petit pull

[ F I R S T x K I S S ]

pairing; yoongi x reader.

raiting; fluff.

word count; 1,216.

♡ oh wow, i’m soft for yoongi holy shit. thank u for requesting, hope u enjoy!

I’m gonna buy you a whole meal with beef and soju included if you get the bastard out of there”, you just look at Namjoon completely unfazed; the boy looks so desperate it’s getting really hard to control your chuckles but you do it just for the funs of it, “(Y/N), please, BangPD is going to dishonor him if he stays in there any longer”, that may be true and somehow you are starting to feel kinda worried because, for starters, why are you the one that has to deal with a grumpy Yoongi at midnight? Is the situation really that bad? Was that the reason why Taehyung’s face was looking all red when you arrived? Did he punch him? There are so many question that need to be answered and you wish you could ask them all but you reduce your options to just one, “For how long has he been there?”, you turn your head slightly towards the door of the studio, a thin line of light from under the door slipping to the dark corridor Namjoon dragged you to as soon as you were at the dorms, “Twenty eight hours”, and that’s basically your queue. Namjoon sights and now you feel bad for the boy because he is truly worried about Yoongi, “No bathroom, no food. God, I don’t even know if he has water in there”, probably not, you think to yourself, “I’ll handle it, go to sleep”, you pat him on the head and push him down the corridor, making sure he goes to his room before returning. Now is when the nerves assault you and slap your forehead because are you stupid?

 You knock on the door three times, softly, not wanting to startle him in case he’s focused. When there’s no answer, you start turning the doorknob, gulping hard at the simple thought of an angry and exhausted Yoongi. It may sound stupid but you can’t help feeling this annoying butterflies in your stomach as soon as you spot his dark figure sitting on the professional chair, furiously typing on the keyboard. You don’t have any idea of what he’s doing and you don’t question it because it’s none of your business. You take two short steps ahead while taking a deep breath, trying to organize your thoughts. Just as you open your mouth to call him out, the silence is broken by his raspy voice, “What do you want?”, he’s mad. Oh no, he’s so mad and you hate yourself for even thinking this was a good idea. Without saying a word you turn around and bite your inner cheek thinking about what you’re going to do to Namjoon for convincing you of doing such a stupid move but just as you harshly open the door you hear Yoongi’s chair turning behind you, “(Y/N)”, right, now he knows it’s you and he’s definitely going to hate you for interru-,”Can you help me with this?”, his voice is practically a whisper and you wonder if he’s okay just by judging the tone in his words. Your suspicions are denied the moment you face him and notice how worn out he looks. He’s looking right through you with his beautiful doe eyes and yes, he looks so handsome as always, but of course you notice that he’s way more pale than usual, as well as his chapped lips. You see there’s a bottle of water next to his keyboard but, not to your surprise, the bottle is completely full, “Sure”, as you walk in his direction, you point to the bottle looking at him with this stressed mom face, “We don’t want you dying, Min Yoongi”, he laughs. It’s like a switch to you, because just hearing him a little bit happier  makes your smile own grow bigger on your face, “What do you need help with?”, Yoongi pulls the chair that is next to him even closer and offers you a seat. You do as he says and hope he didn’t notice you staring at his lips while he was taking a big gulp of water, they just look so-, “I’ve been stuck with this lyrics for fucking forever and, w-well, uh, just take a look”, once again you do as he says and look towards the monitor in front of you. You feel Yoongi shifting on his spot right next to you but ignore it because it’s not very relevant. You half-close your eyes, trying to get use to the brightness of the screen. Besides you, Yoongi is losing his shit. He can’t believe a beautiful human being like you if sitting this close to him and he wants to smash his head on the wall for feeling this way. He’s about to lay his back against his chair when you,  unconsciously, put your hand on his knee without even noticing you’re practically sentencing him to death, “Oh wow, this is… so cheesy”, you giggle, and Yoongi wishes the earth swallowed him right there and then, “But I love it. You always make cheesy stuff look metaphoric”, your smile is genuine, but your eyes are looking sad. He’s in love with someone and that someone isn’t you.

