Listen to me, my old friend …
This is the best, truest advice I can give you …
There’s nothing back there for you now.
For people like us — everything is that way — forward.
You need to look forward.

Flying over the old church.

Aerial survey.


Кутузовская набережная во время салюта в честь 70-летия победы в Великой Отечественной Войне. Санкт-Петербург. / Kutuzov embankment during a salute in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. St. Petersburg.

The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed with the actor William Holden by Bud Fraker at the Paramount Studios, on Melrose Avenue, in Hollywood, the famous neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California (USA), specially for the publicity of their new movie “Sabrina”, in October 1953.

Audrey was wearing:

  • Evening gown: Givenchy (strapless, of white silk organdie with a beautiful embroidery with black silk yarns in a floral pattern inspired by the style from the eighteen-century, core of the flowers decorated with white beads, bodice with neckline lower at back, a two-piece skirt with a straight skirt over a full skirt open in front, oval shape and detail at the hem of ruffles of black organdie, called “’Inez De Castro”, of his collection for the Spring/Summer of 1953).
  • Earrings: Joan Joseff (created specially for the wardrobe of her character Sabrina Fairchild).
  • Shoes: René Mancini for Givenchy (lined with black satin, of the collection for the Spring/Summer of 1953).

Notes: Her hairstyle was done by Vera Peterson and her makeup by Wally Westmore.

Lev Tolstoy , yüzünde her zaman ki hınzır tebessümüyle odaya girer .

Lev – Ah benim koca yürekli Fedya’cığım . İşte ben hep bunu

sormuşumdur ?

Dostoyevski – Neyi ? Neden bahsediyorsun Lev ?

Lev – İnsan ne ile yaşar diyorum Fedya . İnsan umutla mı yaşar , yoksa

karartılmış bir yürekle sadece menfaatleri ne zaman olursa olsun elde

etmek için mi ?

Dostoyevski – Sahiden İnsan ne ile yaşar Lev ? Ya da ne için yaşar ?

Lev – Kitabımı okumadın sanırım .

Dostoyevski – Okumaz olurmuyum dostum , bunu hakaret sayarım .

Lev – Şaka yapıyorum tabi ki dostum .

Dostoyveski – Senin şakacı hallerin benimse şu ciddi tavrım , şu

Petersburg’un muhteşem soğuğu ve bu sıcacık oda kadar tezat

sanırım .

Lev – Peki bu örnekte hangisi ben oluyorum azizim ?(Tebessüm eder)

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TSP is pleased to finally present our latest anthology, RESTART. Inside, we have four great stories from some amazing authors about knuckling down and getting up after life’s handed you a couple of knocks.

From an AI with a heart of gold to an athlete dealing with a life changing injury to a guy just trying to make ends meet, we explore the meaning of the phrase “Back On Your Feet.”


This anthology would not have been possible without Grimmsical, who not only did a great job with the cover art but also compiled the anthology. A whole lot of thank you, also, to Potatoe, Cattails, Jessica and everyone who helped edit/beta the stories.

And finally, thank you to the authors who participated. You’re all amazing people and I hope everyone enjoys your stories as much as I have.