peters projection map


The Peters Projection World Map, (unlike the traditional Mercator Projection which distorts the relative size of continents and fosters European imperialist attitudes), shows the true size of Africa (30,3 million km²); larger than the combination of China (9,6 million km²), the US (9,4 million km²), Western Europe (4,9 million km²), India (3,2 million km²) and Argentina (2,8 million km²), three Scandinavian countries and the British Isles.

Last photo shows direct representation of the previously assumed factual map with the real flattened version.

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Why Are we Changing Maps?

This clip from classic TV show The West Wing explains succinctly why maps are political, and why the Gall-Peters projection (or cylindrical equal-area projection, as we like to call it) is the most accurate representation of the world we live in.