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The Cheshire Murders

The Cheshire murders happened on the 23rd of July, 2007, when a family home in Cheshire, Connecticut, was invaded by two men. 

A day prior to the crimes, the mother, Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughter Michaela caught the attention of one of the perpetrators, Joshua Komisarjevski, who followed them home after spotting at a local supermarket. Komisarjevski then made plans with Steven Hayes to enter the family’s home.

On the early morning of July 23, they did just that. As they arrived and encountered father and husband William Petit laying on a porch couch, they struck him in the head with a baseball bat and tied him in the basement.
The intruders then moved upstairs where they bound and locked the mother and two daughters, Hayley (17) and Michaela (11), in their rooms.

Hayes proceeded to take Jennifer Hawke-Petit to the bank, for her to withdraw $15,000. Inside the bank Jennifer discretely informed the teller of what was happening, stating that the men were “being nice” and that she thought money was their only interest. The bank manager called 911 reporting the situation.

Police responded to the 911 call, arriving at the scene where they only took preliminary measures and made no effort to establish contact with the perpetrators or to put a stop to the invasion. During this time that the gravity of the crimes intensified. Joshua Komisarjevski raped eleven year old Michaela Petit, photographing the process on his phone and convinced his partner to sexual assault the mother, who was then strangled by Hayes after the pair noticed William Petit had escaped from the basement to get help.

The attack ended when intruders poured gasoline all over the house, including on Jennifer’s dead body and on Hayley and Michaela, who were still alive and bound in their rooms. After starting a fire, both Hayes and Komisarjevski fled the scene but were rapidly caught by police.

Fire consumed the house, burning the mother’s lifeless body beyond recognition. Michaela and Hayley Petit died due to smoke inhalation. Before her death Hayley managed to set herself free and approach the top of the staircase, where she eventually died. The girls suffered from heat damage and severe burns to their bodies, that could not, with certainty, be identified as pre or postmortem. The whole invasion ended after seven hours and William Petit was the sole survivor of the tragedy.

Please sign the petition to keep Manson murderer Patricia Krenwinkel behind bars

At the end of the month Manson ‘family member’ Patricia Krenwinkel will be up for parole (because apparently 2016 hasn’t been shitty enough already, a whole bunch of these people have been eligible for parole hearings this year) - Patricia was involved in both Tate/LaBianca murders. 

I have featured Debra Tate’s petitions on the page throughout this year, and I am more than happy to do so again. You guys have been great in responding to them and lending your support, it would be brilliant if you could do so again and keep a dangerous person behind bars. 

If you follow the link below Debra Tate tells it better than I can. You can choose to not have your name and comments published publicly if you don’t wish to.

fuckbirthdays  asked:

"Will you sign my petition to gang up on this old fart and leave for a board certified restaurant?" A napkin with the title "PETITION OF MURDER BULLSHIT" written at the top is handed to the other player.

“Well, I would like something other than this, the fact it’s butchered by him unnerves me slightly. Though it would be safe to catch him after he’s gone after someone.” 

His eyes glanced toward the napkin, a chuckle left his mouth as he read over it.

Petition to bring back Big Murder

So, I think we can all agree that right this minute Danny’s too much of a mess to be invited back to Mindy’s life, so I think it’s time to bring back the real contender:  

They had great chemistry in the millisecond he was there, and her brother already likes him. Sure he’s got a shady job, and the fact that he owns a boat means the likelihood of Mindy ending up in an ‘Overboard’ situation will skyrocket to 100%, but guys… he smiles like this:

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making a murderer

After watching the Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer”, I have come to three conclusions.

1.) Neither Steven Avery nor his nephew Brendon Dassey committed the murder in which they were so adamantly accused.

2.) The defendants as well as the victim, Theresa Halbach, were not granted a fair trial and are entitled to a retrial or an appeal. (In the case of the victim, reopening the investigation into her death)

3.) Every United States citizen should should be taught or educated themselves how to conduct themselves during a criminal investigation. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

It was appalling to watch the system that was put in place to protect its citizens actively attempt to destroy an individual’s life simply because he tried to take legal action against the very same officials who wrongly convicted him more than 25 years prior. Now two innocent men are in jail and a killer is still free.

There is currently a petition to free Steven Avery from prison, and I believe the Innocence Project is currently looking into the case.

Please watch the documentary. The more people know about this case, the better their chances are. We can’t force a change through tumblr posts and Tweets, but you can at the very least sway public opinion.


I am disappointed in you Tumblr, I feel like you should all be more outraged that this exists and is about to happen in four days.

This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life and I wouldn’t post something so graphic unless I thought it was vital for others to see. This is from an annual dog eating ‘festival’ in China called Yulin. Every year people gather and slaughter/torture thousands of dogs. This online petition takes maybe two seconds to fill out; basically just your name and why you think people shouldn’t torture or eat dogs. If you have ever had a dog friend or even saw just a fantastic viral video of puppies hopping, you owe it to them to take the time to just sign something that could potentially help tens of thousands.