(On board USF Steter)

Confession: This ship ate my summer away

3 AM (is where we begin) | cywscross | It’s three in the morning when Peter meets the love of his life. | Human!AU, age swap | rating: T | complete.

a lesson in kitchen etiquette | nezstorm | Who knew Peter hid master chef skills under his serial killer façade. | canon divergence | rating: T | complete.

a madness most discreet | cywscross | Maybe they’re a little too codependent these days, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. | not canon compliant, soulmates, violence, mentions of torture, implied non-con | rating: T | complete.

A Poverty Most Profound | synchronized_strangers | Peter plans revenge and raises Stiles. | canon divergence, underage, kinks, light d/s, rough sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

A Savage Harvest | Saucery | Peter reaps what he sows. | underage, non-con feels, ust | rating: M | complete.

a savage such as i | ahab2692 | “So what, are you taking me out to the woods to whack me? Is this the part of the movie where Al Pacino stares at the baby in the church while all of the henchman go out to slaughter his enemies? Because I kinda don’t want to die, and I definitely don’t want to be in pain. I’m not really a pain person. Well, okay, there was that one website that- No. Never mind. Shutting up now.” | dub con | rating: M | complete.

A Silver of Sunlight | LeeBlack | The last thing that Stiles expected to see after coming into his room was Peter Hale, back from the dead and apparently sane. Well, relatively sane, all things considered. | underage, violence | rating: M | complete.

All Times Are Now | 1001cranes | Stiles is a Selkie and Peter has his skin. | AU | rating:  T | complete.

Amends | AuntieClimactic | Where Peter spends twenty years in therapy and Stiles finds in hilarious. | future fic | rating: Explicit | complete.

An Animal in Your Care | taylorpotato | Peter is a horrible therapist, and decides he wants to raise the perfect murder baby. | Hannibal AU | rating: M | complete.

Anchor | ladyoneill | After the sacrifice and committing to becoming Scott’s Emissary, Stiles begins to suffer the effects of the Nemeton to the point that it becomes so dangerous he needs a physical and emotional anchor or he might just destroy the world. It has to be a werewolf, more importantly one with the age and experience to help him control his wild emotions and bring him back into balance. There’s really only one choice. | canon divergence, underage | rating: M | complete.

At the End of All Things (What Is Another Sin?) | Ceris_Malfoy | The first year of her solitary existence had been all about survival. The second year was learning how to want to survive. And then the wolf arrives. | Zombie Apocalypse!AU, fem!Stiles, attempted rape, dub-con | rating: M | complete.

Be Still My Heart (I’m Only A Moment Away) | Ceris_Malfoy | “If you were mine, I’d stay until the very bitter end,” she murmurs quietly, rapid-fire heartbeat never once giving off that betraying stutter that comes from lying, before pulling back and leaving. | not canon compliant, fem!Stiles | rating: T | complete.

Be the Serpent Under’t | Saucery | A young Gryffindor ventures into the Chamber of Secrets… in his dreams. | Harry Potter!AU | rating: T | complete.

betrayed by bones | veterization | Stiles stumbles into wolfsbane that forces him to seek out contact from a particular person to stay alive. That person just happens to be Peter. Stiles hates his life sometimes. | underage | rating: Explicit | complete.

Beware of Sharp Memories | WhereDestiniesMeet17 | Stiles is born able to remember all his past lives. After Claudia dies, he tries to forget all about his abilities. This makes things worse and better. | violence, captivity | rating: M | complete.

Beware the Dark Pool | AuntieClimactic | After, when Stiles was trembling, stretched out naked on his bed, breathless and anxious from what they had just done, he turned to Peter, thoughtful. “What were you like? Before.” He asked. Peter smiled. | rape, dub con | rating: M | complete.

Call My Name | KuoriArashi | After moving to Beacon Hills, Stiles starts having recurring dreams of a man in some kind of prison, who needs his help. Things get so bad that he ends up in Eichen House, where he finds out that the man is real. | AU, spark!Stiles, mental health issues | rating: M | complete.

