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I mean, anything with brent corrigan really 

  • Chuuya: I hate Dazai.
  • Person: Me too!
  • Chuuya: If you value your life, shut the fuck up!
petition for will byers to be gay in season 2


1. this show is too straight

2. the bullies in the show call him queer, reflective of the language of the time period, and it would be more meaningful if he actually were. heres why. it would shift from having homophobic language used to accurately portray a time period to making a statement about homophobia. bc not all kids who r called queer and the f slur etc are actually poor straight victims of bullying bc the insinuation of being gay is just so bad! gag. lots of kids who face that kind of hate speech r in fact lgbt kids, and it would show that the problem with that language isnt that theres a problem with being lgbt, its that it implies that being lgbt is something demeaning

3. i also like to think that my boys, although they might have homophobic reactions at first, would come around and b cool about it and defend will forever

4. we dont know much about will bc he spent the whole first season in the upsidedown, so it wouldnt b something totally incongruent with his character. in other words, the straights wouldnt b able to complain that its unbelievable bc of x crush he had on a girl. bc he didnt. he was in another dimension, no time to have heterosexuality forced on u as a ten y/o when ur boutta die

5. it could b portrayed as just as innocent as eleven and mikes relationship. ofc, bc of the time period, will wouldnt come out. like its not 2016 i know. but maybe he could have a crush or end up kissing a boy that his friends find out about. nothing that would put him in real danger, like being outed to the whole school. the last thing we need to see is violence against lgbt kids on this show. but it could totally b done tastefully, and address homophobia

6. its not that none of the other characters on stranger things could b lgbt (trust me i am 5000% here for a bi or lesbian nancy), but will byers is a character who hasnt been explored much, and has meaningful reason to be made gay, so chop chop get to it duffer bros