 Yoongi says nothing after that. He’s just staring at you with adoration that mistaken with pity. You’re so dumb for even thinking Min Yoongi would ever notice such a simple woman like yourself. And you had never felt so self conscious until this very moment, in which Yoongi only stares at you with no expression in his eyes. You feel hurt and you can’t even blame Yoongi for it so before you snap at him for not liking you back, you stand up almost tripping over your own feet and make a run to the door, apologizing multiple times for interrupting his work time. Yoongi is a strong man, if he wasn’t so lazy he would easily beat Jungkook in a wrestling battle. So when he pulls you back before you reach the door and tosses you to where he was seating before, you can’t help but scream. Not in fear, but in surprise that he really is angry. He doesn’t even give you the chance to complain because your lips are shut tight by his still kinda chapped ones. And you stay still for a few seconds, with your arms in the air for no logical reason, but they relax just as you realize Min Yoongi is kissing you, and not anyone else. You bring your soft hands to his hair, kissing him back with all your might. He then pulls you up, brings you even closer to him by putting his hands around your waist, engulfing with his strength, and takes a few steps back until he’s sitting on the coach and you’re right on top of him, straddling his lap. Eventually you pull back because hell, you need to breath in order to be alive, but you really wished that wasn’t necessary because Yoongi’s lips are addictive, “Please kiss me again”, he says, his gaze flickering between your eyes and your lips, “Only if you leave this hell hole for now, you workaholic asshole”, he just laughs and ignores your petition, pulling you by your neck once again and smashing his mouth against yours in a more passionate way.

3 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 3,200 


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“I’m telling you it was just some kids being kids. Don’t read too much into it man.” Yoongi patted Jin on his arm, trying to calm down the angry man,

“It wasn’t kids. I know it was that bitch upstairs.” Jin spat coldly,

“That bitch upstairs is right here you know. It wasn’t me, look at the glass,” you walked between the two men, both of them towering over you, “The glass is on the inside of the house, right? So it must’ve been smashed from the outside. I can’t leave the house, so how could it have been me?”

Jin shoved your body down on to the ground, not caring if you landed in the dozens of glass shards, he loomed over your figure, “Don’t try and outsmart me little girl, I know you had something to do with this.” He grabbed his khaki coloured jacket from the sofa and headed out the door.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi shouted,

“Melissa’s. Why, did you want to watch how a real man pleases his woman?”

How did a guy like him even find a mate?

The door slammed angrily, earning a disapproving groan from Yoongi’s lips before he left the room and a small shake from the entire building. As much as you hated Jin and his temperament, he was right, you did have something to do with the abundance of smashed glass that decorated the living room floor. Memories of the mans face flashed through your mind, you were almost certain you’d never seen him before. Rolling up the jeans Nancy had given you to wear you observed the bite mark again, could the man who came to the house be your bleeder?

Suddenly an excruciating pain hammered inside your head as you tried to stand up, the loudest ringing noise hung heavy on your ears, weighing you down to the floor once more. The intensity of the sound caused you to cover your ears with your hands, your body convulsing in agony on top of the smashed glass.

Y/N. Y/N listen to me.

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Those who are Broken | Chapter One

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 1871

Here you go

Chapter list

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You turned to your side in bed, eyes closed, trying to sleep. About a minute or so later, you turned again. The sound of moans, screams, and grunts were the only thing you could hear in the silence you were wanting. Whoever your neighbor was fucking, they must be really good because all you could hear was a girl begging for more of whatever she was getting.

Groaning, you grabbed your pillow out from under you and placed it on your face. Maybe suffocating yourself would drown out the sex thrilled room next door. When you could still hear them, and they were getting louder, you let out a frustrated sigh and threw your pillow and blanket off you. You got out of bed and stomped over to the wall they were having sex against.

Banging your fist against the wall, you yelled, “Ditch school tomorrow and have sex all fucking day! I’m trying to sleep!”

