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This is the second installment in the conceptual series known as Splatshine: a crossover campaign between Super Mario Sunshine and Splatoon. This piece was made to provide influence and further pitch the idea by Chris of these two games merging together as one. Since then, the team has been conceptualizing different ideas, enemies, and more that will be revealed in time.

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Video Process:

The Great Subspace Maze

Hello there, everyone. I’ve been wondering about something for a while, and that’s the Subspace Emissary. It was a pretty big part of Brawl as a game, and while some of the enemies may be returning in Smash Run, it still feels like it’s not quite paying respect to what I personally consider to be one of the more unique game modes in the Smash Brothers series. Which has led me to wonder where else may it be shown, outside of enemies and trophies. Well, there is an answer.

Area: The Great Maze

Origin; Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Subspace Emissary)

Suggested Tracks: (X) (X) (X) (X)

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52 Artists from both Twitter and Tumblr got together to create this jumbo-sized collaboration. The actual poster is 20 x 16 inches big!


@_Shunao [KIRBY] @2Kando [METAKNIGHT] @32HitCombo [RIDLEY] @1098Comic [MASTERHAND] @Amaltheatwin [SKULLKID] @AntonioMabs [PACMAN] @AudreyGonzalez [PICHU] @AxurErneas [CAPT. FALCON] @Belarba [SONIC] @CopernicusNerd [NESS] @CosmicMarsupial [LUIGI] @Edtertainer [MEWTWO] GalacticEnkiddulgaa [MARTH] @HelloWinterSA [MEGAMAN] @Izaart [VILLAGER] @JmielDesigns [ROSALINA & LUMA] @Kaji444 [SAMUS] @LALitterBoxes [YOSHI] @McJamie [LINK] @Jess_Skye [CHARIZARD] @J_NelsonZD [GIGABOWSER] @JayVilnius [DIDDY KONG] @Memoirez [IVYSAUR] @Miluette [POLYGON TEAM] @MissMnmsFreak [SHEIK] /2PatrickFedo [DR. MARIO] @Pencilhut [LUCARIO, PIKACHU] @PiousKnob [TOON LINK] @PsiStarProject [ROY, ZERO SUIT SAMUS] @PuccaNoodles [SANDBAG] @Rinnychu [YOUNG LINK] @Rondmcc [FALCO] @Rvgarafola [DARK LINK] shameless [GALLEOM] @Staurilos [DK, FOX] @Swampkips [BOWSER] @Tanginova [ZELDA] @Tannanana [WARIO] @TayloraCrockett [WiiFitTRAINER] @TylerSticka [METAL MARIO, OLIMAR & PIKMIN] @VikingPipsqueak [TRAINER RED] @WeaponSmithy [WOLF] @Hutiampere [PORKY] @Wigglytype [JIGGLYPUFF] @Wyattthenerd [ROB] @ZestyDoesThings [PETEY PIRAHNA] @Combotron [PEACH] gelatobear [ICE CLIMBERS]

Again, Thanks to everyone who made this possible!!