He Killed Me With His Touch

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by Sterekloverforever (Noelleluvsya)

Ever since Peter became an Alpha again, he hasn’t cared about anything except getting more power. That’s until lovely, sweet, innocent Stiles comes along with his enticing scent and changes everything he thought he wanted.

Words: 1031, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Steter/Sterek AU - Stiles had a crush on Derek and thought the feelings were mutual. But Derek had been too scared of the possible rejection, of making himself vulnerable to confess to them. Meanwhile Peter was there for Stiles, offering a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. Slowly but surely Stiles got over Derek, instead finding himself falling for Peter. Peter, who’d been there for him when he needed him. Peter, who may or may not have been aware of Derek’s feelings. Peter, who always had a plan.


Someone mentioned Peter twins.

Twin!Peter Steter AU - Seeing as Peter and Ian were twins, people often assumed they liked the same things. In some respects, they were right. So after a few messy situations, they’d come to an agreement - they would no longer meddle in each other’s relationships.

But that didn’t mean they would deny each other their fun.

God, I really, really want a steter fic where Stiles is touch-starved and hides it from everyone else, and he tries to tell himself he’s fine because he has no problem hugging his dad or throwing his arm over Scott’s shoulder or nudging Derek’s arm, really, he’s fine–

but he’s totally not because no one touches him. Scott’s scared of his own body, Stiles and the other betas aren’t close, Derek is Derek, his father –okay his dad hugs him when he can but lbr, his father’s always swamped with work and they don’t see much of each other– and Stiles just really needs some cuddle time, okay? 

But it’s not like he can ask or tell anyone. It’s embarrassing and stupid, and God, why can’t he just be normal? 

Because for all that he tries to ignore it, it is a problem. Like, when they’re at a pack meeting and when Derek brushes Stiles’ hand as he reaches for a glass, Stiles freezes. Or like when one of Stiles’ teammates punches him in the shoulder for making a good pass during the game and Stiles’ shoulder tingles for the next fifteen minutes. Or like when he’s being targeted by a particularly touchy witch and the witch has to paint him in blood for a ritual and despite the awfulness Stiles has to work a little harder than usual to will himself to fight back.

Seriously. It’s a problem. 

But he thinks he can manage it. He thinks if he touches his friends enough and avoids being touched accidentally, it’ll be fine. It’ll go away. It has to. 

But then Peter notices, and he’s always wanted Stiles, always has and always will, and here’s this perfect, beautifully tragic opportunity, and he’ll do nothing less than take full advantage of it.

and Stiles freaks out shies away at first because omg wtf Peter??? but it just feels so nice and Peter starts slow and easy, like Stiles is a frightened animal, and he doesn’t make it obvious what he’s doing and Stiles thinks maybe he’s not doing it on purpose, maybe this is just a werewolf thing and since Peter’s the only werewolf who likes Stiles and doesn’t hate himself, it’s normal, right? Stiles will just ignore it until it goes away.

But Peter keeps at it, keeps pushing Stiles’s lines, until finally Stiles lets him do it because he’s just so tired and Peter makes him feel so good – not even in a sexual way, just – being touched reminds Stiles that he’s a person, it grounds him and reminds him that he’s real, and soon enough Stiles stops shying away. He presses into it and Peter takes that as a sign that he can push even more, and somehow Stiles ends up with his side pressed up against Peter’s and Peter’s fingers brushing through his hair, and he can’t give this up, okay? He can’t, and he won’t. 

In the end they both get what they want.

please, just give me all the touch-starved fic omg