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For Steter Creator Appreciation Week, I’m gonna make a post of some of my fave Steter fics. You should check them out :D (assuming you like Steter and haven’t already read them, which you probably have, but you could reread them for scaw)

Amends by AuntieClimactic

This one is first because AuntieClimactic starts with an A, but it’s coincidentally also the first Steter fic I can remember loving for their relationship rather than just the way the worst parts of Peter and Stiles can twist each other. It’s adorable and fun, and takes place years in the future when Stiles is sheriff and Peter has returned to Beacon Hills after undergoing a significant amount of therapy. The pack is happy, and Derek is alpha. I’m pretty sure it was written between seasons 2 and 3. Early on, I rarely read Steter because I thought it was more about pain and corruption, but Amends is about forgiveness and love.

Pulled Taut by Corpium

This one features helpful manipulative asshole Peter Hale, which is a version of Peter I can get behind. It always feels too rosy when Peter’s upfront and helpful. This is the first part of a series, and I definitely recommend reading the rest too. 

Whatever Works by KouriArashi

My favorite soulmate AU by far. It’s technically Steter and Sterek both, which is part of why I read it while I was still primarily reading Sterek. I really love the worldbuilding included in this, addressing the changes you might find based on people being able to recognize their soulmates based on tattoos. 

Something I Can Never Have by KouriArashi

This is another of the earliest Steter fics I fell in love with. Stiles goes to Peter for help avenging the pack after they’re killed. It’s dark, a great example of Peter helping Stiles meet the darkness inside him, which, yeah, is one of the great things about this ship sometimes. Also, I bookmarked this and Whatever Works so far apart that even though I know KouriArashi is a writer I like, I somehow didn’t realize I’d kept two of their fics.

Flickers Between Radio Silence by mia6363

This one flips the usual dynamic between Peter and Stiles in a lot of ways because even though Peter is still older than Stiles, he’s leaving everything he knows to enter a place/society only Stiles is familiar with. I really enjoyed the worldbuilding here. It’s my own fault I don’t read a lot of AUs; something about this one called to me. It might have been the title. 

Parade Upon Your Victory by oriolevent

I love the title of this one too, and it’s another AU, though it has more similarities to canon than the last. Peter keeps most of the fun parts of his personality, but his bad history with the pack is gone. He’s just Derek’s slightly estranged and very hot werewolf uncle. Stiles is a badass witch and immediately attracted to Peter. 

Gamer Trash by taylorpotato

This one is just a lot of fun. A lot of it is written in chat format, so it reads really quickly. Their voicechat conversations are distinguished by italicizing text instead of dialogue tags. Prose is only used for in-person interactions. I really liked the formatting because it felt a lot like what you get while actually chatting with people, and their dynamic is distinctive enough that I don’t remember having trouble telling who was speaking. Anyway, if the premise of accidentally meeting in an MMORPG after s3b is amusing to you, this will definitely amuse. taylorpotato’s account is restricted, which I assume means you have to be a member to see? I don’t actually know.

Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems by taylorpotato

I love this fic so much. The premise is that Peter is a deaf werewolf, and Stiles is the child of a deaf parent. Their signing is written in ASL Gloss, so read the opening notes if you aren’t familiar with it. The first conversation is a rehash of canon from late s1, which gives you time to get used to it. taylorpotato’s account is restricted, which I assume means you have to be a member to see? I don’t actually know.

love me lights out by veterization

This fic. You might have noticed from a few of my earlier comments that I slowly eased into reading Steter. If I had been standing at the edge of the pool dipping my toes in the water, this was the point where I just jumped straight in. The premise itself is simple: a snowstorm traps Stiles and Peter in a hotel room together. You can guess how it turns out, but getting there is so great. I’ve read a few others of veterizations fics, but I think this one is my favorite. Also I love the title. 

anonymous asked:

i'm a writer and a lurker with bad experiences in other fandoms in the past that has me nervous to post my work. this community seems so welcoming though; I think i've almost worked up the nerve. I need one last little push, so I thought asking if anyone might be interested in reading about conflicted peter wanting too smart for a hooker stiles but wanting to push him away to keep him from discovering the supernatural might give me the motivation i need.