Can’t Wipe That Blood Right Off Your Hands | ladypigswagon | He’s chased Peter across infinite lifetimes; he’s seen Peter in infinite forms. Werewolf is a first though. And it’s not even Peter at his most dangerous. | soulmates!AU | rating: T | complete.

Certain Dark Things | Saucery | Peter Hale is the best-worst father-husband ever. | non-canon compliant, possessive!Peter, underage!Stiles, ust | rating: M | complete.

chasing tails series | nezstorm | Peter was sixteen when he found Stiles. | AU, fox!Stiles | rating: G | WIP.

Chosen | cywscross | Stiles has waited over five thousand years for his first Chosen but even he didn’t expect someone as troublesome as a werewolf with a vendetta the size of Russia. | AU, phoenix!Stiles, alpha!Peter | rating: T | complete.

Clever Boy series | abluemountainashtardis | Peter never bit Scott, but Stiles still managed to get too involved with the murder cases. If only he weren’t so smart. | canon divergence, underage, non-con, violence, mild gore, kidnapping, stockholm syndrome | rating: Explicit | WIP.

Common Blood | 1001cranes | In a post-apocalyptic the Argents provide organ transplants for a hefty price. Sometimes they help people like Erica Reyes, sometimes they use people like Derek Hale. (Chapter Three is the story of Peter and Stiles). | AU, drug use, knifeplay, gore, bdsm, implied rape | rating: Explicit | complete.

Devil of Mercy | KouriArashi | Peter’s heard people talk about what it felt like when they saw their mate for the first time, from those who actually believe in the mystical bullshit. Like a magnet, like gravity. Peter just feels sharply curious. | canon divergence, prostitution, past sexual assault | rating: Explicit | complete.

don’t you see baby this is perfection | rain_of_stars | Stiles’ tendency to be shamelessly attractive is going to get Peter killed one of these days. | underage sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

drowning in the sea of you | Corpium | Beacon Hills was perfect for Stiles growing up, but now, with werewolves, hunters, and an anxious best friend running around, it’s turning into a place too chaotic for an empath like Stiles to handle alone. And pain killers can only go so far. | canon divergence, empath!Stiles | rating: M | complete.

Extending Passing Period | veterization | Stiles needs a distraction from economics class. Peter is there to provide that distraction. | PWP, underage | rating: Explicit | complete.

Fear (Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Fight) | azerblazer | Peter is the damsel in distress, the Sheriff is the hostage, random unnamed hunters are the bad guys. Stiles has a bat, a hoodie and a willingness to do anything to protect those he’s loyal to. Bring it on. | mentions of violence | rating: M | complete.

Feet on the Dash | veterization | It’s strange, because to the random unknowing passerby they’re just two friends, maybe even family members, taking a road trip in the middle of a sweaty, endless June, but Peter’s an ex-serial killer werewolf and Stiles is a little puny human who’s eating all the chips like Peter won’t rip his throat out if he eats the whole bag without sharing. The road trip part, however, is true. | underage sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

Finders (Keepers) | Saucery | What if Peter had remained the Alpha? Consider this a pornographic outtake from that alternate universe. | canon divergence, d/s, dirty talk | rating: Explicit | complete.

Five Times Peter and Stiles Troll the Pack | nezstowm, taylorpotato | And one time the pack catches on. | underage, dirty talk, daddy kink | rating: M | complete.

further out than you thought | walksbyherself | Stiles dreams of the white room and the Nemeton. Peter dreams of being alpha again. The roads to power take us to strange places. | canon divergence, violence | rating: M | complete.

Gamer Trash series | taylorpotato | Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident. | future fic, first time, cybersex, light bdsm, daddy kink, past self harm | rating: Explicit | WIP.

Get Off (Me) | KouriArashi | Stiles hates being left behind with Peter while the pack is fighting monsters, because he never knows exactly what Peter will get up to. | canon divergence, dub-con, non-con, different kinks | rating: Explicit | complete.

