does.” Kendall sniffed.

I looked up out at the direction she had just came from, to spot Hailey exiting a room. That has to be Y/N’s. With one more comforting squeeze toward Kendall, I quickly left the sobbing girl to her friend and ran down the hall to the room Hailey exited.

Monitors could be heard beeping about, making the brightly lit up room seem dull. Continuing to make my way into the room, I finally found my girlfriend, lying on the hospital bed.

Several wires were hooked to the poor girl, all leading to some crazy, scary looking machine as Y/N slept peacefully on the bed. She looked peaceful at least - but I know under the soft and calm look was endless amounts of pain and suffering.

This hospital room was new and a little cleaner compared to Y/N’s old one. I knew she was sick of that room since she spent every minute of every day in it, so a change is nice but I already know she’ll be sick of this one soon. Knowing this just reminded me about how impatient and easily bored she would get before the cancer. A small smile crept up my face at the memories.

But that smile quickly disappeared as soon as I hit reality again, and the reality was that those memories are in the past, and right now Y/N was fighting for her life in an unconscious state in front of me. I made quick to place myself in the seat by her bedside, grabbing ahold of her dry, scabby hand.

The heart monitor beside her bed continued beeping on, giving me an insight that she was alive and breathing, even if it didn’t seem like it. With the pad of my thumb, I rubbed up and down her small, delicate hand, occasionally moving it up to kiss the back of it.

I should have been here. Not out with my friends. I made a massive mistake going out with them instead of being here and now it’s my fault. Maybe if I had taken her away from that scrawny room for a while things would of changed. Maybe if I had kept her from worrying about me and showed up like I promised she wouldn’t be sitting like this right now.

As the ‘what if’ thoughts circled my Mind, I couldn’t help the tears that had welled up in my eyes and fell far from my eye. God how I wish this never happened. And I mean everything. I wish she never was diagnosed with cancer. Or at least had it been me. She doesn’t deserve this. She doesn’t deserve to be locked up in a room with tubes coming out of her body, suffering. No one does.

Suddenly, the door to the room swung open, revealing Y/N’s doctor entering with a clip board in hand. I stood up “Dr Cawfield?” I asked.

Doctor looked up from his clipboard, “Justin. I didn’t know you where here.” He said.

I quickly wiped my tears and looked down “uh, yeah. Hailey told me what was happening and I came down as soon as possible.” I explained.

He nodded, looking back down to scribble something about Y/N’s condition onto his clipboard. “So? I-Is she gonna be okay?”

Doctor Cawfield sighed sadly. “I won’t be able to tell until she wakes up. All we can do is pray.” And with that, he clicked the pen closed and left the room.

Living up to his words, that was what I did. I prayed by Y/N’s bed for what seemed like an hour. Her hand wrapped around my two as I mumbled things up to God, hoping he would hear me and answer my wishes to keep Y/N alive and help her get through this.

What felt like forever had passed by. I was currently curled up on the bed next to my baby girl, cradling her small petite body in my arms. I somehow managed to fall asleep in the few hours I was in for, and before I knew it, I was being slowly awoken by the tugging of my hair.

At First, it seemed as though I had forgotten where I was, choosing to ignore the feeling until everything came back to me, and my eyes shot open to reveal Y/N running her hands calmly and softly through my hair. Her small, pain filled eyes staring down on me as I looked up at her.

Quickly, I jumped up, immediately pulling her into a tight but yet gentle hug. She hugged back with all the strength she could mutter, and I leaned down placing a long passionate and loving kissing to her lips. My skin made slight contact with the tube connected to her nose, depressing me slightly as it reminded me that my baby was sick.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered. She shook her head. “It’s not your fault. Stop blaming yourself.”

“how did you know I was blaming myself?” I asked. “I know you better then you know yourself, I know you blame yourself so stop. This would have happened if you came or if you didn’t. In fact, I’m happy you didn’t come. If you did then this would of happened in public and I might not have made it to the hospital in time.”

That was a pretty smart point. I sighed, burrowing my face in the crook of her neck to which she cradled my head. In that moment, the doctor re-entered the room. Y/N and I slowly and hesitantly released each other to look back at doctor Cawfield.“

"Y/N, your awake.” The doctor smiled sadly “how are you feeling?” He asked sweetly.

Y/N smiled but I could see the pain behind it “I-I’m fine. Just a bit sore.” Followed by a cough, she leaned back against the bed, her hand still in mine.

“Well, I….we got your results.” The doctor sighed. From the way he had presented the news, I began to grow worried. Hailey, Kendall, Kylie, Khalil, Za and Maejor had all walked in at that moment.

“I’m Afraid the treatment isn’t working and the cancer has spread. I-I’m so sorry to tell you this. But you may not have long left.”

And in that moment, everything in my world came crashing down upon me.


I entered our hotel, wiping my feet at the door. Today’s show was great and I was so happy to be able to come home to see my baby. After she was diagnosed with a couple months to live, her first request was to come and travel with me on tour. There was no way I was turning down my baby’s wishes so I instantly Let her.

she was currently sitting by the TV with fredo, laughing about something they’d seen on his phone. Once fredo noticed me enter the room he smiled up at me then turned to Y/N.