I think it would be a gift to the fandom :D

Hey guys, give our anon lurker some love and encouragement.


(found peter/stiles in my drafts; cage fighting, implied prostitution)

peter finds the place by happenstance. he’s restless, wandering, and pissed, and he’s drawn in by a crowd’s roaring cheers as the sound spills out of an industrial building. there’s a couple huge looking guys on either side of the entrance, but they wave peter in as soon as they look at his face. within seconds, peter’s swallowed up by a wild, shouting mob of people. 

the people are surrounding a cage in the center of the floor, close enough to be rattling the chain link fencing. the floor above them is open in the center so that more people can look over the edge to watch the show. peter has to crane his neck to get a look at the cage, and he does so just in time to see a man deliver an uppercut so harsh that the other fighter’s teeth snap together with a crunch before he crumples backward to the floor, unconscious. the crowd screams in victory, and peter feels a hunger in his chest that roars with them.

peter weaves his way around the cage, watching as another pair of fighters are let into the cage. he gets close enough to see the blood stains on the concrete flooring. he can taste the sweat in the air, and ends up getting pushed back by a hulking bouncer guarding the door to the cage.

“i want to fight,” peter says, pressing in close so the bouncer can hear him.

the bouncer points past peter’s shoulder toward a raised platform at the front of the building. there’s several people seated behind a long table, accepting money and writing down names, having people sign paperwork. peter must have missed it when he first entered.

ten minutes later, peter’s paid his way onto a list of fighters and signed papers that free the club owners from responsibility for injuries. the guy he signs with starts talking about what he gets if he wins his fight, but peter doesn’t care.

he cuts the guy off with a curt, “just get me in the fucking cage.”

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bxdcubes  asked:

8. sunbathing please?

I decided to go with Steter for this one! up on ao3 here

The beach is packed with people of all varieties; families with young children screaming and bawling, younger couples soaking up the sun, lone men obviously there just to be creeps. The air reeks of sunscreen and wet clothing, so much so that it almost blocks out the pleasant scent of the lake.

Peter can think of about a dozen different places that he’d rather be off the top of his head, but it was Stiles’ turn to pick where they went for their weekly Saturday date, and as much as Peter likes upsetting traditions, there are some things that he simply can’t be bothered to go against.

Besides, he does have to admit that being able to simply lie in the warm sun and stare at Stiles’ shirtless torso for a few hours isn’t actually that horrible.

“Can you even tan?” Stiles asks. He hasn’t gone in the water yet, but his shorts, hideously patterned with an array of fluorescent abstract shapes, are resting low on his hips, just above his ass. There’s a book open in front of him, and grains of sand have fallen down into the spine.

“No,” Peter answers. “I heal too fast.” Absently, he reaches out and runs one finger along a cluster of moles on Stiles’ shoulder, a cluster that almost looks like a constellation. “Do you tan?”

Stiles snorts.

It’s possibly the least endearing sound Peter has ever heard.

“I skip right past the tanning stage and go straight to burn.”

“And yet, you’re not wearing sunscreen,” Peter comments, pressing his finger into Stiles’ back. He doesn’t mind that much; the heavy chemical smell is bad enough coming from the people near them, let alone from right beside him, but he can already hear future Stiles whining about being in pain, chest and back red as a damn Christmas ornament.

“Forgot to bring some,” Stiles says with a shrug, turning back to his book.

Peter rolls his eyes and digs his wallet out of the pocket of his shorts. He fishes out two twenties and drops them into Stiles’ book, right in his line of sight.

“Go get some from the gift shop. Bring me back some water too.” It’s obvious that Stiles wants to talk back to him; his mouth opens and closes a few times, like a fish out of water, but Peter refuses to engage him. He simply slides his wallet back into his pocket and shuts his eyes against the harsh glare of the sun.

“Why can’t you do it?” Stiles finally asks, closing his book with a sharp snap.

“I’m sunbathing,” Peter answers, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“Whatever. Asshole,” Stiles mutters, jabbing at Peter’s hip with his foot. “You’re lucky I love you.”

