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So I've been having a very stressful week. Grades are being finalized ( if I don't get all As I'm screwed), it's tech week... My first time as a lead too, and my dad has to decide if we're going to move to the other side of the country or if he's going to be unemployed, but he feels guilty about possibly leaving his family. So do you have any just feel good head cannons I kinda need them. Thanks in advance😘

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way :/ You know what makes everything better? Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta headcanons!

  • They go through so many clothes in a week between the three of them that they have to do at least three laundry a week. And even with that, there isn’t enough underwear for everybody! So they took the habit to share underwears whenever their fall short of their own
  • They take the “give them a kiss for me” phrase a bit too seriously. When one of them has to leave early in the morning, they tell “give him/her a kiss for me”, knowing all to well that “kiss” is going to transform into a whole make out session on their behalf. Good thinking.
  • Musichetta calls Joly “Petit Lu” and Bossuet “Grand Lu”
  • Musichetta and Bossuet once asked Joly what he wanted more than anything for his birthday and he was like naaaah it’s stupid. “Come on, tell us!” “… A waterbed…” They got him the waterbed
  • The said waterbed lasted about two weeks before Bossuet pierce the damn thing with a fountain pen without realising it
  • Cue Joly running around : “MY CHILD! MY WATER BROKE, MY SWEET CHILD!!”
  • They take the “what are we?” meme to the next level
  • Chetta is taller than Bossuet and significantly taller than Joly, so whenever they kiss, Joly says : “Sorry to disturb you from your cloud, angel”
  • The ABC debates can hardly compare with the debates the trio has on date night, when they’re trying to choose which bloody movie to watch
Elgang's petitions to KoG
  • Elsword: I want to be the main character again!!! These new people are stealing my position as the Main Character!!!
  • Aisha: Petition to make Elsword smarter and more mature, and probably less annoying.
  • Rena: Kindly give us a make-over please. I feel like our looks are getting way too old! (OhnoIdon'twanttolookold!)
  • Raven: Petition to bring Seris back.
  • Eve: Petition for a year without Add.
  • Elesis: Can you make Penensio, ya know, less pushy towards work?!
  • Add: Can I have a year with my beloved Queen???
  • Lu: I want my old body back!!
  • Ciel: Please don't turn Lu back to her original form.


Il n’est pas encore 9h30 qu’une succession de malheurs qui ont failli me tuer sont arrivés. Je pense que le destin veut que j’arrête mon stage.

Hier soir, mon train a été annulé, aucun bus, bref je suis rentrée une heure plus tard. 

J’ai eu baby-sitting les parents sont rentrés très tard dans la nuit, j’ai donc du enterrer avec regret mes précieuses heures de sommeil.

Mais le meilleur reste à venir.
En une heure:
* Mon train a été en retard
* Puis il indiquait les mauvaises gares
* Des mecs m’ont fait chier

ET PERLE DE LA JOURNÉE je me suis écrasée en roller. La métaphore de la crêpe. Je remercie au passage le charmant Monsieur qui est passé à côté de moi alors que je sanglotais par terre.

Avec mon courage inébranlable (oui j’ai pas arrêté de pleurer) je suis finalement arrivée à mon lieu de stage.
Mais là ça a été, ma responsable a filé à la pharmacie acheté du matériel de secours et moi j’ai eu un thé. Alors je suis contente. Mais tout mon corps  me brûle. Et j’ai vraiment besoin d’avoir ce foutu permis.

Merci à toi, petite personne, d’avoir lu mes aventures toujours autant extraordinaires. Prie pour mon âme, je crois que je ne survivrai pas à cette journée.
Amour et guimauve.
Mon genou ressemble à du steak haché.