“Okay beautiful, ill leave you alone with yo boy.” Fredo placed a kiss on her forehead before getting up and leaving the room, sending me nod and a ‘hey man’ on the way out.

I quickly made my way over to her, attacking her beautiful face with kisses. She giggled, leaning into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned back, making sure she was comfortable.“How was your show?” She asked.

“It was really good. I wish you could come see one.” I sighed. “You know I can’t. It’s too dangerous for my Health.”

“I know.” I sighed. For the rest of the night we talked about normal things, recalling old memories of back when Y/N didn’t have cancer and laughing. It reminded me of the old times.

“That was the funniest day of my life.” Y/N said after discussing an old memory.

“Yeah it was pretty funny.” There was silence for a while. “ I love you, so, so much.” I whispered. I felt her smile.

More silence until suddenly, her breathing quickened, and I felt her begin to get heavier. Then she spoke.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to die in my arms.” Her voice was hoarse and weak. I looked over at her, seeing her eyes looking duller then usual and her face looking paler. I immediately began panicking.

“No, no! Y/N NO please!” I yelled, shooting up. Her head slowly descended back on the couch as she rested. “It’s okay.” She whispered, a tear slipping out of her eye.

“No you can’t leave me. You can’t.” I sobbed. Quickly, i ran to the front door, opening it to shout down the hall “SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE ! Help please!”

I immediately ran back, cradling her body in my arms. “You gonna be okay. Your not gonna die.”

“Justin, we’ve been preparing for this. You knew it was coming we all did. You have to let me go.” She whispered.

“I can’t.” I cried. “ I love you too much.” A tear rolled down my face, falling into her cheek. She picked up her shaky hand, slowly swiping her thumb underneath my eye.

“Justin.” She cried. I looked down on her. “ I love you.” And in the sentence, I watched as the life slowly drained from her eyes, and her body fell limp in my hands. I choked a sob, looking down on her in shock. “No…no no no no! Please no! Come back to me! Don’t leave me baby!”

Scooter ran into the room followed by a few other people. Once everyone had seen the scene, they immediately ran over. With force they pulled me away from her body. I put up a fight, refusing to leave her but soon enough, I was kneeling on the floor with people around me, in attempt to Comfort me.

But nothing they said was going to work. The only thing that would ever make me happy again was having Y/N back. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen. The only thing that settled my sadness slightly was knowing that she was in a better place, finally at peace and out of pain. And that’s all I wanted. For my baby to be happy, even if that meant eternal misery for me.

Cause I love her. And I always will. She was my purpose.

Chapter 3 - Nightmares and Akumas.

The picture was fuzzy. It was like watching an old 1900s film. The edges were faded and the camera was shaking and the screen crackling. I could just make the figure out. That’s what nightmares are like, I suppose. Scary, crackly, black figure. Then I could make it out. Silver eyes with a tint of blue. With a purple suit and silver mask. Who was he? A cane…broach…

Whoever I was in the dream, I died in the end. I was coughing, choking, dying. Then there was someone else. Fighting for their life. They were fighting for me. They were saying something.

“Take me! Kill me! Do whatever you want to me! Just don’t hurt her!” the figure cried.


Marinette snapped upright on her bed, rubbing her forehead.

“That was genius!” Tikki cackled. “Did you see his face? It was all so pathetic and sad!”

Marinette’s eyes were a bright blue and rubbed she rubbed her eyes, looking at Tikki in surprise. What was her kwami talking about? What was up with Tikki’s purple eyes and the calming red turned a dark, sick purple.

“What is this about ChatNoir? What did I do to him?” Marinette blinked curiously. “What’s going on Tikki?”

Tikki frowned and scowled to herself. She must have escaped all the akumas that had gotten to her. What a drag. But no worry, she’ll return back to herself in no time.

Marinette scooped her hair into the cute little pigtails and grabbing her pink bag and little purse, which she opened to let the grumbling Tikki in.

She walked downstairs with a bright smile and grabbed a small box of pastries.

“Hey papa! Can I take these for school?” Marinette asked with a warm smile.

Tom was surprised at the sudden change. He remembered those purple eyes gleaming at him with so much hate and backed away slightly.

“You…are going to school today?” Tom asked cautiously.

Marinette giggled. “Why wouldn’t I? I go to learn!”

Tom swallowed hard before nodding and regaining his composure, relaxing his once tense shoulders.

“Okay, Marinette. Enjoy,” Tom said meekly.

Marinette went to peck his cheek but Tom pushed away in fear, which made Marinette jump back in great surprise. She reached out to ask him but he looked away.

“Sorry Marinette but yesterday was simply unacceptable,” Tom said coldly. “I’ll deal with your punishment after school.”

Marinette was incredibly surprised. She had no clue what was going on but knew her parents always knew what was best and nodded obediently.

“Of course, papa.”

She walked out the bakery in confusion.

What happened yesterday? Come to think of it, she couldn’t remember anything from yesterday. What happened yesterday that made everybody hate her so much?

