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I was having so much fun that i forgot what I bought and realized that i bought a lot of stuff.

First thing first let me tell you that i did search pilot juice pen every where in Jakarta and couldn’t find it so I bought 18 of them 😅

I heard that supertips crayola are good for beginner’s handlettering (?) so i bought them 😅

4 pencil case for my new friends that i have not met yet 😊 (I’ll be seeing them tomorrow for the first time)

Miniso silicone pencil case bc you can never have too much pencil case 😂

I found this thing which is very new to me, its like correction tape, but it has designs on it 😍

Bought 2 notebooks bc you can never have too much notebooks 😂

A schedule/diary book 💕

milk and honey 💕💕💕

And that’s what i got from my trip to Bangkok

"This just got Interesting."

“This just got interesting.”

Alpha Scott x Alpha Reader, the pack ft. Theo
Plot: The pack find out their new member of the pack is an Alpha.
Warnings: slight swearing (nothing bad)


The pack huddled around Scott’s kitchen counter as they all stared at each other not knowing what to do with Theo as he stood behind them frightened of going back to hell.

“I honestly don’t know him but he looks scared.” Y/N whispered, as everyone else looked back at Theo who shrugged at them. “Maybe he can help us find this Stiles, I mean there isn’t another way you guys know about, right?”

“Exactly, you don’t know him or what he did to us when you weren’t here.” Scott argued back, only for Y/N’s anger to boil inside of her. She hated being the new member of the pack and when they treated her like she didn’t know shit.

“Scott, you said you would do anything to get Stiles back and like she said, we’re basically out of ideas.” Liam had joined in the conversation as he held the sword tightly in his palms.

“He is our little Ghost Rider wikipedia.” Hayden snorted at Y/N response as Malia and Scott glared at her for her comment. Something she got a lot since she joined them.

“Let me kill him.” Malia growled as she stepped closer to Theo, but Scott had held her back before she could attack Theo.

“You guys are honestly so fed up with him. He payed his due in hell! Stop twirling your small brains and save your so called best friend you don’t want to lose Alpha!” Y/N yelled, loosing her patience. Everyone jumped in surprised as she smashed her fist on the counter while her red glowing eyes stared at everyone surrounding her. “I’m so tired of you guys treating me like I don’t know shit! I may not know anything what happened with him but all I know it that you guys need to move on already.”

She didn’t tell them she was an Alpha. In fact, they really didn’t know her at all. All they knew is that Chris Argent brought her one day and told them who she was briefly. She had nobody, no pack nor family to depend on. Just them, her new pack.

“Y/N.” Scott was the first one who dared to speak as her eyes started to fade to her normal ones. “You’re an alpha.” He was in shock, everyone was in shock.

“Well, this just got interesting.” Theo commented, only for Liam to shove him in the stomach.

Y/N smiled nervously as she knew she needed to tell them her story. She owned them that, after all they did accept her in their pack.

“I’ll explain later on, can we please just go with the plan and save Beacon Hills before it turns into a ghost town.” Y/N looked around her friends to see them nodding in agreement until she met with Scott’s eyes. He stared at her in awe, still shocked to see such a petite girl become a beast right in front of him in seconds.

“Scott?” Malia nudged him as he came back from his thoughts.

“Yeah, let’s do that.” He said, not tearing his eyes away from Y/N.


And she’s finished … .

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“The Welsh say, “She is casting rain,” not “It is raining,” and in Pwyll’s day men still knew why.  Rain and sun, crops and wombs of beasts and women, all were ruled by that old, mysterious Goddess from whose own womb all things had come in the beginning. The wild places were Hers, and the wild things were Her children.  Men of the New Tribes, Pwyll’s proud golden warrior-kind, left her worship to women, made offerings only to their Man-Gods, who brought them battle and loot.  But now Pwyll began to wonder if those hunters were right who said that all who went in to the woods to slay her horned and furry children should first make offerings to Her, and promise not to kill to many.  So folk of the Old Tribes had always done.”

–excerpted from Prince of Annwn by Evangeline Walton

I’m working on a new piece of Goddess embroidery inspired by Evangeline Walton’s novelizations of The Mabinogian.  I just finished Prince of Annwyn in which the goddess Modron (Mother) is a primary character.

In the design I’m working on right now her head is a sun symbol, her torso is rain fall, and her skirt the sown field motif, symbolizing the fertility of both the fields and women.  From her head sprouts the Tree of Life.

  I would hope that all of you disney fans out there would sign this petition to have disney make a plus sized princess (or normal sized in my opinion) and help raise the self esteem of not only young girls but also of people our age. Not to bang the new movie Frozen, I mean i loved it, but it has such an unrealistic representation of woman and how they should look. All of the princesses have the same body type which is not true in the real world and can lower a person’s view of themselves. I mean Anna’s eyeball is bigger than her wrist. Its about time someone made it stop. 

“I made this petition because I’m a plus-size young woman, and I know many plus-size girls and women who struggle with confidence and need a positive plus-size character in the media.

Studies show that a child’s confidence correlates greatly with how much representation they have in the media. It’s extremely difficult to find a positive representation of plus-size females in the media. If Disney could make a plus-size female protagonist who was as bright, amazing, and memorable as their others, it would do a world of good for those plus-size girls out there who are bombarded with images that make them feel ugly for not fitting the skinny standard.”

  I think its time to make a change in the world and so you should all go help and sign this girls petition HERE


Cathy Van Hoang of Petit Beast

Cathy Van Hoang has one of the best etsy shops I’ve seen recently. In her shop Petit Beast, she makes jelly fish plants that hang from your ceiling. As Hoang describes her work,

“I think that nature has a real calming effect on all of us. Whether we are in a natural environment or just simply having some plants around the house, nature really makes us all feel good.”

To visit Hoang’s shop, Petit Beast, click here

- Lee

Petition to continue old Teen Titans

remember towards the end of teen titans in season 5 when beast boy saw tara at school and he took her out to lunch and she said she wasnt tara and she clenched her fist and the ice moved? wat happened with that? is she tara? is she an evil twin? does she control water does she control earth? i dont know cause THEY STOPPED PUTTING OUT EPISODES. NO. NOT OKAY. COME BACK.