Just seconds after you stopped banging your fist, a male voice was heard, along with their hand banging against the wall. “Fuck off,” he yelled.

You laughed in disbelief. “These mother—” Before you could leave your studio to yell at the neighbors, a door. You listened quietly.

Whoever was outside was banging on your neighbor’s door rather loudly. “Hey you fucking horny shits, shut the fuck up!”

“He sounds super pissed,” you quietly mumbled.

The loud sex stopped, but followed angry voices and stomping. The door swung open followed by a male’s voice, “What the fuck do you want?”

“For you to shut the fuck up!” the other yelled back.

“Fuck off, buddy.” Then the door slammed. There was a second of silence before banging was heard again. It continued until the door opened again. “I told you—”

You heard a punch followed by a gasp by a female. “Shut up,” you heard the angry man said before storming off.

You heard the woman say something, but she was immediately interrupted by her lover yelling, “Don’t touch me!”

Letting out a triumphant smile, you walked back over to your bed, climbed in, and happily fell asleep.

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↳ Josh x Reader
Requested? | Jealous Josh imagine with rough smut like bruises and hickeys , the day after you two go to Cals apartment with the rest of the boys and Josh is being affectionate and clingy and then the boys notice the marks , and you all talk about sex ? Love you!
Warnings | smut !!!! fluff !!!!

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Guardian Angel

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 3436  || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn (anonymous prompt)
a/n: i’m not a fan of the ending, buuuut hopefully y’all like it just fine (: 

“C’mon, baby girl,” Felicity cooed, “You know you want to sleep.”

The tiny four month old in her arms continued to cry. It didn’t seem to matter what she did. All Danica wanted to do was cry and cry and cry. Felicity felt like she hadn’t slept in days. She could feel the exhaustion deep in her bones. Her hair was a mess and the bags under her eyes were becoming darker by the day.

She wished her mother was there. Never in her life had she even thought that, but she really meant it. Donna was working an extra shift as the restaurant instead of being home and helping put Danica to sleep. She could hardly complain. Her mother opened her home back up to her when Felicity was left single and seven months pregnant. She had a job in the IT department of a small computer company, but she was still on maternity leave. Donna insisted that she take the extra time to stay home with her daughter. She was more than grateful, but at this rate with the lack of sleep she was never going back to work.

Felicity’s lower lip trembled, “Please go to sleep,” she sniffled.

She wished she could blame the tears on hormones, but she knew that they were already straightening out. No, she was just so incredibly tired that she had zero control over her emotions.

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Cameron Dallas X Reader 

Not Ready Yet

(Kind Of Smut)

Desc: Reader has been dating Cameron a couple months, but hasn’t had her first time yet, and feels like she is restraining Cam by keeping him at bay.

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“Quick, babe!” Cameron hollered, opening the front door as you sprinted across the front yard in your high heels.

It was a freezing cold night, and you’d just emerged from an amazing dinner with your wonderful boyfriend, but god, did you regret the heels.

You swan dived through the door and into your heated home, Cameron catching you in his arms as he kicked the door shut, picking you up as if you weighed nothing and taking you up the stairs to your room. You wrapped your legs around his waist, his strong hands holding you firm, his fingers running across the goosebumps on your legs whilst you shivered into his neck.

“Stay the night,” you said, more a command than a question.

“I was planning on it,” he chuckled deeply and set you down on your sheets, the cold wrapping around you where his arms had been.

“You look like fire in that dress,” he smiled, his tongue flicking across his lips, “ but you feel like an ice cube, you should probably change.”

You wore a white strapless dress, and a tight one too. It hugged your hips snugly and revealed most all of your toned legs. You sighed and threw your silver heels across the room, your hands reaching for your dress when you remembered.

“Cam,” you mumbled.

“Right, right,” he said, snapping from his daze and turning to the wall while you changed.

