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I mean, anything with brent corrigan really 

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They talked about BTS in a very famous French "news" tonight ! A lot of people watch it I’m so glad France is starting to give them the exposure they deserve

Are you talking about TF1 Le Petit Q because I just saw it HERE and was like:

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I am sure when BTS will go to Europe for the 2018 world tour it will be similar to an apocalypse. E-ARMY has been wishing to see them for years. It will be C.R.A.Z.Y!


New Disney Q Posket! ^o^

This is so exciting! Let’s get started:

Two new Q Posket (14cm) presented: Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’! In their most popular outfits: Ice Queen Elsa and Winter Gear Anna (without her white hair streak, though).

I’m not sure how Elsa’s expression will look like in the final figure, I like wide-eyed Q Poskets better… And Anna is the first one looking straigh ahead. I know lines evolve and change, but Q Poskets have a very simple formula and I prefer they’d stick to it.

And two new sets of Q Posket Petit (7cm) featuring:

  • Villager Belle (I lover her pose, and the fact she has a book)
  • Tinkerbell (we knew she was coming, she’s so cute)
  • Tiger Lily. TIGER. LILY. I can’t believe my eyes O.o (can I have real hopes for Wendy now? Also, TIGER LILY).
  • Aurora in blue (1st logical recolour, hehe)
  • Arielle in pink (I love getting all of Arielle’s outfits)
  • Sofia (now that was unexpected… Will Elena join in the future?)

I am running out of room for these… but they are so cute… I’ll manage!

Also, ouch my wallet. Just when I though about not buying any more Petits they give us Blue Aurora, and Pink Arielle, and TIGER LILY, and… Geeeeez, Disney knows how to make money, that’s for sure.


Comparison - Q Posket vs Q Posket Petit (Disney)

Here you are the Disney characters who have both a regular and a Petit version so far: Rapunzel, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White and Arielle.

Even though they are in the same outfits, they bothered to give them different poses (unlike one of the first Sailor Moon Petits).

In case you are new to the party, regular Q Poskets are 14cm, Petits are 7cm and lesser quality, and all of them are adorable and lovely.

woooaaahhhh dajkshdk my first thousand ~ tbh i never expected this but it makes me sooo happy. i thought many times about deleting and quitting tumblr for good, but i’ve met so many amazing people and made friends kjasdh anywayyy i didn’t know what to do… so i thought i will do my first mutual appreciation post ~ 

🌈💘🙇 i love you all so much and i’m very grateful 🙇💘🌈

to my mutuals : I love all of you (even tho i don’t talk to some of you dhajks) i’m happy to be mutual with you xx i hope you will accomplish all you want and get a lots of love in you life ~ drink a lot of water, take care and love yourself ✨💘

(note: if i forgot you, i’m sorry ksjhdakjd let me knooow | if you want to be remove, tell me ~ (and i’m sorry if it messes up your notifs 😭))

(mutuals under the cut since i don’t want to annoy anyone with a long ass post sakhjd)

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