petite bunny gloss

SWEET DREAMS - model: Gabrielle Richardson - photography: Anairam - beauty editor: Jade Taylor - hair: Sean Michael Bennett - makeup: Lindsey Williams - Nylon February 2017

beauty notes: Nars single eye shadow in night star - Urban Decay afterglow 8-hour powder blush in obsessed - TonyMoly petite bunny gloss bar in bunny 1 - Moroccanoil curl defining cream


My first haul on this account!✨✨
I went to the two shops on different days but I’m counting this as one haul bc it was all done during the same holiday trip

❤️Urb@n 0utfitter$❤️
• Calvin Klein racerbacks x4 - £120.00
• Calvin Klein knickers x8 - £160.00
• Calvin Klein black cropped tee - £45.00
• Black Stardust slip dress - £25.00
• Lettuce edged culottes - £39.00
• Floral bardot crop top - £25.00

• Brandy Melville Jamie cherries tee - £20.00
• Illustrated People heart tee - £25.00
• Orelia lotus hoops x2 - £30.00
• Orelia starfish studs - £12.00
• Orelia love knot bangle - £15.00
• Orelia open star bangle - £12.00
• Orelia fake septum piercings x2 - £30.00
• Gold stone ring - £12.50
• Starfish ring - £6.50
• Shell hoops x2 - £17.00
• Gold drop choker - £5.00
• Her Curious Nature temple hoops - £22.50
• Gold leaf hoops - £8.00
• La Boheme white slip - £35.00
• La Boheme pink slip - £35.00
• Pale blue teddy - £35.00
• Bridal suspender belt - £16.00
• Ivory bridal triangle bra - £18.00
• Bridal mini knickers x2 - £24.00
• Pink lacy triangle bra - £20.00
• Broderie lace bras x2 - £40.00
• Branded black knickers - £5.00
• Floral appliqué bra - £26.00
• Fabric nipple covers - £6.00
• The Ragged Priest denim jacket - £75.00
• TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in cherry - £7.00
❤️Total: £971.50 !!!!!❤️

anonymous asked:

Do you know any super cute lipstick packaging?

*cracks my knuckles* I’m glad u asked..

OH HO HO BOY THIS IS MY FORTE. Also it totally depends on what you consider or what you mean by cute SOOO I’ll just suggest all the lipstick packaging that I personally like and find cute - whether it be ‘kawaii’, ‘elegant’, or ‘punk’ kinds of cute. I’ll also be suggesting lipsticks of all types and formulas, not just in bullet form, and at any price range

  • Etude House Lipsticks ( x // x // x // x // x )
  • PONY Effect That Girl Outfit Lipstick ( x )
  • Beyond Alice in Blooming Lipstick ( x )
  • Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips/Liquid Lipsticks ( x // x ) [same packaging for both formulas but the different formula colors peering through the tube give the packaging different looks if you know what i mean] 
  • LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Apocalipsticks ( x )
  • Caked Co Lip Fondant/Liquid Lipsticks ( x ) [the tube itself is simple but the top is cute]
  • Colourpop x Hello Kitty Matte & Satin Liquid Lipsticks ( x ) [they pretty much only changed the tops to have a different design but the HK design goes so well with Colourpop’s aesthetic)
  • Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick ( x // x )
  • Yves Saint Laurent Lipsticks ( x // x // x ) [I saw the first one irl at Sephora and I just died a lil inside]
  • Christian Louboutin Lipsticks & Lacquer ( x // x // x // x )
  • Besame Cosmetics Lipstick ( x ) [simple but cute bullet design]
  • Mellow Cosmetics Lipsticks ( x ) [another very simple one i just like the matte soft white look it has???]
  • Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in ‘Trouble Maker’ ( x ) [I think that packaging is exclusive to that shade]
  • Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks ( x // x ) [idk what it is but the packaging is so cute to me esp in person ESPECIALLY the limited edition Candy Cane packaging. it’s a pretty color and formula]
  • MILK Cosmetics Lip Products ( x // x ) [they’re supposed to look like highlighters and markers it’s so tacky i love it]
  • Sephora x Pantone 2016 Color of the Year Lipsticks ( x ) [they’re sold out from sephora so I can’t give a link to buy unless you wanna go eBay and Amazon where they’re more expensive]
  • MAC Cosmetics x Mariah Carey Lipstick ( x
  • Paul & Joe Lipsticks ( x ) [they have those cat head shaped lipsticks]
  • Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bars ( x
  • Jill Stuart Lip Products ( x )
  • Winky Lux Lip Velour Lipstick ( x ) [they look like white and gold pills ahh]
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks + Bullet Lipsticks ( x ) [MOST IMPORTANTLY the bullet lipstick okay they look like cute lil pills and ahhhhhhhh gimme i need. their liquid lipstick in the shade Trinket used to have special really adorable artwork packaging when first released but not anymore]
  • Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipsticks ( x ) [the bottles are pretty cute but also props to their box packaging because when you have four of them you can put together a full pic like this. Also, I BELIEVE they’re going to change their cool green slime packaging this year i’m not sure so if you’re interested in the current packaging i guess get urs now]
  • Lime Crime Lip Products ( x // x // x ) [Diamond Crusher is actually just a lip topper but it’s still cute tho. Controversies aside, their Unicorn packaging was one of the first eye catching packaging in the indie market back in the day so I gotta point them out. They also have a Melanie Martinez collab lipstick bullet “Cry Baby” design, but that was limited edition and I haven’t heard if they’ll ever be back in stock again]
  • Baby Bat Beauty Metallic Lip Cream ( x ) [I like how different the bejeweled top is, as I personally haven’t seen that on other products. I also have a review for their lip creams here if u wanna check it out] 
  • Black Moon Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks ( x )