You’d been seeing Cameron for a few months now, and he was your everything, he knew that, but he also knew how you felt about your virginity. He was extremely mature and kind about the matter, but you were aware that he was ready, he had been for a while, and now it was just a waiting game on you. And it pained you, knowing you felt like you were binding him to chains, it hurt to think that that you were creating some sort of barrier in the relationship because of what you wanted.

“Everything okay?” came Cameron’s voice.

“Oh, yeah,” you coughed, throwing off your dress and sliding on a white tank top and a pair of flannel patterned long pj pants.

Cameron stayed looking to the wall, and you slinked over to him, wrapping your arms around him from behind, and bouncing on your tiptoes to nip his bronze neck.

“Mmm,” he sighed, his eyes fluttering closed, his chest falling slowly.

You giggled and brought yourself back down, Cam, turning to face you, his eyes boring deep into yours before he brought his plump lips to your forehead. 

“I don’t mind if you don’t change,” you teased, eyeing him over like a piece of candy.

He was wearing the tux. The tux. The black one that he paired with the black bow tie. My god, he looked drop dead gorgeous wearing that bow tie.

Cameron smirked and unclasped his bow tie so it hung loose around his neck. You brought your petite hands up to pull it off for him, while he moved his hands to unbutton his shirt.

Oh, sure, you’d seen him shirtless before, but it had the same effect on you every time. Your chest raised heavily as you gnawed your bottom lip, gulping down the lump in your throat and turning away. Cam registered, the corners of his mouth twitching up as you turned.

You hopped into bed, pulling the gray quilt up around your body as Cameron slid under the sheets beside you. You curled up on your side, Cameron sliding his arms around you and cuddling into you in typical big spoon fashion. His fingers tucked back your lose strands of hair as he hummed faintly into your skin.

“Thank you for tonight, baby,” you said softly.

“Of course, babe,” he replied, his breath tickling the back of your neck.

And then his lips replaced his breath, as he planted them softly against the edge of your jaw, gently sucking on you until he’d left his mark. You made a small noise of consent, rolling over to face him and bringing your lips to his. The faint noise around you vanished, the lights fading as your mouths collided. Just you, him, and one passionate kiss. And once you had the taste of his lips, there was no letting go. Your hands trailed through his brown locks, a rumble coming deep from his throat in pleasure, his hands sliding up your shirt before you knew what was happening, but you didn’t stop them, and you didn’t want to either. Your mind tingled with electricity, new to the sensations of his large hands on your stomach, and the knot in your stomach that demanded more. Cameron rolled over you, lips detaching from yours and instead finding your smooth stomach, his hands tossing your shirt across the room as he tasted every inch of your skin he could find. You let out a noise you’d never made before and arched back into the pillows, instantly feeling your cheeks flush pink, but Cameron only grinned into your skin, pushing you for more until you produced the same noise for him. Every new feeling was like fire and gold, and you didn’t want it to stop, but you couldn’t fight back that voice calling from the back of your mind, so you frantically tried to push it back. And then his mouth had gone past your bellybutton and to the edge of the silky fabric restraining you. His fingers hooked into them, nails sliding across your skin, about to ease down your bottoms when he stopped. You could see very distinctly in his eyes that it took all he had to stop, because he knew what was coming next. Cameron dragged his large brown orbs up to yours, his voice soft.

“You don’t want this,” he murmured faintly.

‘You do,’ you told yourself, ‘Just tell him you do.’

But you didn’t, and he knew it.

Because the fact of the matter was that there would be a time where you would be ready, but it wasn’t now.

“I’m so sorry Cameron,” you whimpered, bringing your palms up to your eyes and sliding your knees up to your chest.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” he sighed heavily.

Through your misty vision you locked eyes with him. “I know you’re ready baby, I know, and I hate doing this to you and holding you down like this. I want to be ready right now so that I don’t have this feeling of guilt hanging over me every time I look at you. You deserve it all and I don’t want to do this to you, Cam.”

Cameron’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes sad as he brought you into his embrace. 

“No, (Y/N), don’t you even dare be sorry. I know what you’re feeling and as much as every fiber of my being might tell me to be selfish with you, I know that I can’t be. You are my one and only, and when you’re ready, I’ll be right here,” he said, his voice full of concern. 