Getting Schooled | veterization | Mr. Hale is a pretty creepy English teacher, Stiles thinks, but he also happens to have a great ass. | student/teacher AU, underage sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

give the devil his due | cywscross | Peter accidentally summons a demon. Most people would be terrified. Peter is not most people, so it’s probably rather fortunate that Stiles is not most demons either. | AU, young!Peter, demon!Stiles | rating: T | WIP.

Gold Digger Universe | taylorpotato | Peter and Stiles hook up on a sugar daddy dating website. Here’s the ensuing love story, told through chat screenshots and text messages. | AU, daddy kink | rating: M | WIP.

Happy Endings fake fight | 1001cranes | When Stiles was in college it seemed like all they did was fight. They’d gotten a reputation for being that couple. And they preserve it. | AU | complete.

He Throws Himself Against You, Like the Sea Crashing Over a Jagged Shoreline + companion piece | taylorpotato | Peter and Stiles have each other’s names on their wrists. Fate has a sadistic sense of humor. | soulmates!AU | rating: M | complete.

He’s mine | Miscellaneous_Subtext | The best part of Professor Hale’s day is when Stiles walks into his office. | student/teacher!AU, office sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

Head Games | veterization | Peter starts messing with Stiles’ head when he starts making sexual innuendos and staring at his ass too long. Stiles fights all the implications tooth and nail. | underage sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

Home Coming | Flammenkobold | After the situation with Matt at the police station escalated, Peter offers the bite to a vulnerable Stiles again and takes him away from Beacon Hills. Ten years later Stiles returns with a plan and news of an ongoing werewolf war. And no one is sure how much they can trust their old friend - for good reasons. | minor character death, violence, mentions of torture | rating: T | complete.

Hunger More Profound | Ashentongue | Peter plays the long game to gain power while Stiles just wants to make it through school alive with his friends. Interrupted by the impending apocalypse, neither of them gets what they want, forced to band together in a struggle for survival. | Zombie Apocalypse!AU, blood, gore, magic!Stiles | rating: M | WIP.

i am addicted to death (so remind me what it’s like to live) | cywscross | Stiles is sixteen years old. He has already died seventy-eight times. | canon divergence, suicide, murder, alcohol abuse, ptsd | rating: T | WIP.

I See Your Heart in the Darkness of Me | demonkatgurl17 | A chance encounter with Peter Hale leaves Stiles wanting more, but regret might be coming his way. | underage, d/s undertones | rating: Explicit | WIP.

if you let my soul out (it’ll come right back to you) | ToAStranger |  Stiles finally stops denying his husband’s infidelity to himself. | infidelity, Sterek and Petopher side pairings | rating: Explicit | complete.

in these hands I’ll hide | veterization | It takes Peter ten years to realize he might have a problem. He leaves Beacon Hills and accidentally ends up finding Stiles. | future fic | rating: Explicit | complete.

Intrusive Thoughts | Corpium | Where Jennifer haunts Stiles and plays matchmaker by running suggestive commentary about him and Peter. | canon divergence | rating: M | complete.

it fit me like a glove | 1001cranes | There are probably plenty of universes where Stiles isn’t a murderer. This just isn’t one of them. | AU, serial killers, underage sex | rating: M | complete.

Itty Bitty Ditty Committee: Teen Wolf | moonstalker24 | A collection of one shots featuring Steter in different settings. | rating: G | WIP.

Joker | Unloyal_Olio | Sometimes, when they’re close like they are now, Stiles wonders if Derek is seducing him. He wonders if the fingers rubbing calming circles into his thigh and the warm, salty breath against his neck are maneuvers to earn his trust. He wonders about Derek’s plans, if—once he has Stiles fooled—Derek will rip his throat out. The thoughts might seem paranoid, except that’s exactly what Stiles did to Peter. | Steter is a past side-pairing, but it is glorious, canon divergence, alpha!Stiles | rating: Explicit | complete.

just like the ocean under the moon | rain_of_stars | When they find the alpha pack, Stiles is calling first dibs. Because trying to kill them all is one thing, but making Peter follow him around like a creepy undead puppy is unforgivable. | underage sex, dub con | rating: Explicit | complete.

