petit trianon


{The Temple of Love at Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon, Versailles}

The small castle estate of Marie Antoinette is startlingly different than the Palace of Versailles.   I am sure both sides of this world reflect different parts of her personality - but there is a bonheur essentiel here.  

The architecture is more delicate and the rooms cozy and private.  The queen’s bedroom even had mirrored panels to shield the windows!  The design of the entire building seems to emphasize a private life apart from the scrutiny of visitors and servants.

The queen could have tea with friends in her private salon or escape to the bucolic farm right outside of the garden.  

And the Temple of Love!  Oh my goodness!  Go see it up close and kiss your honey there. Trust me on this! ;D

LES LIAISONS DE MARIE ANTOINETTE | Sprigged dresses in the Imperial Suite of the Paris Ritz, inspired by Marie Antoinette frolicking at the bucolic Le Petit Trianon, took up to 1,200 hours to make by hand. On models Sigrid Agren, Patricia van der Vliet, Josephine Skriver, and Mirte Maas: Valentino Haute Couture taffeta dresses. Lace headpieces created by Julien d’Ys, using Mokuba ribbon. | “CHECKING OUT” Photoraphed by Tim Walker for Vogue US APRIL 2012