“You’re not upset with me?” you spoke into his chest.

“No, of course not. Don’t get me wrong, its hard to control myself,” he mumbled, “but only because you’re so incredibly beautiful.”

You laughed sadly into his warm rippled chest, and he pulled you back, wiping away your brimming tears with his thumb.

“Mm,” he grinned, his face lighting up, “You know, I really love you so so much,” he stated, his hands on either side of your face.

“I love you more,” you smiled, sleepiness pulling you down quickly.

You closed your eyes and sunk into Cameron’s arms, barely catching his words before you were gone.

“I love you most.”

I Promise

Reader x James Patrick March

 You had been sitting at the bar chatting with Liz for over an hour. It was yours and James’ date night and he was supposed to meet you here, at the bar, but he was nowhere to be seen.

 You excused yourself from Liz to go back to the room that you shared with James. As you were approaching room 78 you saw James and John, standing out in the hallways laughing. You marched up to James and slapped him across his face. His left hand immediately went up to his face to cradle his cheek. He looked at you with wide eyes.

“Darling?” He asked

“Don’t you darling me James! You fucking forgot! Didn’t you?! You let me wait down at the bar for over an hour! You’re a lazy excuse of a man James!” You yelled at him. He just stood there with wide eyes.

“You can leave now John.” He said. John looked at you, then back at James and left.

 You opened the door to room 78 and shoved James inside.

“Why did you let me sit there? Is he really more important than your wife?” You asked with a tear rolling down your cheek. James raises his hand to wipe away your tears.

“My dear, I apologize immensely, I honestly do. We just got caught up, is all.” He smiled down at your petite figure and pulled you in for a hug. These were rare from James so you returned to hug quickly.

“Just promise me it won’t happen again?”

He pulled you in for a passionate kiss.

“I promise my darling.”

A/N- Ok, this is the first thing I have posted and I know that its quite short (aprox 290 words…ugh) and that it was probably very shitty but I do hope that my writings will get better in quality and longer in size after a bit more practice. Feel free to request something. As it says in my bio, I’ll write practically anything.

Ok, that’s all xo

and towards Hotaru, I like to see Michiru’s feelings as this incredibly Kaioh Michiru mixture of endearment and resignation

She’s essentially raising this child. And of course, there are going to be times when Michiru just came home from a concert four hours long and her arms are killing her and all she wants is a nap, and just as she’s drifting off this child chooses to start crying. On the other hand, though, there’s Haruka playing peek-a-boo with this child and treating the preparation of baby food as her new The Mission and honestly half the time Michiru can’t tell who’s the actual baby here this is probably the happiest Michiru had ever seen her

But then this child looks at Michiru with the eyes of Saturn and she remembers what she doesn’t let herself forget and what Haruka appears to be trying to forget and what Setsuna seems as eternally mindful of as everything that doesn’t include trying to understand peanut butter: they tried to kill her. They tried to kill her. They tried to take her life for something she had no say in, for being born like them, for being used by an enemy.

And Michiru would kill her. It’s stupid and irresponsible to risk the world for one bystander except when that bystander is Haruka, for if Haruka dies, Michiru’s world dies with her. The Inners’ plan wasn’t a plan, it was banking the world’s life and the world’s future, Haruka’s life and Haruka’s future, on a hope and a prayer. Killing the Messiah of Silence before she awakened was a much less risky and incomparably more solid plan. IT WOULD HAVE WORKED. And knowing what she could gain, if faced with the choice again, Michiru would have Hotaru dead.

Contrary to popular opinion, Kaioh Michiru does have a heart, she just guards and conceals it as best she can, and we all know that Michiru excels in everything she touches simply by virtue of being Michiru. Haruka blows the door off its hinges. Setsuna pulls the Petite Prince routine with sitting a little bit nearer to the fox every day until the fox gives up and lets herself be petted. Hotaru creeps in like smoke, and before you notice the sparks, your house is on fire.

