Spideypool highschool AU!


Throughout Wade’s childhood he was constantly remarked on how he looked, mainly by his parents. His father worked in the military so was often away- not paying attention when he did return home either - and his mother wasn’t interesting in him for any other reason that she could dress him up as a baby and get child support money.
As he grew up, and was told about how awful he looked, he decided that it would just be easier to hide his face, so when he turned sixteen - and managed to get his own house in America - he decided that he would wear a mask or face zipup hoodie constantly.
Wade attends school as a wreckless, scatter brained pupil who manages to spend more time in detention then he does in class.
After getting a science detention he goes to the science classroom for a lunch time detention, it goes normally - he is there with the teacher and a nerdy looking boy at the back of the class - until the teacher tells the boy to watch Wade while she gets lunch.
The two bond over their love of Star wars and agree that they’ll see eachother around.
They meet again and again until they decide to actually start setting times for when they’ll meet and then start going out after school together. Peter gets to see Wade’s less-than sanitary home and they end up using it to meet up quite often and one day Peter is looking at Wade, sitting on the arm chair that was now ‘Peter’s chair’ and tells him that he really likes him.
They talk and Peter actually gets to hear Wade laugh for real, but one thing still bothers him - the mask. He edges his way into talking about it and Wade tells him the reason he wears it is because he’s ugly and that’s it, he’s just ugly. Peter reaches out slowly and takes off the mask, revealing Wade’s baby blue eyes, tussled blonde hair and slight stubble that a sixteen year old probably should have but just looked so right on his face.
Together they manage to get Wade slightly over his insecurities and it would end with them walking into school and Wade stealing their first kiss from Peter before he scurries off to his own class - leaving a blushing, nervous looking Peter stood in the hallway by himself.

Okay so that was an idea that came into my head, I’m never going to do anything with it but i just wanted to write it out - i dunno, I think I just like the idea of handsome Wade being insecure… oh well~ anyway thanks for reading that if you did :)

Someone please roleplay with me or something I literally can find NO ONE who likes Spideypool!

His katanas pressed into the Spidey’s throat, his own cheeks tightening at the way the spandex tore apart against the blade. The offender’s intentions weren’t to actually harm his baby boy, but the insults spewing from behind the webbed mask were starting to grate on his inter-changable nerves.

“My love, didn’t your mommy and daddy teach you a thing or two about cracking jokes at others?” Wilson tipped the blades upwards into an ‘X’ underneath a jaw, forcing the shorter’s head back against the brick wall, “might hurt some feelings…” not that he had /feelings/, per say.