Keep On the Sunny Side | GiggleSnortBangDead | It’s like a Tarantino revenge flick, but worse. It’s all a little cliche but, hey, they gotta kill Kate Argent. | not canon compliant, lots of side pairings, serial killers, gore, voyeurism | rating: Explicit | complete.

Kismet | cywscross | They meet in the hospital, two broken souls with nothing left to lose. It’s the best thing to ever happen to either of them. | canon divergence, ptsd | rating: T | complete.

Less Defined | Febricant | Stiles calls the shiver he gets a chill, because to call it anything else is… well. There are variant definitions of wrong, but most people would agree on this one. | underage, dub con, kinks | rating: Explicit | complete.

Looks Like the Devil’s Here to Stay | taylorpotato | The saying goes ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ but that probably doesn’t mean you should fuck your enemies on a hospital rooftop while they are covered in blood. | canon divergence, Steo side pairing, infidelity, mild dub-con, bloodplay, daddy kink | rating: Explicit | complete.

Lucky Penny (Tastes Like Copper on Your Tongue) | pibroch | When Peter woke up, he spent a good fifteen or twenty seconds earnestly wishing that whatever had hit him had the courtesy to kill him outright. | not canon compliant, murder husbands, alpha!Peter, dark!Stiles, violence, implied character death | rating: M | complete.

Mating Rituals of Modern Werewolves | bitchinachinashop | Stiles finds out about werewolf courting rituals during his Emissary training and decides to court Peter, much to Peter’s surprise and delight. | rating: T | complete.

Name | Corpium | When Stiles goes back in time to save Paige and stop Gerard, he doesn’t expect Peter Hale. | time travel, young!Peter, magical!Stiles | rating: M | complete.

Night-blooming Flowers | imriebelow | Peter always gets what he wants. Stiles learns to live with it. | Mythology!AU, kidnapping, stockholm syndrome | rating: G | complete.

no moral compass, pointing due north | AuntieClimactic | “I certainly didn’t suggest anything untoward,” Peter says, honestly perplexed but hiding it by widening his eyes innocently. “I can’t help it if you overreacted to my natural sexual magnetism.” | rating: Explicit | complete.

None of These Things (Are Happening) | Horribibble | After years away, Stiles returns to Beacon Hills just in time to put Isaac’s insides back where they belong. It’s cute how people think he’s trustworthy. | canon divergence, druid!Stiles, maniacs in love | rating: Explicit | complete.

Not All Bad, Not Bad At All | Mayhem | Stiles’ family is having money problems, and Peter has the solution to help…even if Stiles is rather adamant about not taking money from his boyfriend. | implied underage sex | rating: T | complete.

Our Imperfect World | taylorpotato | Not long after his eighteenth birthday, Peter wakes up with a small, white scar on his finger. After the fire at the Hale House, Peter’s subsequent coma, and death, he comes back to life to find that his mate has developed a crippling case of agoraphobia. | soulmates!AU, violence, underage sex | rating: Explicit | complete.

Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems | taylorpotato | Peter is a Deaf werewolf. Stiles is a Child of a Deaf Adult. They’re a kind of unlikely pair. | canon divergence, deaf!Peter | rating: Explicit | complete.

Paper Doll | DerangedBlackKitten | Stiles supposes he doesn’t mind Peter’s visits. It brings a nice change from the facility’s usual routine of group therapies and medication adjustments — but then Peter shows up wanting to drag Stiles back to Beacon Hills to deal with the next big shit storm and Stiles hasn’t even recovered from the last one. | canon divergence, mental health issues, self-harm | rating: M | WIP.

Play | weardodo | 5 times the pack was clueless (and the 1 time it was kind of obvious) | underage | rating: M | complete.