She glanced up to see Alya in excitement.

Yes! If there’s anyone who would understand, it would be Alya! Oh, and Lila was right beside her. I guess they’re friends now.

“Hey Alya!” Marinette called, waving her hand in the air. “You have no idea what was going on! My dad was so angry at me today, and I have no idea what happened yesterday and-”

“Still think of me as the lying girl?” Lila hissed, gripping Alya’s arm tighter. “You’re such a mean person Marinette! I’m glad we were never friends!”

“What do you mean? I’ve never talked to you be-”

“Marinette. Go Away. I hate you,” Alya said before storming to the class with Lila.

Marinette stared after them in shock and surprise. Tikki managed to take the chance to try cause her to fall victim to the akuma again.

“Marinette, you deserve to argue with them! Tell them how dumb they are for calling you that!” Tikki ushered.

Marinette blinked at her kwami at surprise. What crazy advice to give to anybody!

“What? Isn’t that over the top?” Marinette cried to her kwami.

Tikki grunted in annoyance. “Do what you think is right, princess.”


Marinette was the last to arrive at class and when she did, she was receiving glares from everyone in the class. She picked out the pack of macaroons, just enough to give everyone.

“Hey everyone, I-”

“What is it today? Why are you not ditching school today, badgirl?” Alix asked, a dangerous voice arising.

“What are you all talking about?”

“Oh please!” Alix continued, getting on her feet, “I hate people who act like that! You ditched school yesterday! You said so yourself! We had to cover up your dumb act!”

Marinette was deeply hurt. A power started to come within her, a negative power…especially from her miraculous earrings. She tried so hard to ignore it.

The class gave her a chance to talk.

“I don’t remember anything from yesterday…I didn’t know yesterday even happened.” Marinette swallowed hard, trying hard to not feel the negative impact. “When I walked down to the bakery, my daddy looked scared of me and before I left, he muttered something about me having scary purple eyes. I really didn’t want to ask…th-then…wh-when I came to school this happened!”

Marinette felt tears coming down her cheeks.

“Whatever that happened, I’m sorry! I’m really, really sorry! Look I have blue eyes now, see?” Marinette pointed to her bright blue eyes.

“Oh yeah, well…” Adrien stopped to look at her and slowed down. “They’re…turning purple.”

“Pain…it hurts…” Marinette gasped. She fell to the ground, clutching the floor and losing balance.

She screamed.

She screamed something that Adrien did not expect. She screamed to ChatNoir for help. ChatNoir of all the people, to help her.

“Chat! Please! Help! I don’t know what’s happening to me!” Marinette screamed, feeling her throat going raspy. “Please! Just help! ChatNoir! Where are you when I need you!?”

Adrien’s eyes were like saucers and ran toward Marinette, grabbing her now pale hand.

“It’s cold.” Adrien uttered. “Marinette, what’s happening to you, tell me!”

Marinette looked up into his green eyes helplessly.

“I don’t know.” Marinette started.

“I don’t know, Adrien…please…just get ChatNoir…”


Marinette flopped to the ground, helpless and scarily enough, twitching before slowing down in pain.

“Adrien…what are we going to do?” Alya rasped.

“Nurse. Now.” Adrien said sternly and stonily.

Surprisingly enough, it was Lila who raced out the door to get the nurse and make her come. Unfortunately, the nurse said she couldn’t come so the students had to take Marinette to the nurse.

“She’s stopped calling for ChatNoir…that’s a start,” Mylene said sympathetically.

“I still don’t understand, why was she calling HIM of all the people?” Adrien asked fiercely.

“I don’t know…” Alya said, resting a hand on her chin. “I mean…I’ve never seen them interacting before…”

“Enough chatter!” Alix said fiercely. “We have an unconscious girl who’s probably going to die soon and you just chat around!?”

They understood where Alix was coming from. Marinette needed help. Lila soon returned, saying that the nurse wasn’t there.

“Juleka and Alya, you two go to the nurse’s office and wait for her there!” Lila said, pointing her thumb toward the door.

Juleka and Alya scooped the petite girl in their arms and left the classroom.

“Do you think she was right about that?” Juleka asked softly.

“What?” Alya replied, as the two girls carried Marinette to the nurse.

“Right about…you know…forgetting what happened yesterday…” Juleka said, staring down at the unconscious girl’s pale face.

Alya sighed deeply before looking at her lame friend.

“Marinette…is truthful. I trust that girl…she’s a sweet girl who I never want to leave alone because she can be a bit klutzy…” Alya began, her voice crackling. “I sometimes feel like a second mother to her…”

Juleka nodded slowly. She could see where Alya was coming from. Sometimes she felt like a second mother to Rose too. Rose can be a bit over the top at times.

“Girl, feel better okay?” Alya whispered to her friend.

“Nngh…” Marinette said moving a little.

“Don’t move Marinette,” Juleka said. “We’re almost there at the nurse’s office, come on-”

“Sheesh!” Marinette rubbed her head jumping out of their arms. “You guys are so over the top! I’m fine.”

“Marinette! You’re okay!” Alya said reaching for a hug.

