I present to you all, Melsa: the twerking ice queen.
Her hit single is ‘let me twerk’

“let me twerk, let me twerk
Can’t hold it in anymore
Let me twerk, let me twerk
Turn away and close your browser

I don’t care
What they’re going to say
Let the VMA storm rage on,
The paparazzi never bothered me anyway”

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Questions I answered:

1: Disneyland or Disneyworld’s Fantasyland?

-Disneyland! I like it because you can explore Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It is an entire little walk through! 

2: Which Disney character to you happen to find yourself most like?

-I am going to have to say Rapunzel. Only because I have a dream and I would do anything to achieve it. I like to think that I am passionate and curious just like her. And it really wouldn’t hurt if a Flynn Rider showed up.

3: Tod or Copper? (fox and the hound)

-Tod obviously! Look at him!

4: Favourite Disney sequel?

-Peter Pan: Return to Neverland… I cry when Jane says she does believe in fairies. 

5: Favourite Peter Pan face character?

-Wait…There are different Peters?? That can’t be true! He is just Peter to me.

6: Old Disney animation or the new? 

-I love them both! I think it is great that Disney continues to move forward with their animations but I also love the classic ones too!
7: Which setting out of every single Disney film would you like to live in? 

-The setting of Brave!! It is so beautiful. 

8: Favourite Disney Princess Dress? 

-I love Ariels kiss the girl dress!!

9: Favourite song sung by Disney Princess
-Sung by a princess? Hmmm… probably “I wonder/I know you” in Sleeping Beauty!

10: Favourite Disney Era

-I would have to say the Disney Renaissance. Because that is when The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin all came out!

11: Favourite Walt Disney Quote


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