Michiru probably wakes up from a nightmare/vision one of these nights and stares at the ceiling like “oh. oh no.” when she realizes that despite her best efforts, she is fond of the child she had tried to murder.

Michiru guards her heart and does not allow herself to love easily, because to love someone is to hand them the knife perfectly tailored for finding a home in her back. She’s going to deserve that particular stab wound, and oh, it’s coming. Every time Saturn gleams through Hotaru, Michiru is reminded that the time for her suffering is coming.

And worst of all, I think Michiru feels a tiny bit of hope even that knowledge cannot smother. Because they can give Hotaru a chance for a normal childhood. They can give her a better home than Kaolinite and Daimon Germatoid did. They can. It’s feasible. It’s easy. And the little pieces make sense even as the whole picture does not.

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omg please do the "please sign this petition to make our selfish dick of a landlord lower the rent and refurbish the lobby! what do you mean you ARE the landlord? fuck." AU omg it would be so cute


Every part of Nico wanted nothing more than to shove the notice of the raised rent so far up the landlord’s ass, he would taste just how full of shit the notice was.

“I’m honestly five seconds away from bursting into the one Rent song,” Hazel muttered beside him. Nico gave her a confused look. “You know there’s this whole number where they sing about how they won’t pay their rent.”

“Or,” Jason intervened, “we could make a petition. I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones upset with the raise in the rent. Plus, I heard some people complaining about how bad the lobby looks for guests that come to visit. We could add that.”

Nico scoffed. “Jesus. Not only does the douchebag raise the rent, he doesn’t even have the initiative to make the place look nice.” He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “This is ridiculous. How many signatures do we need for that petition?”

Jason pulled out his laptop and searched. “It says we can choose. I say we get at least half of the apartment leasers. What’s that, about 300 signatures?”

“We could each take a hundred,” Hazel nodded. “We give it to the landlord and if he needs more, we get more.”

That weekend, Nico, his sister, and Jason worked together on how to speak to those in the apartments and how to get their position across. Nico didn’t think it’d be difficult getting people to sign. The rates of the apartments were starting to get so high, he wasn’t sure he’d have enough left over for bills and food. Being an adult sucked. And it sucked even more when other adults wanted to be dicks and increase the rent every three months.

When Monday came and Nico got off his shift, Hazel and Jason joined him and each took on a different floor to ask for signatures. Nico took the first, Hazel took the second, and Jason took the third. That should have gotten them most of the signatures, if things went well.

And they did. Several apartment owners didn’t even need to hear past, “Hello, sir/ma’am, I and a few other residents are collecting signatures to lower the rent-.”

Nico was feeling good. He’d gotten three sheets filled which was nearly sixty signatures. As he knocked on the next door, he could already imagine barging into the landlord’s office and shoving the petition in his face.

The door opened and Nico had to remind himself to close his mouth. The man standing against the doorframe looked like a supermodel.

He had honey golden hair and bright blue eyes, freckles splattered across his nose and cheeks like art, almost blending into the tan colored skin. He looked young and so absolutely perfect Nico had forgotten his reason for knocking on his door.

“Yes?” the man prodded.

Nico blinked and pulled himself out of his reverie. “Sorry,” he chuckled. “I’m a little tired.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway. Sorry to bother you, but my friends and I are starting a petition to get the rent lowered.”

The man furrowed his eyebrows. “Really? How come?”

Nico blinked in confusion. Did he really need an explanation? “Well… because it’s ridiculously high right now. It’s not sensible to ask for so much in rent when the damn lobby isn’t even in good conditions. We’re paying all this money to live in a shithole, and it’s time we did something about it.”

The guy smiled and leaned further against the doorframe. “Well, maybe they’ll fix the lobby. What’s the landlord say?”

“Nothing,” he answered. “The asshole is unreachable and I highly doubt he’ll fix anything because he’s a selfish dick that thrives off the payments of residents such as yourself more than likely to pay for his mansion and Jacuzzi or something.”