Juleka’s eyes snapped open widely when she noticed what colour the girl’s eyes were.

A sick purple.

She placed a hand in front of Alya to break the hug.

“She has purple eyes.”

“Huh?” Alya looked up at Marinette and backed away.

“What?” Marinette chuckled. “Looking at me like I’m some monster?”

“Girl, please…give me back my friend…” Alya swallowed hard.

“Haha!” Marinette threw her head back and laughed. “You guys are both a joke! If you don’t mind me, I’ll be leaving!”

“Marinette! Wait!” Alya cried.

She looked up to find Lila running towards them, with a worried expression on her face She was pointing back at the classroom behind them.

“Marinette went into the classroom and she injured everyone!” Lila cried in shock.

“What? That can’t be!” Alya cried.

“She just left! See! There she is!” Juleka cried in surprise.

Lila turned around to see Marinette walking away as if nothing happened.

“How did she make copies of herself then!?” Lila cried.

“How did she hurt everyone!?” Juleka asked slowly.

“She had…I think she had a pack of cards or something…”

“Simon Says!?” Juleka said in surprise. “But…wait…”

“Wait…Lila…did she hurt Adrien too?” Alya asked slowly. If she hurt Adrien of all the people, then Marinette was definitely lost.

Lila blinked a couple of times before rubbing a finger on her chin thoughtfully.

“Well…come to think of it…I didn’t even see Adrien!” Lila said.

“What?” Alya cried. “Are you kidding? Where could that boy be at a time like this!?”


“Marinette!? What in the world are you doing!?” Chat called in annoyance.

He jumped from roof to roof following the bluenette as she ran across the Parisian Streets. She clutched the pack of cards tight to her chest and continued to run without stopping.

“Why are you following me!? Ugh, you’re such a stalker!” Marinette gritted her teeth.

“Give me those cards, Marinette!” Chat called.

Marinette cackled. “I won’t just give them to anyone!”

Chat stopped and bit his lip tightly.

It was strange, she didn’t have any different outfit or anything and she didn’t seem to have any akumatized object anywhere. The only change he could pick out was her personality and purple eyes. And…earrings? Well, he supposed they weren’t too important. And Marinette didn’t want them to call her by any other name either.

“I better tell Ladybug-” Chat began but stopped when he remembered what happened.

The jab that Ladybug gave him made a pang in his chest.

You Are Nothing ChatNoir.

Then he remembered Marinette again. How did Marinette predict what Ladybug was going to say?

Who or what was Marinette?


Word Count: 1791

 Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 (Coming Soon)

Guardian Angel

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 3436  || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn (anonymous prompt)
a/n: i’m not a fan of the ending, buuuut hopefully y’all like it just fine (: 

“C’mon, baby girl,” Felicity cooed, “You know you want to sleep.”

The tiny four month old in her arms continued to cry. It didn’t seem to matter what she did. All Danica wanted to do was cry and cry and cry. Felicity felt like she hadn’t slept in days. She could feel the exhaustion deep in her bones. Her hair was a mess and the bags under her eyes were becoming darker by the day.

She wished her mother was there. Never in her life had she even thought that, but she really meant it. Donna was working an extra shift as the restaurant instead of being home and helping put Danica to sleep. She could hardly complain. Her mother opened her home back up to her when Felicity was left single and seven months pregnant. She had a job in the IT department of a small computer company, but she was still on maternity leave. Donna insisted that she take the extra time to stay home with her daughter. She was more than grateful, but at this rate with the lack of sleep she was never going back to work.

Felicity’s lower lip trembled, “Please go to sleep,” she sniffled.

She wished she could blame the tears on hormones, but she knew that they were already straightening out. No, she was just so incredibly tired that she had zero control over her emotions.

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Time Upon Once, ch. 7 (7/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

A huge thank you to @tnlph @businesscasualprincess and @blessed-but-distressed  for beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!

Tagging a few people that showed interest in this story: @lk0622 @nowforruin@sambethe@xemmaloveskillianx  @l-e-x-a-xd @profoundlyfadedprincess @once-uponacaptain@icecubelotr44  @poetic-justice-96  @allietumbles @el-kelpo (want to be tagged? let me know and I’ll do it)

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Chapter VII

Killian didn’t know why he was even at a party for a man he hardly knew, let alone a man who wouldn’t have remembered him now even if they had known each other. He’d been given the invitation at the station that day, Kathryn Nolan giving him a hopeful smile. And he’d accepted, not really knowing what else to do.

On one hand, he wanted to stay at the loft and be on hand to distract Mary Margaret from the party she decided to skip and the life resolution she’d taken when she’d resigned from her volunteer work at the hospital. But on the other hand, it was - perhaps - the only chance he’d have to see Henry for a while. Regina had held firm on her decision to ground Henry, and as much as Killian wanted to see the lad, he knew he would have to abide by her rules. Henry had tried sneaking into the station to see him, but Killian had reluctantly turned the boy away, praying that his mother would never learn of it.

