SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL ISSUE #002 REVIEW: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START?! Peter being a fucking nerd with his “amasscot”, Wade getting his attention by hugging random strangers, Miles being smol (seriously, look how tiny and precious he is compared to Petey and Wade) and offended, Deadpool giving a villian CPR (I was so proud), “call me sometime” (SPIDEYPOOL FEELS TO THE MAX), AND WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING AT PARKER INDUSTRIES?! Whew. Deep breaths. Rating: A++

exciting news x1.5?? ???

exciting news #1 I saw Deadpool like just then anD IT WAS RLLY GOOD IM YELLIN’ okaY


second exciting news except idk if ya’ll even care so thats why it’s .5 an amount of
exciting news I might be ?? coming back tO PETEY PARKER *cries*

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imagine tony taking 3 y.o peter to some kind of fair. there are a lot of people there. at some point peter waders off to some stand with sweets or toys. and when tony realises that he had lost him he completely panics, to the point where he can't think rationally. he is franticly looking for him everywhere, but he can't find him, his heart is beating out of his chest, he can't breathe. Peter is the one who finds him, sitting on a bench, having a panic attack and he asks him 'daddy what's wrong?'

AN: I know I’m not taking prompts but I wrote a little thing anyway. 

Tony had only taken his eyes off Peter in the first place to pay for the cotton candy he had begged for. It had been less than thirty seconds; he didn’t understand where Peter could have gotten to

“Peter?” he yelled, suddenly ten times more aware of just how many people there were wandering around. “Peter!”

He got no reply, and, worse, he still couldn’t see his boy anywhere. 

Steve was going to kill him. He had specifically told Tony not to take his eyes off Peter, that he had gotten to the age where he was easily distracted and likely to toddle off if something interesting caught his attention. They had been doing so well up until this point, too; Peter had held Tony’s hand without fuss the whole way around the faire. 

Tony was a terrible father. 

Dropping the cotton candy to the floor, he pushed back through the crowd as quickly as he could, looking all around him for any sign of Peter or the little Captain America backpack he’d had on his back. 


Fuck, he was nowhere to be seen. Tony could feel anxiety quickly building in his chest and tried desperately to force it back down; it’d do neither of them any good if he had a panic attack. But, try as he might, he couldn’t seem to get a full breath into his lungs, and the longer he pushed his way through the crowd only to find no trace of his infant son, the worse it got. 

Peter!” he screamed, stepping up onto a nearby bench to try and get a look over the crowd. There just seemed to be more people higher up, and he let out a whimper as he dropped back down to sit on the bench, feeling suddenly dizzy. “Fuck.”

He had to put his head between his legs. The world was beginning to sway, and it felt like there was something pressing down on his chest, so he quickly ducked his head down between his thighs and rested his hands over the back of his head, making himself take some deep breaths. 

He was just about to push himself back up and call the police, quickly followed by Steve, when he felt a tiny hand tapping his knee. Preparing to tell whatever kid it was that’d spotted him that he’d take a picture with them once he’d found his son, he gasped aloud when he raised his head and saw little Peter stood in front of him, backpack still on his back and pacifier in his smiling mouth. 

“Dada!” he grinned, and then laughed when Tony snatched him from the ground as he got up, cradling him to his chest. “Wha’s wrong?”

Jesus Christ,” Tony gasped, hugging Peter tightly to him. “Don’t you ever run off and scare me like that again, do you understand? Where did you go?”

“Budderfly!” Peter exclaimed, pointing towards a tree nearby. There was, indeed, a butterfly resting on it. “Preddy budderfly, Dada!”

“If you want to see the butterfly, you have to ask, remember, buddy?” Tony sighed, cupping the back of Peter’s head to plant kiss after kiss onto his rosy cheeks. “Never just go off without Daddy or Papa there, okay?”

“’Kay,” Peter nodded happily enough, and then frowned. “Codden candy?”

Tony barked out a surprised laugh, the last of his anxiety beginning to seep away. “Sure, baby. Let’s go get that cotton candy before you shave another decade off Daddy’s life, huh?”

but what about afterwards?


Peter had been sitting on the windowsill, book opened in his lap, for well over an hour now. The book hadn’t been touched, it hadn’t even been looked at, it was just there for the illusion that the boy was actually doing something productive. Upon hearing the sound of footprints approaching, the gryffidor moved his glance from the courtyard to the owner of the footsteps. “You know, you are the first person down this corridor I’ve seen in over an hour. But, anyways, thank goodness you’re here. Let’s go do something, I’m dying of boredom right now.”

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you know that really cute thing kids do where they dress up in there parents clothes, imagine Peter toddling after Steve in his Captain America outfit or little James toddling after Tony in one of Tony suit and tie

omgggg imagine Tony taking the kids to the office when they’re really little and they like to play dress up anyway, so they’re all completely happy to sit there in little suits and ties (or a skirt and blouse for Lily, because she wants to be like Aunt Pepper).