Joanna Dennehy: The Woman who Loved to Kill

In the words of convicted serial killer Joanna Dennehy, “Attempted murder and murder is nothing. It’s like going down for a Sunday roast, easy.”

Dennehy pled guilty to three murders and two attempted murders committed in March 2013. Her victims were all males. She is also the third woman in British history to be sentenced to life in prison (the other two are Rose West and Myra Hindley).

Dennehy laughed as she was sentenced and after her arrest, flirted and joked with police.

She didn’t act alone but enlisted the help of Gary Stretch Richards, age 48, Leslie Layton, 36 and Richard Moore, 55, to dump the bodies. Richards received a life sentence with a minimum of 19 years, Layton received 14 years and Moore was sentenced to three years.

All of the victims were residents of a boarding house where Dennehy lived, Lukasz Slabowzewski, 31, John Chapman, 56 and her ex-landlord and ex-boyfriend Kevin Lee, age 48.

The three men were all stabbed to death, their bodies found in ditches outside of Petersborough, in Cambridgeshire, England. Lee was found dressed in a black sequined evening dress.

Her final victim survived to say that as Dennehy attacked him, she said, “Oh, look, you’re bleeding. I’d better do some more.”

Dennehy stated that she killed, “to see how it felt, to see if I was as cold as I thought I was…“ Dennehy also refused to kill a woman, especially a woman with children.

Someone who was at a party at one of Dennehy’s friend’s houses said she told them: “I’m a killer. I’ve killed three people. Gary helped dispose of them and I want to do some more. I want some fun.”

Dennehy claimed that her father abused her and that she killed him and served time in jail for it. Mr. Dennehy is,  in fact, alive and well and working as a security guard. Dennehy’s mother said that Joanna’s childhood was warm and loving. No evidence exists to support Joanna Dennehy’s claims of an abusive childhood.

Joanna Dennehy left home at age 15 to live with John Treanor, who was five years older. The couple had two daughters but Treanor eventually broke off the rocky relationship, claiming that Dennehy was violent and taking the children with him. After her husband and children were gone, Dennehy moved into the boarding house where she met men who became her victims.

Dennehy has a history of psychiatric problems. She said she suffered from depression and her body has many scars from where she cut herself with razor blades. She was interred in a psychiatric hospital about one year before the murders where she was diagnosed with multiple disorders.

The only emotion Dennehy ever showed when she was arrested was amusement and humor. She didn’t appear to have a care in the world as she told police officers: “I murdered three men but it could be worse. I could be big, fat, black and ugly.”

In May of this year, The Telegraph reported that Dennehy had recently filed a claim that her human rights were violated after she was placed in solitary confinement. Dennehy was placed in solitary confinement after a plot to escape with two other inmates was found in her diary. The plan was to kill a female guard, take her keys then cut off her fingers to use the guard’s fingerprints to bypass the prison’s security system. However, Dennehy claims that what the guards found in her diary wasn’t an escape plan but just “doodles.” The court ruled that Dennehy being placed in solitary confinement was lawful and that her rights were not violated.


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Modest's Corporate Changes

I found this out late Sunday and privately shared it with a few people, but was hesitant to post it because I’m NOT certain of what I’m seeing. However, now that Modest is actively trying to undermine the band by not only implying that Harry is going solo, but that Niall is starting a golf management company with them, I’m done.  I’ll put this out there and let what happens happen.

The facts are there, just know that my interpretation is based on what I see, not because I have insider information. So I may be completely mistaken.

After looking further into the corporate changes that Modest filed Sunday, I realized that while Magee & Griffiths had changed their individual director addresses to 91 Petersborough Road from Duke Street where Modest’s physical office has been for a while now, it doesn’t appear to be a downsizing as I originally thought.  The Modest offices are still officially listed as being on Duke Street. So why the change for the two individual directors? The Petersborough Matrix location has been associated with them for years as the place that 1D fan mail goes.

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