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cries of panic and pain mingled in with the sounds of the dying city, but dazai’s world remained silent.

he could vaguely hear kunikida shouting at him, the concern in blonde’s voice as clear as day, but all shouts proved to be in vain as they fell upon deaf ears.

knees hit the ground harshly as dazai collapsed in front of the fallen figure before him. 

reaching out, the brunet picked chuuya up and held against his chest, keeping the executive’s face pointed towards him.

the peace that graced chuuya’s face could have fooled dazai into thinking the redhead was simply asleep.

if it wasn’t for the blood that trickled down from chuuya’s parted lips in a steady stream of scarlet, he would have believed it too. 

dazai brushed auburn curls out of chuuya’s face and gazed upon his closed eyes. he felt something deep within shatter once he realized those sapphire eyes would never look at him again. 

slowly, hot tears escaped down dazai’s face, landing on chuuya’s cheek as he wrapped his arms around petite figure even tighter, bringing the executive’s head into the crook of his neck. 

overwhelmed by his grief, dazai let himself break as chuuya’s words echoed in his ears. 

“how many times do i have to tell you dazai. if you want to cry, cry. i’ll be here to put you back together.” 

loosening his hold, dazai wiped his fallen tears from chuuya’s face, gently caressing the redhead’s cheek as he blinked through his tears and managed out a breathy whisper. 

“who’s going to put me back together now, chuuya.”

anonymous asked:

ow high school au! what are the cliques?

certified Cool - ana, orisa, satya, sombra

loud nerds - hana, lúcio, genji, torbjörn

quiet nerds (the “misfits”) - zenyatta, mei, winston, angela

protect at all costs - bastion, reinhardt, emily

jocks - lena, fareeha, jack, zarya

hipsters - gabriel, amélie, hanzo, jesse

weird stoners who are in detention three times a week - junkrat, roadhog


  • hanzo and amélie are best friends and they paint each other’s nails and do each other’s hair and gossip about everyone and play violin and piano duets
  • gabriel has a hopeless crush on jack and he writes song and poetry and whines about it all the time and he is completely blindsided when jack casually asks him out after one of his rugby practices
  • satya sets all the fashion trends and she and sombra are competing for valedictorian and they pretend they hate each other but in reality they hack into the school’s mainframe like once a month to change all the colors to be rainbow
  • jesse is like only half-hipster, in reality he’s a loud nerd and he plays dnd with hana and genji and lúcio every saturday
  • bastion is perfect and is also class president and no one is sure why but they don’t question it because bastion is perfect
  • there is a petition to have zarya arm-wrestle the principal and so far it has over two hundred signatures
  • angela graduates a year early and there are like fifteen people who want to ask her to prom so they start a game of assassin to determine who gets the honor to do so
  • junkrat is in detention because he keeps blowing things up in chem lab, but he always gets straight A’s so the teacher lets him do whatever in detention too and it’s kind of a useless cycle
  • there are many more headcanons but this is enough i think

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[please do not send any more prompts - thank you!]

Basics - Sahti Nhubalu

✣ NAME:  Sahti Nhubalu - Also known as Sister Sahti or Moura Sahti
✣ HEIGHT:  5’1
✣ SPECIES:  Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon
✣ GENDER:  Female
✣ NATIONALITY:  Dravanian
✣ NAMEDAY:  25th Sun of the Third Umbral Moon
✣ AGE:  No one knows for certain.  Perhaps around forty or fifty.
✣ RESIDENCE:  The Orn Wild
✣ DRINK:  Quartz water, mint tea, bone broth
✣ FOOD:  Roasted or stewed dodo
✣ SNACKS:  Sesame cakes
✣ COLOR:  Silvery white, the color of the moon.  Soldier’s Sore red.  Daffodil yellow.  Raspberry. Navy blue.
✣ FLOWER:  Dahlias, ranunculus, peonies - anything large and lush
✣ SEXUALITY:  Asexual, perhaps demisexual.
✣ BODY TYPE:  Petite.  Willowy arms.  Thin, quick fingers.  Narrow waist and hips.  Small but broad breasts.  Her tail is sleek and very long, her ears quite large.
✣ EYE COLOR:  Rosy-brown
✣ HAIR COLOR:  Black

falling for you pt.6 | jimin

Originally posted by kths

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 1.4k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

Yejin’s POV

A couple months later

JAGIYA!!!” a voice screamed behind me before crashing into my petite body. Feeling his arms wrap around me, hugging me from behind. Jumping slightly in surprise, I spun around and hit him lightly.

Yah! Oppa! You scared me!” I whined, my hands against his chest. Smiling widely at me, he nuzzled his nose against mine, “Mian,” he whispered softly.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, my fingers played with his soft locks. Sighing he leaned against my touch, his arms tightening around my waist.

Yah? Are you okay? You seem extra clingy.” I commented, smiling slightly.

Not that I minded a clingy Jimin of course.

Am I?” he asked innocently, before pulling me in for a warm hug. Resting his head against the crook of my neck, he said,“I just want to spend time with my Yejjinie, that’s all.”

Laughing at his nickname for me, I pulled away and pinched his cheeks before saying cutely,“Aigoo, my Jiminie is so cute.”

His eyes smiling, he bumped his forehead against mine. “Jagi..” he drawled.