Prison Break | cywscross | The last time Peter was locked up and abandoned, he went crazy and killed a bunch of people. Stiles can’t understand why anyone would consider it a good idea to repeat history. So he decides to do something about it. | canon divergence, violence, mentions of torture | rating: T | complete.

Prosopagnosia | cywscross | Prosopagnosia (prŏs′ə-păg-nō′zhə, -zē-ə) n. – An inability or difficulty in recognizing familiar faces; it may be congenital or result from injury or disease of the brain. | Soulmates!AU | rating: T | complete.

Pulled Taut | Corpium | When his father gets kidnapped, Stiles goes to Peter for help. | canon divergence, violence, slight dub-con | rating: M | complete.

Put On Your War Paint (Our Time is Running Out) | Ceris_Malfoy | Peter said he needed a pack to deal with the Argents, but he doesn’t have one. Yet. Stiles can’t let the man drive off to certain death and/or madness, not if he can help. | canon divergence | rating: T | complete.

Reluctant Allies With Benefits | veterization | Peter suggests he and Stiles start having no strings attached sex. It’s that simple. No, really, it totally is. Stiles will make sure of it. | rating: Explicit | complete.

Roommate Wanted: No Supernatural Creatures Allowed | veterization | Stiles is in college, living in a pleasant apartment, and absolutely does not need a roommate. He ends up getting one anyway, and as luck would have it, his roommate turns out to be Peter. | future fic | rating: Explicit | complete.

Sail With Me (Into the Dark) | Ceris_Malfoy | “You’re lying,” he says, begs. “Please tell me you’re lying.” “Why would I lie, Stiles?” Peter asks calmly. “What would it matter now? I’m dead.” | canon divergence, underage, ghost!Peter, magic!Stiles, dub con | rating: M | complete.

Schrodinger’s Wolves | wynnebat | Talia learns of her pack’s fate and seeks out a way to change the future. | time travel!AU | rating: T | complete.

Shadow Games | E_Loveless | Where Stiles is a demon and overhears a murder plot. | AU, pre-slash | rating: T | complete.

Silence of the Lambs AU | 1001cranes | A drabble where Peter is Hannibal and Stiles is Clarice. | AU | rating: T | complete.

slam on the accelerator (it’s a long way down) | Corpium | When Stiles inadvertently awakens the Nemeton (with no small help from Peter), he carves out a new place for himself in Beacon Hills. | canon divergence, magic!dark!Stiles, dub-con, torture, murder, blood kink | rating: Explicit | complete.

Something I Can Never Have | KouriArashi | It’s been over five years since the last time Peter Hale left Beacon Hills, when Stiles shows up on his doorstep. The pack has been killed, Stiles is the only survivor, and Peter is going to help him get his revenge whether he likes it or not. | major character death, violence | rating: Explicit | complete.

Spinning Gold | Horribibble | Stiles finds himself locked in the highest room of the tallest tower, and he knows that when they come for him at dawn, it will still just be a room filled with straw. Until Peter messes everything up. | Fairytale!AU, implied mpreg | rating: Explicit | complete.

steel bars and blood-slick hands | Corpium | When Deaton whisks Peter’s burnt, gasping body away to Eichen House, everyone else pays the price, Stiles most of all. | canon divergence, magic!Stiles, alpha!Peter, murder | rating: M | complete.

steter week prompt fills | nezstorm | A collection of individual one-shots with their own ratings and warnings. Some are smut, some are fluff, some are gory. | AU, kinks | complete.

Stiles Stilinski: Wolf Whisperer (and Provider of Pop-Tarts) verse | ChuckleVoodoos | Stiles realizes that Peter might, in fact, be in need of a friend. And what better candidate than Stiles himself (accompanied, of course, by delicious pastry treats)? | pre-slash, fluff | rating: T | complete.

Stiles the Consulting Supernaturalist series | Corpium | Where Stiles and Peter work for a firm dealing with supernatural creatures. | rating: M | complete.

