Happony Halloween 2016

I know I am a bit early for that, but I think it´s okay. You will be scared anyway ;P
First thing I have to tell you is that we have made a little halloween-shooting. Like last year we try to make something special for all public holidays. Well it´s more than just one picture, so we make a small break with set 11 and show you something special instead :) Don´t worry, there are still some citypony-pictures to edit.

So fear of the pony…. witch? I don´t know :D
Joy of Sunfire – Happony Halloween 1090917

Another thing is, we had some big problems with set 12. The reason was a very unprofessional internet-shop. But I will write more about that later in another blog-entry.
So tomorrow, when the weather will be fine and everything else will fit, we have to shooting for set 12.
I´m sure it will be another surprise :)