What….” I drawled back teasingly, raising my eyebrows at him. Looking into my deep brown eyes, he asked, “Can we cuddle? I wanna cuddle. It’s so cold and your so warm and I just wanna hug you all day long~

Blushing, I giggled, “Yah..

“Please! Please! Pleaseeee…” he whined, opening his eyes wide and pouting his lips, pleading me with his aegyo.

Oka-PARK JIMIN!” I screeched, as I laughed loudly. As soon as I agreed due to his irresistible aegyo , he cheered and picked me up bridal style all the way to the couch. Setting me down softly, he plopped down next to me, pulling me into his warm body.

My head laid against his chest, as I snuggled closer into him. Sitting in a comfortable silence, Jimin’s fingers ran through my hair soothingly. Sighing against his touch, I thought, In just 2 more weeks, Jimin and Jungkook were flying back to Korea, and I was absolutely devastated to lose both Jungkook who over this year became one of my closest friends, and then Jimin, my boyfriend and safe to say, my first true love.

Sniffling slightly, I fought the threatening tears that appeared just thinking about it. Peering down at my face, Jimin frowned.

Yah yejin-ah…” he trailed off, looking at me confusedly. His hands slowly cupped my face, his fingers trailed across my cheeks. Staring at his chocolate brown eyes, I felt myself crumble.

The tears slipped out my eyes, as Jimin’s eyes rounded. “Yah..what’s wrong?! he exclaimed, as he wiped them away with his thumb.

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prompt :  Lafayette x Reader. but reader is really shy around Lafayette because they have this THING for French and they get flustered if they hear more than his accent. Lafayette is very well aware of this.

A/N ; aah, sorry this took so long to complete! Ive only just got on break for christmas and I had no time because in the past week,  ive had NINE exams. 

word count ; 1,089

warnings; french speaking??


request here

Was this… a date? You weren’t so sure. You and Lafayette had spent time alone together, in fact, that’s how you met! It was a warm summer’s day and you couldn’t think of spending it any other way besides sitting on a park bench with a notebook in your hands, scribbling down lines of poetry and snippets of conversations you had heard. They would come to be useful later! They usually did. As odd as it might seem to be sat alone on a park bench in the middle of Summer, the time when everyone was hanging out with their friends, you weren’t an introvert and you were quite social! You had to be, considering your family was of quite a high status. No, clearly you weren’t as rich as the Schylur’s but you came close. Meaning you had put up with a lot of formal meetings, events and parties – your social status had prepared you well.

It wasn’t long until a handsome man with dark brown hair scraped back approached you, introducing himself as Lafayette. He had a grin on his face – he was beautiful, clearly he knew it. You gave a smile back, though it couldn’t ever compare to the award winning smile of his! You two had hit it off right away and had spent the afternoon talking about random things – ranging from small talk to things such as what you believed in and the possibility of life on other planets far away. It seemed he was a believer too. Days later and you were still in contact, though now you had met his three friends: Alexander Hamilton: a workaholic, Hercules Mulligan: A tailor’s apprentice and John Laurens… the cute one with the freckles.

“You liiiiiiike him, (Y/N)~” Hercules teased, nudging John in the arm who made a kissy face at you. You felt your cheeks flush dark red, making you pout and stomp your foot childishly. Did you? Oh yes. Would you ever admit to it? Not in a million years.

“I do not! We’re simply going out as friends – it’s just some fireworks and a picnic, that’s it!” You protested, though the moment you had said it, you realised that it did sound a bit like a date. Your heart began to flutter in your chest at the thought, but you quickly stopped yourself from getting too excited. You were… just friends.

“Are you kidding me?!” John asked, throwing his arms out. “You like him, he likes you. Now get on with it!!” He exclaimed like a kid nagging their parent to buy them a toy from the store. You only blushed more and shook your head. Lafayette walked in, clearly confused by the scene. He looked as good as ever in his uniform – yet so did you in the pastel blue dress that Hercules had gone to the effort of making you a short while ago as a birthday gift. You wore it on special occasions; one of your favourites!

“Ready, mon amour?” Lafayette asked his thick French accent and words making your face even darker than before as he extended an arm for you to link. You felt like a computer with a malfunction, though you managed to raise your own petite arm and interlock it with his. You could feel the Frenchman’s muscles through his uniform. He noticed your reaction and flashed a Cheshire grin. He knew exactly what he was doing…

“Sure.” You mumbled, keeping your gaze directed at the floor. Without another word from any of you, he led you out of the house and along the path. Most of the walk was silent, which was unusual considering it was almost always impossible to shut the two of you up! You could talk to him about anything and it would more than likely always be interesting. Tonight, however, was different. Your gaze moved from the floor up to the sky, which was going from light blue to dark and stars were beginning to twinkle above the two of you.

“So, where are we going?” You finally asked up, your heart pounding hard against your ribcage. His chocolate brown eyes glanced down at you before he pulled them back to the road ahead.