Still Catch The Tide | ScatteredMuse | Stiles is drawn to the sea but he doesn’t quite remember why until he finds something Peter’s hidden from him. | AU, selkie!Stiles | rating: M | complete.

stone/sponge | 1001cranes | Peter has a taste for the all-consuming; he doesn’t find it at all strange to be in the minor percentage of werewolves who have mates. | mates!AU | rating: M | complete.

Successfully Cheating Death (Twice) | veterization | Turns out, Peter’s resurrection wasn’t as permanent as expected. Unfortunately for Stiles, he wants to see Peter live. | underage | rating: T | complete.

Surviving Peter and the Zombie Apocalypse | Nopennamesleft | It’s the end of the world and Stiles has run out of luck. He saves a werewolf from certain death. Will they begin to rely on each other to survive or will the wolf just eat Stiles for a midnight snack? | AU, dark | rating: M | complete.

Sympathy for the Devil | KouriArashi | Stiles gets a job as a hospital orderly and finds himself becoming strangely attached to the catatonic man on the long-term care ward, and finds out that there’s a lot more to Peter Hale than there seems. | canon divergence | rating: M | complete.

Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind | kototyph | Wherein Peter is quite pleased with himself, Laura and Derek are innocent (horrified) bystanders, and Stiles is missing some clothes. | AU | rating: T | complete.

Temporary Claim | run_for_me | Some, of course, are off limits. Queen Talia and her husband have their special favorites who join their marriage bed from time to time. Laura has several young strapping men that are hers and hers alone. Even Derek has a few favorites—the quiet ones, the sweet ones. Peter? The Duke only has one. | AU, mild dub-con | rating: M | complete.

Terrible Disastrous Things | Rrrowr | Where Stiles gets the anxiety fucked right out of him. | pwp, d/s undertones | rating: Explicit | complete.

The Blood Smeared Between Us | taylorpotato | Stiles is a violent psychopath that poses as a normal, awkward teenager. Peter has never tried to understand the difference between right and wrong. Their relationship has a running body count. | canon divergence, bloodplay, daddy kink | rating: Explicit | complete.

The Check List series | Rrrowr | Peter and Stiles develop a friends with benefits kind of relationship where Peter helps Stiles experience a series of firsts, one by one. | rating: Explicit | WIP.

The eyes glaze once | 1001cranes | Peter gets to have his boy and eat him too. | AU, Immortal!Stiles | rating: Explicit | complete.

The Husbands Hoax | veterization | Stiles and Peter pretend to be married For Survival. | fake underage marriage | rating: Explicit | complete.

The Love Thieves | Malapropian | For the space and time of each meeting, they’re in love. During those hours, Stiles can trust Peter not to hurt him in ways he didn’t ask. The rest of the time, they’re barely even friends. They should have remembered, once unleashed, love can’t be denied or controlled. | consent issues, bdsm | rating: M | complete.

The Only Sound | Horribibble | Stiles becomes acutely aware of the weight and vibration of his voice in his throat. He knows what volume feels like, and understands the intricacies of modulating it through context clues. If his voice shakes at first, no one seems to notice much. Except Peter. | canon divergence, deaf!Stiles | rating: M | complete.

The Raven and the Wolf | Flammenkobold | Peter Hale used to kill people long before the fire, Stiles’ mother helped him (and sometimes he helped her) and they were the best of friends. | not canon compliant, child abuse, rape, suicide, murder | rating: T | complete.

The Spark and The Wolf | ladyoneill | Peter and Stiles are drawn to the Nemeton and a bond that formed between a spark and a wolf on a certain night in a garage grows stronger.  | canon divergence, magic!Stiles | rating: Explicit | complete.

The Undone and the Divine (Such Selfish Prayers) | Ceris_Malfoy | Peter’s taken his time with Stiles, coaxed him gently into trust, into lust, into something that is so much more like dependence than love, and it works for them, but it took time, so much time. Time to tame the boy, time to teach him how to please Peter, how to want to please Peter. Almost too much, but it’s worth it now, to finally reap the reward of his meticulous labors. | underage sex, bdsm, daddy kink, pwp | rating: Explicit | complete.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale | moonstalker24 | This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone. | Tea Shop!AU, not canon compliant, fluff | rating: G | complete.