“Bring back some snacks too,” Peter adds, reaching out and brushing a thumb against Stiles’ calf, acknowledging the part of his sentence that began after you’re lucky. “Some jerky, if they have it.”


The Love Thieves

The Love Thieves, by WritersAreLiars. Rated E. WC 10k. CW: bdsm, love spells, consent issues, safeword use, dom/top drop, and things. Please pay attention to the tags and warnings.

“Love is not a bandage for dirty sores.”

But that doesn’t mean they won’t try their hardest to make it so.

Unable to leave the guilt of his possession behind him, Stiles finally agrees to try Peter’s unorthodox suggestion.

Read it on AO3.

anonymous asked:

Steter, apocalypse please!


10. Apocalypse

The days seem longer After. Stiles knows that it’s from a lack of anything to do other than struggle for survival, and that task takes everything. Every hour, every breath, every step is geared toward lasting another day. 

Peter could have left him in the dust ages ago, but at the core of it, he’s a pack animal. Lone wolves – even ones as strong as him – rarely survive for long. It’s easier to sleep when you know someone is keeping an eye out for you – easier to fight, knowing that someone has your back. 

Eventually, they reach a place that seems not-quite dead. Oh the people, they’re dead, but the grass isn’t brown and there are weeds everywhere. The trees, even though they’ve been broken, have saplings rising tentatively from the remainder their stumps.

“What do you think?” Stiles asks, tapping his weapon against the side of his boots.

They haven’t seen another living person in ages. Sniffing through the town revealed no recent passage. It’s just the stink of dead, of rotting food. But there’s land – loads of it – and ancient equipment that doesn’t require fuel they don’t have. Stiles has packets of old seeds that he’s been hoarding for months now out of some obscure hope that he’s never openly spoken about with Peter. 

“I think it could work. It will take time, however,” Peter says cautiously. Then his tone turns teasing. “Are you prepared to put up with me for that long?”

Stiles jams his elbow into Peter’s side. “Are you?” 

Peter turns away when he smiles. He always does. Like he’s afraid to let Stiles know that he’s pleased about something. It doesn’t matter, though, because Stiles can tell anyway – by the relaxed slope of his shoulders, by the tilt of his head, by the silent curl of his fingers against the knobs of Stiles’ spine.

Peter points out one of the houses. “What about that one? It doesn’t stink as much as the others.”

Stiles looks it over.  It’s mostly intact. There aren’t any dead bodies rotting inside it. “I like it,” he declares.

“New home?” Peter asks.

Stiles nods. “New home.”

Trope Meme

God, I really, really want a steter fic where Stiles is touch-starved and hides it from everyone else, and he tries to tell himself he’s fine because he has no problem hugging his dad or throwing his arm over Scott’s shoulder or nudging Derek’s arm, really, he’s fine–

but he’s totally not because no one touches him. Scott’s scared of his own body, Stiles and the other betas aren’t close, Derek is Derek, his father –okay his dad hugs him when he can but lbr, his father’s always swamped with work and they don’t see much of each other– and Stiles just really needs some cuddle time, okay? 

But it’s not like he can ask or tell anyone. It’s embarrassing and stupid, and God, why can’t he just be normal? 

Because for all that he tries to ignore it, it is a problem. Like, when they’re at a pack meeting and when Derek brushes Stiles’ hand as he reaches for a glass, Stiles freezes. Or like when one of Stiles’ teammates punches him in the shoulder for making a good pass during the game and Stiles’ shoulder tingles for the next fifteen minutes. Or like when he’s being targeted by a particularly touchy witch and the witch has to paint him in blood for a ritual and despite the awfulness Stiles has to work a little harder than usual to will himself to fight back.

Seriously. It’s a problem. 

But he thinks he can manage it. He thinks if he touches his friends enough and avoids being touched accidentally, it’ll be fine. It’ll go away. It has to. 