Annnnnnd that’s all I can come up with at the moment. You definitely wanna be hovering the Japanese and Korean cosmetics market for some really cute packaging, but also don’t forget to look into the indie market in general because indie companies have also been coming out with cute packaging!!!

anonymous asked:

do you actually have any evidence of yesstyle doing shady stuff though?i want to believe you but i've always had good exeperiences with them...

well i mean if you like shopping from them and you’ve had good experiences, i’m not trying to stop you from shopping there! it’s really not hard to see that they’re overpriced or that they have fake sales tho… just go onto any korean beauty store and compare the prices. examples:

  • etude house dear darling water tint
    yesstyle: $5.07, 70% sale ($16.90 listed price LOL)
    - yesstyle (not ‘on sale’): $5.61 ($5.90 listed price)
    jolse: $5.08 ($5.98 listed price)
    beautynetkorea: $4.41 ($5.19 listed price)
    etude house: $5.20
  • tonymoly petite bunny gloss bar
    yesstyle: $4.77, 70% sale ($15.90 listed price)
    - yesstyle (60% off): $4.36 ($10.90 listed price)
    jolse: $4.97 ($5.85 listed price)
    beautynetkorea: $4.24 ($4.99 listed price)
  • etude house missing u hand cream
    yesstyle: $5.95, 70% sale ($11.90 listed price)
    - yesstyle (not ‘on sale’): $7.51 ($7.90 listed price)
    jolse: $6.10 ($7.18 listed price)
    beautynetkorea: $4.74 ($5.58 listed price)
    etude house: $5.90

i also want to point out that jolse and bnk both have free shipping on all their items, while on yesstyle you have to spend $35 or more to get free shipping.

edit: a convo with a friend reminded me of this ask :~)
so i added the current prices of these items that i compared a while back… and u can see how their ‘listed price’ seems to fluctate by up to $10 LMAO and that the other stores (with free shipping btw) are still cheaper than buying from yesstyle
my conclusion: buy asian beauty elsewhere (like jolse or bnk, which are linked above)


Hello I am giving these things to you


  • Cropped T-shirt (OSFA) ((also idk what the hell the monster 99nd means))
  • VIXX - Voodoo Album (w/ Ken and Ravi photocard thingies!!)
  • Handful of samples from Innisfree and Tony Moly
  • Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Juicy Strawberry
  • Kitty Sleeping Eye Mask
  • Cat Mouse Pad
  • Let’s Make Cute Stuff! book by Aranzi Aronzo (has lots of instructions+patterns for cute little bags and cozies and stuff)
  • Some notes+doodles from me!

I may throw in some more stuff as I collect more things so!!! Also, if I have time I will throw in a mini watercolor portrait of a person of your choice (it can be your bias, your mom, yourself, idc!!)


  • Must be following at least one of my blogs (kpop, fashion+misc, beauty advice, art)
  • don’t delete the text duh
  • reblogs count, reblog as much as you want for more entries
  • likes count yo
  • no giveaway blogs pls!


  • Ends April 15th for now (I may move it back or forward depending on how much/little response this gets)
  • Using a randomizer to pick the winner
  • I’ll give you a few days to respond before choosing a new winner
  • Message me for questions!