These Are Your Words | migratoryslashfan | Stiles has five little words marked into his skin, Do you want the bite? | Soulmates!AU | rating: Explicit | complete.

they will know us by the trail of dead | cywscross | True mates should never be torn apart. Let this be a lesson to the world. | canon divergence, soulmates | rating: T | WIP.

To Catch a Fallen Star | cywscross | Stiles falls. It is not as great a tragedy as he thought it would be. | AU, star!Stiles | rating: T | complete.

To Save Them All | Goldenpetal13 | Stiles finds a way to go back in time to change the past and save them all, to give them a future. | time travel!AU, violence, dub-con, underage | rating: M | complete.

tomorrow is another day | cywscross | It starts the way it always starts with Stiles – a combination of curiosity, a thirst for new knowledge, and practicality. He ends up making a career out of it. | AU, spark!Stiles | rating: T | WIP.

touch my mouth and hold my tongue | thatfire | Peter is lies and sharp tongued, strong bones and bright eyes. And Stiles is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. | rating: Explicit | complete.

Unfortunate Beginnings | cywscross | ‘Not you; you’re not the one I want.’ Those words have been with Stiles for as long as he can remember, an unwanted brand printed over his left ribcage. | Human!AU, soulmates | rating: T | WIP.

Untitled | Corpium | College comes and goes, and by the end Stiles decides he’s seen it all. Which is, of course, the moment something new happens. He gets a fanclub. | rating: T | complete.

Untitled | ToAStranger | When two packs combine power, it should be cemented by marriage. | not canon compliant, arranged marriage } rating: T | complete.

Untitled | ToAStranger | Stiles is Derek’s soulmate, but he loves Peter. | soulmate!AU | rating: M | complete.

Untitled | wellhalesbells | Stiles makes a deal with Peter: help in exchange for Peter’s freedom. | rating: T | complete.

Wake Me Up | ToAStranger | Stiles has been in a coma for six years. Now he’s awake. | magic!Stiles | rating: Explicit | complete.

Waves that rolled you under | radishwine | Peter has the good sense to get the hell out of town after killing Laura. He drives up the Pacific coast to the old Hale cabin and stays for a while. | AU, merman!Stiles | rating: T | complete.

When the moon is round and full | RichAtSin | Right there in his living room, Peter is lounging, legs splayed out all comfortably on his couch. What the fuck. | porn with plot, underage | rating: Explicit | complete.

You’re Mine, Valentine | RichAtSin | In which Peter decides to court Stiles, and does so by leaving him hearts. Bloody ones. | blood and gore, psychopaths in love | rating: M | complete.

Your Boldness Stands Alone Among the Wreak | ladypigswagon | Peter Hale’s last three murders have been gruesome odes to Stiles and this one is no different. | Human AU, fbi agents and serial killers, blood, gore | rating: T | complete.

Your Heart on Your Sleeve | cywscross | Stiles is an empath, and it’s just his luck that he’s surrounded by broken people. | canon divergence, violence | rating: T | complete.

your last white lie (everything is not alright) | snowdarkred | Stiles says yes, and things go downhill from there. | canon divergence | rating: T | complete.

+ That one story where there’s no pairing, but which still brings heartache

Man’s Best Friend (is Not Always a Dog) | cywscross | Peter didn’t loose everything to the fire. Stiles refuses to lose at all. | non-canon compliant, wolf!Stiles | rating: T | complete.

God, I really, really want a steter fic where Stiles is touch-starved and hides it from everyone else, and he tries to tell himself he’s fine because he has no problem hugging his dad or throwing his arm over Scott’s shoulder or nudging Derek’s arm, really, he’s fine–

but he’s totally not because no one touches him. Scott’s scared of his own body, Stiles and the other betas aren’t close, Derek is Derek, his father –okay his dad hugs him when he can but lbr, his father’s always swamped with work and they don’t see much of each other– and Stiles just really needs some cuddle time, okay? 

