This is Family. Two days after his show stopping game, Allen Bradford (21) and I with the two touchdown footballs he made against UCLA. If you didn’t see the game it was an amazing show of force by Bradford(USC) with 212 yard and two touchdowns for his last game as a Trojan. I have been Tattooing Allen for about 5 years now and he is covered with inspirational and spiritual mantras. All pertaining to football. A testament to how well he played is, the day we took this photo there was agency scouts camped out in his parking garage trying to get him to sign on the spot.

This rose was specifically designed for my good friend Andrew Garcia. As you all know is an amazing Singer songwriter and American Idol contestant. He had gotten this tattoo a few days after he was voted off the show. I had never met Andrew prior to this but he is extremely easy to get to know and just an all around chill dude. We soon became fast friends and many mis-adventures in Hollywood followed. Recently we rendered his girls kiss on the left side of his neck, it can be seen in his new video Coming home with Romeo. If you don’t follow my dude, go to AndrewAGarcia@twitter and press that follow button!~Peace.

The thing that I try to communicate the most in my work is that, “Art has no Boundaries.” I think this piece says volumes in that department. This is a traditional Celtic knot. Like all things traditional you don’t see a lot of variation in the application (unintentional rhyme alert).I used a very Non-tradition color scheme to add a little warmth and excitement  to an otherwise dark and bland design. The collector’s name is Gus  and I believe this is his 3rd tattoo from me. I feel we were perched in the trust tree by this point so he granted me complete artistic license to make this a very unique tattoo.