The man tilted head and frowned. “But… you just said he’s unreachable, how would you know that?”

“I don’t for sure, I mean it’s an assumption….” Nico was starting to feel uncomfortable. Why was it so hard to get this guy on board?

“Right, assumptions,” he mused. “Well, have you tried to contact the landlord?”

“Uh, no,” Nico admitted. “But I mean I already have sixty almost seventy signatures, and my other friends probably do too. It can’t hurt to lower the rent.”

The man puckered his lips, a gesture that distracted Nico momentarily until he said, “Huh. Well… try contacting the landlord about this and then get back to me with what he says. Then I’ll think about signing your petition.”

The beautiful blond smiled and shut the door, leaving Nico dumbfounded and offended. His signature wasn’t exactly necessary….But Nico was a prideful man, and the fact that this asshole neighbor didn’t want to sign only made Nico determined to get his signature.

He walked briskly down the hall and pushed the button to the elevator. He went down to the lobby and straight to the customer service desk. “Excuse me, can you tell me how I can contact the landlord?” he asked.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Uh sure. One second.” She stood and went into an office. A few minutes later, she came back and gave Nico a paper with 1311A scribbled on it. “He’s not in the office right now, but I called and he said he didn’t mind if you paid a visit.”

“A visit?” he repeated.

She nodded. “His apartment.”

Nico raised his eyebrows in surprise. Who knew the guy lived so close. “Okay, thanks.” It was much easier than Nico had expected to get the information. He went back into the elevator and started down the hall, checking each apartment number until he reached a door with 1311A.

He knocked on the door and bit his lip. When it opened, he felt the earth sway beneath him. “Oh hey, you’re back,” the blond from before said with a smile.

“Holy fuck,” Nico muttered. One of the blond’s eyebrows perked up and his jaw clenched. All friendliness gone. “Y-you’re the…. You’re the landlord?”

“You mean the asshole selfish dick you were talking about earlier? Yep. Pleasure to meet you.” Nico gulped and felt his cheeks burning. As the enticing blue eyes looked him over, his face softened a bit. “Come inside, let’s have a talk.”

Numbly, Nico followed him into the apartment. It was just like his, maybe smaller since Nico shared his with Hazel. This one seemed to be a one room apartment. But it had the same tan, stained carpet, the same linoleum tiled floor in the kitchen, the same chipped wood at the counters, and even a missing drawer knob, the same burners on the stove, the same spider-web-thin cracks in the corners.

“My name’s Will.”

“Nico,” Nico answered softly, taking in the apartment. Will walked to his fridge and pulled out two cokes. He handed one to Nico and led him to the dining room to sit. “Uh…. I’m really embarrassed, if that… at all makes up for some of what I said.”

Will rolled his eyes and opened the soda can. “Honestly. I’ve heard everyone complain about things, but none of them have ever tried to reach out to me.” He shook his head and began chugging the soda. Nico’s eyes were drawn to his Adam’s apple as it bobbed up and down with each gulp. Then he quickly looked back at his eyes as he spoke. “I’m a grad student. I’m studying to be more than this. I inherited this shit job when I was twenty-two, because my dad couldn’t handle it anymore. Okay, I know the lobby is not nice to look at. I know the apartments all have major issues. I’m trying to work on them. I can’t do that on my crappy budget. I have loans I’m paying, I have tests to study for because graduate studies are not easy, okay? So yeah, I raise the rent to try and save enough to fix this place for everyone. Once that happens, the rent will go back down. I’m living here too, I’m paying expenses, I’m struggling too.”

Will’s face had turned a rosy color with his rage and Nico took a deep breath. “I mean… you have to understand, you don’t exactly reach out to anyone either. Everyone assumes you’re some old guy in a mansion three cities away bathing in money.”

Will scoffed. “I wish.” He glanced at Nico and smacked his lips. “Do you think they’d take me seriously if they knew who I was? I’m just a kid to most of them. Almost all the renters are at least five years older than me.” He shook his head again and sighed. “This is so stressful. I can’t have a normal life because I’m so worried about not ruining everyone else’s while also trying to make them better. And what do I get out of it? People knocking at my door unknowingly telling me I’m a dick.”

