I must admit, I think the most misunderstood character is Merrill out of all the Dragon Age games.

She is a bit accepted at face value as this innocent and sweet woman with a cute naivety, but like? Merrill is socially awkward, she doesn’t understand customs of the city and doesn’t know much about interactions (she admits being a bit isolated from her clan, which wasn’t really her clan). She was very secluded, but she isn’t naive when it comes danger. She understands how blood magic can corrupt, she knows well that demons are dangerous and is far from trusting everything that comes her way. She is fighting for her people and their glory and she’ll be a martyr for it if she must.

She enjoys dirty jokes and plays innocent to tease others or have them underestimate her, also she doesn’t understand innuendo the first time around (but would love to). She looks up to Isabela and wants to be that strong, that confident, the alluring, and that…knowing; though Isabela likes her just like she is. 

Which speaking of knowing? Merrill doesn’t know much, not really. She knows her People’s old tales, she knows Dalish culture and history, but she knows absolutely nothing about Ancient Elves. She cannot even read Elven (not fluently at least), Firsts and Keepers know spoken Elvish, not written Elvish. She wasn’t even able to figure out her Eluvian or how to make it work, she doesn’t know more mirrors exist and doesn’t know where to find them. She doesn’t realize what they are for and she doesn’t have access to any of that information; especially now that she left her clan. She is inquisitive and picks up things easily, but she doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to grow towards more at the moment. Though she does want to.

It’s that want that would make her listen to someone like Solas, he might look at her at first and think Dalish to the end. Yet really? She is quite similar to a (friend) Lavellan, she wants to know and learn from him with no fear to go her own way and be an individual. Without a clan and wanting to know more. Solas is a Dreamer even, which she would love to know about what he finds in the Fade and of old elven tales reenacted by spirits! And finding out he is Fen’Harel? She would be shocked, would question everything he said and it’s viability. The old tales and scriptures don’t lie though and knowing what happened to her People would both excite and sadden her. She would want to stop Solas and confront him on what he wants to do to her People, after they’ve come so far. She’d kick his ass but only after knowing what he actually planned to do now, not simply for being Fen’Harel, The Trickster of legend.

I love Merrill to death, because she is such a subtly complex and layered character. Though I think people tend to simultaneously over and under estimate the elven woman.


If you love Cadbury Creme Eggs as much as we do you’re going to love the next Geyser of Awesome Field Trip. We’re going to London pay a hungry visit to the Creme Egg Cafe, which was opened by Cadbury last month. The building’s exterior is painted like the foil wrapping on a creme egg and there’s even a neon egg in the front window. Open through March 27, 2016, the pop-up cafe is serving the beloved chocolate creme eggs with slices of toast, inside pressed sandwiches, as utterly irresistible brownies, and more.

There’s even a Cadbury Creme Egg-themed ball pit to play in:

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Visit the Cadbury Creme Egg Facebook page or Instagram explore page to check out more photos from this tantalizing pop-up cafe.

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whenever you’re feeling sad or insecure remember that harry loves you and he wants you to love yourself and he wants you to be safe and happy always and if you ever met him he would wrap you in his arms and tell you exactly how much he loves you and that everything is gonna be okay

(listening to Steven Universe theme song)
Pearl: We were amazed to find… your beauty and your worth!
Me: (goes into the comment section)
Everyone is calling each other idiots and swearing/using abusive threats towards children. How are you fans of a show that preaches friendship and kindness? I really? Just don’t? Understand?