“Worry not, mon chaton. I know the perfect place.” His voice was like velvet – gosh, why did he insist on doing this to you!? He KNEW that him speaking French and giving you nicknames made you flustered. You tensed and tried to pull your arm away from his, but it was no use. He just held onto it a little tighter, the familiar mischievous smirk playing at his lips. Again, you fell silent and allowed him to lead you off the path and down and not-so-steep hill, just by a river bank. The soft sound of water trickling was calming and nice; relaxing.

“Here.” He stated, punctuating it with a nod. He put the basket down and got out the blanket, flapping it open before laying it down on the grass and taking a seat. You did the same, unpacking the containers of food. There wasn’t much: some lemonade, some water, some cake and some chocolate covered strawberries. The two of you finally began talking, telling each other stories. Lafayette began to talk about his life in France, which intrigued you greatly. You began to lean on your hand subconsciously, batting your eyelashes up at him. A sudden “BANG” in the sky and flash of pink light made you scream and jump forward, your face buried into his chest.

He laughed. “Don’t worry, mon amour, ‘tis just the- fireworks.” He reassured, struggling to remember the word for the bursts of colour. You immediately felt stupid – not only because you’d just thrown yourself over his lap in complete panic, but because yet again, he had won you over with his French. The accent alone had made you swoon and blush, when he used the actual language, it had an even bigger effect on you! You weren’t sure why, but it turned your usual fun-loving-self into a flustered mess.

“You are blushing.” He stated like you couldn’t feel the heat in your own face. His hand came down to caress your cheek, pushing a strand of hair from your face before he allowed the same digit to trail over your lower lip, making them part slightly. Why did he insist on doing this? Why, why WHY?! Before you could protest, he leaned his face closer and leaned his lips against yours. I… guess it was a date, after all.

fallen snow- conclusion

같은 하늘 다른 곳에 있어도
부디 나를 잊지 말아요  

“even if we’re in different places under the same sky, don’t forget about me.”

suffering dazai under the cut

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She’s my Saving Grace, a Daryl Dixon x Reader fic

“I knew I shouldn’t ‘ave gone on that damn run…” Daryl huffed, hunched over with his hands on his knees. Glenn, himself, Y/N, and Sasha were in a department store, until it got bombarded with walkers after Sasha’d set off an alarm which God knows the damn thing attracted every corpse from miles around. When the walkers came to the windows, they were split up due to the fact that they were surrounded, and each of them had to find their own way out. Daryl was worried about Y/N. She was the type of girl who was quiet, she kept to herself most of the time. The group had found her near Hershell’s farm at the beginning while searching for Sofia. Her group was gone, and she took the blame for it.

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Winter (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, possible angst??, Bucky being a total creep

“I’m doing this to keep you safe.” Bucky repeats for the fifth time from the doorway, his eyes casted downwards, set with grief and determination. He watches as you nod slowly, pulling your knees to your chest to make room for him on the couch. 

Bucky never intended to hurt you, he always made it one of his missions to keep you out of harms way. After escaping HYDRA, Bucky was lost, unsure of how to navigate his own life without someone telling him what to do. He kept to himself, kept his apartment laced with multiple get away bags and ate more plums than he’d care to admit. He lead a simple life, trying to rid himself of his horrific past.

His simple life was turned upside down the day he heard a ruckus outside of his apartment door. He had peered out into the hallway through his peephole, his hand sporting a shiny black gun. And then, in that moment, James Barnes was completely and utterly ruined. His jaw became slack, his eye widening to get a better view and his hand released the gun, letting fall onto the floor. 

He had seen your smiling face, boxes piled up in your petite arms as you lugged them into the seemingly vacant apartment only a mere six feet from Bucky’s front door. He watched you intently that day, not leaving his perch as you and your sister packed the apartment full of boxes with different labels.

Bucky learned your schedule fairly quickly but in his defense the walls were paper thin. You woke up at 6 every morning, left to take a two hour run and returned with a cup of coffee and an apple. Then you’d shower, rustle around your kitchen for a bit before turning on the television.

He watched you come and go, his mind telling him that what he was doing was indeed the creepiest thing he had ever done, but a small part telling him that you were different, you were someone to be noticed.

So, Bucky listened to that small part of him and kept watch over you. He made sure to scope out any guys you brought to your apartment, kept a careful eye on your door whenever you left it open to run down and get your mail and always made sure to listen to the lock click every night.

That peephole had become Bucky’s best friend and had stayed that way for three months. Bucky thought he had a pretty solid system going for him, making sure to calculate his moves so he wouldn’t run into you and scare you off with his arm.

Bucky would awake at 6 right along with you, listening to the small sound of you feet padding over to your bathroom. He’d get his breakfast and coffee ready while he waited for you, then made his way to the door to make sure you left your house okay. He’d putter around for the two hours, checking and rechecking his guns, clean the three week old mac and cheese dish that he left in the sink or even attempt to figure out what to do with his hair. Then, he’d return to his perch and watch you make your way back into your apartment. 

It was a routine that gave Bucky a sense of authority, as if he was personally responsible for your safety. As if he was taking a weight off your shoulders by watching you like an absolute creep.