But then Peter notices, and he’s always wanted Stiles, always has and always will, and here’s this perfect, beautifully tragic opportunity, and he’ll do nothing less than take full advantage of it.

and Stiles freaks out shies away at first because omg wtf Peter??? but it just feels so nice and Peter starts slow and easy, like Stiles is a frightened animal, and he doesn’t make it obvious what he’s doing and Stiles thinks maybe he’s not doing it on purpose, maybe this is just a werewolf thing and since Peter’s the only werewolf who likes Stiles and doesn’t hate himself, it’s normal, right? Stiles will just ignore it until it goes away.

But Peter keeps at it, keeps pushing Stiles’s lines, until finally Stiles lets him do it because he’s just so tired and Peter makes him feel so good – not even in a sexual way, just – being touched reminds Stiles that he’s a person, it grounds him and reminds him that he’s real, and soon enough Stiles stops shying away. He presses into it and Peter takes that as a sign that he can push even more, and somehow Stiles ends up with his side pressed up against Peter’s and Peter’s fingers brushing through his hair, and he can’t give this up, okay? He can’t, and he won’t. 

In the end they both get what they want.

please, just give me all the touch-starved fic omg

keepfacepalm  asked:

Stiles trying to flirt with Peter! :)

oh yessss

Stiles froze the moment the words left his mouth and stared ahead of him. But he could still see Peter slowly turn his head toward him from next to him on the couch. And Stiles just wanted to disappear.

“What did you say?” Peter asked in a low voice which Stiles couldn’t decide was threatening or… not. But it sounded threatening.

“Nothing.” The boy squeaked and he heard Peter huff next to him.

“Stiles, my hearing is perfect, I know you said something.” The wolf spoke like he was talking to a little kid and Stiles was cringing.

“Then you know damn well what I said, can we go on and pretend I never said it?” Stiles swallowed, rubbing his eyes and his cheeks were already burning.

“No. Repeat it, Stiles. Or I’m going to–”

“Okay, okay!” Stiles shouted, flailing his arms a little as he turned to Peter. He was blushing deep red. “I said… I asked if your parents are retarded, because you’re sure special.” he repeated and wondered what the hell got into him that he tried to flirt with Peter Hale when they were supposed to do something else.

Peter smirked and eyed him, and Stiles just wanted to disappear into the couch under his laptop.

“Is that all you got?” the wolf asked.

“I uh…” Stiles blinked, not sure what exactly happened, but he thought he’d heard Peter ask something. “What- wha?” He blinked not so smartly and Peter chuckled in a deep voice that sent shivers down Stiles’ spine. And not from fear.

“Is that all you got, Stiles? Really? If you want to flirt with me you need to step up your game.” Peter spoke, turning back to his book, and Stiles knew the wolf could hear the skip in his heartbeat at the challenge.

“Do you have a map?” he asked suddenly, leaning toward Peter with his eyes intense on his face.

“A map?” the man frowned a little, through his smirk stayed intact as he raised his eyes at Stiles.

“A map. Because I’m lost in your eyes.” Stiles finished and Peter just shook his head, raising an amused eyebrow. Not enough, Stiles, not enough. And it just made Stiles want to impress the wolf more.

“Peter, you must be Google, because you have everything I search for.” he said and that actually resulted in a soft chuckle. The wolf closed his book and looked at Stiles. The boy licked his lips as he was eying the wolf, wondering if he’d tear out his throat or what.

“Give me your hand.”

“You wanna break it or what?” Stiles frowned, moving a bit away.

“Just give me your hand or I really will.” Peter laughed a little. Stiles glared at him for a while. Then he collected enough courage to hold it out for the wolf. Peter slowly reached out and took it. He gently squeezed and looked at Stiles.

“Now, look at that.” he said quietly, his thumb brushing Stiles’ skin sending small shivers up the boy’s spine. “It fits perfectly.” Peter smiled and Stiles choked a little. It was so damn cheesy and yet his heart wanted to break through his ribs to kiss Peter itself. It made him speechless as he was just sitting there with his hand in Peter’s for long, long moments.

“So uh… do you wanna find out what else fits perfectly?” Stiles asked in a hoarse voice and Peter growled deep in his throat. The boy was learning fast.