For Steter Creator Appreciation Week, I’m gonna make a post of some of my fave Steter fics. You should check them out :D (assuming you like Steter and haven’t already read them, which you probably have, but you could reread them for scaw)

Amends by AuntieClimactic

This one is first because AuntieClimactic starts with an A, but it’s coincidentally also the first Steter fic I can remember loving for their relationship rather than just the way the worst parts of Peter and Stiles can twist each other. It’s adorable and fun, and takes place years in the future when Stiles is sheriff and Peter has returned to Beacon Hills after undergoing a significant amount of therapy. The pack is happy, and Derek is alpha. I’m pretty sure it was written between seasons 2 and 3. Early on, I rarely read Steter because I thought it was more about pain and corruption, but Amends is about forgiveness and love.

Pulled Taut by Corpium

This one features helpful manipulative asshole Peter Hale, which is a version of Peter I can get behind. It always feels too rosy when Peter’s upfront and helpful. This is the first part of a series, and I definitely recommend reading the rest too. 

Whatever Works by KouriArashi

My favorite soulmate AU by far. It’s technically Steter and Sterek both, which is part of why I read it while I was still primarily reading Sterek. I really love the worldbuilding included in this, addressing the changes you might find based on people being able to recognize their soulmates based on tattoos. 

Something I Can Never Have by KouriArashi

This is another of the earliest Steter fics I fell in love with. Stiles goes to Peter for help avenging the pack after they’re killed. It’s dark, a great example of Peter helping Stiles meet the darkness inside him, which, yeah, is one of the great things about this ship sometimes. Also, I bookmarked this and Whatever Works so far apart that even though I know KouriArashi is a writer I like, I somehow didn’t realize I’d kept two of their fics.

Flickers Between Radio Silence by mia6363

This one flips the usual dynamic between Peter and Stiles in a lot of ways because even though Peter is still older than Stiles, he’s leaving everything he knows to enter a place/society only Stiles is familiar with. I really enjoyed the worldbuilding here. It’s my own fault I don’t read a lot of AUs; something about this one called to me. It might have been the title. 

Parade Upon Your Victory by oriolevent

I love the title of this one too, and it’s another AU, though it has more similarities to canon than the last. Peter keeps most of the fun parts of his personality, but his bad history with the pack is gone. He’s just Derek’s slightly estranged and very hot werewolf uncle. Stiles is a badass witch and immediately attracted to Peter. 

Gamer Trash by taylorpotato

This one is just a lot of fun. A lot of it is written in chat format, so it reads really quickly. Their voicechat conversations are distinguished by italicizing text instead of dialogue tags. Prose is only used for in-person interactions. I really liked the formatting because it felt a lot like what you get while actually chatting with people, and their dynamic is distinctive enough that I don’t remember having trouble telling who was speaking. Anyway, if the premise of accidentally meeting in an MMORPG after s3b is amusing to you, this will definitely amuse. taylorpotato’s account is restricted, which I assume means you have to be a member to see? I don’t actually know.

Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems by taylorpotato

I love this fic so much. The premise is that Peter is a deaf werewolf, and Stiles is the child of a deaf parent. Their signing is written in ASL Gloss, so read the opening notes if you aren’t familiar with it. The first conversation is a rehash of canon from late s1, which gives you time to get used to it. taylorpotato’s account is restricted, which I assume means you have to be a member to see? I don’t actually know.

love me lights out by veterization

This fic. You might have noticed from a few of my earlier comments that I slowly eased into reading Steter. If I had been standing at the edge of the pool dipping my toes in the water, this was the point where I just jumped straight in. The premise itself is simple: a snowstorm traps Stiles and Peter in a hotel room together. You can guess how it turns out, but getting there is so great. I’ve read a few others of veterizations fics, but I think this one is my favorite. Also I love the title. 

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anonymous asked:

There's so much on ao3 I can't figure out where to start. Could the mods share a few of their favorite Steter fics? OT3s are good too.

The three of us came up with a few each, but believe me when I say that we have so many more. I’m not including blurbs or warnings, but warnings apply to some of these fics. The links will go to the bookmark or series page for everyone to peruse the tags before they decide to commit.

Happy reading!

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(found peter/stiles in my drafts; cage fighting, implied prostitution)

peter finds the place by happenstance. he’s restless, wandering, and pissed, and he’s drawn in by a crowd’s roaring cheers as the sound spills out of an industrial building. there’s a couple huge looking guys on either side of the entrance, but they wave peter in as soon as they look at his face. within seconds, peter’s swallowed up by a wild, shouting mob of people. 

the people are surrounding a cage in the center of the floor, close enough to be rattling the chain link fencing. the floor above them is open in the center so that more people can look over the edge to watch the show. peter has to crane his neck to get a look at the cage, and he does so just in time to see a man deliver an uppercut so harsh that the other fighter’s teeth snap together with a crunch before he crumples backward to the floor, unconscious. the crowd screams in victory, and peter feels a hunger in his chest that roars with them.

peter weaves his way around the cage, watching as another pair of fighters are let into the cage. he gets close enough to see the blood stains on the concrete flooring. he can taste the sweat in the air, and ends up getting pushed back by a hulking bouncer guarding the door to the cage.

“i want to fight,” peter says, pressing in close so the bouncer can hear him.

the bouncer points past peter’s shoulder toward a raised platform at the front of the building. there’s several people seated behind a long table, accepting money and writing down names, having people sign paperwork. peter must have missed it when he first entered.

ten minutes later, peter’s paid his way onto a list of fighters and signed papers that free the club owners from responsibility for injuries. the guy he signs with starts talking about what he gets if he wins his fight, but peter doesn’t care.

he cuts the guy off with a curt, “just get me in the fucking cage.”

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