Nico slumped in his seat. “I’m sorry about that. I really am. I didn’t know.”

Will sighed and looked away. “Yeah, I know. It’s fine. I’ll try to lower it some, but I really need to get enough to fix everything people have left complaints about.” He rubbed his eyes and sighed. Nico bit his lip and chuckled softly. “What?” Will asked.

Nico figured he’d already embarrassed himself as much as he could, so he may as well top it off. “I’m just thinking… I probably blew my chances at asking you out to dinner, huh.”

Will pulled his hand away and his wide blue eyes widened as they looked at a very flustered Nico. Nico grinned sheepishly and to his surprise, Will’s cheeks turned red as smiled and bit his lip. Then he said, “You know, you should really stop making assumptions.”


The alarm buzzed on the night table at its usual hour at the crack of dawn. 4:30 a.m. it read.

Her day usually starts just like that. She does her early morning run with Josie and makes sure to get back just in time to prepare breakfast for her babies. Then after breakfast, she’s left with just enough time to roll between the sheets with the two loves of her life, being silly and watching cartoons.

This routine was always a great start to her day.

Twisting in the arms that were loosely wrapped around her, she hit the snooze button on the clock, wanting him to get as much rest as possible.

He’d been having a tough week and he was operating on little to no sleep at all for the past couple of days. But he’s Mr. Perfect and he insists everything is just fine. He’s used to it. Coffee will cure it all.

As usual, she knew better. So she fed him a ton of fruits and vegetables and made him drink a lot of water on set to keep him hydrated. He complained because that’s what men do and she says she doesn’t care. 

His little whimper told her it was too late for that though.

He was a light sleeper and when she moved, he moved. It was a simultaneous thing between them and the bond that they shared.

“Go back to sleep, Goldwyn.”

His arms tightened around her and pulled her petite body firm against him. Dark curls tickled her neck and long fingers caressed the slope of her arms, up and down - setting her skin on fire.

“Don’t go.” Came his husky voice.

She grabbed his hand and entwined their fingers together. She traced circles in the inside of his wrist and thought about just how happy he made her. Just how blessed she felt. Just how much she loves him. She had so much love in her life now. It was enough to last her two life times. She thought about how much that love for him and her baby girl engulfs her. She was grateful.

“I have to.” Kerry finally replied. “It’s the only way I get to keep that body you love so much.”

He groaned. She was right. He worships her body. Every glorious inch, every luscious curve. He had her memorized like the back of his hand. She was his Queen and her body was his masterpiece - to love, to pleasure, to…do whatever. She was his. And he wanted what was his. He wanted her. Always. Every time. All the time.

Burying his nose in the crook of her neck, he inhaled the very sweet, intoxicating smell that was uniquely hers. God, she smelled heavenly. He told her so as he begin roaming his large masculine hands over the curves of her irresistible body, committing every crevice to memory again like his favorite tune.

He licked a trail up her neck, stopping just below her ear where she was most sensitive and traced gentle circles with his moist tongue. Her breath hitched, her nipples hardening. He then sunk his teeth in the flesh of her neck, biting gently, and finally– a moan.

He knew he’d won.

“Stay.” He flicked his thumb over her hardened nipple and a gasp of pleasure escaped her lips.  “And what do I get in return?” She moaned, her fingers curled at the hair in the back of his head. Smiling, he kissed her arm as he ground his hip against her ass; letting her feel just what her reward would be. “Stay and I’ll give you a much more enjoyable work out.” He replied.

“Mmm, promise?”

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’ll fuck you until you’re into a thousand pieces under me. That, I do promise. Yes.”


She knew what that looked like. Being into a thousand pieces that is. It looked a little something like this: Her - soaked in a puddle of their aftermath, passed out from a roller coaster of earth shattering orgasms. Sated, sore, and begging for more.