On a funnier topic

The cats love the cat food flavored sorbet  I make for them when it’s hotter than in a brick oven out there.
They LOVE it. They pratically run into my legs when I open the freezer now (which bring some fun comments like: FFS Valium, stop that, it’s frozen peas!!)
For the curious, I got the idea there:
(Except I don’t made them with tuna, I’m not sure if it’s good for them)

Sur un sujet un peu plus drôle: Les chats adorent les sorbets parfum paté pour chat que je leur fait quand il fait plus chaud que dans un four ici.
Ils en sont DINGUE. Ils me sautent dans les jambes quand j’ouvre le congélateur maintenant ( ce qui occasionnent des réflexion du genre: Mais putain Valium, ce sont des petits pois surgelés!)
Pour les curieux, j’ai ut l’idée là (sauf que je les fait pas avec le thon, je suis pas sure que ce soit bon pour eux)

The Crown Hangs Heavy

an Avatar: the Last Airbender fanfic

author: mon-petit-pois
words: 5,810
genre: family, hurt/comfort
characters: Zuko, Hakoda
summary: "They asked if we’d heard the news… about the Fire Nation prince. He was thirteen. Sokka’s age. I was… fascinated.“ Hakoda does not know Zuko, but he knows of him. [set after 3x15 TBR]

They told the story late at night around a campfire. A harrowing tale, truly—one of risk, action, reunion, and love. Everyone, even those who had witnessed the events firsthand, listened with rapt attention over cups of steaming tea. Ginseng. Zuko brewed and served it himself, to high praise from the ex-prisoners.

"My uncle makes it better,” he promised, and gave a small nod, “but thank you.” He was almost certain he’d forgotten a step or two. The Jasmine Dragon felt years removed from his memory.

The tea served, he took his place at the periphery. He was half shadow, sitting back just slightly from the others as he listened. After months as the center of attention, it was a welcome reprieve. He did not miss the spotlight of royalty, nor the hundreds of eyes—belonging to servants, citizens, palanquin bearers, fathers—that had studied his every move at the Palace. There were, it now seemed, some benefits to treason and disgrace; namely, that he could drop his guard, drink his tea, and listen to Chief Hakoda regale the group with the tale of their escape.

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