Bucky had prepared for essentially everything ranging from an attack from HYDRA to some douche bag refusing to leave you alone. He was fucking ready. What he wasn’t ready for, however, was for his doorbell to ring at 7:38 at night.

He never had any visitors, he had no clue who it could’ve been. But, he peaked through the peephole nonetheless and was momentarily stunned. Your bright eyes were peering at him through the glass and he had panicked for a split second if you could actually see him.

You were donned in a mid thigh black robe and some slippers with your hair in a messy bun atop your head. Your makeup was removed to show the natural flush of your cheeks. A coffee mug was in your hands, seeming huge compared to your small fingers. 

He had stumbled over his figure trying to open the door, his face turning harsh and demeaning when he saw you. “I know we don’t really know each other but I ran out of sugar and i already poured my cream in, do you have any?” Your voice surprised him, he didn’t know what he expected but he hadn’t expected the velvety music to flow through his system.

After that encounter, you tried to pry Bucky open. He was quite reserved the night you met, something that intrigued you beyond words. After months of knocking on his door, asking for some random object that you knew very well you had in your kitchen, he finally cracked and started to joke about you leeching onto him for his money.

He became your friend fairly quickly, then the man you ran to whenever you were cold at night, then the man you spent most of your nights tangled in the sheets with, then your proper boyfriend.

Bucky loved you more than anything, you loved him exactly the same. So, when he came to you telling you that he couldn’t stay there anymore and he had to leave you - you broke.

You had always been a calm person, never having a rude comment towards anybody. But, the idea of the love of your life leaving you made you feel a huge array of emotions. You screamed and cried and all around became a total bitch to Bucky for a solid three hours until you collapsed into the sofa and refused to acknowledge the fact bad things were happening to you.

Bucky broke our train of through with a touch on your shoulder, his metal fingers grasping the bare skin showing from his your oversized shirt. He slides over the couch easily, his thigh brushing against your toes.

“I used to love the winter. There’s something about the snow that just captivates me. Maybe it’s the way it turns to water against my skin despite how many times everyone tells me I’m freezing all the time or maybe it’s the way the sun reflects off it. I don’t know, I just used to love the winter. And then,” You paused, speaking your first words to him in the past few hours. “Then, well, you came along. And you loved me and I loved you more than my own life. And then you went and broke my heart in the dead of winter.”

Bucky sighs, his eyebrows furrowing together. “I guess it is funny though. People always say love will ruin you, I just didn’t believe them because theres no way that something so good could ruin someone. But, it did. You ruined me.” You finish, looking to the window to see the snow falling fresh on the ground.

Bucky watches you, his heart shattering at your words. “You know I love you.” He stops short, watching the way you chew your bottom lip, something you do when you’re trying to hold back your tears. “Fuck, come here.” Bucky mumbles, pulling you into his hard chest.

He holds you tight to him, letting you cry into his teeshirt as he sobs into your neck, clutching you as if his life depended on it. “Why can’t you just stay? You’re the only good i’ve ever had in my entire life - why the fuck can’t you stay?” Your words come out as mumbled sobs, muffled against his skin.

He places his fingers under your chin, forcing you to look at him. “I love you, so fucking much. More than i ever thought was possible. I want you to be safe, to not have to worry about someone finding out you’re with me and trying to kill y-”

“Yeah and what if they try to kill me while you’re gone because they know you’ll miss me, huh?!” You cut him off, slamming your fists onto his shirt. Bucky hadn’t thought of that, the idea putting him on edge. “Why are you doing this? You’re just going to leave me after two years?”

He shuffles under you, pressing his lips to your temple. “I can’t hold you back from living a beautiful life, I want you to find someone who can give you everything can’t.”

You shake your head in his heads, tears streaming down your cheeks. Bucky does his best to hold his in, sniffling every few seconds as he watches you break in his arms. “You’re the only man I’ll ever want. I’m going to spend the rest of my life comparing people to you only to find that they come up short. That they don’t hold me the way you do or they don’t make me feel like even though everything is shitty, somehow my life isn’t. I only want you.”

“I want your life to be fulfilling. I want you to marry someone and have beautiful babies with them and then grow old with the love of your life.You’ll always be mine, the love of my life, but I need you to find someone else to be yours. I need you to move on from me and forget all about me.” Bucky doesn’t realize he let some tears slip until he feels your fingers brushing them away. 

“I fucking hate the winter.” You mumble, resting your head on his shoulder. “And i fucking hate you for making me hate winter.”

“You don’t hate me.” Bucky corrects, his hands rubbing soothingly up your back. “You deserve to hate me, but you don’t. If you did you would have pushed me out of this apartment.”

Nodding, you look up at him. “Please, please stay.” Your voice is barley above a whisper, your bottom lip trembling. “I don’t know if I can do this on my own. It hurts, Bucky. It hurts so fucking bad.”

“Lets just forget about it right now. We have all night together, let’s just make the most of it and see how things play out in the morning.” Bucky consoles, laying on his back with you on top of him. His mind battles with itself as you cuddle into him, his thoughts about leaving you alone, susceptible to danger darting around his mind.

And then, in that moment, once again, James Barnes was completely and utterly ruined