Since there’s never enough Steter in the world and the last one was a blazing success, I’m all too happy to announce July 1st-7th as Steter Week 2.0.

Every and all content is welcome. Be it fics, fanart, fanmixes, edits, gifsets, songs, poetry, alternate media (texting, chat, what have you), etc.

You don’t have to stick to any themes, but for all those who find it helpful and inspiring cocoslash​ and steterkink​ helped construct a list:

Day 1:  Humor/Crack Day

Day 2: Cliché Day (meeting, dialogue, or convoluted romance plot)

Day 3: AU Day (space cowboys, college, mermaids, etc.)

Day 4: Age Reversal Day

Day 5: Gender/Body  Swap or Trans* Day (I.E. cis-female stiles, peter and stiles literally trade bodies, or at least one character is trans/genderfluid/non-binary)

Day 6: Kink Day

Day 7: Fluff/Schmoop Day

The tag for SW will be steter week or steterweek and a collection on AO3 will be created for all the fics.

Go forth and prepare!

(Questions and proposals are always welcome!)

This was my piece for the spring art show we held here last weekend!

  It’s called Pricked. It goes with this idea that often we are pricked or hurt by new growth. But that growth can and will turn into something beautiful. 

There are a few other ideas floating with it, but thats the most solid one. 
I loved doing this! I also have some mini prints still left over from the show. I might post those up later on the shop.