But it’s not like he can ask or tell anyone. It’s embarrassing and stupid, and God, why can’t he just be normal? 

Because for all that he tries to ignore it, it is a problem. Like, when they’re at a pack meeting and when Derek brushes Stiles’ hand as he reaches for a glass, Stiles freezes. Or like when one of Stiles’ teammates punches him in the shoulder for making a good pass during the game and Stiles’ shoulder tingles for the next fifteen minutes. Or like when he’s being targeted by a particularly touchy witch and the witch has to paint him in blood for a ritual and despite the awfulness Stiles has to work a little harder than usual to will himself to fight back.

Seriously. It’s a problem. 

But he thinks he can manage it. He thinks if he touches his friends enough and avoids being touched accidentally, it’ll be fine. It’ll go away. It has to. 

But then Peter notices, and he’s always wanted Stiles, always has and always will, and here’s this perfect, beautifully tragic opportunity, and he’ll do nothing less than take full advantage of it.

and Stiles freaks out shies away at first because omg wtf Peter??? but it just feels so nice and Peter starts slow and easy, like Stiles is a frightened animal, and he doesn’t make it obvious what he’s doing and Stiles thinks maybe he’s not doing it on purpose, maybe this is just a werewolf thing and since Peter’s the only werewolf who likes Stiles and doesn’t hate himself, it’s normal, right? Stiles will just ignore it until it goes away.

But Peter keeps at it, keeps pushing Stiles’s lines, until finally Stiles lets him do it because he’s just so tired and Peter makes him feel so good – not even in a sexual way, just – being touched reminds Stiles that he’s a person, it grounds him and reminds him that he’s real, and soon enough Stiles stops shying away. He presses into it and Peter takes that as a sign that he can push even more, and somehow Stiles ends up with his side pressed up against Peter’s and Peter’s fingers brushing through his hair, and he can’t give this up, okay? He can’t, and he won’t. 

In the end they both get what they want.

please, just give me all the touch-starved fic omg


It Happened To Me - I was a summer intern who slept with my boss.

by Stiles Stilinski

“When you said casual, I thought you meant something else.” Stiles’ hands are like birds, flapping through the air, and he inwardly cringes at how his voice is pitching higher with each word.

“Stiles, what else could casual possibly mean? What did you expect to happen?” Peter breathes evenly, maintaining his usual composed mask.

“I didn’t know what would happen, Peter. I didn’t think-”

“Exactly, Stiles. You didn’t think. You never think. You just blaze ahead, what I say, what we AGREED upon going in one ear and out the other, and this is what happens.”

"But I only wanted-”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Stiles.”

He watches Stiles sag, deflated, against the desk. Raking a hand through his hair, Stiles’ teeth worry his lower lip before trying to meet Peter’s eyes one last time.

Peter only shakes his head, looks towards the door. 

Part 1, 2

Peter/Stiles: "I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date"

It was an experiment Stiles was doing for a sociology class. He was supposed to write a paper on the experience, elaborating on how letting a coin decide his fate for a week either broadened or limited opportunities in his day-to-day life. It seemed easy enough.

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So apparently I leveled up overnight? The other day I would not have been able to draw this sort of thing, so really, I probably sold my soul to the devil in my sleep. This is an illustration of a fic idea of mine, which is (hopefully) forthcoming.

Aesthetically inspired by this and this, refs for the hellhound here and here.

Steter AU: When Peter Hale returned from the dead, he came back different. Cheating death never comes without a price, and so it came to pass that death is now trailing in his wake, claiming the lives of everybody who lays eyes on his true form. Except, it seems, for Stiles, who is somehow immune to the fatal powers of a hellhound. Peter has never been so intrigued by a human in his entire life. Luckily for him, Stiles is too curious for his own good and won’t rest until he gets to the bottom of this mystery.