petes coffee and tea

Happy Valentines Day!  @carry-on-snowbaz I’m your secret valentine for the  @snowbazvalentines!  I’m really sorry this is such a small valentine (I wish I could’ve done more)!  I am so busy with ACT prep, rehearsal, school, and dealing with my own mental health…. BUT…I hope you enjoy this!

The photo above is a iphone lockscreen 


Here are some Headcanons I have been thinking of for the past month:

Simon loves to grocery shop but Baz is the one that always makes the list of things they need and simon secretly adds things to it

Simon learns to play guitar and tries to write a (terrible but wonderful) song for Baz

Simon has a stuffed animal named Marshal but Baz doesn’t know about it

Baz loves scrapbooking

Baz is a gold star member at Starbucks

Simon likes Pete’s Coffee

Baz thinks simon is a coffee/tea traitor and refuses to go to anywhere except for Starbucks

Simon likes Apple music and Baz likes Spotify.  They argue about which is better.

Baz annotates all the books he reads

Baz must wear through his entire closet before he reuses a shirt

Simon will wear the same outfit every day until Baz makes him change

Baz and Simon go through Spotify and find musical soundtracks and memorize and sing all the songs all the time

Sometimes they will say something or someone will say something and they will both look at each other and burst into song

Baz loves Whole Foods.  Simon claims he doesn’t like it but in reality loves the baked goods section.

au where baz works at a library and simon comes in every week to borrow kids books bc he is bad at reading and snowbaz happens

baz loves bath and body works and wants to buy all the candles but simon won’t let him bc he’s scared baz will light himself on fire

Simon tries to knit Baz a hat and failed miserably but Baz still wears it.  

Simon and Baz go to their farmers market every Saturday and Simon always gets wayyy to excited about the bakery stand.

When Simon is out a lot during the summer he gets tan and more freckles and Baz can’t deal with life bc wow.

Feb 14 2016 is their first official Valentine’s Day as a couple :D

And they both get really emotional and sappy

Simon tries to get up early to make pancakes but fails miserably

Baz was already at the bakery and bought scones even before Simon gets up 

They spend the whole day being even more couply than before and Penny leaves bc she can’t deal

Baz and Simon both have plans for dinner but they can’t decide

So they end up just ordering take-out and eating ice cream while holding hands and watching disney movies.

Afterwards they are both tired but don’t want the moment to end

simon is laying next to baz and baz is stroking simon’s hair

and they both are just present.  They are together and vv happy.