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This might be a bit unusual for this blog, but I am going to do an analysis…of an object. That staff is one of the most interesting tools/weapons in the entire show, and they didn’t even bother to give it a name. I’ll just call it “the staff,” since that’s all Freakshow calls it, but yeah.

Like I said, this is out of the ordinary, so it might get messy, but I’ll do my best.

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Our Kind Of Love (Part 10/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  

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a wipe my tears away kind of love.

You wake up in Steve’s arms, having eventually made your way to the bedroom.  Your head was on his chest, your arms around him.  Your mind hadn’t turned off really at all, you tossed and turned until Steve finally locked both his arms around you, trapping you against him.

You feel Steve’s arms loosen and know he is awake.  He presses a kiss against your head then your cheek then your lips.  You give him a sad smile, but make no move to get up.  He presses his face into your neck and you feel his lips graze your skin. “Let’s stay in bed all day.”

He lifts his head, you never want to stay in bed, you were usually up and getting stuff done by eight in the morning at the latest.  Steve looks you over, he knew that this had something to do with Charlie.  He also knew that he couldn’t let you wallow in your grief.

“You remember that day me and Charlie were in his room and talked? He told me about a few things and he, Charlie was a great man, he loved you like a granddaughter.   Charlie and Betty didn’t have any kids, Betty couldn’t-.  He left us both somethin.”  Steve held you tightly as he spoke knowing this was going to be hard for you.

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London-made French “le Petit Protector du Fromage

Manufactured by J. Hinds, English watchmaker and jeweler.
4mm pinfire six-round manually indexed cylinder, German silver band circled with blued steel hammer spring, no serial number of course as these were produced in the 20th century as one-off artificial curios.

These gadgets would have been popular in the early 19th century, with the invention of self-contained cartridges by Frenchmen such as Casimir Lefaucheux making all sorts of weird firearms available to the discerning gentleman. Pinfire cartridges remain the ammunition of choice to this day when extremely small jeweler’s guns are concerned.
The small protectors were the 4mm and 5mm version, but a 2mm alternative of this bauble also exist, named the “Femme Fatale” -le woman that kills you.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc.

My Delicate Flower

(OOC: Request from@drinix where Caspian and the reader are married with a lot of fluff. Also it’s been awhile since I’ve done a piece for Narnia so it might be a bit stale & I feel like I finished prematurely idk let me know what you think nicely and it’s so unfair how hot Ben Barnes is -_-)

It was the evening shortly after a council meeting and you retreated to the library, you just wanted some peace and quiet to relax and think. There was a book lying on the table which you picked up and started to read, you were so engrossed in the story that you hadn’t noticed that someone else was in the room. They walked closer to you until they were right behind you, clearing their throat which made you realize that someone was observing you. You looked up and noticed those stunning hazel eyes and that charming smile, they belonged to the King of Narnia who happened to be your husband.

“Sunshine, what are you doing in here?” you couldn’t help but smile at his pet name, it still gave you butterflies when he talked to you like that. “I thought I could get some reading in” you plainly stated, if someone needed to locate you they went to the library. “You and your books” he teased as he sat down beside you.

You pressed your back to his shoulder taking in his heat, he leaned in closer and softly kissed your forehead playing with your hair while you explained your book. You were sure he could care less, he was the King afterall he had other things to take care of and his plate was always full with something. “Do you remember the first time we met?” you wondered looking up at him. “Of course, love. How could I forget? You looked extraordinarily beautiful just like you do everyday” “If I recall correctly you acted as though you were a foreigner to get permission to talk to me, yes?” he asked and you let out a laugh. “Oh, I forgot about that part. How else would I be able to talk to the Prince?” you quizzed him, he looked at you endearingly and leaned in and softly kissed you, the type of kiss that could stop time and made your heart skip a beat. “I knew that day that I loved you” he whispered gently against your lips.

“Did you know then, that I was lying?” you wondered outloud. “I had my suspicions, however I went along with it because I wanted to get to know you” “Why are you asking, Sunshine?” “With all of your responsibilities I thought maybe, you might have grown tired of me” you confessed, which was something you feared recently. He laughed to himself and a smirk formed on his face “not in a million years!” “You worry too much, flower” He sat up from his chair next to you and led you outside the study to the gardens which was your favorite part of the castle. You were the only ones who knew why it was important to you, to everyone else they were just flowers. To you it was where it all began, he noticed you alone all those years ago and started to talk to you; a few weeks after that it was your meeting place. You always felt incredibly safe here because you could rely on Caspian to be there.

Walking on the cobblestone pathway to the royal garden you viewed and examined all the flowers and statues along the way. You leaned on the railing and looked below at the ocean and the waves the water was making when you felt two hands around your waist and a face leaning on your shoulder. “Love?” your husband asked in a husky voice. Looking up at him while in his embrace “do you remember when you proposed?” “How could I forget? It was right here, I knew you liked the gardens. You come here to think, I use to call you my little flower”

Remembering that evening, it was late but you recieved a notice to meet the Prince in the royal gardens. So there you were waiting for what seemed like an eternity, it was rather cold as it was during the spring. Within a moments time your Prince was standing next to you with his arm around you, “my love” he always greeted you with that which made you smile. Covering you with his jacket he started to tell you about his day and asked you about yours then he led you along the path to a section of the garden where a table was set up. A display of food and pastries along with rose petals and light music in the background. “Its beautiful. What’s the occasion?” “Its not as beautiful as you, nothing can compare to you” he explained and he truly meant that. He took both of your hands in his and leaned in to kiss you it was rather quick but meaningful. “I can’t imagine my life without you, your the reason I’ve accomplished so much, your my rock. My reason for getting up in the morning, my life is in your hands. That’s why-” he cut himself off, kneeling down he looked up at you with hope and excitement in his eyes. “That’s why I want you here, with me by my side always. Would you be my Queen for the rest of our lives?” Shocked and full of excitement all you could do was nod your head, you lost your voice as you were frozen before your one and only. “Y-yes” you finally managed and he slipped the petite but gorgeous ring on your finger and you sealed your engagement with a soft delicate kiss.

You looked at him with a puzzled look on your face “Yes, why was that?” “So many questions today, love” he mused “I guess it was because you bloomed into a caring, intelligent, sophisticated woman who also needed to be protected at all costs” “you’re so sweet” you gushed, what did you do to deserve him? “Shh flower, don’t tell anyone that. They will expect me to go easy on them” you laughed together, of course being the King wasn’t easy at times he had to be partial and even rule against someone in a court case.

Sometimes you worried about him, would he remember to eat if you weren’t there to remind him? What would happen with all of the court cases, all the treaties and alliances he had to keep up with? You had been married to him for a few years now and he courted you for an eternity it seemed. Most people thought it was an odd pairing and thought for sure that you wouldn’t last, after all he was a Prince and you were an outspoken and boisterous girl in your youth and most importantly to some; not royality.

There was a small part of Narnia that wished the Queen came from a royal line which made you a source of resentment and they felt as though Caspian married you as a act of rebellion, which of course he assured you that wasn’t the case. Your family line meant nothing to him, it was you who made him fall in love, you who made him a better man, you who changed his world for the better- not your family line.

Sighing to yourself you looked up at your husband with a glimmer of hope “how was I so lucky to end up with you?” “I ask myself that everyday”

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