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What was your: 

Last drink: Water.
Last phone call: I don’t even remember anymore. I think it was a friend.
Last text message: caitylotztho. To inform her that I have spoken to 15 people today HAHAHA idk, I felt it was important information.
Last song you listened to: Mientes, by Camila.
Last time you cried: ‘Bout two days ago? Guess the homework pressure was getting to me :P

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: No.
Been cheated on: No.
Kissed someone and regretted it: No.
Lost someone special: If my grandparents count, yes.
Been depressed: Not clinically diagnosed, but there was a high possibility.
Been drunk and thrown up: No.

List three favourite colours: Purple, blue, green.

In the last year have you:

Made a new friend: Yes.
Fallen out of love: No.
Laughed until you cried: Yes.
Met someone who changed you: Yes.
Found out who your true friends are: I cannot answer this question. They are my true friends until they’re not.
Found out someone who was talking about you: I would hope not!
Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: God no.


How many people on your FB friends do you know in real life: Most of them. 
Do you have any pets: Not currently.
Do you want to change your name: Nope. I’ve shared the same Chinese name with like 6 other people in my short lifetime, but at least it sounds nice.
What did you do for your last birthday: Went for dinner with my friends.
What time did you wake up today: I didn’t go to bed last night, lol.
What were you doing at midnight last night: My dissertation.
Name something you cannot wait for: Malaysian food. (I need to know about that elephant carcass, Hayley.)
Last time you saw your mother: Last September.
What are you listening to right now: Aléjate de Mí, by Camila. I’m going through their tracks list; can you tell? :P
Have you ever talked to a person named tom: I would assume so, but I don’t personally know anyone by that name.
What’s getting on your nerves right now:  Nothing.
Blood type: Would you judge me if I said I didn’t know?
Nickname: Sophie.
Relationship status: Single.
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Pronouns: She/her.
Favourite TV show: Arrow. (I didn’t know that you watched NCIS, Hayley?! Or did I and forget??)
Tattoos: None. 
Right or left: Both.
First surgery: I haven’t had surgery.
First piercing: Ears.
First best friend: I don’t remember.
First sport you joined: Swimming.
First vacation: I don’t remember.
First pair of trainers: Probably Kiki-Lala.

Right now:

Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Nothing.
I’m about to: Go … downstairs? Or answer more tag memes.
Waiting for: My flight home.
Want kids: Not right now. Depends on my eventual career.
Get married: Not right now.

Which is better:

Lips or eyes: Eyes.
Hugs or kisses: Hugs.
Shorter or taller: What, than me? Do you know how short you’d have to be to be shorter than me?
Older or younger: Older.
Romantic or spontaneous: This requires a more multifaceted answer, lol.
Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach.
Sensitive or loud: Sensitive.
Hook up or relationship: Relationship.
Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant.

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: No.
Drank hard liquor: Yes.
Sex on the first date: No.
Broke someone’s heart: I wis–just kidding.
Had your own heart broken: Maybe?
Been arrested: No.
Cried when someone died: Yes.
Fallen for a friend: Yes.

Do you believe in:

Yourself: On most occasions.
Miracles: No.
Love at first sight: Not for myself, but I think this is a very subjective issue. If two people were to meet and call it love at first sight, I’m in no position to define what love is for them.
Heaven: No.
Santa Claus: No.
Kiss on the first date: I wasn’t aware such an issue required a belief system?
Angels: No.

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The Crossroads, chapter 11

Author: mon-petit-pois
Rating: M
Total WC: 38,019
Chapter WC: 4,018
Pairing: Tony/Ziva
Summary: “She had nothing left but Eli’s orders—so she followed them, knowing but not caring that she was losing herself in the process.” Tali is dead and Ziva is grieving, throwing herself into a string of missions in an attempt to cope. But one assignment is not like the others, and what she finds could turn her world upside down. Preseries AU. T/Z.

Link to Chapter 1


It was a shocked utterance, breathless and misshapen, and yet it struck her forcefully in every plane of being. Like a skyscraper in a hurricane she swayed, slightly, clinging to her foundation; clinging to the weight inside herself that rooted her to this floor, in this hallway, in this building in this city in this country she never should have…

She blinked and tried to inhale, pulling hot air through thick black cloth that covered her nose, her mouth. It shielded and concealed, not simply her from the world but the world from her. And as reality began to settle around her, color seeping into the brown door, the tan walls, those green eyes, she realized just how completely obscured she’d been to reality, because somehow she had gotten here and she couldn’t remember couldn’t think couldn’t see anything but smeared images of a bus, a taxi, a plane that went up up up toward…


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petite-pois-stuff asked:

For the thing you reblogged that you wanted something in your ask box; You are very adorable, a good artist, and I hope that you're having a good day! :D

Okay, I only just got round to seeing this but I am crying and am so happy :’) bless your soul, bless you, you are way too kind and deserve a wonderful day too!!!!! Heck you deserve a wonderful month :’)

J'me suis fait opérer des dents de sagesse ce matin. J'ai mis des petits pois congelés sur mes joues du coup ça sent les petits pois dans ma chambre. Ah oui j'ai fait un malaise vagal et j'suis tombé dans la cuisine mais sinon youpi !
—  FXT7

satan-0666 asked:

Qu'est-ce que tu n'aimes pas ? Aliments, habits, n'importe.

Y’a beaucoup trop de trucs que je n’aime pas du genre les épinards, les petits pois, les sarouels, les insectes, les hypocrites, les leggings, la couleur orange; mais c’que j’aime le moins c’est quand on me pose une question et qu’on n’écoute pas ma réponse. Si tu “t’intéresses” à moi tu ne fais pas semblant, tu le fais jusqu’au bout et t’écoutes toute ma réponse. C’est tout bête mais ça a le don de me mettre en colère.

Le menu du soir de la Brasserie des Halles au Havre

Servi le soir du mardi au samedi

Entrée, plat et dessert : 25€90
Entrée, plat ou plat, dessert : 21€90

Foie gras maison fourré aux mangues et miel (+3€)
Saumon gravlax et sa mousseline au citron et aneth
Les petits pois façon gaspacho à l’essence de truffe et écrevisse flambée au cognac
Mousseline de poivron et ricotta et sa tuile au parmesan

Souris d’agneau confite miel et romarin
Filet de bœuf sur lit de pleurotes en persillade (+3€)
Filet de bar au curry et piment d’Espelette
L’espadon sauce safranée
Tartare de bœuf

Garniture au choix : frites maison, purée maison, gratin dauphinois, haricots verts, salade de riz, tagliatelles, légumes du soleil.

Assiette de fromages de la région
Café gourmand
Fondant au chocolat
Fondant au caramel
Tarte normande et caramel beurre salé
Profiteroles de la maison
Macaron aux fruits rouges et son sorbet citron vert

voir la fiche du restaurant

voir + de post et de photos de la Brasserie des Halles